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This article is about season two of the TV anime. For the OVA adaptation, see JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (OVA).

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 スターダストクルセイダース JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Sutādasuto Kuruseidāsu) is the second season of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure TV Anime, produced by David Production.

Season two adapts the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders, and spans 48 episodes with the latter half titled Stardust Crusaders: Battle in Egypt (スターダストクルセイダース エジプト編 Sutādasuto Kuruseidāsu Ejiputo-hen). It was announced in the 47th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump 2013 on October 16, 2013[2]; and the first episode aired on April 4, 2014. The season ended after 48 episodes on June 19, 2015. It was later followed by a third season, covering Part 4, which began airing in Japan in 2016.

Media distribution service Crunchyroll has obtained the streaming license for the anime with English Dubbed Version only used on July 5–6, 2014 at Midnight to 1:30am (EST), which can be viewed on their website.

On July 2, 2017, it was confirmed that the English dub would run on Adult Swim's Toonami block. The English dub of the season ran on Toonami from July 29, 2017 to August 11, 2018, followed immediately by an English dub of the anime adaptation of Diamond is Unbreakable.


Spanish (European)

JotaroAvAnim3.png StarPlatinumAvAnim.png

Jotaro Kujo
Star Platinum

Voice Actors:
Daisuke Ono (Teen)
Natsumi Takamori (Child)

Voice Actors:
Matthew Mercer (Teen)
Dorothy Elias-Fahn (Child)

Voice Actors:
Nacho de Porrata (Teen)
Julia Chalmeta (Child)

Voice Actors:
Wilken Mazzei (Teen)
Bruna Rafaela (Child)

JosephAvAnim3.png HermitPurpleAvAnim.png

Joseph Joestar
Hermit Purple

Voice Actors:
Unsho Ishizuka

Voice Actors:
Richard Epcar

Voice Actors:
Ramón Rocabayera

Voice Actors:
Mauro Ramos

AvdolAvAnim.png MagicianRedAvAnim.png

Muhammad Avdol
Magician's Red

Voice Actors:
Kenta Miyake

Voice Actors:
Chris Tergliafera

Voice Actors:
Hermógenes Alonso

Voice Actors:
Duda Ribeiro

KakyoinAvAnim.png HierophantGreenAvAnim.png

Noriaki Kakyoin
Hierophant Green

Voice Actors:
Daisuke Hirakawa

Voice Actors:
Kyle Hebert

Voice Actors:
Xadi Mouslemeni Mateu

Voice Actors:
Thiago Longo

PolnareffAvAnim3.png SilverChariotAvAnim.png

Jean Pierre Polnareff
Silver Chariot

Voice Actors:
Fuminori Komatsu (Adult)
Ayumi Fujimura (Child)

Voice Actors:
Doug Erholtz (Adult)
Erica Mendez (Child)

Voice Actors:
Enrique Hernández (Adult)
Ana Romano (Child)

Voice Actors:
Fernando Medonça (Adult)
Victor Hugo Fernandes (Child)

IggyAvAnim.png TheFoolAvAnim.png

The Fool

Voice Actors:
Misato Fukuen

Voice Actors:
Derek Stephen Prince

Voice Actors:
Rosa Moyano

Voice Actors:
Pedro Alcântara

HolyAvAnim.png HolyStandAvAnim.png

Holy Kujo
Holy's Stand

Voice Actors:
Reiko Takagi

Voice Actors:
Julie Ann Taylor

Voice Actors:
Ana Romano

Voice Actors:
Marli Bortoletto


Voice Actors:
Rie Kugimiya

Voice Actors:
Ryan Bartley

Voice Actors:
Nuria Samsó

Voice Actors:
Sicilia Vidal

SuziAvAnim3.pngAllySuzi Q

Voice Actors:
Sachiko Kojima

Voice Actors:
Stephanie Sheh

Voice Actors:
Esperanza Gracia

Voice Actors:
Patricia Scalvi


Voice Actors:
Motomu Kiyokawa

Voice Actors:
Kevin Brief

Voice Actors:
Jordi Pineda

Voice Actors:
Carlos Seidl

SherryAvAnim.pngPosthumousSherry Polnareff

Voice Actors:
Yuka Komatsu

Voice Actors:
Erika Harlacher

Voice Actors:
Ana Romano

Voice Actors:
Carol Valença

DioAvAnim3Reveal.png TheWorldAvAnim.png

Main Antagonist
The World

Voice Actors:
Takehito Koyasu

Voice Actors:
Patrick Seitz

Voice Actors:
Carlos Sianes

Voice Actors:
Francisco Júnior

VanillaIceAvAnim.png CreamAvAnim.png

Vanilla Ice

Voice Actors:
Sho Hayami

Voice Actors:
Jalen K. Cassell

Voice Actors:
Juan Miguel Díez

Voice Actors:
Alfredo Rollo

NdoulAvAnim.png GebAvAnim.png


Voice Actors:
Kentaro Ito

Voice Actors:
Greg Chun

Voice Actors:
Juan Miguel Díez

Voice Actors:
Wellington Lima

OingoAvAnim.png KhnumAvAnim.png


Voice Actors:
Makoto Yasumura

Voice Actors:
Joe Zieja

Voice Actors:
Angel del Río

Voice Actors:
Rodrigo Nanal

BoingoAvAnim.png TohthAvAnim.png


Voice Actors:
Motoko Kumai

Voice Actors:
Jessica Gee

Voice Actors:
Marta Estrada

Voice Actors:
Angelica Santos


Voice Actors:
Yasunori Matsumoto

Voice Actors:
Brad Venable

Voice Actors:
Eduardo Diez

Voice Actors:
Wesley Santana

MariahAvAnim.png BastetAvAnim.png


Voice Actors:
Ayahi Takagaki

Voice Actors:
Lauren Landa

Voice Actors:
Rosa Moyano

Voice Actors:
Carla Martelli

AlessiAvAnim.png SethanAvAnim.png


Voice Actors:
Masaya Onosaka

Voice Actors:
Jon Allen

Voice Actors:
Artur Rius

Voice Actors:
Fábio de Castro

DanielAvAnim.png OsirisAvAnim.png

Daniel J. D'Arby

Voice Actors:
Banjō Ginga

Voice Actors:
Cam Clarke

Voice Actors:
Eduardo Diez

Voice Actors:
Hélio Ribeiro

PetShopAvAnim.png HorusAvAnim.png

Pet Shop

Voice Actors:

Voice Actors:

Voice Actors:

Voice Actors:

TelenceAvAnim.png AtumAvAnim.png

Telence T. D'Arby

Voice Actors:
Junichi Suwabe

Voice Actors:
Xander Mobus

Voice Actors:
Angel del Río

Voice Actors:
Marcelo Garcia

KennyAvAnim.png TenoreSaxAvAnim.png

Kenny G.
Tenore Sax

Voice Actors:
Junichi Yanagita

Voice Actors:

Voice Actors:
Francesc Rocamora

Voice Actors:
Junior Nannetti


Voice Actors:
Tōru Nara
Hibiku Yamamura (Woman)

Voice Actors:
Arnie Pantoja

Voice Actors:
Daniel Oliver
Ana Romano (Woman)

Voice Actors:
McKeidy Lisita

GrayFlyAvAnim.png TowerOfGrayAvAnim.png

Gray Fly
Tower of Gray

Voice Actors:
Katsumi Chō

Voice Actors:
Jay Preston

Voice Actors:
Xadi Mouslemeni Mateu

Voice Actors:
Carlos Campanile

TennilleAvAnim.png DarkBlueMoonAvAnim.png

Impostor Captain Tennille
Dark Blue Moon

Voice Actors:
Tesshō Genda

Voice Actors:
Geoffrey Chalmers

Voice Actors:
Eduardo Diez

Voice Actors:
Mauro Eduardo

ForeverAvAnim.png StrengthAvAnim.png


Voice Actors:
Kappei Yamaguchi

Voice Actors:

Voice Actors:
Paulo Avilla

DevoAvAnim.png EbonyDevilAvAnim.png

Devo the Cursed
Ebony Devil

Voice Actors:
Shouto Kashii

Voice Actors:
Edward Bosco

Voice Actors:
Angel del Río
Francesc Rocamora (Ebony Devil)

