Great Jump (July 1998)

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Published July 7, 1998
Weekly Shonen Jump 1998 Issue 32 Cover

Comments from Hirohiko Araki in the segment titled Great Jump!!! (すごい ジャン!!!, Sugoi Jan!!!) in Weekly Shonen Jump 1998 #32, released on July 7, 1998.


I decided to become a manga artist because of Jump manga

I wasn't really interested in it myself, but I remember my friend told me that a new weekly manga magazine came out and then he bought it. So, I do remember reading the first issue of Jump. In fact, I have some great memories of a Jump manga called "The Qualifications of a Man". Reading this work is what made me decide to become a manga artist! Without Jump, I probably wouldn't have become a manga artist... Also, I once sent in a review for the Jump Readers' Award and won a bicycle for it! Seems like I have a deep connection with Jump, huh?

Jump is where I was born.

List of Works Discussed by Hirohiko Araki-Sensei Himself

Poker Under Arms

As a boy, I loved the outdoors and thought that a man should head to the wilderness... or something like that.

Cool Shock B.T.

A work that I made before moving to Tokyo. Since I liked Holmes, the protagonist is a boy who resembled him.

Baoh the Visitor

I started this just as I moved to Tokyo. I get nostalgic and teary when I hear about events from that time or listen to the American Top 40.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Reading this kind of makes me think about how much I really love traveling...

[Translated by Vish (JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia)]


自分はあまり、興味はなかったんだけど、友人が新しい週刊漫画誌が出たと言って買ってきたのを覚えてます。だからジャンプの創刊号は、読んだ記憶がありますね。実はジャンプの『男の条件』というマンガには、すごい思い出があるんですよ。僕はこの作品を読んで、マンガ家になろうと決心したんですよ! ジャンプがなければ僕はマンガ家になってなかったかも・・・。あと、ジャンプの愛読者杯に感想文を送って、自転車をもらったことがあるんです! ジャンプとは深い枠があるみたいですね。






上京前の作品。ホームズが好きだったので、 それ風の少年が主人公。








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