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The Colosseum (コロッセオ, Korosseo, italian. Colosseo) or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheater, is a location featured primarily in Battle Tendency and Vento Aureo. It is a large ellipsoid arena or amphitheater built during the Flavian dynasty and one of the most famous examples of its kind.

The Colosseum is notable for being the general location where the Pillar Men slumbered until their awakening in 1938. It is also where Team Bucciarati meets with a mysterious ally who wishes to reveal the Arrow's hidden potential to them.


The Colosseum is one of Rome's most famous landmarks, as well as a recurring place of interest in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. It is a large oval amphitheater that the Roman Emperor, Vespasian, and his successor Titus, had built in honor of their Flavian dynasty. Thus, it was named the 'Flavian Amphitheater'. It was a marvel of architecture and engineering, as it was able to welcome at least 50,000 spectators. Many spectacles were organized here, from gladiator fights to executions, and naumachia (naval battles after they flooded the arena). It was abandoned and it fell to ruin over time because of earthquakes and the locals robbing the stones. Nowadays, it's mostly a tourist attraction.[1]

Mouth of Truth


In Battle Tendency, it is revealed that there is a large cavern underneath the Colosseum where the Pillar Men slumbered. The cavern itself is decorated with strange Roman statues and murals but also has a working Minecart system. The cavern entrance can be found behind a large marble mask referred to as the Bocca della Verità (The Mouth of Truth) located at the Santa Maria in Cosmedin church.[2]

Creation and Development

Hirohiko Araki has visited the Colosseum on numerous occasions, feeling a strong emotion every time saying "Be it a happy or a sad day, whether the weather is clear or rainy, whether a war or a crisis happens, whether a young couple or Audrey Hepburn go visit it, the Colosseum has remained for many years. This longevity simply gives me courage."[3]

Video Games

GioGio's Bizarre Adventure

The Colosseum appears as a stage in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure. The front of the Colosseum appears in Chapter 10-3 of Super Story Mode, serving as the backdrop of the duel between Bruno Bucciarati and Secco. Chapter 11-1 and 11-2 of Super Story Mode take place inside the Colosseum, where both the battle between Jean Pierre Polnareff and Diavolo and Bucciarati's fight with Chariot Requiem take place.
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"Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 3
(『グリーン・ディ』と『オアシス』 その③ "Gurīn Dei" to "Oashisu" Sono 3)
Green day and Oasis fight 3.jpg

Giorno rushes Cioccolata with Gold Experience and flings him into a garbage truck. Meanwhile, Bucciarati confronts Secco in front of the Colosseum. The player now controls Bucciarati and must defeat Secco. The fight is made difficult by Secco's ability to dive underground. If Bucciarati moves while Secco is underground, he can attack near-instantly. As the fight progresses, Secco will also chew up pavement and spit it out above Bucciarati, effectively creating a rain of stone.

  • There are three Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Discover Secco's sound detection. (セッコが音で探知している事を見破る)
    When Secco dives into the ground, Bucciarati must stand completely still. If he does so and is not in front of where Secco dived underground, Secco will emerge and look around confusedly. Stand Shooting him from behind while this happens will reward the player with +3.
  • 2. Puncture a car tire. (自動車のタイヤをパンクさせる)
    After the first Secret Factor is obtained, the player must destroy a car's tire. Doing so will reward the player with +2.
  • 3. Hit Secco with a tire's shockwave. (パンクの衝撃波をセッコに当てる)
    The player must destroy a tire while Secco is close to them while underground. This is made difficult by Secco's near-immediate emergence upon making any movement. If done successfully, a cutscene will activate where the sound of the tire popping damages Secco's ears. This rewards the player with +5, and also activates the second Secret Factor if it is not yet complete.
  • The first Secret Factor must be completed before the other two will become available. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
Once the battle ends, Secco attempts to use a nearby youth as a hostage, only to be soundly defeated by Sticky Fingers's zippers. However, Bucciarati's life energy has begun to run out, leaving him deaf and blind. Unbeknownst to either party, the hostage has stuck around: it is none other than Doppio, who has followed the team to the Colosseum.
His Name Is Diavolo
(そいつの名はディアボロ Soitsu no Na wa Diaboro)
Polnareff vs Diavolo.jpg

