Pafu (April 1989)

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Published April 1989
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An interview with Hirohiko Araki from the April 1989 issue of Pafu magazine, in which five questions were given to 83 manga artists.[1]


1. What were the top 3 most significant things that happened to you in 1988?
Araki: My grandfather's death, my research trip to Italy, and reaching my 100th chapter serialized.
2. Out of all your works from 1988, which was your favorite? (Favorites scenes are also fine.)
Araki: I like the fashion of the antagonist "Kars" in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
3. Can you give us a manga from 1988 that you found interesting?
Araki: "Judo-bu Monogatari" by Makoto Kobayashi, "Yawara!" by Naoki Urasawa, "Kami no Hidarite Akuma no Migite" by Kauzo Umezu, "Sakigake!! Otokojuku", and "Ashita Tenki ni Naare" by Tetsuya Chiba.

5. What was the funniest thing that recently happened to you?[a]
Araki: It's a joke that no one else but my family finds funny.

[Translated by Morganstedmanms (JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)]


祖父の死 イタリア取材旅行 連載100回を無事突破できた。









  1. The fifth question was actually "What's your New Year's resolution for 1989?" (89年の抱負をお願いします), but Araki didn't answer it and his fourth answer was labeled as the fifth instead.


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