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Published February 9, 1998
Weekly Shonen Jump 1998 Issue 9 Cover

A final Q&A with Hirohiko Araki in the segment titled "Feelin' JOJO" in Weekly Shonen Jump 1998 Issue #9, released February 9, 1998.


One question and one answer from Araki-sensei, "Feelin' JOJO" final episode special!!


"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is headed in to it's 12th year! And as it's the last episode of "Feelin JOJO", we've had Araki-sensei himself appear!! He'll point blank answer some of the questions in JoJos!!

Q: Who's the strongest in Passione?
A: Abbacchio. (If we're talking about fist fighting...)

Q1: Who is the first character you came up with in the allies of part 5?
A: It's Giorno! By the way, the characters I'm most fond of is Giorno if we're talking about allies, and Pesci if we're talking about villains.

Q2: What is that thing on Abbacchio's head?
A: It's a hat that acts like a hairband. The thing on Bucciarati's head is a hairpin brooch, and Mista keeps a lot of things in his hat. Mista is the kind of guy that wants to keep both hands open at all times, so he adds things to it pretty often. It also seems that he feels like it's a pain for him to carry things around too. Side comment: The thing on Abbacchio's head wasn't an eggshell after all...

Q3: Who spends the most money on their clothes?
A: Mista. His sweater is cashmere, and his pants are zebra striped leather pants! (it's suspected that it breaks the Washington Convention)

Q4: Before they met Giorno, how did Bucciarati's gang earn their livelihood?
A: They received money for protecting restaurants, controlled ports, and what you would call gang work. They didn't affiliate with gambling and drug business. Of course they didn't go to school.

Q5: Do all of them have girlfriends? Also, who is the most popular and the least popular in the gang?
A: They don't have girlfriends. They are so popular it seems like they're always running away from girls. However, it seems like all of them think that "I'm the most popular"...

Q6: When looking at Fugo's pants, it looks like there's no way he could be wearing underwear but.... Does he not have underwear on?
A: It can be assumed that he's wearing the t-back like sexy things that are popular now a days. Side comment: When you look around his waist it really does look like he's not wearing any underwear.

Q7: When they're interrogating Zucchero, what was up with Narancia, Mista and Fugo starting to dance to the music that Narancia put on?
A: They are dancing to gangster rap. As they are a gang... Side comment: Even though we know what they are dancing to, why they started dancing is still a mystery...

JoJo's Bizarre Adventures celebrating 11 years of being published.

Q: Who is riding in Aerosmith?
A: It's Smith-san. Side comment: Check the cockpit! The person riding in here is Smith-san!!

Q8: What does Jotaro intend to do with Giorno?
A: I haven't thought of it yet. It might be that he's just simply curious about him...?

Q9: Is Trish based off of the super model Trish Goff?
A: Good job! I'm surprised that you know this. As you thought, I'm a big fan of hers.

Stand part

Q10: Will Fugo die from the abilities of Purple Haze?
A: He would die.

Q11: What is the name of the stand that you put the key in the turtle to activate? Also, what is the name of the turtle?
A: The turtle has no name. The name of the stand is "T-Rex"... or at least I think that's what it'll be.

Q12: Can the Sex Pistols only be used with the gun that Mista has?
A: Any gun that has been fired by Mista is OK! Also, Mista is able to always hit his target with one shot, and so he doesn't need machine guns and such.

Q13: Wasn't it a rule that there's only one stand per person? There's a few that have appeared since part 4 that are a number of stands such as Harvest and Sex Pistols...
A: No, these are still just one ability, and so they're counted as one stand.

Misc. part

Q14: "JOJO" has a lot of animals(a turtle, frogs, snakes, mice, spiders and such) that appear, but how do you pick what living creatures will appear?
A: For the most part I choose animals that "Look like they're not very intelligent and seem like they're not thinking of anything."

Q15: Do they really air "Captain Tsubasa" in Italy?
A: They do! At the very least I saw it being aired 2~3 years back in Italy!! Side comment: Tsubasa playing in the turtle! Of course this isn't in Japan, it's in Italy.

Q16: If you could pick one stand to have Araki-sensei, what would you pick?
A: Hmmm, maybe Harvest because I want money... No, I want Heaven's Door instead! I'm not very good with research interviews...

Q17: What's the meaning of the "Romance horror! The crimson secret legend!"?
A: It was something the first editor added, and there's no deep meaning to it. I actually feel like we can remove it after all this time...

The road leads on to a new adventure!!

[Translated by Raika][1]



いよいよ連載12年目に突入した『ジョジョの奇妙な冒険』! ついでに今回「気分はJOJO」最終回という事で、荒木先生にご登場願いました‼  『ジョジョ』の疑問にズバッと答えます‼

🡅コックピットに注目! ここに乗ってるのがスミスさんだ‼
🡅亀の中で翼が! もちろん日本ではなく、イタリアです。
Q 6人の中で一番ケンカが強いのは誰?
A アバッキオ。(素手の場合ですが…。)

Q1 ジョジョ第5部の仲間達で一番最初に出て来たキャラは誰ですか?


Q2 アバッキオの頭についてるヤツは何なんですか?


Q3 服装に一番金をかけているのは誰?


Q4 ジョルノと出会うまで、ブチャラティ達はどうやって生計を立てていたんですか?


Q5 みんなそれぞれ彼女はいるんでしょうか?また、一番モテるヤツ、一番モテないヤツは誰ですか?


Q6 フーゴのズボンを見ると、どうも下着をつけてないように思うのですが…。フーゴはノーパンなの?


Q7 ズッケェロを拷問している時、ナランチャがかけた音楽に合わせナランチャやフーゴが踊りだしたのは何だったんですか?


Q8 承太郎はジョルノをどうするつもりなんでしょう?


Q9 トリッシュは、スーパー・モデルのトリッシュ・ゴフがモデルなんですか?


Q エアロスミスに乗ってる人は誰?
A スミスさんです。

Q10 パープル・ヘイズの能力でフーゴ自身も死ぬの?


Q11 キーをはめてスタンドを発動させるカメのスタンドの名前は何というのですか?カメの名前も教えて下さい。


Q12 セックス・ピストルズを使うには、ミスタの持っている銃じゃないとダメなんですか?


Q13 スタンドは一人一体と決まっていたんじゃないんですか?第4部以降、ハーヴェストやセックス・ピストルズなど複数のものが登場していますが…。



Q14 『ジョジョ』にはわりと動物(カメ、カエル、ヘビ、ネズミ、クモ等)が出てきますが、どういう基準で登場する生き物を決めてるんですか?


Q15 本当にイタリアで『キャプテン翼』をやってるんですか?


Q16 荒木先生はスタンドが一つ使えるとしたらどれを選びますか?


Q17 タイトルにある「ロマンホラー!―深紅の秘伝説―」ってどういう意味?




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