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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Collaboration Café was a collaboration cafe with Animax Cafe+ to promote and celebrate the release of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. It was held between June 1, 2022 and July 13, 2022 in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka featuring exclusive themed food, drinks and goods. Reservations could be made using the official Sweets Paradise App. A seating fee of 300 yen was charged per person when visiting the store.[1]


Entrees and desserts featuring the main characters of Stone Ocean were available to purchase. These ranged in price between 1,000 and 1,650 yen. Drinks were also available: 660 yen for a hot latte featuring a character and 770 yen for a cold drink featuring a character. Special goods were given out at the event: a post card (1 type) was given to every customer, an original sticker (8 types) for the purchase of a collaboration food or dessert, and an original coaster (8 types) for the purchase of a collaboration drink while supplies lasted.

Entrees and desserts included Charlotte's Popcorn, Jolyne Cujoh & Stone Free's Cream Pasta, Ermes Costello & Kiss's Steak Cutlet, Foo Fighters's Green Soup, Emporio Alnino & Narciso Anasui's Room Plate, Weather Report's Cloud Pancakes, Jotaro Kujo & Star Platinum's Raisin Chocolate Parfait and Enrico Pucci & Whitesnake's DISC Burger.

Drinks included Jolyne Cujoh's Lemon Squash, Ermes Costello's Green Apple Soda, Foo Fighters's Matcha Latte, Emporio Alnino's White Drink, Weather Report's Blue Herbal Tea, Narciso Anasui's Strawberry Float, Jotaro's Grape Juice, Enrico Pucci's Ice Whipped Coffee and character hot latte (14 types, random).[1]


A variety of goods were available to purchase at the café. For every 3,000 yen spent you would receive a SNS-style clear card (8 types). Additionally, if you visited the café and posted about in on Twitter, you would receive one random café coaster (8 types).

Goods included acrylic stand key-chains (8 types), heart-shaped can badges (8 types), acrylic coaster stands (8 types), twin acrylic stands (8 types), A4 clear files (1 type), Kiss sticker set (1 type), long sleeve t-shirts (3 types), tote bag (1 type), stand smartphone rings (7 types), Foo Fighters stainless steel tumbler (1 type), Jolyne Cujoh pin badge set (1 type), canvas board art (1 type), Charlotte plush puppet (1 type), and character print icing cookies (15 types).[1]



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