Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden Strategy Guide (04/1989)

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Published April 1989
Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden Strategy Guide (04/1989)
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An interview with Hirohiko Araki from the Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden strategy guide book, published in April 1989.[1]


Interviewed by Yoshito Komaru (小丸良人 Komaru Yoshito), also known as King Komaru (コマル大王 Komaru Daiō).


King Komaru: Well then. It's King Komaru again. Making an appearance next is Hirohiko Araki-sensei, a connoisseur of little-known games.

Araki: You say that, but I don't actually have a Famicom.

King Komaru: How about playing cards or boards games!?

Araki: Yes!! Games that uses cards, for example things like poker, I like. Furthermore, I love Backgammon and Monopoly!

King Komaru: Hardly an elegant pastime, I think. What kind of things fascinates you about card games!?

Araki: Certainly, it's the thought of having another human as your opponent. Rather than being interested in the game itself, waging war against the opponent and the strategy is what's interesting. Even if it's the same game, because of the opponent, it can evolve into an entirely different kind of game.

King Komaru: Uh-huh. Certainly, it doesn't matter who you play with on a Famicom because the opponent is a computer.

Araki: Sorry, but I've hardly played on the Famicom. But, there seems to be a game where you can fight with your friends. If there's a game where you can play against other people, I'd also be interested!!

King Komaru: But Araki Sensei, I thought you were someone who was rather opposed to the Famicom...

Araki: Hahahaha!! That's not the case. Since my motto is "Don't think about your worries. Live your life freely!!" If I like the Famicom, I should play it!! If I think it's a waste of time, I should stop!!

King Komaru: I see. Well then, to wrap this up, a few words for everyone reading this!!

Araki: It's already been 2 years since JoJo has begun being serialized. However, without forgetting what it was like to be a newcomer, I'll press on!!
[Translated by Eas]

コ はい。またまたコマル大王です。つぎに登場の荒木飛呂彦先生は、知る人ぞ知るゲーム通。

荒 と言っても、ファミコンじゃないけどね。

コ トランプとかボードゲームですか!?

荒 そう!! カードを使ったゲーム、たとえばポーカーなんか好きだね。それにバックギャモンやモノポリーも大好きだよ!!

コ なかなかしぶい趣味だと思います。カードゲームはどんなところが魅力なんですか!?

荒 それはもう、相手が人間であるというところだね。ゲームそのものの面白さよりも、対戦する相手との駆け引きが面白いんだ。同じゲームでも相手によって全然ちがうゲーム展開になるしね。

コ …ふむふむ。たしかにファミコンでは誰がやっても相手はコンピュータですからね。

荒 あいにくボクはファミコンって、ほとんどやったことがないんだ。でも友だちどうしで戦うゲームなんかもあるらしいね。対人間で、できるゲームならば、ボクも興味はあるよ!!

コ 荒木先生は、わりとファミコン反対!!の人かと思ってましたけど…。

荒 ハハハハッ!!そんなことはないよ。ボクのモットーは「クヨクヨ考えない。自由に生きよう!!」だからね。ファミコンだって自分が好きなら、やればいい!!時間の無駄だと思えば、やめればいいのさ!!

コ そうですね。それじゃ最後にジャンプ読者の皆さんに何か、ひと言!!

荒 『ジョジョ』の連載が始まって、はや2年。だけど新人のときの気持ちを忘れずにがんばりますっ!!



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