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Kino Production Inc. (有限会社きのプロダクション, Yūgengaisha Kino Purodakushon) is a Japanese animation studio known for their key animation and 2nd key animation work on the anime television series adaptation for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

The studio is known for their production cooperation and outsource work on Sazae-san, One Piece, Gintama, and Folktales from Japan.


In July 1965, Toshio Kinoshita, a manga artist and head of Tatsunoko Production's animation department, founded the company as an animation studio.[2] The company's main business was subcontracting animation for Mushi Production and Tatsunoko Production.

In the 1970s, the company expanded its order base to include finishing services, and in the 1980s, it began gross contracting, transforming itself into a production company.

The company is often credited as "Kino Production," "Kino Pro," or "Kino Productions".

They are located at 2-10-16 Oizumigakuen-cho, Nerima-Ku, Tokyo.


  • Founder and President: Toshio Kinoshita



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