Sulle tracce dei gangster (July 2019)

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Published July 19, 2019
Sulle tracce dei gangster (July 2019)
Interview Archive
Sulle tracce dei gangster

A series of interviews with the Japanese voice actors and production staff, released in the anime guidebook Sulle tracce dei gangster. Included with the August 2019 issue of Ultra Jump released on July 19, 2019.[1]


Comments on Golden Wind Episode 1 through Golden Wind Episode 8 by directors Yasuhiro Kimura and Hideya Takahashi.

Director Yasuhiro Kimura Comment

--Please tell me your favorite scene from Episodes 1-8.

The sequence of cuts in Episode 4 where Black Sabbath sneaks into the crow's shadow. Being that it's a Stand with a cool design, we tried to make a cool cut for it. It went pretty smoothly.

--And a difficult scene?

Episode 7's gang dance storyboard. In the original work, it's no more than a few panels, but in order to time it with music that was about a minute long, we had to come up with choreography, which was hard.

--Regarding location-scouting for places introduced in Episodes 1-8, what locations stick in your memories?

Capri. It's an extremely beautiful resort area.

By the way, the round-trip ferry makes almost all the passengers sea-sick. Travelers, don't forget to bring medicine to stop the sickness!

Director Yasuhiro Miura Comment

--Please tell me your favorite scene from Episodes 1-8.

Episode 2, Giorno's gangster declaration. Receiving advice from (Chief Director) (Naokatsu) Tsuda, and learning about the locations with Kimura, I have memories of making that scene as 3 Directors.

--And a difficult scene?

Episode 6, when the boat had two layers. Production-wise, our goal was to put together a conceptually-difficult battle in a visually and intuitively concise way, and pulling that off in those episodes was extremely troubling.

--Please tell me about remaining memories from location-scouting places introduced in Episodes 1-8.

The gangster declaration scene's location was a mix of the places we found location-scouting and the original work. The view on the hill, where even Giorno wouldn't be able to help but mutter "It's nice scenary", that was nice scenary.



「第4話のブラック・サバスがカラスの影に潜り込む一連のカット」 デザインがかっこいいスタンドなので、とにかくかっこいいカットを作ろうとして作りました。うまくいってよかったです。


「第7話のギャングダンスのコンテ」 原作では数コマしかないシーンですが1分ほどの楽曲に合わせないといけないため、振り付けを考えるのに苦労しました。






「第2話、ジョルノのギャングスター宣言」 (総監督の)津田(尚克)さんから助言をいただき、ロケーションを木村さんと教えたところなので、3監督で作ったシーンとして思い出に残っています。


「第6話、船が二隻あった」 制作側では「観念的で複雑な」バトルを「視覚的・直感的で簡潔に」整理する事を目標にしていたので、この話数のトリックは非常に苦労しました。



Comments on Golden Wind Episode 9 through Golden Wind Episode 19 by directors Yasuhiro Kimura and Hideya Takahashi.

Director Yasuhiro Kimura Comment

--Please tell me your favorite scene from Episodes 9-19.

When Prosciutto shoots Mista in Episode 15. Things like the course of events up until this scene, the sound timing, the way we cut it, all of that.

--And where would a difficult scene be?

The battle sequence outside the train in Episode 16. Even more than the actual content, there were a lot of rules for things like the pull of the background, which was difficult to deal with.

--Regarding location-scouting for places introduced in Episodes 9-19, what locations stick in your memories?

The trains. While on a southbound train stopped at Napoli Centrale, we were quickly getting off to go to the bathroom and take pictures of the passenger car, and I have memories of looking for the drinking fountain where the turtle is (it wasn't there).

Director Yasuhiro Miura Comment

--Please tell me your favorite scene from Episodes 9-19.

Episode 11, the finale for Narancia and Formaggio. I basically became Part 5's Director just because I wanted to do this scene.

--And a difficult scene?

Episodes 18-19, the Ghiaccio fight. With the car chase, underwater battle, and shoot-out, both animation and directing were extremely important.

--Regarding location-scouting for places introduced in Episodes 9-19, please tell me about what locations stick in your memories.

Capri. In order to location scout for Polpo's hidden fortune, we looked all over the island for a bathroom. Because of this, we ended up scrapping our plans to go to the Blue Grotto, and we were sad when the search for the bathroom ended.



「第15話のミスタを撃つプロシュート」 このシーンに至るまでの流れ、音のタイミング、カットの切り方など全部に入っています。


「第16話の列車外で戦う一連」 内容もさることながら、背景の引きなど制約も多く、非常に苦労しました。





「第11話、ナランチャとホルマジオの決着」 このシーンをやりたくて、第5部の監督を引き受けたぐらいです。


「第18~19話、ギアッチョ戦」 カーチェイス、水中バトル、銃撃戦、作画的にも演出的にも非常に重い題材でした。



Comments on Golden Wind Episode 20 through Golden Wind Episode 37 by directors Yasuhiro Kimura and Hideya Takahashi.

Director Yasuhiro Kimura Comment

--Please tell me your favorite scene from Episodes 20-37.

When Notorious B.I.G appears again in Episode 24. We aimed for horror and suspense in a lot of episodes, but this was perfectly terrifying. The sound when it sticks to the window still scares me no matter how many times I watch it.

--And a difficult scene?

King Crimson's dimension in Episode 21. Being an extremely hard-to-grasp Stand, it was very difficult trying to make it easier to understand by playing to the strengths of the visual medium.

--Any memories about location-scouting?