Voice Actors:
Glauco Marques

RubberSoulAvAnim.png YellowTemperanceAvAnim.png

Rubber Soul
Yellow Temperance

Voice Actors:
Shinji Kawada

Voice Actors:
Ray Chase

Voice Actors:
Angel del Río

Voice Actors:
Rapahael Rossatto

HolHorseAvAnim.png EmperorAvAnim.png

Hol Horse

Voice Actors:
Hidenobu Kiuchi

Voice Actors:
Imari Williams

Voice Actors:
Juan Miguel Díez

Voice Actors:
Thiago Zambrano

JGeilAvAnim.png HangedManAvAnim.png

J. Geil
Hanged Man

Voice Actors:
Takuya Kirimoto

Voice Actors:
Tom Fahn

Voice Actors:
Francesc Rocamora

Voice Actors:

NenaAvAnim.png EmpressAvAnim.png


Voice Actors:
Satsuki Yukino

Voice Actors:
Johanna Luis

Voice Actors:
Tatiana Supervia
Marta Estrada (Empress)

Voice Actors:
Glaucia Franchi

ZZAvAnim.png WheelOfFortuneAvAnim.png

Wheel of Fortune

Voice Actors:
Iwasaki Masami

Voice Actors:
David Vincent

Voice Actors:
Francesc Rocamora

Voice Actors:
Rodrigo Araujo

EnyaAvAnim.png JusticeAvAnim.png

Enya the Hag

Voice Actors:
Reiko Suzuki

Voice Actors:
Janis Carroll

Voice Actors:
Julia Chalmeta

Voice Actors:
Cecilia Lemes

SteelyDanAvAnim.png LoversAvAnim.png

Steely Dan

Voice Actors:
Daisuke Kishio

Voice Actors:
Grant George

Voice Actors:
Artur Rius
Jordi Pineda (Lovers)

Voice Actors:
Marcelo Campos

ArabiaFatsAvAnim.png SunAvAnim.png

Arabia Fats

Voice Actors:
Manabu Sakamaki

Voice Actors:

MannishAvAnim.png DeathThirteenAvAnim.png

Mannish Boy
Death Thirteen

Voice Actors:
Ikue Ohtani

Voice Actors:
Tara Sands

Voice Actors:
Rosa Moyano

Voice Actors:
Vii Zedek

CameoAvAnim.png JudgementAvAnim.png


Voice Actors:
Kinryū Arimoto

Voice Actors:
Stephen Mann

Voice Actors:
Angel del Río

Voice Actors:
Fábio Moura

MidlerAvAnim.png HighPriestessAvAnim.png

High Priestess

Voice Actors:
Aya Hisakawa

Voice Actors:
Karen Strassman

Voice Actors:
Marta Estrada (Ep 23)
Ana Romano (Ep 24)

Voice Actors:
Gisele Vechin


Voice Actors:
Toru Okawa

Voice Actors:
David Vincent
Dave Mallow (Pilot)

Voice Actors:
Tasio Alonso

Voice Actors:
Armando Tiraboschi

ChakaAvAnim.png AnubisAvAnim.png

Villain (possessed)

Voice Actors:
Anri Katsu

Voice Actors:
Khoi Dao

Voice Actors:
Daniel Oliver

Voice Actors:
Arthur Machado

KhanAvAnim.png AnubisAvAnim.png

Villain (possessed)

Voice Actors:
Hidenari Ugaki

Voice Actors:
Joshua Tomar

Voice Actors:
Angel del Río

Voice Actors:
Renato Soares


Voice Actors:
Yūko Kaida

Voice Actors:
Carrie Keranen

Voice Actors:
Nuria Samsó

Voice Actors:
Kate Kelly

WilsonPhillipsAvAnim.pngNeutralWilson Phillips

Voice Actors:

Voice Actors:
Jonathan Fahn

Voice Actors:
Francesc Rocamora

Voice Actors:
Ivo Roberto ("Tatu")

