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My Stand's ability is to paste sounds onto others!
Koichi about Echoes ACT1, Chapter 287

Echoes (エコーズ, Ekōzu) is the Stand of Koichi Hirose, featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable, and briefly in the fifth part, Vento Aureo.

Echoes has the unusual ability to take on three distinct forms, ACT1, ACT2 and ACT3, which Koichi may call upon alternately. Each form allows the use of a different ability, such as generating sound effects or applying weight to a target.


EchoesAct1 Key Art.png
EchoesAct2 Key Art.png
Echoes ACT3 Appearance.png

Echoes first appears as a large egg whose bottom is covered in swirling spots.

ACT1 takes the appearance of a three-sectioned alien larva.[3] Its oversized first section serves as a head and two small shelled arms are attached to it. The head is covered with a shell on top of which a spike is visible, and the face is nearly entirely covered by metallic blinkers, only leaving a small beak visible. The second section is a shelled torso with a dark belly. The third section is equipped with a set of small wheels and a large serpentine tail with a dark underside and a clearer back covered in swirling spots and at whose end is a metallic rattle.

Echoes ACT2 is a developed form of Echoes ACT1, gained during the battle against Yukako. It takes on a more humanoid appearance but is much smaller than ACT1. It is fully clad in a shell-like armor decorated with metallic striped protrusions at the crotch and other places, the most prominent piece being a large high collar fused with shoulder weights with "S2" written on it's rear covering the back of the head and the shoulders. ACT2's oversized head has a now revealed face with metallic striped eyes, nose and a small robotic mouth. It still has a long organic tail with a dark underside and bright back, now equipped with a detachable kunai-like stinger. Araki stated that it represents a larva growing into a child creature and that its hand and feet are similar to a raccoon's, making it look like a standing raccoon.[4]

Echoes ACT3 takes on a completely humanoid form but still retains features from its previous Acts, giving it an almost robot-like appearance. Its body is covered in multiple striped protrusions mimicking human muscles and several of them form a crest at the top of the head, which also has two X-shaped holes on its sides. ACT3 now possesses a cloth wrapped around its waist similar to shorts with the number 3 printed on the front and keeps ACT2's boots. Its tail is now vestigial, a single long spike protruding from its behind. ACT3 has been stated to be the image of Koichi made into a Stand.[5]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Spots(Emerald green)
Spots(Emerald green)
Spots(Dark green)

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Green body with black spots and inner tail)
Features(Golden beak, rattle, spike and blinkers)
(Purple wheels and forearms with magenta stripes)
(Emerald green shells, light green body, black spots and ebony inner tail)
Features(Golden rattle, spike and blinkers)
(Black wheels with golden inner forearms and beak)
(Dark green body, black spots and inner tail)
Features(Dark gold rattle, spike and blinkers)
Additions(Black wheels with dark gold beak)
(Olive green body with purple spots and inner tail)
Features(Golden beak, rattle, spike and blinkers)
(Purple wheels and forearms with brick red stripes)
(Olive green body with black spots and purple inner tail)
Features(Golden beak, rattle, spike and blinkers)
(Purple wheels and forearms with brown stripes)

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Armor(Light green)
(Golden and black boots, chest, tail, inner forearms and eyes)
Armor and Body(Olive green armor, body and tail)
(Saffron features and inner forearms, white kneepads and boots, dark gray inner tail)
Armor(Light green)
(Yellow and black boots, tail, inner forearms and eyes)
Armor(Light green)
(Golden and dark brown boots, tail, inner forearms and eyes)

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Body(Light grayish green)
Eyes(Bright yellow)
Features(Very dark lime green and Soft yellow)
(Bright yellow knuckles and stitches, soft pink print)
Body(Light gray)
Features(Emerald green)
(Golden knuckles and stitches, pale green print)
Body(Olive green)
Cloth(Light green and yellow)
Features(Brown and saffron)
(Yellow knuckles and stitches, magenta print)
Body(Light green)
Cloth(Light green)
(Golden knuckles and stitches, magenta print)


—Echoes ACT3, Chapter 437: Let Me Remind You

Acts 1 through 2 don't possess a full-fledged personality. They obey its master's commands and sometimes let out a small growl.