Early-morning Venice. I woke up at 5am and took pictures of the Venetian sunrise and its colors. The hue of the city and its ambience at that time inspired the ending scene of Episode 19. The backdrop of the main title in the 2nd OP's visuals were also drawn based on a photo taken from the day's first departing water bus.

Director Yasuhiro Miura Comment

--Please tell me your favorite scene from Episodes 20-37.

Episode 28, the scene with Abbacchio and his partner. Dubbing with (Abbacchio actor) (Junichi) Suwabe, (officer actor) (Ikuji Nose), both amazing actors that hold a special place in my heart.

--And a difficult scene?

Episode 34's swappage. We paid extra attention, so as not to leave the viewers confused and feeling left behind. The voice actors swapping and copying characters help immensely. Personally, (Giorno actor) (Kensho) Ono's Narancia was so high-quality that it made me think "(Daiki) Yamashita?!" and really surprised me.

--Any memories about location-scouting?

Honestly, it's the place we went to first, Rome. We started location-scouting with the Colosseum and Castel Sant'Angelo, the last battle.



「第24話のノトーリアス・B・I・Gが再度現れるところ」 ホラー・サスペンスを目指した話数でしたが、完璧に怖かったです。何回見ても窓に張り付く音にびっくりします。


「第21話のキング・クリムゾン空間」 非常に難解なスタンドなので映像表現の強みを生かしてなんとわかりやすくできないかなと苦労しました。





「第28話、アバッキオと相棒のシーン」 アフレコの(アバッキオ役の)諏訪部(順一)さん、(警官役の)野瀬(育二)さんお二方の演技が本当に素晴らしく心に残っています。


「第34話、入れ替わり」 視聴者の方が混乱して置いてきぼりにならないように、気をつけました。声優のみなさまも入れ替わりのキャラを似せるのがうまく助かりました。個人的には(ジョルノ役の)小野(賢章)さんのナランチャが「山下(大輝)さん⁉」と思わせるほどのクオリィティでビックリしましたね。



The first part of a symposium with voice actors Kensho Ono, Yuichi Nakamura, Junichi Suwabe, Kosuke Toriumi, Daiki Yamashita, Junya Enoki, and Sayaka Senbongi.

Team Bucciarati Cast Symposium (Part 1).

Giorno actor Kensho Ono, Bucciarati actor Yuichi Nakamura, Abbacchio actor Junichi Suwabe, Mista actor Kosuke Toriumi, Narancia actor Daiki Yamashita, Fugo actor Junya Enoki, and Trish actor Sayaka Senbongi. Directly confronting Team Bucciarati, having finished dubbing up through the final episode. How do they, who came to journey with Giorno and co., now feel about the characters?

--First, I'd like to congratulate you all on having finished dubbing through to the final episode. I'd like to hear your current, candid feelings, please.

Ono (Below, O): It was close to a year of recording, but really it felt like no time at all. My impression is that the characters are appealing, and so I went to desparate lengths to not lose that appeal.

Suwabe (Below, Su): Abbacchio was retired along the way in Italy, but I still kept up with the work as a viewer. Like in the original work, it was good I got to act for a short bit in the penultimate episode. My state of mind is now, as expected, extremely lonely. I'm filled with the desire to act more. If I could, I'd rewind time, back to the start. The "ariari" and "useless, useless" rushes, I saw them live, you know? If I could use Moody Blues' ability, I'd wanna "replay" it all right right here (laughs).

Senbongi (Below, Sen): (Laughs). It felt really short to me too, and the feeling of loneliness really is immense. The feeling that the desparate, reckless abandon was all over. I joined in Episode 9, so I truly am filled with the feeling that everything was quick.

Nakamura (Below, Naka): When I started, I thought "This has become quite the long series, huh", but having seen the end, it really is short, isn't it? I'd fall asleep during recordings, but even then, it really doesn't feel like we did it for close to a year, does it? There's this feeling that it all really passed by in a moment. Like Suwabe was saying, I feel like I wanna do more, but because of how the original work is, there's for sure no 2nd season. It's something lonesome, isn't it?

Yamashita (Below, Yama): It's this feeling that, every week of recording, I'd be thinking "This time, it's JoJo time", and every next week the loneliness would double. It truly was no time at all, and it being material so incredibly deep all the time, I think it's a work that'll stay in my memories. I don't know what comes after this, but I'd love if I could act again, that's what I believe.

Enoki (Below, E): I'd been thinking "This is gonna be over quickly, isn't it?" from the start (laughs). In total, Fugo only really appears for 1 cour, so he didn't get a lot of screentime. Even within that, my time submerged in JoJo's deep philosophy was pretty short. Fugo is still alive, so it's possible there's an "after all this" for him, I'd like to think.

Toriumi (Below, Tori): Truly, like everyone's been saying, it is a long time when thought about purely objectively; but when it was all completely over, the loneliness quickly and violently grew. Both during recording and after recording, there was this image of a Team within us all, so I think we'd be happy if something blessed us with the chance to come together again.

--Thank you very much. I'd like to hear about how you look back on this long journey up until now. Please tell me the lines and scenes that leave an impression on you, for each character.

O: Doing only famous lines is a bit hard, isn't it? In the end, the Ghiaccio fight's "This is resolve! It is to carve out your destined path through the darkened wastes!" line was my absolute favorite line when I read the original work, it left an impression. Despite completely entering into battle cry territory, I don't really remember anything from my time recording it (laughs).