Episode List

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Episode Title
A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit
(悪霊にとりつかれた男 Akuryō ni Toritsukareta Otoko)
Japan: April 4, 2014
United States of America: July 29, 2017
Episode 27.png
Prologue: In 1983, off the coast of the Canary Islands, a coffin with the word "DIO" on the front is salvaged from the depths. The crew attempts to open it, but find that it is locked from the inside. Later, their ship is found, mysteriously abandoned with no signs of a struggle. Four years later in Japan, a young man named Jotaro Kujo has willingly turned himself into jail, refusing to leave as he believes he is possessed by an "evil spirit" which only he can see. Jotaro's mother, Holy and his grandfather Joseph Joestar, bring his friend from Egypt, Muhammad Avdol to coax him out of his cell. Muhammad Avdol's "evil spirit" Magician's Red challenges Jotaro which causes Jotaro's psychic manifestation Star Platinum, known as a Stand, to appear. Joseph tells Jotaro about his family's 100 year old enemy, the vampire DIO, who now possesses the body of Jonathan Joestar. Joseph then uses a Stand of his own, resembling purple brambles, to smash an expensive instant camera, from which a photograph appears. After explaining how people from the Joestar bloodline have star-shaped birthmarks on the back of their necks, Joseph reveals the photograph to be a picture of DIO possessing the same birthmark, proving that he had stolen the body of his grandfather, Jonathan Joestar. Joseph goes on to state that DIO's revival has caused the emergence of Stands in both himself and Jotaro, but he isn’t convinced. Elsewhere, DIO senses the presence of the Joestars and resolves to kill them.
Who Will Be the Judge!?
(裁くのは誰だ!? Sabaku no wa Dare da!?)
Japan: April 11, 2014
United States of America: August 5, 2017
Episode 28.png
As Jotaro walks to school with some of his female admirers, a deep cut suddenly appears on Jotaro's leg, causing him to fall down a flight of stairs. He only manages to save himself by using his Stand to divert his fall. Jotaro receives a handkerchief from a new transfer student named Noriaki Kakyoin, unaware that he is the one responsible for his fall. Later, as Jotaro heads to the infirmary to have his wound treated, the nurse starts acting strangely, stabbing one of the other students with a pen before going after Jotaro with inhuman strength. Kakyoin appears and reveals he has used his personal Stand, Hierophant Green, to possess the nurse's body. Jotaro uses his Stand to pull Hierophant Green out of the nurse's body, only to be attacked by its Emerald Splash attack, leaving the nurse with harsh internal injuries. Despite appearing to be fatally injured by Hierophant Green's attack, Jotaro counter attacks using his Stand to pummel Hierophant Green until Kakyoin falls unconscious. After leaving the injured nurse to the school faculty, Jotaro takes Kakyoin back home to Joseph and Avdol. Joseph explains that Kakyoin is DIO's pawn and will likely die in a few days, caused by something implanted in Kakyoin's forehead.
DIO's Curse
(DIOの呪縛 DIO no Jubaku)
Japan: April 18, 2014
United States of America: August 12, 2017
Episode 29.png
Joseph reveals that the object on Kakyoin's forehead is a "flesh bud" that has a tendril going straight into his brain, making him swear loyalty to DIO. Avdol also reveals that recently DIO approached him the same way by using his charisma, but he managed to escape. Determined to save Kakyoin, Jotaro uses the precise nature of his Stand to remove the bud from Kakyoin's brain, despite the bud's attempts to invade Jotaro’s body. The next day, Avdol finds Holy collapsed in the kitchen with a Stand resembling rose vines. Avdol realizes that she does not have the willpower to control the Stand which is connected to DIO’s curse and estimates she only has fifty days to live. As killing DIO is the only way to save her, Jotaro uses his Stand to analyze photos Joseph had taken of DIO. They deduce that he is in the Aswan region of Egypt from the faint image of a particular fly. Kakyoin confirms their theory, and decides to join the group because of a fondness he feels for women like Holy. Avdol uses a deck of Tarot cards to give Jotaro's Stand the name of Star Platinum. As the group takes off on a flight towards Egypt, DIO, using a Stand power similar to Joseph's Hermit Purple, takes a photograph showing him their location. On the plane, Joseph senses DIO's presence, suspecting that there may be a Stand user on the plane.
Tower of Gray
(灰の塔(タワー・オブ・グレー) Tawā Obu Gurē)
Japan: April 25, 2014
United States of America: August 19, 2017
Episode 30.png
As their plane passes over Taiwan, Jotaro and the others are awoken by the sound of a flying stag beetle. Avdol identifies it as an evil Stand known as Tower of Gray, which is responsible for causing mass murders that look like tragic accidents. Jotaro finds its speed outmatchs even Star Platinum's and it suddenly kills a row of passengers, using their bloody tongues to spell out the word "Massacre!". Before an elderly passenger raises the alarm, Kakyoin knocks him out. Kakyoin convinces the others that his Hierophant Green is the safest Stand to use. His Stand's Emerald Splash attack seems to have no effect against Tower of Gray's speed, however, it is a ploy by Kakyoin, who uses Hierophant Green to impale it using spikes from under the seating. When Hierophant Green rips Tower of Gray apart, its user Gray Fly, the elderly man from before, is fatally wounded. Joseph discovers that the pilots have been killed, but he manages to land the plane safely off the coast of Hong Kong, still over 10,000 kilometers (6,200 mi) from Egypt. The group realizes that they must find an alternate way of reaching Egypt that does not put innocent lives at risk and decide to travel by sea. As the group eats in a restaurant they are joined by a French tourist who soon reveals himself to be the owner of the sword-wielding Stand Silver Chariot and one of DIO's assassins.
Silver Chariot
(銀の戦車(シルバーチャリオッツ) Shirubā Chariottsu)
Japan: May 2, 2014
United States of America: August 26, 2017
Episode 31.png
The swordsman introduces himself as Jean Pierre Polnareff and displays his skills by using his Silver Chariot Stand to fight Avdol. After attack and counter-attack both Polnareff and Silver Chariot are engulfed in flames. Before the group can celebrate victory, Polnareff has Silver Chariot shed its protective armor, allowing it to move even faster and produce shadow images and attack from multiple angles. Avdol overcomes the clones using his Cross Fire Hurricane Special with multiple flames to distract the decoys, before attacking Polnareff directly from underground with a larger flame. With Polnareff defeated and burning alive, he refuses the opportunity to end his own life, admitting his defeat and resigning himself to be killed by the flames. Realizing the man's chivalry, Avdol releases him from the flames, and discovers that Polnareff is under the control of a DIO flesh bud, which Jotaro soon extracts. As the group heads for their boat the Speedwagon Foundation has hired for them, Polnareff appears and reveals that his true goal is to find and kill a Stand user with two right hands, who was responsible for the rape and murder of his younger sister, Cherie. He was swayed by DIO when he promised to help him find the culprit. Learning that the culprit is likely someone in DIO's employ, Polnareff decides to join the Joestar group on their journey to Egypt.
Dark Blue Moon
(暗青の月(ダークブルームーン) Dāku Burū Mūn)
Japan: May 9, 2014
United States of America: September 9, 2017
Episode 32.png
The Joestar group begin their three day journey towards Singapore, but discover a young stowaway on board. The stowaway jumps overboard and is threatened by a shark but is rescued by Jotaro who discovers that the child is a girl named Anne who claims that she is searching for her father. They find themselves approached by a seafaring Stand and suspect the girl, but Jotaro exposes the ship's captain as an impostor. The fake Captain Tennille has his Stand Dark Blue Moon take Anne hostage, challenging Jotaro to fight against him in the ocean, where he would have the advantage. Star Platinum manages to beat Dark Blue Moon before its reaches the ocean, knocking its owner into the sea. However, acorn barnacles appear on Star Platinum and spread over him, draining its strength and causing Jotaro to fall into the ocean, where Dark Blue Moon creates a deadly whirlpool. Jotaro keeps himself and Star Platinum limp, allowing it to concentrate its strength and counterattack with its Star Finger technique, defeating Dark Blue Moon and sending its user to his death. Suddenly, several planted bombs explode on board, forcing the group and crew-mates to escape on emergency lifeboats, where they soon come across a large freighter.
((ストレングス) Sutorengusu)
Japan: May 16, 2014
United States of America: September 16, 2017
Episode 33.png
