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Escape from JoJo's Bizarre Amusement Park (ジョジョの奇妙な遊園地からの脱出, JoJo no Kimyō na Yūenchi kara no Dasshutsu) was an escape game-styled summer 2017 attraction that was held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kumamoto, Japan.

A collaboration event between Diamond is Unbreakable and Tokyo-based company SCRAP, the "Real escape game" premiered at Tokyo Dome City from July 15 to September 24, Hirakata Park from July 21 to September 18, and Greenland amusement park from July 22 to September 3.


The attraction was set in Morioh, where serial killer Yoshikage Kira has been hiding for years. After witnessing his crime, participants were targeted by Kira and forced to traverse the park to solve puzzles and obtain clues. By overcoming the repeated attacks by Sheer Heart Attack and Killer Queen, participants defeated and captured Kira with their own "awakened Stand". Game time was around 2–3 hours. A Rookie Course was available for children in elementary and junior high school. Adults could do this course as well but it would cost the adult price. People who bought tickets in advance received a The Hand paper fan.[1] Ticket prices ranged depending if you purchased in advance or the day of as well as the location.

In Tokyo, advance tickets sold for 3,200 yen for entry and five rides while and all-you-can-ride tickets sold for 4,200 yen for junior high students and above and 2,900 yen for elementary school students. Day of tickets were a bit more expensive being 3,600, 4,600 and 3,300 yen respectively.

In Osaka, early bird tickets sold for 2,700 yen for junior high students and above with elementary school students costing 2,200 yen for entry and two rides included. The all-you-can-ride tickets cost 4,900 yen and 4,400 yen respectively. The advance tickets cost 2,900, 2,300, 5,200 and 4,600 yen respectively. Tickets were sold for normal entry to the park at 800 yen for elementary students and above.

In Kumamoto, only advance tickets were available. High school students and above could purchase tickets for 2,300 yen while seniors (65 and older) as well as children up to high school age could purchase tickets for 1,550 yen. Tickets were sold for normal entry at 800 yen for elementary students and above.


Tokyo event food items available at the Hot Dog Stand included: Invincible Star Platinum Shaved Ice!, a shaved ice topped with lots of star shaped sprinkles for 600 yen; Yukako Yamagishi's Love Deluxe Set, squid ink pasta served with Coca-Cola for 900 yen; Tonio’s Hot Dog, a sausage with caprese toppings for 550 yen; Rohan's "Let's see how it tastes" dog, a hot dog topped with red bean paste and cheese for 550 yen; Nails of Yoshikage Kira Dog, a hot dog for 550 yen; Milk Coffee served by Angelo for 500 yen; Find it! Achtung Baby Drink, a clear soda that you add syrup to for 500 yen and Mystery Solving Drink, a drink with a sleeve that provided a hint for the event for 600 yen.

Tokyo event food items available at the MLB Café TOKYO included: Heaven's Door Mille Crepe, a mille crepe in the style of a manga book with adorning fruit for 648 yen; Caprese made by Tonio, warm caprese with toasted bread for 864 yen; Pomadour-shaped Wagyu Hamburg Steak with Black Curry, black curry served with wagyu hamburger patty and egg for 1,296 yen; Sheer Heart Attack Burger, a hamburger topped with hot sauce, bacon, grilled green onions and served with fries for 1,728 yen and Wagyu Teriyaki Burger, a wagyu burger patty topped with teriyaki sauce and egg salad with fries on the side for 1,728 yen. Crazy Diamond Lemon Heart Croissant, a heart-shaped lemon croissant for 280 yen was served at She Rui while Josuke Higashikata's Crazy Diamond Crepe, a purple crepe with whipped cream, blueberry cheesecake ice cream topped with blueberries, blueberry jam, strawberries and rock candy for 650 yen was served at Marion Crepe.

Osaka event food items included: Josuke Higashikata's Hamburger Curry, brown curry topped with a hamburger patty with carrots and lettuce as garnish for 850 yen; Josuke Higashikata's Peace Symbol Pancake, a kiln-baked pancake topped with powdered sugar and served with popcorn for 600 yen; Linguine Tomato Pasta made by Tonio, linguine topped with tomato sauce and three cherry tomatoes for 900 yen; "The Hand" Scraped Lemon Jelly, blue soda topped with lemon jelly for 500 yen; "Killer Queen" Explosive Sourness..., grape juice topped with sour grape gummies for 500 yen; "Echoes ACT3" Surprisingly Heavy Melon Soda, melon soda with solidified lemon jelly at the bottom for 500 yen and "Crazy Diamond" 2-layer Frappe, a frappe with blue raspberry and pink strawberry layers for 500 yen.

Kumamoto event food items included: Josuke Great Soft Serve, soft served topped with red potato cheesecake sold for 600 yen at Green Aunt’s Sweets Studio; The Hand Smoothie, a Calpis based smoothie with two layers and topped with ramune ice cream sold for 600 yen at Belize; Heaven's Door Smoothie, a Calpis based smoothie with mango pulp and sauce topped with vanilla ice cream sold for 600 yen at Spice; Killer Queen Smoothie, a blueberry Calpis based smoothie topped with soft serve ice cream and tapioca sold for 600 yen at Palm Terrace; LOVE & PEACE Shaved Ice, grape flavored shaved ice topped with grape pulp sold for 600 yen and 650 yen with a condensed milk topping at Loco Mart; Crazy Diamond Sorbet, a Calpis based sorbet with milk and strawberry sold for 600 yen at Hinata Kids; Echoes Shaved Ice, melon shaved ice topped with soft serve and kiwi sauce for 600 yen at Angers; Morioh Curry, brown curry served with star shaped nuggets for 750 yen at Andalusia; Crazy Diamond Drink, acerola juice juice topped with heart shaped jellies and strawberry ice cream sold for 600 yen at Kuma-san’s Kitchen and DORARARARA!! Shaved Ice, shaved ice with strawberry syrup with capsicum extract topped with blue jellies and heart shaped cookies sold for 600 yen at Kebab Sandhouse.


Merchandise was purchased at SCRAP. The Josuke clipboard sold for 1,500 yen, the Crazy Diamond towel sold for 3,000 yen, Josuke and Kira successful escape stickers sold for 200 yen, Rohan’s headband sold for 3,000 yen, “I refuse” cushion sold for 3,000 yen, Rohan’s sketchbook bag sold for 4,000 yen, towel holders featuring: Rohan, Josuke, Okuyasu, Jotaro and Koichi for 800 yen each, a towel featuring Josuke and Kira with their respective stands for 1,000 yen, bracelets featuring designs based on: Josuke, Okuyasu, Jotaro, Rohan, and Koichi for 400 yen, roll of memo paper for 800 yen and clear file for 400 yen. In Tokyo, for each purchase of a food item you would receive one random can badge (ten designs in total). In Osaka, for each purchase of a food item you would receive a placemat and random coaster (six designs in total). No items were given on purchase of food items in Kumamoto.


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