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I don't intend to kill you, just make you bleed enough so you quiet down.

Donovan (ドノヴァン Donovan) is a minor antagonist featured in the second part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Battle Tendency. Donovan is a Nazi special force member sent to apprehend Joseph Joestar in the Mexican desert.


Donovan is a mature athletic man whose dark hair is slicked back. His skin is colored differently around his eyes, starting from a wide area on his hairline and converging to the side of the root of his nose.

Donovan wears a sleeveless officer uniform.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin(Tan, red face markings.)
Hair(Dark Gray)
(Reddish-pink shroud, army green uniform with golden accessories, black arm warmers and boots, white gloves.)

(Grayish-tan, reddish-pink face markings.)
(Tan shroud, deep red-violet uniform with yellow lining, brown gloves.)


Donovan is a sadistic and deadly Nazi soldier. He initially presents himself as a confident fighter and seems to specialize in torture, claiming that he will find a way to make Joseph pass out from blood loss without killing him, and says that he would never talk, even when under torture. This proves to be a facade, as Joseph quickly makes him talk about the Nazi base just minutes after torturing him.


Donovan is a German special forces member and thus has several talents related to trailing people.


Donovan has remarkable stealth skills. He is able to move lightly enough to avoid leaving footprints in sand and claims that he can sneak up on wild bats. As an elite soldier, he also is agile: he can balance atop a cactus using the flat edge of a knife and possesses other excellent athletic abilities.


Donovan's whip-knife

In the manga, he is equipped with a knife that appears to be wrapped in a special material which can unwind and be used much like a whip.

His whip-knife is never shown in the anime.


Battle Tendency

While Joseph travels through the desert in his search for information about Speedwagon, he suddenly spots a large cape floating down toward him. Suspecting it to be related to his sense of being followed, he sends it flying and reveals a man with a knife, who immediately attacks. After a short back-and-forth, the man reveals himself to be a special forces Nazi officer sent to trail Joseph in order to acquire information on Straizo. In their fight, he seems to have the upper hand at first, but Joseph soon turns the tables by using the Ripple on a cactus to launch its needles at Donovan. Joseph demands information, but Donovan refuses. Joseph sticks a magnetic compass in Donovan's eye, and he quickly tells Joseph that Speedwagon is alive. Donovan tries to make a run for it as Joseph gets ready to leave on his motorbike. Joseph easily catches him and ties him to a cactus with a note reading "Hello Adolph!"

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