DIO shares his fears about the Joestar bloodline with his advisor Enya the hag, but she assures him they still have seven Stand-using assassins en route to stop the Joestars. Meanwhile, the Joestar group boards the apparently uninhabited freighter, finding only a caged orangutan named Forever. After a sailor is killed by machinery, Kakyoin uses Hierophant Green to search for life on the ship, without success. Later, as Anne takes a shower, Forever escapes from his cage, kills the remaining sailors, and corners her. Jotaro saves Anne and fights Forever, but finds himself attacked by various parts of the ship and realizes that the ship itself is an extremely powerful Stand known as Strength. The orangutan then traps the Joestar party within the parts of the ship, but Jotaro taunts him then Star Platinum launches Jotaro's jacket button into Forever's skull with a Star Finger, then kills the ape. With Forever defeated, Strength loses its form, forcing Jotaro and the others to escape to the lifeboats as the ship reverts to its original form of a tiny boat. Upon hearing of Forever's defeat, Enya, who is seen to have two right hands, assures DIO that there are still six other Stand users left to face the Joestars, her son included. The Joestar group finally arrives in Singapore, already four days into their journey. They check into a hotel to plan the next leg of their trip, unaware that a mysterious doll sits in one of their rooms.
(悪魔(デビル) Debiru)
Japan: May 23, 2014
United States of America: September 23, 2017
Episode 34.png
The Joestar group check into a hotel with Anne, but when Polnareff enters his room, he realizes that one of DIO's assassins Devo the Cursed, is hiding in his refrigerator. Polnareff seemingly defeats Devo easily who then throws himself off the hotel balcony and disappears. Polnareff informs Avdol and Joseph of the situation and arranges to regroup with them later. In his room, Polnareff suddenly receives a cut on his leg, then is then strapped to the underside of his bed. The culprit is revealed to be a doll that Devo possessed using his Stand Ebony Devil. Polnareff struggles to fight against the doll as Silver Chariot cannot accurately attack in areas Polnareff that cannot see. Polnareff manages to use reflections of pieces of a mirror he shattered earlier to pinpoint the doll's location and attack it precisely. Unable to learn anything from his opponent, Polnareff cuts the doll to pieces, which in turn kills Devo, who had been controlling his Stand from within in the hotel. As Polnareff deals with authorities, Joseph uses Hermit Purple on his room's television, rapidly changing channels to reveal a hidden message warning of a traitor among them and to be wary of Kakyoin, for he is DIO's servant. Soon, the image changes to a live feed of DIO, who taunts Joseph before causing the television to explode.
Yellow Temperance
(黄の節制(イエロー・テンパランス) Ierō Tenparansu)
Japan: May 30, 2014
United States of America: September 30, 2017
Episode 35.png
Jotaro and Anne suspect something is wrong with Kakyoin after observing some odd odd behavior, including licking a cherry in a disgusting manner. Jotaro, believing Kakyoin to be possessed, punches him, revealing him to be an impostor. He is Rubber Soul, one of DIO's assassins who disguised himself using his Stand Yellow Temperance, that consumes flesh and can take on any form. As the two take their fight onto the cable cars, Anne reports the situation to Joseph and Avdol, who are shortly joined by the real Kakyoin. The fight continues, until Jotaro defeats Rubber Soul by dragging him down into the sea below, forcing Rubber Soul to lower Yellow Temperance's guard to breathe and leaving him open to a direct physical attack. Rubber Soul then reveals the Stands of DIO's next assassins are Death, the Empress, the Emperor, and the Hanged Man; the last of which is J. Geil, the man with two right hands. Rubber Soul makes a last ditch attack but Jotaro just uses Star Platinum to pummel him. Jotaro rejoins the group as they continue their journey to India, becoming surprised when Kakyoin licks a cherry in an identical fashion to his impostor. Unbeknownst to the Joestar group, Anne is following them in the next train car.
Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 1
(皇帝(エンペラー)吊られた男(ハングドマン) その1 Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 1)
Japan: June 6, 2014
United States of America: October 7, 2017
Episode 36.png
The Joestar group arrives in Calcutta, India, which presents a considerable culture shock. In the restaurant's toilet Polnareff sees a Stand in the mirror, and realizes that it must be J. Geil's Stand the Hanged Man. He smashes the mirror before the Stand gets too close. Afterwards, he decides he should hunt down his sister's killer on his own, despite Avdol's warnings that they should remain together. Elsewhere, Hol Horse, another of DIO's assassins, team up with J. Geil to kill Polnareff. The next day, Polnareff finds J. Geil with Hol Horse, but he disappears as the rainy sky clears. Hol Horse uses his Stand the Emperor, which takes the form of a gun, to fire a bullet at Polnareff, but the bullet is a part of the Emperor and dodges Silver Chariot. Just as the bullet is about to strike its mark, Polnareff is saved by the arrival of Avdol who attempts to block the bullet but is stabbed in the back by Hanged Man emerging from the reflection of a puddle, allowing the bullet to strike his forehead. Kakyoin arrives on the scene and is shocked to find Avdol dead, he finds that, despite his harsh words, Polnareff is just as mortified about his friend's death.
Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 2
(皇帝(エンペラー)吊られた男(ハングドマン) その2 Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 2)
Japan: June 13, 2014
United States of America: October 14, 2017
Episode 37.png
J. Geil provokes Polnareff into attacking his Hanged Man within a glass window, using the broken shards of glass to pin him down, but Kakyoin convinces Polnareff to escape in a car. After realizing that the Hanged Man is in the car with them, they crash the vehicle. They finally realize that the Hanged Man is actually a Stand of light that jumps between reflective surfaces. The Hanged Man jumps into the reflection of the eyes of a young boy and then nearby beggars, trapping Polnareff and Kakyoin within the group of beggars. Suddenly, Kakyoin takes out a shiny gold coin and flips it into the air, bringing everyone's gaze, along with the Hanged Man, towards it, allowing Polnareff to cut the Stand down and finally avenging his sister. When Hol Horse realizes that J. Geil is dead he tries to flee, but is caught by Jotaro and Joseph who have just finished giving Avdol a proper burial. Polnareff prepares to carry out his sentence but is stopped by Hol Horse's lover, allowing Hol Horse to escape. After treating the woman's wounds, Joseph urges the group to continue their journey towards Egypt, unaware that a drop of the woman's blood has caused a mysterious growth to appear on his arm.
(女帝(エンプレス) Enpuresu)
Japan: June 20, 2014
United States of America: October 21, 2017
Episode 38.png
Sensing J. Geil's death, Enya prepares to take revenge with her Empress Stand. Jotaro's group travel by bus towards Varanasi, including Nena, the wounded woman. Joseph goes to a local clinic to have the developing growth on his arm treated, while is shown that Nena similar growth on her tongue. When the doctor attempts to cut the growth off, he is killed by the "bug bite", which has grown its own face and reveals itself to be the Empress. The Empress alerts the police, implicating Joseph for the doctor's murder. Joseph tries to fight off the Stand attached to his arm, but it is unaffected by his Ripple techniques. The Empress stops him moving, but Joseph uses Hermit Purple to break free and searches for its user as the growth grows larger and stronger. Suddenly, he plunges his arm into a barrel containing a black substance. Although the Stand cannot be suffocated, the coal tar solidifies around it and Joseph uses Hermit Purple to rip the immobilized Empress to shreds. Nearby, Nena is also torn to shreds, revealing her as the Stand's user and her true form as an obese woman. After regrouping with Jotaro and Kakyoin, they decides to travel by car to Pakistan, unaware that they are being followed by another car.
Wheel of Fortune
(運命の車輪(ホウイール・オブ・フォーチュン) Howīru Obu Fōchun)
Japan: June 27, 2014
United States of America: November 4, 2017
Episode 39.png
Driving to Pakistan, the group encounter Anne hitchhiking and they reluctantly take her with them. Continuing their journey, a red car plays a deadly game of tag with them and eventually pushes them over a cliff. Kakyoin manages to stop their fall by having Hierophant Green hook a cable to the other car. Jotaro uses Star Platinum to pull them to safety, knocking the other car down the cliff in the process. Just then, a voice comes from their own car's radio, revealing the red car to be the Wheel of Fortune Stand, which emerges from the ground, destroying their vehicle. It transforms, chasing them and soaking them with projectiles of gasoline. Wheel of Fortune's user, ZZ, uses the sparks on his car to set Jotaro ablaze, seemingly killing him. However, Jotaro manages to avoid the flames by digging underneath the ground and uses Star Platinum to destroy Wheel of Fortune and send ZZ flying out into the open. Jotaro then unleashes a savage attack on Wheel of Fortune. After chaining ZZ to a rock, the group take his car, which had reverted to its original dilapidated form and continue their journey. Meanwhile, Enya, frustrated that all of her Stand wielders have been defeated, decides to confront the group personally with her own Stand, Justice.
Justice, Part 1
(正義(ジャスティス) その1 Jasutisu Sono 1)
Japan: July 4, 2014
United States of America: November 11, 2017
Episode 40.png