--It's because the Ghiaccio fight was a considerably violent fight, wasn't it? In an interview in a previous magazine, Toriumi had talked about how recording for the Ghiaccio fight was difficult.

Tori: I guess it's 'cause I was saying that a lot during the fight too. It was a time with quite a lot of especially impactful phrases, you know? As is true with Giorno and Ghiaccio, there's a lot of people with lines that stick in my memory. It's nothing but recollections of moments with high tension, you know? There's not a lot I could say about minor details despite the harsh circumstances we'd gone through, kinda like the characters on-screen I guess.

--It's exactly that feeling of "We just have to get through this!", you know? It's true that Senbongi also liked the Ghiaccio fight, isn't it?

Sen: Yes, I, too, think that fight was another heart-pounding episode. Even though I didn't appear in it, I enjoyed watching it live as a fan. I thought we'd just started, but already, it was on a such a high level, like it was at its end!

Naka: In Giorno's lines leaving impacts on me, I still don't really understand what makes a line famous, except "useless, useless", I guess. The full length of the rush done to Cioccolata in Episode 31 is the longest, but I like the rush done to Diavolo more, since it's hard to make one so reserved.

O: I was able to take short breaths between cuts during the Cioccolata rush. Every 15 or 20 words, there was a short break about the length of one word. But the Diavolo fight's rush was about 45 words, wasn't it? It was without any breathing. That's my absolute weak point (laughs). I knew "This'll never happen again" at the end.

--I thought the Cioccolata fight one was the hardest, that's surprising.

O: That's right. I also had that carelessness of "I've overcome the one before, so this should be fine, right?". When the dubbing director said no more breathing, I thought "no way"....

Naka: Doing the same tone the whole time isn't very good, you know? It's also the tension, and how it ends.

Tori: The end needs to have the highest stakes, so there's that final push of power to make the breaths the strongest.

Naka: I think it was very considerably difficult.

Su: As one would expect, I didn't learn any special breathing techniques. I was wearing a dental correction mask (laughs).

--Did you guys learn breathing techniques?

O: I tried (laughs).

Everyone: (Laughs).

O: Anyways, Giorno happens to say "Is this guy invincible?" a lot, and that left quite the impression on me. Usually when he confronts enemies, he'd always initially believe that they're "invincible" (laughs).

Su: And then that turns into him beating the shit out of them.

O: It's hit-or-miss, Giorno's invincibility declaration (laughs).

--Even in the Ghiaccio fight he says "There's no weakness to his ice".

Tori: But Ghiaccio felt truly invincible, didn't he?

Sen: That's absolutely right (laughs).

Yama: He was really tough.

--Continuing on, what are Bucciarati's impactful scenes?

Naka: Having seen the whole thing, it's Episode 1 and Episode 2, isn't it? I'd say his character is a bit different there. Episode 38 and Episode 39 are drawn as a prequel to Episode 1, but I thought ", this isn't related to Episode 1 at all" (laughs).

Su: You bastard! What are you trying to say?!

Naka: No no, I had absolutely no intention to insult Araki-sensei (laughs)! Having seen the whole series, every character goes on to change within the story. That's true for even the whole cast of Parte 5, but I think Bucciarati's is especially remarkable.

Tori: I'm sure he knew about the organization's drugs just before meeting Giorno in Episode 1, shouldn't those be desparate circumstances (laughs)?

Naka: No yeah! Absolutely (laughs).

Tori: Speaking of Bucciarati's famous lines, there's Episode 20's "Evil makes me sick". Even in the 2nd OP, that Bucciarati scene is so good.

Su: Him sticking to his own justice even while being in a gang is so cool, isn't it?

Sen: Episode 21's boat platform's "I want to walk my own Believed Path!" line is also etched in my mind.

Tori: Episode 30's conversation in the car is cool as well. It felt like I finally understood. I (Mista) was sleeping (laughs).

Yama: Wasn't it because he'd bled a lot (laughs)?

Su: Regarding famous lines, there's also some in the Prosciutto & Pesci fight, aren't there?

Naka: Lines like "Are you ready? I certainly am." are smoothly said in these cool small-ish panels in the manga. But, as expected, everyone remembers it strongly, so the anime directs it into a short scene that stands out. It was different when it was done in the manga; the anime adapts it according to the current readers' interpretations, so the direction changes a bit, which I think is interesting, you know?

Abbachio takes jabs at everything?!

--Now, what did you guys think of Abbachio?

Su: When Abbachio debuts, he plans to make Giorno drink something awful; he started by making the viewers say things like "what's this guy up to?", but by the end, appreciation for him shot through the roof, didn't it? At least I hope so (laughs). His partner police officer that lost his life, completely betraying the sense of justice to protect that lay within his own heart. That left very deep wounds in me, that he came to decide that Finishing the Job is important. While finishing the orders he'd received, he brought only kindness to the children.... Midway, he meets a regretful end, however I felt like Abbachio's soul was saved. I think Episode 28, with its anime-original direction, was an incredibly spectacular episode.... That being said, does the partner even have any memorable lines?

Naka: (Laughs). It's because Abbacchio had stopped talking along the way.

Su: I also wanted to say good things about Abbacchio (laughs). Out of his few fights, his thug kicks in Pompeii are amazing, you know? After that, there's also the part in Episode 22 where he waits for the other members before punching and kicking.

Yama: That one leaves a great impression! You think he's just drinking wine, then in the next cut, he's already adding to the violence.

Tori: He seems like he's not gonna join in, but then he does.

Su: Him going about his business like a cool-headed adult, while thinking "You too?!" is funny.