Using his spiritual energy, Diavolo tricks a blind Bucciarati into believing that Doppio is Trish. The two enter the Colosseum to meet the mysterious ally, who is suspicious of Doppio. Although Bucciarati attempts to introduce "Trish" to the ally, Doppio sees the Arrow in the ally's hand, confirming his suspicion of their identity. Diavolo abandons Bucciarati and reveals himself, addressing Jean Pierre Polnareff by name. Diavolo questions why Polnareff brought the Arrow, but intends to put an end to him regardless. The player controls Polnareff in his wheelchair and must attack Diavolo until he has lost enough health to end the level. However, Diavolo can erase time with King Crimson, causing Polnareff's movements to be slowed while Diavolo's remain at full speed. Diavolo can also blind the player with blood and create a shockwave that covers the whole stage.

  • There are two Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot King Crimson. (キング・クリムゾンをシュート)
    If the player Stand Shoots King Crimson while it is not defending Diavolo, they will be rewarded with +3.
  • 2. Shoot Diavolo. (ディアボロをシュート)
    Stand Shooting Diavolo rewards the player with +7.
  • None of these need to be done in a specific order. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.
The Requiem Quietly Plays
(鎮魂歌は静かに奏でられる Chinkonka wa Shizuka ni Kanaderareru)
GioGio 11-2 Gameplay.png

Although Diavolo succeeds in killing Polnareff, the latter pricks Silver Chariot with the Arrow as a last-ditch gambit in his final moments. Diavolo claims the Arrow, but a black figure appears near him. Diavolo tries to threaten the figure, but finds himself gradually falling asleep. Meanwhile, Giorno and the others have entered the Colosseum, only to fall asleep themselves. After waking up, they realize that their souls have switched bodies. Polnareff, now in the turtle's body, addresses the group, stating that the newly-formed Chariot Requiem is neutral and must be defeated to claim the Arrow and defeat King Crimson. The group spots Chariot Requiem, but Diavolo's body gets to it first and summons Sticky Fingers to attack. The team cheers on Bucciarati, now in Diavolo's body, as he attempts to obtain the Arrow. The player controls Bucciarati in Diavolo's body and must defeat Chariot Requiem. However, Chariot Requiem can summon his own version of Sticky Fingers that can move freely and attack Bucciarati. Moreover, Chariot Requiem continuously walks forward toward the exit of the Colosseum. If Requiem exits the Colosseum, the fight is lost.

  • There are two Secret Factors in this level.
  • 1. Shoot Sticky Fingers. (S・フィンガーズをシュート)
    Stand Shooting Requiem's Sticky Fingers rewards the player with +6.
  • 2. Shoot Requiem. (レクイエムをシュート)
    The player must Stand Shoot Chariot Requiem. This rewards the player with +4.
  • None of these need to be done in a specific order. When all are achieved, Health will be MAX.

Eyes of Heaven (Various)

Vento Aureo
Colosseum EoH.png

Colosseum (コロッセオ, Korosseo): Rome

  • Stage Gimmick 1: Mr.President's key can be found somewhere within the stage. Any combatant who picks it up can enter the wandering Coco Jumbo, restoring their health and healing any status ailments.
  • Stage Gimmick 2: Chariot Requiem occasionally appears and causes any who enter its range to fall asleep, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. Requiem's accompanying light source will linger behind a random combatant, frequently switching between combatants. Destroying the light source will temporarily banish Requiem.

All Star Battle R (Various)

Vento Aureo
Colosseum (コロッセオ, Korosseo): Rome

(This stage previously appeared in Eyes of Heaven.)

Stage Gimmick
Chariot Requiem appears and puts both combatants to sleep, granting them increased attack strength once they wake up.
Situation Finish
If hit towards the entrance gates, the loser is sent flying, landing near Chariot Requiem's severed arm and the Arrow. Requiem picks up the Arrow, reattaches its arm, and exits the Colosseum.
Unlock Condition: Win in the Giorno Giovanna vs. Diavolo All-Star Battle Mode Boss Battle

Where Polnareff called Bucciarati's gang. When Diavolo arrived, the ensuing fight transformed Silver Chariot into Chariot Requiem.




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