After Jotaro has a replacement coat made, Joseph manages to convince the runaway Anne to return to her home in Hong Kong. Heavy fog makes it dangerous to continue driving on cliff roads towards Karachi so the group stops in a nearby town. The town is enshrouded in fog and when the group comes across a body lying on the street riddled with bloodless holes they suspect a Stand user is involved. Feeling they should leave the town, Joseph jumps towards what he believes to be their car, only to narrowly avoid being impaled by a spiked gate. It is then that Enya appears before the group, claiming to be an innocent old woman and leads them to a nearby hotel. Hol Horse shows up at the hotel, having tracked the Joestar group. However Enya, takes revenge on him for abandoning J. Geil and attacks his wrist with scissors before using her Stand Justice, which takes the form of the fog itself, to make a hole from his wound. Justice then enters the wound to control Hol Horse's arm like a puppet and make him shoot himself with his own Emperor. Enya then set her sights on her next target, Polnareff who has become separated from the others.
Justice, Part 2
(正義(ジャスティス) その2 Jasutisu Sono 2)
Japan: July 11, 2014
United States of America: November 18, 2017
Episode 41.png
Polnareff has arrived in the main hall of the hotel, forcing Enya to hide Hol Horse before she can finish him off. Ensues an awkward conversation during which Polnareff tries to sympathize with Enya but unwittingly enrages her as he keeps mentioning her family whereas he recently killed J. Geil. Enya eventually becomes so enraged she drops the masquerade and attacks Polnareff, unleashing the townspeople revealed to be zombies Enya controls with her Stand. Polnareff must flee and hides in a bathroom again, but Enya baits him into looking at the keyhole. His tongue pierced by a zombie, Polnareff is forced to lick a bathroom until Jotaro comes in. Unlike Polnareff, Jotaro has suspected Enya since the beginning and tricks her into revealing herself. Enya is still confident, but Star Platinum then sucks Justice inside of its lungs, suffocating the old woman. The group has survived the night, but Hol Horse drives away with their car.
Lovers, Part 1
(恋人(ラバーズ) その1 Rabāzu Sono 1)
Japan: July 18, 2014
United States of America: December 2, 2017
Episode 42.png
The Joestar Group arrives in Karachi, Enya still unconscious with them. Feeling peckish, Joseph orders some kebabs from a street vendor, but gets scammed in the process. However, events take a dramatic turn when Enya wakes up and recognizes the kebab vendor to be Steely Dan, one of DIO's assassins. Steely Dan horribly kills Enya by activating a vampire spore DIO had put inside of her without her knowledge. Horrified, the group confronts him but Dan reveals that his Stand, Lovers, has infiltrated Joseph's brain and reflects the pain of any strike; moreover Lovers has taken a spore with him. Before Lovers can kill Joseph with another spore, the old man runs away with Polnareff and Kakyoin and finds a television set to look inside his brain while Polnareff and Kakyoin shrink their Stands to send them inside of him. For his part, Jotaro must obey Steely Dan's every order.
Lovers, Part 2
(恋人(ラバーズ) その2 Rabāzu Sono 2)
Japan: July 25, 2014
United States of America: December 9, 2017
Episode 43.png
Jotaro finds himself the temporary slave of Steely Dan. The assassin finds ever more inventive ways to humiliate Jotaro and even uses him as a scapegoat to steal some jewelry. Despite all that, Jotaro binds his time for the eventual revenge. Meanwhile, Silver Chariot and Hierophant Green have reached the brain. The Lovers proves itself a more formidable Stand than expected and uses flesh clones to confuse its foes. However, Hierophant Green deploys its tentacles to detect the real Lovers, which is wounded and flees. Jotaro sees Steely Dan's injury and understands that the tables have turned. Easily capturing The Lovers and stopping Steely Dan from taking a little girl hostage, Jotaro delivers his most violent beatdown yet to the enemy.
(太陽(サン) San)
Japan: August 1, 2014
United States of America: December 16, 2017
Episode 44.png
The Joestar Group reaches the United Arab Emirates. Planning to cross the Arabian desert, Joseph decides to use camels as transportation. Playing the expert, Joseph humiliates himself when he tries to teach the group to ride a camel. Departing into the desert, the group soon realizes that the Sun is still up despite their watch telling it's night time. The Sun above their head is revealed to be a fake Sun Stand, which is incredibly powerful and bombards the group with lasers. They are thus forced to hide under a rock and find the enemy while suffering the scorching heat of the Sun. Eventually, all but Joseph begin to madly laugh, but they then reassure the old man, having found the enemy who has been hiding behind a mirror. Jotaro then quickly throws a stone at the enemy and defeats him, revealing the night sky.
Death Thirteen, Part 1
(死神13(デスサーティーン) その1 Desu Sātīn Sono 1)
Japan: August 8, 2014
United States of America: January 6, 2018
Episode 45.png
Kakyoin finds himself in a strange theme park and is attacked by a new Stand: Death Thirteen. Woken up by Polnareff in the middle of the attack, Kakyoin cannot remember the dream he's just had. Already up, Joseph has decided to lend a plane to fly above the desert and accepts to take a seemingly sick baby with him. In the sky, Kakyoin and Polnareff fall asleep again and are attacked by Death Thirteen. Kakyoin tries to cut his arm, but the Stand explains that he can't force himself to wake up. However, he struggles so violently his actual body begins to disturb Joseph, causing a crash. As the group prepares to camp for the night, Kakyoin sees that the words "BABY STAND" have been cut on his arm, caused when he was dreaming. The young man begins to suspect the baby.
Death Thirteen, Part 2
(死神13(デスサーティーン) その2 Desu Sātīn Sono 2)
Japan: August 15, 2014
United States of America: January 13, 2018
Episode 46.png
When the baby stabs a scorpion that was approaching his basket, Kakyoin sees him and begins to accuse him of being an enemy. However, the group judges that Kakyoin is losing his mind and when he summons Hierophant Green, Polnareff knocks him down. Everyone eventually falls asleep and becomes the playthings of Death Thirteen who amuses himself at their expenses. However, Kakyoin comes in, having kept Hierophant Green because he fell unconscious having it out. Despite Death Thirteen's tricks, Hierophant Green invades the enemy Stand and forces its User to cancel the nightmare and heal his injuries. Nobody but Kakyoin remembers Death Thirteen, and the young man gets his revenge by forcing the baby to eat his own poop.
Judgement, Part 1
(審判(ジャッジメント) その1 Jajjimento Sono 1)
Japan: August 22, 2014
United States of America: January 20, 2018
Episode 47.png
The Joestar Group has reached the Red Sea. However, they take a detour to a lone island where Joseph visits an old man stated be Avdol's father. Reminded of his comrade, Polnareff then wanders alone, stumbling upon a lamp. The lamp contains a Stand named Judgement who plays the genie and grants the Frenchman three wishes. Enthusiastic, Polnareff asks for a treasure and then asks for his sister Sherry and for Avdol to come back from the dead. Judgement seemingly grants all three wishes, and Polnareff sees Sherry hiding in the high herb. Unfortunately, Sherry is revealed to be a golem made of earth that attacks Polnareff.
Judgement, Part 2
(審判(ジャッジメント) その2 Jajjimento Sono 2)
Japan: August 29, 2014
United States of America: January 27, 2018
Episode 48.png
Polnareff has been tricked by the Stand Judgement into wishing his sister Sherry to come back, but she is revealed to be a mere clay doll that attacks Polnareff. Soon Avdol's clay doll also comes to attack him. Unable to fight the golems resembling his loved ones and comrades, Polnareff lets himself at their mercy but the real Advol suddenly comes in and attacks with Magician's Red. Revealing that he merely faked his death in India, Avdol easily defeats Judgement and its hidden User. When the group gathers, Polnareff is shocked to learn that everyone knew about Avdol, just that they didn't trust him with the secret. Avdol reveals a submarine which he's bought and which will allow them to slip into Egypt undetected by the enemy.
High Priestess, Part 1
(女教皇(ハイプリエステス) その1 Hai Puriesutesu Sono 1)
Japan: September 5, 2014
United States of America: February 3, 2018
Episode 49.png
The group starts their underwater trip under the Red Sea. Joseph takes the opportunity to call Suzi Q to give news of him, although he pretends nothing is wrong and goads her into not checking up on Holy. Soon after, the group realizes an enemy Stand is among them: High Priestess, a Stand that can transform into any non-organic material, begins to attack the group. Even Jotaro has trouble dealing with her and she begins to destroy the submarine, threatening to imprison the heroes at the bottom of the sea. When Suzi Q calls again the submarine, Jotaro picks up the phone to reassure his grandmother before evacuating the submarine with the others.
High Priestess, Part 2
(女教皇(ハイプリエステス) その2 Hai Puriesutesu Sono 2)
Japan: September 12, 2014
United States of America: February 10, 2018
Episode 50.png
Under the Red Sea, the group is threatened when their submarine is sabotaged by High Priestess. The group uses the scuba equipment to evacue the sinking sub, harassed by High Priestess at the same time. Although they seemingly let it inside the submarine, High Priestess fuses with the ocean floor to become a giant head swallowing all the heroes. Fortunately, Jotaro's Star Platinum has finally a big enough target and smashes all of High Priestess' teeth, defeating its unseen User. The group has finally reached Egypt and prepares for the last stretch of their crusade.

