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The moral of the story is that miracles take dedication!
—Aya Tsuji about Cinderella, Chapter 350

Cinderella (シンデレラ, Shinderera) is the Stand of Aya Tsuji, featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable.

It resembles a robotic mannequin and can change the body features of anyone, which Aya uses to work as a cosmetologist.


Cinderella KeyArt.png

Cinderella is a feminine humanoid robot with long mechanical extremities and a spherical lower body, lacking legs in the anime. It has pronounced breasts and a thin waist while wearing a top resembling a bra. Its eyes resemble fashionista glasses, with the top of its head being similar to a beehive hairstyle.

Hirohiko Araki stated that its appearance is a feminine silhouette combined with elements of beauty salon equipment and the image of a dentist.[3]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Hot and light pink with yellow accessories. Pink-tinted gray extremities.)
Eyes(Hot pink)
(Light pink head and breasts. White faceplate and hands. Red body and elbow joints. Black accessories. Yellow extremities.)


Cinderella's abilities are centered around cosmetic work and are exclusively used in that regard. It hasn't been shown to have any potential outside of Aya's work.

To understand Cinderella, one must learn about physiognomy, a pseudo-science placing significance on one's facial features. Aya Tsuji exposes her belief that the fortune of an individual depends at least partially on their face. Thus by changing the face, specifically molding it into a "joyful face," Aya can effectively alter their fate and even choose what kind of love life her clients will have.[4] This belief also applies to palmistry and podomancy among others.[5]

Body Part Replacement

Cinderella replaces body features for more favorable ones

Cinderella is able to replace some parts of one's body by creating a replacement for it from the slots on its hand and then sliding the hand into the body to replace said part.[4]

Determining what a client should look like via a computer program,[4] Aya can then modify whatever has to be replaced at her leisure. Because of the theory of physiognomy, she can change their love life in any way she's been paid to do. This is first seen performed on Yukako Yamagishi whose slight "Finding Love" enhancement causes her to accidentally have a date with Koichi.[6]

The client must remain immobile, or Aya may botch the replacement process. The effects are temporary, and last only 30 minutes.[6] Aya uses this weakness as a business tool to push her clients into coming back.[5]

Those who are affected by the client's change will feel an unexplainable attraction that may vary in intensity regardless of what they look like and stops as soon as 30 minutes pass.[6] Even an ugly woman with a joyful face has had her lover propose to her.[4] For a "Capturing Love" enhancement, Koichi viewed Yukako as literally dazzling with beauty. Later, events conspired to unite the two.[7]

Cinderella can also remove body parts from existing humans and place them on others, as done with Yoshikage Kira to disguise him from Josuke and Jotaro.[8] In this case, the effects are permanent and persist even if Aya dies.

Cinderella remembers every face it has beautified. As a result, it can generate an exact duplicate of one's former face or a large amount of similar-looking faces which will float around Cinderella.[9]

Permanent Body Replacement

In the case someone wants to permanently modify themselves, several additional rules apply. Because altering one's fate properly and for a great amount of time requires a lot of energy,[5] one must show the dedication to match. Thus, after being modified, one must apply a special lipstick every 30 minutes for 24 hours except when sleeping to keep the enhancements.[5] The lipstick acts like a protection that contains the energy necessary to change fate.

However, if the lipstick is not applied at the required time, it will deform the face of the subject as punishment for not keeping their word, and all modified body features will gradually disappear. Aya explains that the failure of applying the lipstick causes a leak of energy used to change the person's fate and thus the collapse of the body.[10] However, Aya is able to fix the body if she wills it.

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  • Cinderella's function to make people more desirable to a potential love interest refers to the children's tale of the same name where the Fairy God Mother gives Cinderella a beautiful dress that will disappear at a set hour.


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