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Anime Production Timeline

This gallery is for archiving images that currently don't belong on the main wiki but may be used to create new pages in the future. I also use it to host personal artwork and edits.

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Guest Art

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Link to this section 110
A 2D artist and 3D animator. Not sure who they are, but they seem to be an animator. Note that the genga below isn't actually from the anime.
Link to this section Kenichiro Aoki
Kenichiro Aoki (青木 健一郎) Male.png is a Japanese animator and animation director from J.C.Staff who is most known for working on the second season of One-Punch Man.
Link to this section Gosho Aoyama
Gosho Aoyama (青山 剛昌 Aoyama Gōshō) Male.png is a Japanese manga artist and the author of Detective Conan. In Volume 101 of Detective Conan, Aoyama featured Rohan Kishibe in his "Detective Picture Book" along with a recommendation to read Millionaire Village.

Araki was later asked about this in Kono Mystery ga Sugoi!, as Aoyama was a previous guest in the magazine. In the next volume of Detective Conan, Gosho drew Seiko Fuji from the manga Police in a Pod. He also drew Revy in a collaboration with the manga Black Lagoon.

Detective Conan Volume 101 - Detective Picture Book
Aoyama Rohan.png
Let me introduce Rohan Kishibe, the most unique of all famous detectives! Rohan is a super popular manga artist with a series in the Shonen Jump magazine. He’s also an eccentric who devotes his entire life to manga! He trains his body for this sole purpose, waking up in the morning to do finger exercises, and immersing himself in his work with an almost inhuman degree of skill. Also, he’s unable to control his curiosity when something catches his eye, which often leads to him getting involved in bizarre cases.

During these bizarre cases, he calls himself forth to investigate with the help of “Heaven’s Door,” which has the special ability to read a person’s life like a book. In addition, he uses his intellect and tremendous self-confidence to get to the bottom of the mystery. Despite this, he seems more focused on his manga rather than solving the actual case… By the way, according to the author, Hirohiko Araki, Rohan Kishibe is his “ideal vision of a manga artist.” If I could use Heaven’s Door, I’d like to take a peek inside of Rohan… (laughs)

(My recommendation is…”Millionaire Village“)
—Gosho Aoyama
変わり者揃いの名探偵の中でも異色中の異色、岸辺露伴を紹介しよう!少年誌で連載を持つ大人気漫画家。 漫画のために生活の全てを捧げる変人!で、そのために体を鍛え、朝起きたら指の準備体操、人間離れしたパンさばきで制作に没頭する。 一方、興味深い出せ来事には好奇心を抑えられず、取材と称しては、奇怪な事件に巻き込まれるそんな彼の助けとなるのが、人の人生を本のように読む事ができる特殊能力「ヘブンスドアー」。 加えて持ち前の知力、絶大なる自信で、謎の真相に迫っていく。とはいえ、彼が本当に興味があるのは事件解決より、面白い漫画を描く事だけなのである…ちなみに作者・荒木飛呂彦によれば、岸辺露伴は「漫画家としての理想の姿」だそうだ。もしも私にヘブンズ・ドアーが使えたら、露伴先生を覗いてみたい… (笑) (私のオススメは「富豪村」)
—Gosho Aoyama
Link to this section Aruko
Ore Monogatari Collab 2013.jpg

Aruko (アルコ) Female.png is a Japanese manga artist and the artist for My Love Story!! written by Kazune Kawahara.

In 2013, there was a collaboration between the manga My Love Story!! and JoJolion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the manga Bessatsu Margaret. The collab featured original illustrations of protagonists Takeo Goda and Rinko Yamato dressed up as Josuke Higashikata and Yasuho Hirose. From December 16, 2013 to February 7, 2014, a huge display was put up in front of the Shueisha Jinbocho building in Tokyo showcasing these illustrations. Small cards featuring these illustrations were also given out to those who purchased Volume 5 of My Love Story!!, which released on February 25, 2014.[21]

Link to this section Ashima Astra
Ashima Astra (アストラ 芦魔) is a Japanese manga artist and the author of Teach Me! Mr. Sabbath. Their favourite character is Yuya Fungami.
Link to this section Bengus
Bengus (べんがす) Male.png is a Japanese illustrator, character designer, and game creator. He is known for being one of Capcom's most famous main designers and has worked heavily on series like Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Marvel vs. Capcom.