Episode Title
"The Fool" Iggy and "Geb" N'Doul, Part 1
(「愚者(ザ・フール)」のイギーと「ゲブ神」のンドゥール その1 'Za Fūru' no Igī to 'Gebu-shin' no Ndūru Sono 1)
Japan: January 9, 2015
United States of America: February 17, 2018
Episode 51.png
Having reached Egypt, the group waits for a Speedwagon Foundation envoy, which arrives by helicopter to deliver supplies and a new "ally": an irreverent dog named Iggy whose Stand The Fool manipulates sand. The group also learns that 9 unknown Stand Users await them in Egypt, the first of which is trailing them. Despite his blindness, the Stand User named N'Doul is confident he can take the heroes on. After the departure of the Speedwagon Foundation, they find that the helicopter has crashed and that the pilots seemingly drowned. A new watery Stand attacks them and slashes Kakyoin's eyes. When they try to flee, the enemy Stand, Geb, destroys the car and everyone is thrown out, except Iggy who detected the attack thanks to his nose and got out beforehand.
"The Fool" Iggy and "Geb" N'Doul, Part 2
(「愚者(ザ・フール)」のイギーと「ゲブ神」のンドゥール その2 'Za Fūru' no Igī to 'Gebu-shin' no Ndūru Sono 2)
Japan: January 16, 2015
United States of America: February 24, 2018
Episode 52.png
The fight against Geb continues. The watery Stand can hide beneath the sand, but the group realizes that the User can only attacks those emitting noises. Avdol fails to bait Geb out and is defeated. Thus, Jotaro takes action and forces Iggy to stay with him, as he's noticed that Iggy's nose allowed him to detect the attack. Ensues a tense back and forth during which Jotaro uses Iggy to glide toward N'Doul while N'Doul relentlessly harasses Jotaro. The students nonetheless reaches his foe and wins a last Stand duel, but N'Doul commits suicide to prevent himself from revealing DIO's secret ability although he explains the Egypt 9 Glory Gods to him. Jotaro then buries N'Doul, honoring his strength and willpower.
"Khnum" Oingo and "Tohth" Boingo
(「クヌム神」のオインゴと「トト神」のボインゴ 'Kunumu-shin' no Oingo to 'Toto-shin' no Boingo)
Japan: January 23, 2015
United States of America: March 3, 2018
Episode 53.png
The group arrives in Aswan and put Kakyoin in the hospital, trailed by a strange duo. Oingo the big brother can transform into anyone while Boingo the little brother can predict the future with his comic book, Tohoth. Using Tohth to see the near future, the Oingo Boingo Brothers try to poison Jotaro, Joseph and Polnareff but fail to do so when Iggy causes a scene. Later, the Brothers predict that Jotaro will be killed by a bomb and thus Oingo tries to put a bomb inside of Joseph's car. However, he is surprised by Joseph and Polnareff and forced to fake being Jotaro riding toward the hospital with the bomb near him. Suspecting that he may be the one getting killed, Oingo must juggle between the bomb and the group's antics while trying not to raise suspicion. However, both brothers end up being taken out by the bomb and then beaten up by the men of a man they mugged earlier, with none of the heroes knowing about the attempts on their lives.
Anubis, Part 1
(「アヌビス神」その1 'Anubisu-shin' Sono 1)
Japan: January 30, 2015
United States of America: March 10, 2018
Episode 54.png
While Kakyoin must rest a few days in Aswan, the rest of the group go down the Nile, trailed by yet another enemy. This enemy is Anubis, a sentient sword Stand that brainwashes a local boy named Chaka into pursuing the heroes. In Kom Ombo, Chaka confronts Polnareff and a sworfight ensues, Chaka being an amateur but the powerful swords making him more than a match for the Frenchman. Polnareff closely wins by revealing his secret sword shooting technique. Taking the sword with him, he rejoins the group and later goes to the barber with Jotaro. Khan the barber ends up being brainwashed and attacks Polnareff.
Anubis, Part 2
(「アヌビス神」その2 'Anubisu-shin' Sono 2)
Japan: February 6, 2015
United States of America: March 17, 2018
Episode 55.png
The fight against Khan begins. Polnareff understands that the real enemy is the sword itself, but Anubis reveals that it learns from fighting his enemies continuously and thus effortlessly defeats Silver Chariot. Jotaro comes to the rescue and wins with difficulty but, by sheer bad luck, Polnareff ends up being controlled by Anubis. Forced to face a Silver Chariot/Anubis combination, Jotaro loses the swordfight, Anubis stabbing into Jotaro's guts, but the delinquent uses this opportunity to destroy the blade into tiny pieces. A last assassination attempt by Anubis is foiled thanks to Iggy, and the sword Stand finishes at the bottom of the Nile.
"Bastet" Mariah, Part 1
(「バステト女神」のマライア その1 'Basuteto-jōshin' no Maraiya Sono 1)
Japan: February 13, 2015
United States of America: March 24, 2018
Episode 56.png
Back in Aswan, Kakyoin receives the visit of doctors from the Speedwagon to heal his eyes faster. Meanwhile, the Joestar Group has reached Luxor. Momentarily isolated because he went to the bathroom, experiencing the peculiar dry toilets of Egypt, Joseph stumbles upon an electrical socket and touches it, getting shocked for his trouble. Unbeknownst to him, he's fallen under the spell of Mariah of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods and her Stand Bastet. The next day, Joseph realizes that he's been magnetized and all metallic objects now fly toward him. Because he woke up late, he is alone and meets Mariah whose wires entangle themselves inside an elevator's mechanism and threaten to crush his hands. Avdol comes in to save Joseph, but he too has been magnetized by Bastet. Trying to pursue Mariah, the duo realize that they are now stuck to each other.
"Bastet" Mariah, Part 2
(「バステト女神」のマライア その2 'Basuteto-jōshin' no Maraiya Sono 2)
Japan: February 20, 2015
United States of America: April 7, 2018
Episode 57.png
The fight against Mariah and Bastet continues. Joseph and Avdol have been magnetized and are now stuck to each other. While they try to separate themselves, the two end up getting in compromising positions and publicly humiliated. They ultimately manage to escape their predicament only to fall onto train tracks with a train approaching. Mariah has been observing them and revels in her impending victory as she assumes that they cannot escape the tracks nor would think of destroying them and endanger the passengers. But instead, Avdol digs a hole underneath the tracks, allowing the duo to survive the passage of the train and they confront Mariah who bombards them with nuts and bolts before she flees. Joseph and Avdol resume their chase, but the magnetism has grown to the point even cars are attracted to them. Despite surrounding her, Joseph and Avdol appear to be losing. However, the two them rush toward each other and return the magnetism against Mariah by crushing her under the mass of the metallic objects stuck to them. Meanwhile, Jotaro and Polnareff are trailed by another of DIO's goons, Alessi.
"Sethan" Alessi, Part 1
(「セト神」のアレッシー その1 'Seto-shin' no Aresshī Sono 1)
Japan: February 27, 2015
United States of America: April 14, 2018
Episode 58.png
Alessi of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods trails Polnareff and Jotaro, but Polnareff eventually notices the assassin. Confronting him alone, Polnareff seemingly gets the upper hand against Alessi's shadow Stand and pursues his enemy in the alleys of Luxor. However, Polnareff eventually notices that he's been de-aged into a child. As a child, Polnareff is much weaker and Alessi comes to attack. The young Silver Chariot isn't a match for Alessi's Stand, Sethan, but by chance, its sword hits Alessi's neck, forcing him to flee. The young Polnareff then meets a sympathetic woman mistaking him for a lost child and takes him into her home. The woman also cleans Polnareff, who enjoys himself. However, Alessi breaks into the house to attack them.
"Sethan" Alessi, Part 2
(「セト神」のアレッシー その2 'Seto-shin' no Aresshī Sono 2)
Japan: March 6, 2015
United States of America: April 21, 2018
Episode 59.png
Alessi makes the woman disappear and forces Polnareff into a bathtub full of water with the intent of drowning him. Like an impertinent child, Polnareff comes up with a plan and defecates to kick his feces into Alessi's face. Disgusted, Alessi lets go. Polnareff discovers with horror that the woman has been de-aged into a foetus that will soon die. Taking her with him, Polnareff takes refuges inside of a room without exits with Alessi forcing the door open with an axe. Polnareff cleverly uses a mirror plunged into an aquarium to create an unlikely hiding spot and attacks Alessi who falls down a window. Incidentally, Alessi meets Jotaro and de-ages him but even as a child, Jotaro is tough enough to beat him down. Taken out, Alessi's power is cancelled, allowing Jotaro and Polnareff to finish him up. The group finally gathers, and Joseph creates another spirit photography that shows DIO's lair.
D'Arby the Gambler, Part 1
(ダービー·ザ·ギャンブラー その1 Dābī za Gyanburā Sono 1)
Japan: March 13, 2015
United States of America: April 28, 2018
Episode 60.png
The group has arrived in Cairo. Having a photography of DIO's hiding place but unfamiliar with the building, the group asks for information across the city and finally meet a man that seems to know about the house; unfortunately the man asks them to bet for the information. Polnareff recklessly accepts to bet on which of two pieces of meat a nearby cat will take first and loses, and the man, named Daniel J. D'arby, steals Polnareff's soul with his Stand Osiris. D'Arby reveals himself to be working for DIO. The group is now forced to bet their souls to take back Polnareff and Joseph steps in. Joseph challenges D'Arby to put coins inside of a full glass to see whoever makes the glass overflow first. Although the old man does his best to destabilize D'Arby and cheat, D'Arby is the better cheater and tricks Joseph into miscalculating the number of coins he'd need to overflow the glass by slightly tilting it with a piece of chocolate that melted under the heavy sun. Joseph loses his soul and Jotaro must play, challenging to a game of poker.
D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2
(ダービー·ザ·ギャンブラー その2 Dābī za Gyanburā Sono 2)
Japan: March 20, 2015
United States of America: May 5, 2018
Episode 61.png
The game of poker between Jotaro and Daniel J. D'Arby begins. The gambler is confident in his skills and ability to cheat but underestimates Jotaro. Attempting a second dealing, D'Arby is easily spotted and Star Platinum breaks his finger. D'Arby is then forced to play seriously and the dealing is given to a seemingly unrelated child. However, the child and the entire bar is on D'Arby's payroll, allowing the gambler to win a first hand and half of Jotaro's soul. However in the second hand, Jotaro doesn't bother to look at his cards and outrageously raises the stake by betting Avdol's, Kakyoin's and even Holy's soul, psyching out D'Arby by showing that Star Platinum is faster than the eye can see and dealing a crushing psychological blow by demanding that D'Arby reveals the secret of DIO's Stand. Scared out of his mind, D'Arby folds and releases everyone. Jotaro's risky bluff has paid off.
Hol Horse and Boingo, Part 1
(ホル·ホースとボインゴ その1 Horu Hōsu to Boingo Sono 1)
Japan: March 27, 2015
United States of America: May 12, 2018
Episode 62.png
Hol Horse enters DIO's lair to report his mission to the Vampire, and is warned to kill the Joestar Group for good or die. Angered by DIO's cocky attitude, Hol Horse tries to shoot him from behind but DIO suddenly reappears behind him, impressed by the gunman's fighting spirit and letting him off the hook. Realising the gulf between them, Hol Horse is frightened into full loyalty for his master. Later, Hol Horse comes back to Cairo after a trip to Aswan to enlist Boingo. Skeptical about Tohth, he sees that a prediction about him kicking a woman and the woman then offering him some jewelry is true and he saves said woman from a scorpion on her neck. Hol Horse is thus convinced of Tohth's power. Trailing the Joestar Group, Hol Horse is outraged to learn that he supposed to put his fingers inside PoLnareff's nose to beat the heroes. The cowboy is then surprised by Polnareff while Boingo, hidden under a crate, cannot help. Cornered as Polnareff calls his companions, Hol Horse puts his fingers inside of Polnareff's nose as predicted.
Hol Horse and Boingo, Part 2
(ホル·ホースとボインゴ その2 Horu Hōsu to Boingo Sono 2)
Japan: April 3, 2015
United States of America: May 19, 2018
Episode 63.png