Sen: He's just a rascal (laughs).

O: Me seeing Narancia pissing and saying "That's gross!" was shocking.

Yama: I also said "Has he become perverted?!".

O: When Giorno was receiving the "tea" treat from Abbacchio, I thought "so that's why I say that?" (laughs).

Su: That probably completely threw all the viewers for a loop too (laughs).

Yama: Abbacchio's got a lot of inconsistencies, doesn't he?

Su: There's all kinds of contradictions. He's only human.

O: That's what it means to move forward though, right?

Su: True, true (laughs).

O: Also, Moody Blues' shoulder section being grabbed and it stretching is memorable. I wanna try touching it a bit.

Su: That surprised me. It having a slippery texture and sexy form is Moody Blues' appeal, isn't it? I once thought, "It's plain compared to other Stands, huh", but this time I came to like it a lot due to the anime adaptation. Everyone, please don't pick on its weakness (laughs).

Tori: It's not weak. It wasn't overwhelmed when it came to Man in the Mirror, right?

Su: Man in the Mirror used almost all its energy dragging him into the Mirror World; its attack power is basically zero, so--. I hear that Abbacchio would be stronger fighting directly than Moody Blues (laughs).

O: Its sounds are also impactful, aren't they?

Su: It's designed a bit retro, right? Especially the colors it was given for the anime, I feel that Moody Blues' Stand Ability became deeply memorable.

--Next is about Mista.

Tori: Mista is someone who has a huge difference between first impressions and mid-battle, you know? Cool and calm, the difference between his ability to hold his spirit during a battle, and his normal form is insane; I think acting as him was also fun. Definitely a well-spoken person, but I don't know if he comes to leave much of an impression at all.... The Ghiaccio fight leaves an impression, but.... Ah, I'd say Giorno is full of greatness.

O: How many times did I shout "Mista"?

Su: They call out to each other a lot in the Ghiaccio fight. Mista came to appreciate Giorno quickly, didn't he?

Naka: Watching the anime adaptation again, his Ability's chemistry is good too, you know? The bullets are live rounds, so they're given life. That wasn't possible with an Ability like (Part 3's) Hol Horse.

Tori: Hol Horse's gun is a Stand though. Meaning it's gonna be all the characters trying to have a back-and-forth with each other in a very human way, you know? That kind of thing leaves an impression on me, you get me?

--In Episode 14, there's also a heart-pounding scene with Fugo and Trish.

Tori: I think it's an age-appropriate back-and-forth.

E: I forget, they're both teens, right? So-- (laughs).

Tori: They're both adolescents, right? That kind of gap is great for certain characters, it's extremely interesting.

Su: It's not just Mista, acting out all of Sex Pistols too seemed very difficult.

Naka: With that much dialogue, I had a thought for a second, like "wouldn't it be better with different cast members?" (laughs).

Tori: But if that were the case, there'd be about 2 episodes without any of my acting in it (laughs). After Mista's done-in, the Pistols keep going.

Naka: And that's important (laughs).

Tori: Until then, I think there weren't many Stands that could talk, so it was difficult, but it was fun. The Stand wasn't only talking with Mista, it also talks with other people.

Yama: The crybaby is No.5, right? It was so, so cute. I like that No.5 perseveres. Having that kind of will is cute, you know?

Sen: Begging for lunch, that's a bit odd of it, isn't it?

Tori: Mista and the Pistols are like parent and child (laughs).

What causes fluctuations in character popularity?!

--Continuing on with Narancia, please.

Yama: When talking to everyone normally, he's just a dumb kid who can't do basic math, but during battle he becomes this amazing genius who's quick-thinking, which is memorable. It's true for the Formaggio battle, but also I felt that he holds a certain potential to switch up his behavior in the Squalo & Tizzano fight. And as expected, more than anyone else, even Bucciarati, I feel that he's a kid who thinks greatly of his friends. He was able to discover that his own reason for living is just "To be here", and the scene where he swims by crawling through the canal was incredibly memorable. Narancia was able to take that first step towards making choices himself, but I don't think it started with that scene, you know? Saying "I want to decide myself" to Bucciarati, going from "I'll make the orders for you" to "I won't make the orders for you", that's incredibly intense, isn't it? I felt that too with the original work, but I greatly enjoy that scene.

--I felt that the power of that scene's art is also strong.

Yama: It was an anime adaptation, so there was also originality in the greatness of the acting, you know? Speaking of acting, the scene in the Formaggio fight when the colors change was incredibly moving. The fire becomes purple, and the music changes with it, it's so incredibly cool. I really love everyone on the "JoJo" staff, I feel it's the kind of acting where they put this incredible fighting spirit into it when making it.

Naka: I think Narancia's coolest scene is in the 1st OP.

Yama: (Spreading arms) this?

E: A self-runway!

Su: Narancia tends to fight alone.

Tori: He always goes into battle alone.

Naka: The times he takes the lead are long, aren't they?

Yama: That's right, always yelling, always battling while monologuing, he was truly restless. My mind never caught up with his (laughs).

--In the Squalo & Tizzano fight, when he's manipulated by Talking Head, and having trouble monologuing, was that recorded separately?

Yama: Within the flow of things, we recorded them just after. We did the beginning where he's being manipulated more such that it wouldn't give anything away, but the acting came out more like "I feel that I can easily tell he's lying". It turned into that kind of acting where it feels a bit robotic and like I'm being forced to say what I'm saying, so I think the viewers could easily tell. But, like you'd expect, it was difficult. And I myself came to not even understand what I was saying....

