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Published November 13, 2022
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An interview with one of Araki's former assistants, Satoshi Kurusu, originally posted on the Italian Instagram fan page JoJoFeedback (Lou) and JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia on October 28, 2022.[1][2]


Which Araki works were you involved in?

Mid-JoJo Part 6 to the first half of Part 7.

What were the biggest challenges working as an assistant?

The background of one panel with food in it didn’t match Araki-sensei’s vision, so I had to keep redrawing it for 3 days.

Did you have fun working with Araki?

Since the drawings had to be so top notch, I was frantic. That being the case, I can’t really say I had fun. However, there was a sort of “pride” in drawing JoJo. I now think it was absolutely a gold experience.

Who’s your favorite JoJo character?

Rohan Kishibe. As expected, I have an admiration for him as a manga artist now.

What is your favorite JoJo Part?

Part 4.

If given the chance, would you want to work with Araki again?

Yes. Not as an assistant, but as a manga author. When I draw manga, Araki-sensei is always in my heart, encouraging me, and teaching me.

What kind of work did you do as Araki’s assistant?

Drawing backgrounds and character’s clothing designs. Picking up the food everyday (bento). Managing art supplies.

Which Stand battle that you drew was your favorite?

In Part 6, I enjoyed drawing the battle where the massive number of snails appear, during Weather Report’s Heavy Weather. The assistants had to draw it without any detailed explanation from Araki-sensei about why a large number of snails appeared. As such, we would only understand the story after the manuscripts were completed. It was definitely a “bizarre” job.

[Translated by Irene (JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)][3]






絵は、高いレベルが必要だったため、必死でした。 ですので、楽しかったということは、ありません。 ただ、JOJOを描いているという「誇り」はありました。 今思うと、まさにgold experienceでした。






はい。アシスタントとしてではなく、漫画家として。 ただ、私は漫画を描く時、いつも心の中に荒木先生がいて、励ましてくれたり、教えてくれたりしています。


背景や、キャラクターの服装のデザインを描く事。 毎日の食事の調達(弁当)。 画材などの管理。


第6部で、ウェザーリポートのヘヴィーウェザーで、大量のカタツムリが出現したバトルは、描いていて楽しかった。 アシスタントのメンバーは、先生から詳しい説明はないため、なぜ大量のカタツムリが出たのか知らないまま描く。そして、原稿が完成してからストーリーが分かる。 まさに、「奇妙な」仕事でした。


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