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Published November 18, 2021
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An interview with Hirohiko Araki's former assistant, Reki Taki, originally posted on the Italian Instagram fan page JoJoFeedback (Lou) on November 18, 2021.[1] It was translated to English for JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia on December 12, 2021.[2]


How was your experience with Araki-sensei? Did you enjoy working with him?

I started working as an assistant to Araki-sensei when I was 20 years old, around the time of JoJo “Part 2“. It was definitely a very fun job. I was happy to be in the industry that I had always dreamed of. ✨

However, I was still an amateur back then so I had a hard time doing my tasks. 💦

Backgrounds bear an important role in presenting the world of the work, particularly in JoJo. I was desperate to learn the job. Araki-sensei often scolded me. 😅

In the end, I retired from the JoJo manga after 1 year and 3 months. I had a lot of hardships, but it’s been immensely useful for me now‼️😊

How do you feel about your contributions to the JoJo anime? How did this experience affect you?

It was by sheer coincidence that I got involved in the JoJo anime… but it was like a “return match” for me‼️✨

Am I still capable of drawing backgrounds for JoJo? How would I draw them after it’s been so long? Those are the kinds of thoughts I had while working. I resigned from being an assistant for the original work halfway through, so I’m glad to be able to contribute to the JoJo series through the anime now. 😊 I’m learning a lot. ✨

Do you enjoy working on “Stone Ocean”? What episodes has your work been featured in?

Of course, working on Stone Ocean is fun‼️ Although since it takes place in the closed space of a prison, it sometimes feels oppressive to draw compared to the backgrounds of Morioh Town in Part 4 or Naples in Part 5. 💦

I’ve been working with the other background line art staff to draw the backgrounds for various parts of Green Dolphin Street Prison. So, the places that I was in charge of appear nearly all the time. 😊

Do you have any plans to work on other works by Araki-sensei in the future?

That’s still undecided. I’d definitely do it if I ever get the chance to work on JoJo, Rohan, or anything else‼️

Who are your favorite JoJo characters?

That’s hard to say. 💦

…I think that’s about it⁉️😊

Please tell us what you like about JoJo.

This is another tough question. 🤔

I’ve been a fan since the first and second parts of the manga, so…

  • In the early days, they were profound stories
  • Impactful character drawings
  • Massive setting supporting the story’s atmosphere

I was fascinated. I was particularly drawn to the way Araki-sensei drew his backgrounds, which was a major motivation for me to become his assistant‼️

In Part 3 and beyond:

  • Unique characters
  • Bizarre ideas for Stands
  • Presented with a cinematic feel (which has been carried out since the beginning)

I guess that’s the gist of it⁉️ Of course, JoJo still has an endless amount of charm‼️😆

Have you ever been to Italy? Would you like to go there? I’ve never been to Italy. 💦

I want to visit there someday‼️✨

[Translated by Vish (JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)][3]


私が荒木先生のアシスタントに入ったのは20歳の時、ジョジョが「第2部」の頃です。勿論とても楽しい仕事でしたよ。憧れの業界に入れて嬉しくもありました ✨

しかし当時の私はまだアマチュア、素人同然でしたので仕事は大変でしたね 💦


結局、ジョジョには1年3ヶ月おりました。 つらい事も多々ありましたが、それが今の自分に大変役立っています‼️😊



自分には今でもジョジョの背景を描けるのか?、今ならどう描くのか?を考えながら作業をしていました。原作のアシスタントは今ひとつ中途半端なところで辞めてしまったので、現在アニメで『ジョジョ』という作品に貢献出来ているのは嬉しいですね😊 勉強にもなりますし✨


「ストーンオーシャン」の仕事は勿論楽しいです‼️ 『刑務所』という閉鎖された空間の中なので、4部の杜王町や5部のネアポリスよりも描いていて圧迫感を感じる時もありますが💦





難しいですねぇ 💦

  • 1部ならジョナサンとスピードゴン
  • 2部からジョセフ、シーザー、エシディシ、ストレイツォ
  • 3部では老ジョセフ、ポルナレフ
  • 4部は仗助、億泰
  • 5部はミスタ、フーゴ
  • 6部はエルメェス
  • …あたりでしょうか⁉️😊


これも難しい質問ですね 🤔


  • 初期の「重厚な物語」
  • 迫力ある人物作画
  • 物語の雰囲気を支える重厚な背景



  • 個性的なキャラクター
  • スタンドの奇抜なアイディア
  • (初期の頃から貫かれてきた)映画的な演出

こんなところでしょうか⁉️ 当然、まだまだ他にも、ジョジョの魅力は尽きません‼️😆

イタリアに行ったことがありますか?訪れてみたいと思いませんか? イタリアに行った事はありません 💦



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