Bengus was also responsible for illustrating various character artwork that was used in flyers promoting the game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future.[22]

Link to this section Betten Court
Betten Court (別天 荒人) Male.png is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator. He is currently best known as the illustrator for the My Hero Academia spin-off series, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.
Link to this section Butch Hartman
Butch Hartman Male.png is an American animator, writer, producer, and director. They are best known for creating The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom.[23]
Link to this section Nanae Chrono
Nanae Chrono (黒乃 奈々絵 Kurono Nanae) Female.png is a Japanese manga artist and the author of Peace Maker.[24]
Link to this section Dowman Sayman
Dowman Sayman (黒乃 奈々絵 Kurono Nanae) Male.png is a Japanese manga artist and the author of Nickelodeon.
Link to this section Dragon Garow Lee
Dragon Garow Lee (ドラゴン画廊・リー Doragon Garō Rī) Male.png is a Japanese manga artist and popular illustrator known for imitating the style of other artists. He also drew an official Dragon Ball spin-off titled Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha.
Link to this section Falcoon

Tatsuhiko Kanaoka (金岡 建彥), better known by his pen name Falcoon (ファルコン Farukon), is a freelance Japanese illustrator and character designer. He was one of the main artists for The King of Fighters series by SNK.

After graduating from Kyoto Seika University, Falcoon started as a fan-artist doing renditions various fighting game series, such as The King of Fighters, Tekken, Guilty Gear Street Fighter, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.[27][28] Falcoon amassed such a following with his fan-art that SNK took notice and hired him as a card designer for SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash in 1998.[29]

Link to this section Fenyo_N
Fenyo_N (ふぇにょん) Male.png is a Japanese artist and animator who works in the promotional arts department of Shueisha. He is most known for his illustrations in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. He is also a big fan of Dragon Ball.
Link to this section Ryo Imamura
Ryo Imamura (今村 亮) Male.png is a Japanese key animator and character designer. He has worked on shows like Bakemonogatari and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
Link to this section Mamoru Yokota
Mamoru Yokota and Junichi Hayama.

Mamoru Yokota (横田 守) Male.png is a Japanese illustrator, animation director and character designer who is most known for working on Naruto Shippuden and Death Note.

He is also good friends with Junichi Hayama.


Link to this section Sakura
A Japanese animator. They like Kaiji.
Link to this section Hajime Isayama
Isayama with a Moody Blues clock on his desk.

Hajime Isayama (諫山 創) Male.png is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator. He is best known as the illustrator of the manga Attack on Titan.

JoJo was his favourite manga all throughout elementary school, middle school and high school. Both him and Araki participated in the To Love-Ru 10th Anniversary Book.

Link to this section Toshio Sako
Toshio Sako with Hirohiko Araki

Toshio Sako (迫 稔雄) Male.png is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator. He is best known as the illustrator of the manga Usogui and Batuque.

Link to this section Kohaku Kuroboshi
Kohaku Kuroboshi (黒星 紅白) Male.png is a Japanese illustrator and character designer. He has done illustrations for various mobile games and visual novels, including Fate/Grand Order, Summon Night and Azur Lane.
Link to this section K-Suwabe
A Japanese video game illustrator and artist. He has done illustrations for various gacha mobile games, including Fate/Grand Order and Identity V.
Link to this section Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Stanley Lau, also known as Artgerm, is an illustrator, designer, and concept artist from Hong Kong. He has done artwork for various video game and comic book companies, including Capcom, DC Comics, and Square Enix. Most notably, Lau is the lead artist for the games Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition and Darkstalkers Resurrection.
Link to this section Tana-Taka
A Japanese illustrator who draws art for various fighting game events, including EVO.
Link to this section Kano Sisters
Kano Sisters JoJo Exibition.jpg

Kyoko Kano (叶 恭子) Female.png and Mika Kano (叶 美香) Female.png, also known as the Kano Sisters, are a duo of Japanese celebrities.

Both sisters are JoJo fans and post various cosplay on their official Instagram. The pair also keep their JoJo merch in luxuary Louis Vuitton cases estimated to be worth ¥1,000,000.

Mika convinced her older sister, Kyoko, to get into the series by holding a big "JoJo watch party" for the second seasons of the anime. Afterwards, Kyoko got hooked on the series, going back and watching the first season, and then watching the fourth as it aired on TV.

Kyoka notes that she needed to wear a chest binder to hide her bust while cosplaying male characters, revealing in a blog post that it was so painful that she could only wear it for about 8 minutes.


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Nothing lasts forever.
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Link to this section Hop Step Awards (September 1992)
Chapter 283




Josuke Jotaro - Hop Step 1992.png
Link to this section Hop Step Awards (February 1996)
Chapter 445

Q. キャラクターの顔は描けるのですが体を描くのが超善手な僕…。写真集を見ながら描いたりしてるんですが、動きや迫力のあるシーンなどはまるでダメ。荒木先生、助けて下さい。

A. 絵については、もう本当に描いて描いて描きまくるしかないと思います。どこからの視点でも人物をきちんと描けるようなデッサンカかつけば進歩は早いのではないでしょうか。動きや迫力のあるシーンについても、きちんとしたデッサンカがなければ、望むべくもありません。とにかくふだんから人をよく観察し、立体的に入物をとらえる練習を積みましょう。あとは努力とセンスしだい!

