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JOESTAR RADIO was a weekly web radio program hosted by the voice actors for each JoJo from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure TV anime. It served as a countdown prior to the JOESTAR The Inherited Soul event which was held on April 4, 2021. Special guests were featured along with the main hosts, and they looked back on each of the animated JoJo seasons every month.

The program started being uploaded to @wbj_anime YouTube channel on November 8, 2020 and released every Sunday afterwards, aside from January 3, 2021. It aired at 17:00 JST. It was also available on the Internet radio station Onsen starting from November 9, 2020 and then every Monday afterwards, aside from January 4, 2021.[1]

JOESTAR RADIO's final episode was uploaded on March 29, 2021.

Program Segments

Comments or messages regarding the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure animation series that were sent to the address [email protected] were read aloud by the hosts on the show in the first and third segments.

Comments & Reviews

The hosts read e-mails sent to the program's e-mail address containing thoughts and questions from viewers about the four seasons of the JoJo anime.

About JoJo

A few topics about JoJo were provided. The hosts chose one and discussed about it.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Best Scenes

They compiled best scenes for characters throughout the animation series. Viewers were able to send e-mails discussing their favorite scene for any character, and explain why they thought that scene was great.


Months Main Hosts

November 2020 Kazuyuki Okitsu (Jonathan Joestar) & Yoji Ueda (Robert E. O. Speedwagon)

December 2020 Tomokazu Sugita (Joseph Joestar) & Takuya Sato (Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli)

January 2021 Daisuke Ono (Jotaro Kujo) & Kenta Miyake (Muhammad Avdol)

February 2021 Yuki Ono (Josuke Higashikata) & Wataru Takagi (Okuyasu Nijimura)

March 2021 Kensho Ono (Giorno Giovanna) & Yuichi Nakamura (Bruno Bucciarati)

A special episode featuring Director Kenichi Suzuki, Director Toshiyuki Kato, and Producer Hiroyuki Omori additionally aired on March 28, 2021.[2]


Phantom Blood

Phantom Blood

Battle Tendency

Battle Tendency

Stardust Crusaders

Stardust Crusaders

Diamond is Unbreakable

Diamond is Unbreakable

Golden Wind

Golden Wind




  • JOESTAR RADIO is the first radio program to have official English subtitles. The subtitles used the localized names of characters and Stands.


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