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DR Movie Co., Ltd. (디알무비, Di Al Mubi) is a South Korean animation studio known for their key animation, 2nd key animation, and in-between animation work on the Diamond is Unbreakable anime.

The studio is notable for being one of three main companies to animate the American animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender alongside JM Animation and Moi Animation.


DR Movie was established in 1990 by Jeong-Gyun Jeong, the company's current CEO, after he left the animation studio where he originally worked.

During their early days, the Japanese studio Madhouse entrusted some of their work to DR Movie, which was still a relatively unknown company. In 1991, Madhouse sub-contracted the finishing process of their projects to DR Movie. The close relationship between DR Movie and Madhouse has continued to this day.

Currently, animation production companies in Japan and the United States commission DR Movie for works such as animation and color settings. DR Movie's employee count has also increased from about 20 at the time of establishment to around ~400 at present, having the highest amount of employees among animation production companies in South Korea. In addition, DR Movie's consistency in production is ensured because the company is fully equipped with drawing, color, art, CG, shooting, and editing departments.[2]

They are located at 9F Byuck-San Digital Valley 1, 24, Digital-ro 27-gil, Guro District, Seoul.


  • Founder and CEO: Jeong-Gyun Jeong



  • DR means 'burning flame' in Korean.[2]


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