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SPOILER WARNING: Part 6 spoiler details may follow.

The Kennedy Space Center (ケネディ宇宙センター Kenedi Uchū Sentā) is a major location featured in Stone Ocean. It is located near Cape Canaveral (ケープ・カナベラル Kēpu Kanaberaru), which is the location that Pucci needed to reach in order to complete his Stand, C-Moon.


The Kennedy Space Center is a NASA spaceport, located on Merritt Island, Florida. The spaceport was built in the 1950s and has since been used to launch countless astronauts, satellites and space shuttles into orbit. The Center was built there because it was close to the Equator, and the gravitational pull of the Earth was compensated by the stronger centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation, making the launches easier.[1] The Space Center is dispersed over a large area, with everything being at least 5 kilometers apart. Points of interest are the launch pad, the control tower, the shuttle and rocket construction sites, and a visitor's centers.[2] Since there are no trains, subways or buses leading to the island, the only way to access it is by car.

The Kennedy Space Center is a popular tourist attraction, although it is only accessible by car. The visitors all come into a specialized building meant to welcome them, where they must buy a ticket and get in line to go into buses and have a tour of the facility. The number of visitor is regulated and only a finite amount of visitors for every 15 minutes is allowed.[3]

After the gravity surrounding the spaceport is inverted by C-Moon, the location was blocked off from any means of transportation and was only traversable by scaling the sides of the facility. The facility itself is wrecked by C-Moon's ability.

Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral is located at coordinates 28°24′N 80°36′W. It has a headland of 34,000 hectares (340 km2). It has been home to the Kennedy Space Center since the 50's. It is explained that the sea level here is actually 50 meters higher than shore and can reach a 100 meters difference depending on the position of the moon, showing that the gravitational pull there is weaker.[4]


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Video Games

The Kennedy Space Center appears as a stage in All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven, and All-Star Battle R, though the stage was only added to All-Star Battle R after launch.

All-Star Battle / All-Star Battle R

  • Stage Hazard: C-Moon sends various objects falling to where the players are, causing Emporio Alnino to warn the combatants. This occurs an unlimited number of times.
  • Situation Finish: The loser is sent flying off the side of the building, hits their head on the railing, and falls sideways towards the horizon.

Eyes of Heaven

Cape Canaveral EoH.png
  • Stage Gimmick: After some time has passed, the gravity of the stage shifts, turning the stage sideways and completely changing the playable area.



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