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Published October 21, 2022
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An interview with the Japanese animator Yuki Kikuchi, originally posted on the Italian Instagram fan page JoJoFeedback (Lou) and JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia News on October 21, 2022.[1][2]


How was working on the JoJo anime adaptation?

The first thing I wanted to do after becoming an animator was work on JoJo, so it was the first job I personally asked for. They were very pleased with my work in episode 5 on the Johngalli A. beatdown scene, so I was responsible for key frames for a few future episodes, and my impressive work led me to become, for the first time in my career, an animation director.

Out of the episodes you worked on, which had the most difficulties?

Episode 12. I had to draw so, so many frogs for the scene where frogs are falling from the sky, and that really left an impression on me. I drew a lot of frogs, both as keyframe artist and animation director.

What is your number one most favorite episode, out of the episodes you worked on?

It’s Episode 22, with Jolyne and Father Pucci‘s handcuff deathmatch scene. I think its composition and uniqueness led to the scene being used in the trailer.

Which characters do you like in Stone Ocean?

Anasui and Weather Report. Getting to be in charge of a good scene of theirs was exciting for me.

What is your favorite JoJo Part?

Part 4. Yoshikage Kira and Rohan Kishibe were my favorites.

What is your favorite fight in JoJo?

Overall, it’s Bucciarati VS Prosciutto. In Part 6, it’s Father Pucci VS Weather Report (in the story where he awakens Heavy Weather).

In the future, would you like to work on an Araki work from before JoJo?

This is still undecided, but when the time comes where David Production inevitably adapts Part 7 into an anime, I want to lend a hand in it. It would be great if Part 7 were adapted into an anime, wouldn’t it!?

What is your favorite episode in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

Part 4’s “Let’s Go Eat Some Italian Food”. It’s the episode Tonio Trussardi appears in. An ominous atmosphere permeates an episode where there’s delicious food to enjoy. Josuke stays on guard, while Tonio is simply just preparing yummy food. That episode’s punch line is why it’s my favorite.

Are you reading the original manga?

I’m caught up through Part 6. And I’m carrying on, currently reading Part 7.

What is your favorite Stand?

It’s Metallica. Long ago, a friend showed me my phone number’s contact name in their cell phone; I learned that my name was registered as “Risotto Nero“, and ever since, Risotto has become a special character to me.

The Stand he has, Metallica, is also super strong, and I love the fact that he went through great effort to track down Doppio, and thus the Boss.

[Translated by Irene (JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)]


ジョジョの仕事は、私がアニメーターになって初めて自分からやらせて欲しいとお願いして頂いた仕事でした。 5話で担当させて頂いたジョンガリAの処刑シーンを気に入っていただいてその後の話数でも原画を担当させて頂くことになりましたし、自身のキャリアで初めて作画監督をさせて頂くことになった印象深い作品となりました。


12話で。カエルが空から降ってくるシーンでとても多くのカエルを描いたことが印象に残っています。 原画時も、作画監督時もとにかく沢山のカエルを描きました。


22話で徐倫とプッチ神父の手錠デスマッチシーンです。 構図も独特なものでPVにも使用されたシーンですね。


アナスイとウェザーリポートです。 彼らの良いシーンを担当させて頂き印象に残っています。






まだ未定ですが、デイヴィッドプロダクションさんには是非7部をアニメ化する時が来たら、声かけてほしいとお願いしています。 7部もアニメ化されるといいですね!


4部の「イタリア料理を食べに行こう」。トニオトラサルディが出てくる話ですね。美味しい料理を楽しむ話の中で不気味な雰囲気が。漂い、仗助が警戒するも、トニオはただ美味しい料理を振る舞いたかっただけ というお話のオチが気に入っています。


6部までは読んでいます。 7部は現在読み進めています。




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