Su: Narancia was the saddest and most violent when Abbacchio died, which raised his likability.

Everyone: (Laughs).

O: You're just acting out the feelings of the other characters, right?

Tori: We're definitely sad too. And with Bucciarati, blood flowed when it shouldn't have, right (laughs)?

Naka: The leftover blood definitely left the body illogically. It's because there's people bawling their eyes out, isn't it? That's how he wanted to cry (laughs)!

Everyone: (Laughs).

Yama: After all, they go through a lot in a short amount of time, so I think it's easy for them to grow close to each other. Narancia died regretfully.... He wanted to go to school....

E: That phrase, that's his role exactly, isn't it?

Yama: I thought, "Don't speak"! The spirits had swapped, so Kensho said the line.

O: I also thought "I really don't wanna say this".

Yama: Through the Squalo & Tizzano fight, he'd finally become good friends with Giorno, and when he began to see all sorts of futures for himself... it was all so abrupt.... I thought "Araki-sensei...". Cruel, this world is....

--Continuing on, how about Fugo?

E: Fugo, in not having a lot of lines in the original work, was given some extra ones. Even the scene where he doesn't board the boat like anyone else, there's "You can't be a righteous fool". And from that line, "While I understand that going into battle for the sake of our own justice and everyone not forgiving The Boss is righteous, I can't go with you", the pain in that felt very human. I think I probably wouldn't go either. Everyone, rushing into battle thinking we're gonna die, I get the feeling I'd wanna go with them but I think I wouldn't wanna go. I think about things like Narancia being granted spaghetti to eat, and Fugo having that "my own righteousness" thing, but, expectedly, the idea that life is irreplaceable is my human weakness. But, Fugo breaks away, and if you thought "Man, in the next episodes, everyone's gonna be real sad", you'd be sorely mistaken (laughs).

Naka: They start eating food like normal.

Sen: It was like "They reaaaly lack guts", you know?

E: They do eat, don't theyyy! (Laughs). But then, in the original work's "The G in Guts" illustration, Fugo's casually just hangin' out. It made me a bit sad.

Tori: At the end of Episode 21, there's the lines "That bastard Fugo, he didn't come, did he?" and "Well, to each their own", so I guess it can't be helped (laughs).

E: It's not that "It can't be helped"! I wanted to dig a bit deeper into the "He's got a lot going on, huh...." aspect! Everyone's likability has sunk below mine (laughs).

Everyone (Laughs).

O: You're a bit like Fugo's ability, huh.

Yama: Maybe he doesn't die.

E: Also the snake blood, shouldn't they have used that in a lot of scenes? Then again, the reason Fugo's left out was written after the original work; I read that and thought "I guess it can't be helped".

--Everyone else, what about impactful Fugo scenes?

Yama: ...Violence?

Everyone: (Laughs).

Yama: He starts by stabbing straight through a cheek with a fork, so-.

Naka: That wound, it healed immediately, didn't it?

Yama: Narancia recovers from his wounds immediately.

Su: Because he's young (laughs).

Yama: Good metabolism (laughs).

Su: And so when he apologies, he's immediately forgiven (laughs).

Yama: It's because people who are given spaghetti to eat are good people I guess.

E: When Narancia died, he was in harmony with Fugo for a short shot. In the end, the two of them have a special bond, don't they?

O: In the end, it's him losing his temper that's memorable. It's things like his muttering in the car headed towards Pompeii in Episode 12.

E: I ad-libbed that.

Su: He seems like the one with the most common sense, but I feel the truth is he's the most dangerous.

Yama: I don't really get what sets him off.

Tori: Gone crazy even in his memories.

E: Beats the shit out of his teacher with a dictionary.

Naka: Fugo is... "pure gang" I guess (laughs).

Everyone: (Laughs).

Tori: I excuse it as self-defense.

Naka: Bucciarati also comes to kill in order to protect his father, so-. Fugo, he would've been fine if he ran away, but he faced him himself. Also the scene where he snaps was added and is anime original.

E: He's 100% gang, isn't he (laughs)?

Yama: The part where he's losing his shit over wiping Trish's hands with his clothes also sticks in memories.

E: That's another original shit-losing scene, isn't it? I'd like to thank everyone for pouring their great love into this.

Yama: On the other hand, he also partook in the dance.

E: It's good he went along with it.

Tori: It's because he's the oldest on the team, isn't he?

E: He's the oldest. But the part where he doesn't join them, that's good too, isn't it?

--Now, please end with Trish.

Sen: She has a lot of lines that leave an impact. Like Spice Girl's "It's harder to break than diamond". The Notorious B.I.G fight is a battle that really just goes through the motions. I put fighting spirit in, and then it felt like a switch had flipped. It was the time I had the Resolve to keep up with everyone. Trish brings out her Stand and fights the battle, but I truly only think the Stand comes out when she's in an emergency, right? I don't know how the Stand could ever appear after that when Trish is just living her life.

So, I get a strong sense that she lives in a bit of a different place than everyone else. I don't know what I should say.... Maybe that the sense that she's a "girl" is strong. And she worries about Narancia's wounds, really there's a lot of places where she "feels ordinary", you know? On the other hand, I think everyone's characters are unique, aren't they? The story itself takes place over a short amount of time, but since meeting them, she's able to form relationships with each and every person in such a short time, which was memorable.

--Trish in particular, I get the impression that she was drawn going through the process of growing sequentially.

Sen: That's right, isn't it? It doesn't show up much when she's in a fight, but I think she was politely drawn to be someone who changes little-by-little.

