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Published March 18, 2022
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Interviews with Masanori Shino and Mariya Ise about the Stone Ocean anime, published in the April 2022 issue of Ultra Jump on March 18, 2022. Shino's interview continued in the May 2022 issue of Ultra Jump, which released on April 19, 2022.


Masanori Shino

What did you have in mind when designing the characters for Stone Ocean?

S: To be honest, Stone Ocean is the only part of the JoJo series that I've physically bought volumes of. I'm personally strongly attached to these characters, so I had fun while drawing them. I was conscious of how much of the original work's details I could retain when designing them. Since the anime is made by a large number of animators and staff, it's often necessary to omit details in consideration of the schedule. However, if certain points are omitted then it'll no longer be "JoJo". That's why in this work I wanted to incorporate the original design as much as possible. It's actually pretty annoying (laughs).

What was the most important point when designing each character?

Jolyne Cujoh

I think the character that develops the most in Stone Ocean is Jolyne. The transformation of her appearance from the beginning to end makes her look like she's a different person, so I had a hard time deciding which appearance I should base her design on and the features to include. As the story progresses, Jolyne keeps growing tougher and more beautiful so I'd like to depict her properly.

Ermes Costello

Ermes is the most difficult character for me to draw. It took me some time to figure out how to do her P*dator-like haircut.[a] She might be the most complicated out of everyone in Stone Ocean...?

Foo Fighters

Compared to Ermes, Foo Fighters is the easiest character to draw. Since she also plays a comedic role, I tried to give her a wide variety of expressions as much as possible.

Emporio Alnino

I was careful about designing Emporio's body proportions in comparison with the other characters. He is a rather unique character, so I made sure that he would not look out of place alongside Jolyne and the others.

Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro's design was based solely on the style of Part 6. His character becomes slimmer and slimmer each time he appears after Parts 3 and 4. Your opinion may differ as to which Jotaro you like best, but I personally prefer his physique in Part 6 the most. When I first designed Jotaro, I ended up making him look a little young. That is, until general director Kenichi Suzuki reminded me that he's supposed to be more-or-less a father; that's when I changed him to look more mature.

Weather Report

In Weather's case, I had to be particularly careful of his body proportions. He looks 8-9 heads tall due to his hat, so I needed to balance his height relative to the other characters. I actually recall Araki-sensei pointing out issues when it came to the size of his hat.

Narciso Anasui

Generally speaking, Anasui is very pretty, so my goal when designing him was to draw out his androgynous appeal. Incidentally, I'm also a big fan of his original look in the manga. Araki-sensei apparently said it'd be perfectly fine if Anasui was a girl in the anime. If that had happened then…

Enrico Pucci

For Pucci, I had the most difficulty with balancing his hairstyle and facial features. Besides that, he also has many complex facial expressions that can range from "virtuous" to "evil". Similar to Jolyne, it was tough having to create several model sheets for him in reference to the story's final stretch. Since he's the main villain, I made sure not to take his design lightly.

被さんが 「ストーンオーシャン」のキャラクターデザインの際に意識したことは?

S:実は「ストーンオーシャン」は、「ジョジョ』シリーズの中で唯一単行 本を買っていたシリーズなんです。個人的にも思い入れがある キャラクターたちでしたので、楽しみながら描かせてもらっています。デザインするうえでは、どこまで原作のディテールを活かしていけるかを意識しました。アニメは大勢のアニメーターやスタッフで作っていますので、スケジュールのことも考えて、ディテールを省略することも多いんです。でも、それを外すと「ジョジョ」ではなくなってしまうという ポイントもあって。なので今作では、そこはギリギリまでデザインに 組み込んでいきたいと思っています。嫌がられますけどね (笑)。



徐倫は、「ストーンオーシャン」の中で一番成 長するキャラクターだと思います。顔つきも最初と最後では別人のように変わっていくので、どの顔をベースに、どこをポイントにするのか悩みま した。 物語が進むにつれて、ど んどんハードに美しくなって いく徐倫をしっかりと描いて いきたいと思います。


エルメェスは一番描きにくいキャラクターですね。あのプ〇デターのような髪型がどうなっているのか、理解す るのに時間がかかりました。「ストーンオーシャン」の中で一番難しいのでは……?










とにかくかっこよく! 中性的な魅力も出せればと思っていました。個人的には原作の初登場時のアナスイも好きなんです。荒木先生が「アニメのアナスイは女の子にしてもいい」とおっしゃっていたらしいのですが、そうなっていたら……。


プッチは髪型や顔のパーツのバランスが一番難しいです。 その上、善だったり悪だったり、微妙な表情も多く、徐倫と同様にラストに向けて何パターンかの設定が必要なので大変ですね。ラスボスなので、 軽くならないように気を付けました。

[Translated by Vish and MetallicKaiser (JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)][1]

Mariya Ise

This section requires expansion.



  1. In the Predator films, the Predators have dreadlock-like appendages on their head. The film name was censored in the magazine.


  1. Vish (April 26, 2022), "Ultra Jump: Interview with Masanori Shino", JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia.

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