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Published January 18, 2000
e-Jump January 2000

A report detailing Hirohiko Araki's adventure in America from the January 18, 2000 issue of the e-Jump magazine.


Hirohiko Araki Goes to America!

〜Hirohiko Araki's Brief American Coverage Journey〜

Vast Wetlands!! Can You Predict the Future of the Story (Stone Ocean)?

A 30-minute drive from the metropolis of Miami with a population of 3 million, was a vast wetland area of 35,000 square kilometers

The stage for the beginning of Araki-sensei's new story was "Florida." Warm throughout the year and home to many Latin residents, this peninsula is not only the most lively place in the United States. It is also a region that has undergone the most significant change in the entire country, with areas that were once all wetlands being developed from scratch by human power. Nowadays, even the big city of Miami, boasting a population of over 3 million, was once just a desolate place where only alligators, many birds, and even more small animals lived, with nothing but water-soaked sawgrass growing. And even now, if you get in a car and drive just 30 minutes from coastal cities like Miami and Palm Beach, there are still vast wetlands as far as the eye can see, an overwhelming kingdom of nature! It is an impossible place for humans to casually set foot. The only place ordinary people without special training or equipment can go is the Everglades National Park, which stretches over 6,570 square kilometers in the southwest part of the peninsula. Here, roads are maintained in the wetlands, and observation points are set up here and there, allowing you to experience a part of Florida's nature. However, alligators walk nonchalantly in front of humans like stray cats. Or there's an alligator around the corner. That's what it's like here. Some species even attack humans, so you can't let your guard down too much. This time, I showed you just a small part of Florida. Araki-sensei seems to be taking pictures and researching enthusiastically, but how will this story, which started with a "detention center," unfold in the future? Can you read it from these photos?

Is America Delicious?

The hot dogs I ate in the real place were the best! Araki-sensei, who loves Italy, was actually worried about his daily meals, but he was in a great mood eating hot dogs every day!

[Translated by Vish]

荒木飛呂彦 Goes to America!




荒木先生の新たなる物語の始まりの舞台は『フロリダ』だった。1年を通して温暖で、多くのラテン系の住人が住むこの半島は、全米で最も陽気な土地柄であるだけではない。かつては一面の湿地帯だった場所が人間の力で一から開拓された、全米でも最も大きく変化を遂げた地域でもあったのである。今では人口300万以上を誇る大都市マイアミも、一面水浸しの中川草が生えるだけの、荒涼としたワニとたくさんの鳥やもっとたくさんの小動物が棲むだけの場所だった。そして、マイアミやパームビーチといった海沿いの都市から車に乗ってものの30分もすれば、今でもそこは、ただもう見渡す限りの湿地帯が続いて、圧倒的な野性の王国!気軽に人間が足を踏み入れる事は不可能な場所だったりする。特別な訓練も装備も持たない一般人がいけるのは、半島の南西部に6570平方キロに渡って拡がるエバーグレイス国立公園ぐらいだろう。ここでは湿地帯の中でも道が整備され、ところどころに観測ポイントが設けられているのでフロリダの自然の一端に触れる事ができる。ただし、人間の見ている前をのら猫のようにワニが平然と歩いていく。あるいは角をまがったところにワニがいる。そんな所だ、ここは。なかには人間を襲う種類もいるから、あまり油断はできない。今回読者のみなさんにお見せしたのはそんなフロリダのほんの一端だけ。荒木先生は何やら熱心に写真をとったり調べたりしているけど、まずは「留置所」から始まったこの物語が今後どんな展開を見せるのか? キミはこの写真から読み取る事がデキルかな?


本場で食った『ホットドッグ』はサイコー!イタリア好きの荒木先生には毎日の食事が実は心配だったけど、毎日『ホットドッグ』を食べてゴキゲンでした! [1]



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