Naka: As expected, the part where Mista's spirit is swapped leaves an impression on me. More than any other swap, the one relating to those two had a "sex barrier" as a hurdle.

Tori: Trish's words, I was speaking them for her. During breaks, I was told by the Sound Director (Yoshikazu) Iwanami, "It's like you went to the wrong audition" (laughs).

Sen: You were told that, weren't you (laughs)? The feeling of "Oh we messed up bad". He absolutely does not accept it.

Tori: In the swapping scene, it wasn't just us two; everyone was having a back-and-forth on "How should we speak normally?". In practice, we showed each other how we were doing things so we had common grounds, you know?

Sen: Looking back on the broadcasted episodes, I compared the nuance in Toriumi's Mista lines to the lines I say as Mista. I think I adjusted according to those when I went in for dubbing.

Naka: Those turned into Mista episodes (laughs).

Sen: Ah, that's true, isn't it?! (laughs)

Su: Regarding Trish, as expected Spice Girl is something about her I just can't forget, you know?

Naka: Spice Girl's introduction is around the Notorious B.I.G fight, right?

Tori: After that, doesn't it only show up briefly in the Diavolo fight?

Sen: Actually, Toriumi says "Spice Girl" more than I do, doesn't he? (laughs) I only say it 1 time, when it's activated. Spice Girl comes out from me, so I should be saying its name myself.

Tori: I make it activate 2 times.

Sen: "That's fiiine", I thought while watching it (laughs).

O: Come to think of it, Mista talks the most, doesn't he? And Gold Experience also said "I'm speaking on Giorno's behalf".

Tori: Saying the human's name like it's a Stand's (laughs).

The rush in the Diavolo fight was about 45 words without breathing. (Ono)

I feel like Giorno said things filled with greatness. (Toriumi)

I wanted to cry so much (during Abbachio's death)! (Nakamura)

There was a wondrous bond between Fugo and Narancia, wasn't there? (Enoki)

Toriumi said "Spice Girl" more than I did. (Senbongi)

Part 2 is on P88!




小野(以下、) 1年近く録っていたんですけど、本当にあっという間でした。キャラクターが魅力的で、その魅力に負けないように必死についていこうとやっていたらここまで来た、という印象です。

諏訪部(以下、) アバッキオは途中リタイアという形になってしまいましたが、作品は視聴者としてずっと追い続けていました。原作通り、最終回直前のエピソードでちゃんと出番があってよかったです。今の心境は、やはり非常にさびしいですね。もっと演じたいという気持ちでいっぱいです。できることなら時間を巻き戻して、最初から。「アリアリ」や「無駄無駄」ラッシュは、生で見たかったなぁ。ムーディー・ブルーズの能力が使えるなら、今ここで「再生(リプレイ)」したい(笑)。

千本木(以下、) (笑)。私もあっという間だったなという感想と、さびしいなという感想が大きいですね。一生懸命がむしゃらにやっていたら終わってしまったという感覚で。私は第9話からの参加でしたから、本当に早かったという思いでいっぱいです。

中村(以下、) 始まるときは「長いシリーズになるな」と思ったんですが、終わってみるとあっという間でしたね。間で収録がお休みに入る期間もあったんですけど、それでも1年近くやったような気がしないというか。本当に一瞬に過ぎ去っていった感じがあります。諏訪部さんが言っていたように、もっとやりたいとは思うんですが、原作がある作品で、第2期は確実に存在しないので、さびしいものだなと思いますね。

山下(以下、) 毎週のように録っていて「この時間は『ジョジョ』の時間だ」と思っていたので、また来週になったらさびしさが倍増するんだろうなという気持ちですね。本当にあっという間でしたし、毎回毎回すごく濃い内容で、思い出に残る作品だったなと思います。今後もどんな形かわからないですけど、演じる機会があればいいな、なんて思っています。

榎木(以下、) 私は最初から「あっという間に終わるだろうな」と思っていたました(笑)。フーゴはトータルだと1クール分くらい出ているか出ていないかくらいで、出番のない回も多かったので。でもその中で『ジョジョ』の濃い世界観に浸れて、短かかったですね。フーゴはまだ生きているから、“今後”がある可能性もあると思うので、それを願いたいと思います。

鳥海(以下、) 本当にみなさんがおっしゃるように、期間だけを考えると長い期間やっていたと思うんですけど、終わってしまうとなるとあっという間でさびしさが募ります。収録中も収録後も、チームのような形でみんなでいたので、また何か機会に恵まれたらこうして集まってやれることがあればうれしいなと思います。

















一同 (笑)。













































































一同 (笑)。




一同 (笑)。













一同 (笑)。






一同 (笑)。
















一同 (笑)。




































An interview with David Production director and animation producer Toshitaka Kasama.

Animation Producer Toshitaka Kasama Interview

--The story is finally at its climax. After this, how do you think you'll look back on this project?

Being that there are various Stand Users, with a variety of different fights, everyone in the Staff had this problem of "how should we express this" while working on the series. For example, with expressing Green Day's mold springing to life, and expressing White Album chasing the car, "how can we change how we show this enemy" was an especially troubling facet. In addition, with things like the enemy Hitman Team, there's a lot of unique characters, and so people in the animation Staff would raise their hands and say "I wanna draw this character" and that made for happy episodes.

--I heard that Melone's popular among the Staff.