Koichi develops Echoes ACT3 during his confrontation against Sheer Heart Attack when ACT2 proves too weak to battle the Stand.

ACT3 is now fully sentient and able to communicate with its master. ACT3 speaks politely when talking to Koichi, following his orders and referring to him as Master. However, he has a tendency to suddenly curse in English, in a manner seemingly inspired by rap music. In the original manga, its speech is often written in katakana to underline a mechanical tone.


Koichi's Stand has the uncommon ability to undergo metamorphosis and evolve naturally, becoming stronger as its user grows as a person. It starts off weak (reflecting its user), but as Koichi's fighting spirit evolves, it evolves with him. While it is common for Stands' abilities to grow stronger as their users do, Echoes gains entire new forms with distinct abilities and characteristics, usually during monumental events Koichi experiences. Each of these distinct forms is referred to as an Act. Koichi can still call upon previous Acts after a new one is unlocked, though is not shown to be able to use multiple at a time, and it likely has to transform first.

The husk left behind by ACT1

When the Stand evolves into a new form, it leaves behind a dried shell or exoskeleton, appearing as if it had died, before the new form of it emerges. Koichi is not aware of the evolution until he sees the Stand itself, and he does not know the ability of it until he works it out or it is explained.[6]

Echoes's egg being summoned

Echoes makes its first appearance during the battle against Keicho, though as an egg, that is slowly hatching. It is immobile and cannot do anything, other than being summoned or withdrawn (though it has enough weight to it that Koichi considered using it as a weapon[7]). The egg eventually hatches, revealing ACT1, and then is never seen again - though it is unknown whether he could potentially summon it at will like the stand's Acts.

In ACT1 form, Echoes is a long-range Stand. It is very weak, its punch failing to hurt Tamami,[8] and also slow. However, it has the longest range of all Acts and can go up to about 50 meters from its user,[9] and it's suggested that either Koichi can see through ACT1's eyes, or it can report back to him,[10] making it useful as a scouting ability.[11]

Although ACT2 is still physically weak, it now possesses a stronger and more versatile power than its previous form, making it more suited to direct confrontation. Foreshadowing the speed of ACT3, ACT2 also gains a massive increase in speed - fast enough to give the impression of disappearing into the air. Since it also has a long range (and Koichi can likely see through its eyes), as well as newfound speed, ACT2 is also used as a scouting ability.[12]

Unlike Echoes's first two forms, ACT3 has a much shorter effective range but is extremely fast and noted to be stronger, though it's still no match in direct combat against even Stands like Killer Queen. Additionally, ACT3 is sentient, and is able to converse with Koichi.

ACT1: Sound Generation

Echoes ACT1 creating a sound on Kobayashi

Echoes ACT1 can write anything on any surface or person. If it is an onomatopoeia, typically in Katakana, a sound related to the onomatopoeia in question will be produced. If it is a sentence written in Kanji, the words will influence the target's state of mind. For instance, Koichi could convince his mother, who was on the verge of suicide, to stop and trust him by using the sentence "Believe in me!" on her.[13] The sound and words are said to not really be heard but to be as if they came from inside the person.[8] The sounds vary in volume, but will increase the longer the sound is active and reverberates to a person more strongly if the sound is written directly on them.

The effect can be broken with enough willpower, as seen when Yukako dispels the writing that Koichi put on her.[14]

ACT2: Sound Effects

Because she touched the door with the 'whoosh' on it... the sound became a real entity! The 'whoosh' turned into a real sensation and blew her away!
—Koichi about Echoes ACT2, Chapter 300

Touching the sound effect triggers an equivalent effect

Echoes's second form increases its sound abilities beyond its first form's capabilities. Echoes can write a sound effect on any surface. However, unlike ACT1, it is only able to shoot sound effects from its tail, limiting it to only one sound effect at a time. When the sound effect is touched, an effect related to the sound is produced, either affecting the person who touched it or the object which the words are inscribed on.