Hol Horse and Boingo's assassination attempt continues. After putting his fingers inside of Polnareff's nose, Hol Horse holds him at gunpoint and hides in a corner, forcing Polnareff to lie. The Frenchman does his best to tip his companions and then sneezes because of his irritated nose, uncovering Hol Horse. Although he is cornered, the group is too distracted by the enemy in front of them to avoid a car that crashes into them. Hol Horse hides again and consults Tohth only to see that at midday precisely, Jotaro will be filled with bullets. For his part, Jotaro is the first to get up. Pressed by the clock, Hol Horse shoots inside a pipe that leads to Jotaro's head but another of Polnareff's sneezes causes the student to back off, avoiding the bullets. Unable to believe the prediction was true, Hol Horse is also too distracted to see his bullets coming back at him and pierce through the image of Jotaro on the pages, hitting him. Hol Horse is retired. For his part, Boingo has learned from the experience but is defeated by Iggy.
The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 1
(地獄の門番 ペット·ショップ その1 Jigoku no Monban Petto Shoppu Sono 1)
Japan: April 10, 2015
United States of America: June 2, 2018
Episode 64.png
The Joestar Group is unable to pinpoint the location of DIO's hiding place and must resort to ask one of the beggars of Cairo, who are very familiar with the city, for help. They then notice that Iggy has wandered off again. By pure chance, Iggy stumbles upon DIO's Mansion and meets two large dogs that spot the shadow of a bird under the door and try to sneak in to eat it, only to get impaled by an ice spike. DIO's Mansion is guarded by Pet Shop, an evil falcon who can create ice. The ever vigilant falcon kills the beggar from earlier and begins to suspect Iggy who plays dumb. But when the young owner of the two dogs is threatened by Pet Shop, Iggy confronts the bird. Because Pet Shop can fly and bombards Iggy with ice, the dog is forced into a sewer, followed by the bird. Pet Shop is tricked into striking a sand clone and Iggy lands a hit on the bird, but it only makes it more serious.
The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 2
(地獄の門番 ペット·ショップ その2 Jigoku no Monban Petto Shoppu Sono 2)
Japan: April 17, 2015
United States of America: June 9, 2018
Episode 65.png
Injured, the evil guard falcon Pet Shop unleashes the full power of his ice Stand Horus. In the humid sewer, Pet Shop gains the advantage and traps Iggy with a fast ice creation, forcing the dog to tear off his paw. Pursued into the Nile, Iggy dives at the bottom of the river to hide, but Pet Shop's falcon consitution allows it to swim. It eventually spots the small sand dome Iggy has created as a shelter and tries to bury it in ice. When Iggy tries to dig deeper, he sees that Pet Shop has outmaneuvered him, preparing to spit an ice spike. As a last resort, Iggy leaps at Pet Shop and bites his beak, the ice spike then killing Pet Shop. The sand dome colllapses and Iggy almost drowns, but he is saved by the boy he saved earlier. Found by Kakyoin and taken care of, Iggy regroups with the Joestar and leads them to DIO's Mansion.
D'Arby the Player, Part 1
(ダービー·ザ·プレイヤー その1 Dābī za Pureiyā Sono 1)
Japan: April 24, 2015
United States of America: June 16, 2018
Episode 66.png
The Joestar Group has finally found DIO's Mansion. Trying to sneak in, the group is welcomed by the mansion's butler, Telence T. D'Arby, the little brother of Daniel. Telence reveals his Stand Atum, which is similar to Osiris, and manages to guess where Jotaro's Star Platinum will hit and avoids it, gripping Jotaro's soul with his hand. A black hole appears in which D'Arby drags Jotaro, but also Joseph and Kakyoin. The trio find themselves on an island in the middle of the water, where D'Arby presents them with a collection of soul-infused dolls he created from his victims and challenges them to a video game. Kakyoin comes first and challenges D'Arby to a game of F-Mega. The video game session begins. Rusty, Kakyoin loses the lead to Telence T. D'Arby at the beginning but resorts to spin his car to make both cars crash, making things even. Kakyoin and D'Arby are near equals and manage to avoid the many obstacles on their paths.
D'Arby the Player, Part 2
(ダービー·ザ·プレイヤー その2 Dābī za Pureiyā Sono 2)
Japan: May 1, 2015
United States of America: June 23, 2018
Episode 67.png
At a critical point of the track, Kakyoin tries to send D'Arby's car flying but the gamer uses the impact to take a huge shortcut on the tracks. Acknowledging his loss, Kakyoin loses his soul. Jotaro then comes in and challenges D'Arby to a game of "Oh! That's A Baseball!" Jotaro has no experience but is gifted with the game and snatches the first points, but D'Arby decides to use Atum's power. Reading into Jotaro's soul, D'Arby can now guess his next moves and takes the advantage, but then Jotaro decides to declare his pitches.
The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice, Part 1
(亜空の瘴気 ヴァニラ·アイス その1 Akū no Shōki Vanira Aisu Sono 1)
Japan: May 8, 2015
United States of America: June 30, 2018
Episode 68.png
The video game session continues. Telence is in the lead, but when Jotaro begins to declare his pitches, Telence realizes that although Jotaro's soul seemingly tells the truth, the throws are entirely different. Unable to find how Jotaro is cheating, Telence loses his cool and accidentally release Kakyoin before discovering that Joseph has been playing in Jotaro's stead with Hermit Purple. Defeated, Telence is pummeled into the sky, revealing that it was only a fake. Meanwhile, DIO sends his most valuable subordinate Vanilla Ice to kill the Joestar Group. For their part, Avdol, Polnareff and Iggy begin to investigate the mansion, taking out a Stand User responsible for creating illusions. Vanilla Ice ambushes the group and Avdol puts himself in harm's way, saving his companions but getting disintegrated by Vanilla Ice's ability: Cream.
The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice, Part 2
(亜空の瘴気 ヴァニラ·アイス その2 Akū no Shōki Vanira Aisu Sono 2)
Japan: May 15, 2015
United States of America: July 7, 2018
Episode 69.png
The fight against Vanilla Ice begins. The enemy Stand User is challenged by Polnareff and Iggy, but Vanilla Ice can hide inside of Cream's mouth, creating an invisible floating sphere of destruction. Polnareff and Iggy are chased up to the art gallery on the second floor where Vanilla Ice ambushes Polnareff and takes out his foot. When Vanilla Ice gets out, he is greeted by a DIO sand clone courtesy of Iggy but sees through the trick, uncovering Polnareff and Iggy and violently beating down the dog for daring imitate his master's likeness. Polnareff sends Silver Chariot to save Iggy and uses the scattered sand to detect Vanilla Ice, attacking him when he peeks out of Cream. Despite the sword in his mouth, the enemy refuses to die and takes a chunk of Polnareff's leg, immobilizing him. Cream begins to circle around the art gallery, threatening to reach Polnareff who cannot move. Finding no escape, Polnareff salutes Iggy one last time.
The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice, Part 3
(亜空の瘴気 ヴァニラ·アイス その3 Akū no Shōki Vanira Aisu Sono 3)
Japan: May 22, 2015
United States of America: July 14, 2018
Episode 70.png
The fight against Vanilla Ice continues. Against common sense, Polnareff has been saved by Iggy, who's spent the last of his strength to lift him in the air with his sand. Iggy expires from his wounds. Vanilla Ice is taken by surprise and Polnareff deals a decisive flurry of stabs. Although Vanilla Ice stands back up, Polnareff guesses that he's been transformed into a Vampire and cuts the wall, letting the sun in. Vanilla Ice is finally defeated and Polnareff mourns his fallen comrades. Meanwhile in Japan, Suzi Q has decided to visit her daugher Holy. Sitting by her side, Suzi fully trusts Joseph and Jotaro to save the day. Back in DIO's Mansion, Jotaro defeats a Vampire by the name of Nukesaku while Polnareff mends his wounds and finally meets DIO.
DIO's World, Part 1
(DIOの世界 その1 DIO no Sekai Sono 1)
Japan: May 29, 2015
United States of America: July 21, 2018
Episode 71.png
The final battle begins. DIO confronts Polnareff and tries to charm him to his side and when Polnareff resists the temptation, decides to intimidate him by randomly "teleporting" him. Confused, Polnareff summons Silver Chariot and DIO summons his Stand, The World. However, the rest of the Joestar Group barges in through a wall, forcing DIO to retreat in the shadows away from the sun rays. Bringing Nukesaku out of a bag, the heroes force him to lead them to DIO's chamber, in which stands a coffin that Nukesaku opens only to find himself cut into pieces inside the same coffin. Feeling an impending attack, the group jumps out of a window, witnessing the sun disappearing into the horizon. DIO's hour of power has come. Jotaro and Polnareff stay hidden in ambush while Joseph and Kakyoin are pursued by the Vampire. Using a carjacked limousine, DIO fights Hierophant Green while Kakyoin closely studies The World's abilities. DIO finally throws his driver at the two's truck, causing it to crash. For their part, Kakyoin and Joseph take to the roofs of Cairo and Kakyoin concocts a plan to reveal The World's real power.
DIO's World, Part 2
(DIOの世界 その2 DIO no Sekai Sono 2)
Japan: June 5, 2015
United States of America: July 28, 2018
Episode 72.png
The final battle continues. DIO jumps up to Cairo's roofs, pursuing Joseph and Kakyoin, the latter of which remembers his lonely past. Kakyoin thus reuses the real form of Hierophant Green. DIO then finds himself ambushed by Hierophant Green, having become a network of tentacles shooting at him from all directions, and Kakyoin planning to force DIO to reveal his ability. Suddenly, DIO disappears and Kakyoin is sent flying. Agonizing because of the hole in his stomach, the student understands DIO's power but can only signal a clue by shooting at a clock tower nearby. As he flees, Joseph finally understands that DIO can stop time. Unfazed by Joseph's discovery, DIO simply overpowers him and Joseph falls down to the streets, incidentally meeting Jotaro. As the old man warns him, DIO stops time and throws a knife at his throat, taking him down. Angered, Jotaro brings out Star Platinum and confronts DIO head on.
DIO's World, Part 3
(DIOの世界 その3 DIO no Sekai Sono 3)
Japan: June 12, 2015
United States of America: August 4, 2018
Episode 73.png
The battle between Jotaro and DIO continues. Star Platinum has a slight advantage in strength, but DIO's superior skill prevails. Satisfied of his demonstration of power, DIO stops time, only to see Jotaro move his finger. Disturbed and then happy to see that Jotaro has used magnets to move in the stopped time, DIO comes near to strike Jotaro but the student reveals that he is really able to briefly move during the stopped time, Star Platinum punching through the Vampire. DIO heals by sucking the blood of a civilian and decides to surround Jotaro with knives which strike true despite Star Platinum's efforts to deflect them. Jotaro is down but still conscious. However, DIO is wary and tries to gauge whether Jotaro is alive or not. When the Vampire counters a foolish ambush attempt by Polnareff, Jotaro must move a bit to deflect DIO's attention off the Frenchman. Jotaro is forced to stop his hearbeat to a dangerous length to fool the Vampire but manages to restart his heart and, as DIO approached again, hits him in the head. Star Platinum pummels DIO but the Vampire has tricked Jotaro into sending him toward Joseph. Sucking the old man's blood, DIO has not only healed, but gained in power.
The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends
(遥かなる旅路 さらば友よ Haruka naru Tabiji Saraba Tomo yo)
Japan: June 19, 2015
United States of America: August 11, 2018
Episode 74.png
The battle between Jotaro and DIO continues. Having sucked Joestar blood, DIO is now fully synched with his body and with this comes a better mastery of his time stop ability. Jotaro tries to resume the battle, but DIO can now stop time up to nine seconds. Elated, DIO kicks Jotaro into a nearby bridge and deals a finishing blow by trying to crush him beneath a road roller. However, at the last moment, Jotaro unlocks his own time stop power. DIO is taken by surprise and after a final back and forth, is truly defeated. Later, Jotaro revives Joseph who uses the occasion to enact a prank in bad taste. When the sun rises, DIO's body is exposed to the sun and disintegrates, ending his life. At the same time, Holy's curse is lifted. Jotaro, Joseph and Polnareff see each other off, Polnareff returning to France while Jotaro and Joseph fly back to Tokyo to meet Holy and Suzi Q. The adventure has ended.


