Aomaru Jump (02/2004)

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Incomplete translation
Published February 26, 2004
Aomaru Jump Cover

A long interview with Hirohiko Araki discussing Steel Ball Run from the special edition of Aomaru Jump released on February 26, 2004.[1]


- Is the story of "SBR" something you had thought up a while ago?

Araki: That's right. I already have a general outline of each story theme planned up to part 9.

- Huh? Are we allowed to leave this in?

Araki: Even though I say Part 9, it doesn't mean it'll be a continuation of SBR. This isn't a saga like Star Wars. The theme and narrative structure will be completely different.

[Translated by MetallicKaiser (JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)]

Note: Missing full transcript.






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