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Oh please... is the fifth track of the Battle Tendency (Musik) anime soundtrack. The song was used in the first season which adapted the second part of the series, Battle Tendency. It was performed by Lotus Juice.


English Lyrics
victory concluded even before the battle it's ruling
just when you think you won that's when you
begin the movement toward losing, booyah
take that take that let me let me break that
shoot to kill on a beat so sick I lace that
lace that well well
I face facts delete fake foes
face that
Oh please that's how you'll beg in a second punk
oh Jeeeeze that's how you cry but HE won't respond
Oh he's just about to leave, he deserves none
Oh shit now you know you messing with a wrong one
same thing twice? yeah that's when you trip man
your's is text I write my script man
you let it go low while I keep lifting
nurture yourself so sorry from the gifted
ha it's easy to whine instead I do the fixing
balance like mixing
open-minded cosntantly listening
slow ass here's my good-bye kissing
forget about it
I get rowdy
but don't blame a man who responded to the insults
only right to shut them shmucks up whose
talking trash to my love, don't it?
you are a joker, without laughter
can't come up to it, always after
live on freshness different raptor
recognize that I'm making new chapters
going with the flow but it's calculated
no matter how wild, I validated
you love that talk so fabricated
real recognize real no other candidate
oh please

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