That's true I guess (laughs). Risotto was also extremely popular. Charmed by a spooky man that lives in the shadows, right? Doppio was also popular. In previous Parts, there were many male characters drawn with thin lines, so I think there were also female Staff doing linework. The time in which I'm receiving this interview is just about when we're starting to draw Diavolo, so everyone is saying "This hair pattern, how should we do it?", while trying their best at work (laughs).

--Regarding this project, is there anything "unique about JoJo"?

Obviously the answer is definitely yes about any work, but also the way we do things means that we can't make things look the exact same as the original, so [for JoJo in particular] there's this idea that "if we can't replicate the look of the original work in this scene, we'll absolutely regret it". Everyone persevering and keeping on drawing until the end, that feeling is incredibly strong with "JoJo", it seems. Particularly the animation Staff, they really keep their heads down, I think.

--A scene that feels like the Staff were especially in the zone would be?

There's not any one in particular, but if there's one that strongly sticks out... it'd be Episode 31's long cut of Giorno's "Rush", wouldn't it? Being that this Rush scene has many cuts, it would normally be the responsibility of 1 animator, but they pieced it out 1 cut at a time to the action animators. In the cut, there are the many characteristics of each animator that drew each piece, so they held a "whoever can draw the coolest is the champion" competition (laughs). It was especially hard work, so we give them the title "Useless, Useless Key Animation" in the credits (laughs).

That kind of feeling, it's something that surpassed the boundaries of "work" for "JoJo", something that truly existed within the Staff. The animation directors would never say to "just do it", the Staff themselves would propose "I want to do it". With this "Useless, Useless Rush", everyone had a playful heart, had fun, and went in head-on. I feel extremely grateful for the original work and to have happened to meet the Staff.

--Thank you very much. Anything you wanna note before the end?

This long journey is finally at its climax. Those who have read the original work know, there's a shocking twist after this. You won't know what happens if you don't watch until the end, so watch without any distractions up until the last seconds.













The last part of a symposium with voice actors Kensho Ono, Yuichi Nakamura, Junichi Suwabe, Kosuke Toriumi, Daiki Yamashita, Junya Enoki, and Sayaka Senbongi.

Part 1 is on P21!

Team Bucciarati Cast Symposium (Part 2).

The talk with the Cast of Team Bucciarati continues. "The question of 'What if these 7 people were to travel like Giorno and co.?'; those 7 people's wild fantasies burst forth?!"

Things beyond pure acting ability required of the "JoJo" Cast.

--As for enemy characters and side characters, which in particular left impressions on you?

Su: Every single character is deep, so choosing certain ones in particular is especially difficult, you know?

Naka: I guess for me, one that particularly moved me was Sōma Saitō's acting as Doppio, his "Torurururururu". It's exceptionally skillful, I thought "S-, So good...!". Entered into the energetic sound of "Runrurururun", I was overwhelmed.

Su: From here on out, we should start casting roles for "phone sounds" (laughs).

Naka: Saying "JoJo"'s unique phrases and onomatopoeia, it's not even your ability to act, but your ability to be unique; those with the skill come to stand out more, I think. I was thinking of the phone sounds in particular, but it's just that "I'll say it this particular way!" kinda thing, you feel me?

Sen: That's also true for Cioccolata's "Good, good" line, right?

O: He says "Good, good (↑), good, good (↓)".

Naka: The nuance in lines like that, I think if each and everyone here were to receive that role, they'd all be doing it differently.

Tori: I felt it with Secco's "Stay baaack" too, you know? I think we all have strong throats. Because it's all so physically rigorous.

Su: Everyone comes Resolved when they come into work, right? It's the enthusiasm of "I have to let it all out here, to the point where next time seems impossible" (laughs).

Tori: I never was with Polpo's actor, so I only heard him live. It's because his introduction was still before we joined. And after him, I generally went about things with the Hitman Team.

E: Iwanami was very particular about the Hitman Team's Melone and coached him around a lot, right?

Sen: "More lewd", wasn't it?

Tori: Right, right, "More perverted" or something.

E: "More revolting" I think, he was too direct (laughs). And his Ability's also revolting, and Melone's also revolting, the disgust is honestly amazing, it leaves an impression. I feel that that was the first time I saw Iwanami be so particular about that sort of thing (laughs).

Naka: Just how he wanted it, I gueeess.

Su: Melone is the series' most viscerally disgusting character, so-.

Sen: As a woman, Melone is truly repulsive!

Naka: Even as a man, he's repulsive (laughs).

--With Melone, the appeal is he has a sort of dangerous atmosphere to him, right? Now, what's Senbongi's favorite sub-character?

Sen: I was deeply moved when Polnareff appeared. Like "finally". When I read the original work, I read without knowing Polnareff was gonna show up, so when he did I was very surprised. And I'd watched Part 3's anime, and really seeing (Fuminori) Komastu play as Polnareff before my very eyes, I was very moved by that.

Su: It really felt connected to the rest of the series, you know?

Sen: Right, exactly.

Su: Same with Jotaro appearing at the start, and Koichi appearing too.

Naka: Giorno meets with Polnareff, but they have absolutely no relationship with each other, you know? If Polnareff knew them, they might not be such great partners, I feel.

O: Well, definitely because he's DIO's son. I feel they wouldn't make great partners at all. Something that I think leaves an impression on me is The Grateful Dead causing the passengers to age on the Express Train to Florence.

Everyone: (Laughs).

O: The baby that says "Mama...." turning into an old man was gut-wrenching.

Su: The series tradition of "kids that don't look like kids" going strong, I see. When Giorno and Bucciarati fought each other, the kid whose arm Bucciarati was able to get ahold of had a look that made me say "He's a kid?!" (laughs).