Network Air Time
Tokyo MX Fridays at 24:30
MBS Tuesdays at 27:00
CBC Wednesdays at 27:01
TBC Tuesdays at 25:48
RKB Tuesdays at 26:13
BS11 Fridays at 24:30
Animax Saturdays at 20:00
Crunchyroll 1 Hour after Japan
Toonami Sundays at 00:00 (Officially Saturday)



Departure OST.jpg
O.S.T Vol. 1
23 tracks
Yugo Kanno
O.S.T Vol. 2
13 tracks
Yugo Kanno
O.S.T Vol. 3
27 tracks
Yugo Kanno
Destination OST.jpg
O.S.T Vol. 4
20 tracks
Yugo Kanno

Opening themes

Ending themes

Jojo ED2.jpg
Ending 1
Walk Like an Egyptian
The Bangles
Jojo lasttrainhome.jpg
Ending 2
Last Train Home
Pat Metheny Group
JoJo ED4.jpg
Ending 3
Makoto Yasumura, Motoko Kumai & Hidenobu Kiuchi



  • Reflecting Araki's gradual change of art style in the original manga, season two features different character designs from those of the first season. Here the character designs are much closer to the manga's Part 3 artstyle.
  • Prior to Season Two, the last episode of Season One showed Jotaro with a blue and purple color scheme. The reveal poster, however, featured a black and purple color scheme, before it was finalized to black and green for the anime.
  • Unlike the first episode of Season One, Season Two didn't have a proper ending until its third episode, where Walk Like an Egyptian premièred as this season's ending theme.
  • The Stardust Crusaders arc was separated into 2 parts:
  • Stardust Crusaders's English dub departs away from the regional accents featured in the first season's dub.
  • Twelve voice actors who have done past JoJo works before this anime make a return, with five of them reprising their roles;
    • Toru Okawa, voice actor of Joseph Joestar in the Capcom game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future and Weather Report in All Star Battle, reprises his role of the narrator from Season One.
    • Takehito Koyasu returns as Dio after last appearing in episode 9 of the first season and voicing both incarnations of Dio in All Star Battle.
    • Daisuke Ono joins the cast reprising his role as Jotaro Kujo after voicing him in All Star Battle.
    • Unsho Ishizuka, who previously voiced Devo in All Star Battle voices Joseph Joestar.
    • As Shigekiyo Yangu, a character from Part 4 who also appears as a fighter in All Star Battle, doesn't appear in Stardust Crusaders, Kappei Yamaguchi instead lends his voice to Forever.
    • Hidenobu Kiuchi, who provided various voices in the Part 5 video game adaptation, voices Hol Horse.
    • The voice of Whitesnake and C-Moon in All Star Battle, Takuya Kirimoto, voices J. Geil.
    • Aya Hisakawa, formerly voiced Erina Pendleton in the Phantom Blood video game, is the voice of Midler.
    • Guido Mista's voice actor in the Part 5 video game, Kentaro Ito, now voices N'Doul.
    • Speedwagon's past voice actor in the PS2 Game, Masaya Onosaka, voices the role of Alessi.
    • Junichi Suwabe returns from voicing Telence T. D'arby in All Star Battle.
    • All Star Battle Enrico Pucci's voice actor, Sho Hayami, reprises his role of Vanilla Ice from Heritage for the Future.
  • Out of all the seasons, Stardust Crusaders is, by far, the only season that does not reuse any tracks from previous soundtracks.

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