  • (ヒョオオ, Hyooo) - A strong wind is produced.
  • (ドグオン, Doguon) - The toucher is knocked back a great distance.
  • (ボョヨオン, Byoyon) - The object becomes extremely elastic and bouncy.
  • (ジュー, ) - The object radiates heat and will burn upon contact.
  • (ドラララ, Dorarara) - A rush of Crazy Diamond-shaped fists attack the enemy (Eyes of Heaven only).

ACT3: 3 Freeze

THREE FREEZE. I rhymed "THREE" with "FREE".
—ACT3 on its ability, Chapter 359
3 Freeze(3スリーFREEZEフリーズ Surī Furīzu) Link to this sectionLink to this section
Echoes act3.gif
ACT3's signature ability, with which it applies a "freezing" or stopping effect by greatly increasing the weight of its target by punching it, typically adopting a fighting stance while joining the hands together while doing so and producing an aura. For example, Killer Queen's Sheer Heart Attack is forcibly sunk into the pavement by this ability, and, according to its user, the effects were as if there were 40-50 kilograms of weight on his left hand. The weight increase does have drawbacks: 3 Freeze can only affect one thing at a time, and the effect ceases if the target moves more than 5 meters away from ACT3. The closer the target is to ACT3, the heavier it feels.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • Killer technique! Echoes 3 Freeze!
    —Echoes ACT3, Chapter 359: Sheer Heart Attack, Part 6
  • I'm done protecting. Mission fuckin' accomplished. Just like you asked.
    —Echoes ACT3, Chapter 359: Sheer Heart Attack, Part 6
  • Ok, master! Let's kill da ho! Beeetch!
    —Echoes ACT3, Chapter 390: Highway Star, Part 7

Creation and Development

Araki designed Echoes's appearance with Koichi's growth in mind. ACT1 has the appearance of alien larva.[3] As it evolves into ACT2, it grows into a child, resembling a standing raccoon.[4] Finally, ACT3 is like a friend and is the image of Koichi made into a Stand.[5]


Cool Shock Old B.T.

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.
Echoes ACT4

In the second chapter of Cool Shock Old B.T., The "Say Hi to Old Virginia" Incident, an evolution of Echoes appears in the year 2060. Echoes ACT4 is a robot that operates in B.T.'s spaceship, COOL SHOCK. It replaces the role of Clyde from Say Hi to Virginia. Echoes ACT4 cooks an abalone risotto porridge for Koichi Mugikari. Koichi points out that it is good enough to be the head chef at the Trussardi restaurant.

Echoes ACT4 sacrifices itself to get rid of Manabu's "Old Virginia" bomb in the spaceship. It blows up the bomb itself by using Manabu's first bomb, based on Sheer Heart Attack. This creates a vacuum which minimizes the second bomb's explosion before backdraft could kick in. After Echoes ACT4 explodes, Koichi thanks it.[15]

Video Games

Cult Jump (GB)

Echoes ACT1 appears without his Stand user, Koichi, as one of the ten characters from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise on the game.

Puzzle & Dragons (Android/iOS)

Echoes ACT3 was obtainable for a limited time as an Assist Evolution in the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons.

PAD Echoes ACT3 Assist.png
Echoes ACT3
エコーズ ACT3
Attributes: WoodIcon2.png
Rarity: 7★ (Assist Evolution)
No. 9578
6,206 (Lvl.99)
3,664 (Lvl.99)
439 (Lvl.99)
Active Skill: "Echoes 3 Freeze" (Localized Name: "Reverb 3 Freeze")
Delays enemies' next move for 4 turns; all Orbs locked
Leader Skill: "N/A"



  • Although Echoes ACT1 and ACT3 have received eyecatch illustrations displaying their Stand parameters in the anime, Echoes ACT2 has not.
  • In the Capcom Fighters, when Pet Shop is hit by Alessi’s Sethan it will revert back into a partially hatched egg. The egg’s design is reminiscent of Echoes’s first appearance.


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