--How about you, Yamashita?

Yama: Narancia first fought Formaggio, didn't he? I really love his "It's the vineyard!" line when he discovers where Bucciarati and co. are, it makes me so happy (laughs). A guy who's joyful to see a vineyard like that, I think he's the only person to ever be like that.

Naka: I'll never forget that vineyard my whole life (laughs).

Planning a tour that follows in the Team's footsteps!

--Now then, a question to change it up a bit. If you 7 were to take a trip like Team Bucciarati, who would fulfill which roles? So like, being the leader, choosing the restaurants, navigation, driving....

Naka: Already, I can say they all go to Suwabe. Leader: Suwabe, Restaurant Choice: Suwabe, Suwabe could even navigate while driving.

Su: And what are you all gonna do?

Naka: Yamashita and I will Eat.

Yama: I'll do Food Reports.

Tori: Drinking.

O: Taking Photos to Remember.

Sen: Shopping!

E: I... would sleep. Sleeping in the Back Seat (laughs).

Su: This kind of Team would fall apart! (laughs)

Everyone: (Laughs).

--Now, are there places that appear in the story that you'd wanna go to?

Su: I'd wanna go everywhere.

Sen: I'd wanna gooo. I wanna take a trip that follows their route.

Su: Go to the places that appear in the anime?

Naka: Would probably wanna go there during serialization, you know?

Su: If a travel agency were to put together a tour that follows Giorno and co.'s footsteps, that'd attract customers, wouldn't it?

E: Trueee.

--From Naples, to Capri, Pompeii, and Venice. And then the plane would crash on the way to Sardinia.

Yama: Going that far to recreate it?!

Su: "We will be skydiving from here on out" (laughs).

Sen: Wear a parachute (laughs).

Yama: Then I guess I'd be swimming through the canals.

Naka: Then Enoki leaves at San Giorgio Maggiore.

E Just get off along the way (laughs). That early?!

Su: You go home, don't you? Then I break off at the beach on Sardinia. Everyone'd leave while I'm sleeping, and when I wake up, I'd say "Huh?! They planted flowers?!" (laughs). Yamashita'd go until the Colosseum, pretty good.

Yama: I'd get skewered and leave (laughs).

--The Fugo Plan, Abbacchio Plan, and Narancia Plan.... They'd have to make so many plans, the dream's really growing (laughs). Ending things off here, please, a message for the fans looking forward to the broadcast of Episodes 38 and 39.

Tori: In a way, I've been acting over a course of 3 cours, and now we're truly at the very end of this incredible story. Please, for this especially, have fun and watch the end. It really all comes to an end here (laughs).

E: With the final episode, Giorno's long journey finally comes to an end. You get to see whatever Fugo's doing in these last 2 Episodes if you watch 'em; I think you'll be excited to see how everyone's journeys all come to their own ends.

Yama: Those who have watched the anime up until here already know, but, as per usual, we'll keep Part 5 "Golden Wind"'s atmosphere alive up until the very end. I think you'll see if you watch until the end, anyways.

Naka: I wanna take a minute to thank everyone for waiting for these last 2 Episodes, we raised the quality to perfection for them, and we're all eagerly awaiting everything too. I know those of you who read the original work will know what happens in these last Episodes, but I think you all will see what kind of relationship we have as a Team, so look forward.

Sen: Finally the broadcasting of the last Episode draws near. Been having a lot of people around me tell me "Parte 5 is so amazing", and I should've responded at the time, but every member of the Cast feels like we put absolutely everything we could into our acting. Not to brag, but I also put absolute fighting spirit into my acting. And if you look forward and watch until the end, I think the work will absolutely answer everything, so please look forward to the end.

Su: I was absolutely overtaken and blown away by the high enthusiasm I've seen. We also have the same thoughts, both the Cast, and everyone in the Staff. By all means, keep talking about it up until the end, please. And then find joy in rewatching from Episode 1 again. I've already been able to do so like 2 or 3 times, so everyone, find joy and fall in love with this show forever and ever, through your favorite legal means. Please look forward.

O: There's this impression that we all truly just rushed through it all. Up until now, every single time, I came to do things with this feeling of "It's win or lose", which I think you can only see for yourself with your own eyes, you feel me? Up until now, it's the kind of work where everything in the story feels connected back to Part 1, watch until the end, and I think you'll see that joy of "Everything's connected in this story".

In the "JoJo" Cast, everyone comes into work "Resolved". (Suwabe)

We'll keep Part 5 "Golden Wind"'s atmosphere alive up until the very end. (Yamashita)































一同 (笑)。

















一同 (笑)。



























A set of autographs from the main cast of Golden Wind's voice actors.

Kensho Ono: The final episode! Absolutely please watch it!!

Yuichi Nakamura: Arrivederci!!

Junichi Suwabe: Absolutely don't pass this up!

Sayaka Senbongi: Please support me up until the end!!

Kosuke Toriumi: Watch it for me, wontcha?!

Junya Enoki: Ubashaa!

Daiki Yamashita: Volare Via!!

小野賢章 最終話!ぜひご覧くださいッ!!

中村悠一 アリーヴェデルチ!!

諏訪部順一 絶対に見逃すんじゃあねぇぞッ!

千本木彩花 最後までどうぞよろしくおねがいします!!

鳥海浩輔 見てくれよなっ!

榎木淳弥 うばしゃあ~!

山下大輝 ボラーレヴィーア!!



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