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Zero gravity... You're probably a Stand user yourself, so let's see if you can figure out... what that feels like. (無重力………おまえもスタンド使いなんだろうがそれがどんな事を意味するのか……おまえに見る事ができるかな, Mujūryoku... Omae mo Stando tsukai nandarou ga sore ga donna koto wo imi suru no ka... Omae ni miru koto ga dekiru ka na.)

Jumpin' Jack Flash (ジャンピン・ジャック・フラッシュ, Janpin Jakku Furasshu) is the Stand of Lang Rangler, featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

It is a humanoid Stand and its power is to turn any victim Lang Rangler spits on into the center of a zero gravity environment.


Jumpin' Jack Flash Anime Profile.png

Jumpin' Jack Flash is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Lang Rangler's. A dark band circles its head at the height of its eyes; and its chest bears the debossed, cartoonish impression of a rocket ship, identical to its user. At its wrists are roughly spherical cages or rotating parts that can turn at high speed and launch various projectiles.

However, partway through, the Stand dons a more suit-like appearance, with its rotating spheres attached to Lang Rangler's wrists. Hirohiko Araki thought it wasn't really necessary to have the Stand remotely controlled.[1]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Body(Gray, orange arm-stripes.)
(Magenta rocket insignia and head/neck bands with yellow studs, yellow spherical cages and knuckles.)
Body(Gray, orange padding around the body.)
(Magenta rocket insignia, purple head/neck bands, along with golden spherical cages, knuckles and studs on the bands.)


Jumpin' Jack Flash is a powerful Stand relying on its crippling power of gravity removal to disable its victims and then harass them from afar until they die from the deadly environment their own bodies propagate.

It is considerably dangerous and nearly impossible to defend against once set up. Only through cooperation between Weather Report's climactic powers (which could only temporarily counter its effects) and Jolyne's Stone Free could the two Stand users defeat Lang Rangler.

Gravity Removal

Jolyne deprives everything she touches, including herself, of gravity.

If Lang Rangler spits on someone, the victim becomes the center of a zero gravity environment.[2]

Being spat on by Lang Rangler causes the victim to stop being subject to gravity as well as anything or anyone they touch.[2]

The sudden loss of gravity is crippling for the victims who are guaranteed to be disoriented.[3] However, the most dangerous property of Jumpin' Jack Flash is that its power creates a chain reaction that causes the air in the nearby vicinity to become weightless. It eventually creates a vacuum of about 20 meters around the victim[4] that threatens to suck away their blood from any wound and eventually causes the boiling of the bloodstream long before suffocation sets in.[4][5] In the vacuum, anything containing air becomes a potential explosive, which Lang Rangler uses to his advantage to propel shrapnel of various objects into his enemies.[6] This vacuum is dangerous both for the victims and Lang Rangler, who must stay away from the victim.[7]

Lang Rangler himself can become weightless, but his better mastery of movement in a zero gravity environment and the suction cups on the tips of his hands and feet to stick on walls make him nimble.[3][7]

Lang Rangler can freely toggle the weightlessness of particular objects and people.[3]

Centrifugal Force Attack

Jumpin' Jack Flash's centrifuges spinning.

Jumpin' Jack Flash is armed with two centrifuges on each wrist that can store small objects such as screws and bolts[4] and then turn at high speed, accumulating centrifugal force inside the objects before launching them at enemies as bullets.[3] The use of physical objects as ammunition means that Lang Rangler needs to reload them regularly.[4]

Lang Rangler uses the centrifuges in conjunction with the vacuum the victims create around them to slightly wound them and accelerate the blood loss.[5] He is adept at shooting with the centrifuges and can even use rebounds to bypass defenses.[6]

Lang Rangler can also summon the centrifuges directly on his wrists.[6]

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