Chapter 446

Q. アシスタント志望なのですが、先生はアシスタント経験がありますか!? また、アシスタントは給切り前になると、とても忙しくて寝る間もない、という話をよく聞きます。アシスタントの生活の実際、利点などを教えて下さい。

A. 私自身は、手伝い程度のアシスタント経験しかありません。現在の私のアシスタント事時は安定していて、休みは多いし肉本的にもきつくありません。締切り直前ででも徹夜はしません。蓄のアシスタントのイメージとはかなり違います。アシスタントの利点と言えば、最も大きいのが作家の技術を学べる事。空いた時間に自分の作器を描きながら、プロのテクニックを盗む事ができるのです!

Chapter 447

Q. ホップ☆ステップに応募しようと思っているのですが、描き始めると途中で他の作品が描きたくなってしまいなかなかー本の作品になりません。悩んでいます。何か良いアドバイスを下さい。

A. 作品を描いてい他のものを描きたくなるというのは、テーマが弱い——もしくはテーマがないという事でしょう。自分の作品を通じて「これを言いたい!」というものがないのです。それを打開するには、まずは魅力的な主人公のキャラを考えましょう。「こんな奴がいたらいいなあ」と、描く本人が思えるキャラを創造するのです。それから、原稿を描き始めたら迷いは捨てよう!

Chapter 448

Q. 漫画を描きたいのですが、ネタがありません。映画などもできるだけ観るようにしているのですが、なかなか…。先生のキャラやネタはどのように生まれるのでしようか?教えて下さい

A. ネタがないので映画を観る、という発想自体が間違っていると思います。私のように、「映画が好きでたまらない!」と思えるくらいになりましょう。映画に限らす、面白そうな本やイベントがあれば何にでも飛び付かなければ、新しいアイデアは生まれません。キャラクターの作り方は、まずは実生活を中心に。自分自身や友達をよく観察し、それをモデルに肉付けしていくのが近道でしょう。
Link to this section Feelin' JOJO Vol. 3-5
Q: Who would win in a Stand battle? Gold Experience vs. Moody Blues

A: Neither of them are direct damage Stands, per se. But creating piranhas could give Gold Experience the advantage. Lastly, Gold Experience could probably win using its "Muda Muda Muda!" attack.

WINNER: Gold Experience (Probably?)

Q: Who would win in a Stand battle? Sex Pistols vs. Aerosmith

A: In a close-range fight, Aerosmith's firepower and Sex Pistols's rate of fire are evenly matched. However, when it comes to a long-distance fight, Sex Pistols's decision making puts it at an advantage.

WINNER: Sex Pistols

Q: Who would win in a Stand battle? Sticky Fingers vs. Purple Haze

A: Purple Hazes's deadly virus is certainty terrifying. However, Sticky Fingers has a massive speed advantage and could easily unzip Purple Hazes's arms to neutralize its virus attacks.

WINNER: Sticky Fingers

[Translated by Morganstedmanms)]
Link to this section Capcom Staff Messages

Q1 『ジョジョの商妙な冒険」のゲーム制作にあたり、あなたが担当した仕事は何ですか?
Q2 今だから話せる失敗膜、開発中のエピソードなどを教えてドさい。
Q3 「こんなスタンドがいたらなあ。」あなたがほしいスタンドはどんなスタンド?
Q4 プレイヤーの人達に何かメッセージをお願いします。

A1 魔術師両方、セト神両方、世界のスタンド。その他なんかやった気が。
A2 UP後、イタリアへ自由旅行。サルディニア島以外のJoJoにゆかりの地を訪れて、大満足。
A3 時間旅行のスタンド。テノチティトランやアノマロカリスを見たい。名前は「インカンテーション」。
A4 挑究しまくりファイトで、精神的ダメージ優先で闘うのがJoJo的かと思われますが。

A1 効果音。ポイスの編集。その他音関係のおしごと。
A2 企画のおばーん!JOJOのコミックスを返してくれたまい。
A3 時間を止めてみんなが考えてるような事をするのさっず。
A4 みなさん、それぞれ声や効果音を原作からイメージされていたと思いますが、いかがでしょうか?

Yuko T.
A2 本体とスタンドのイメージが異なるキャラクターを、どうやって表現したらいいのか悩みました。
A3 第4章に出てくるお料理のスタンド。わたしの頑固な肩こりを直してほしい…。
A4 ジョジョの世界を堪能していただけたら幸しいです。

A1 CP-SYSTEMIの基本システム全般。あとE原院とイギーのプログラム。
A2 ロケテストでDIO様の選択ワクを出してしまったのは私です。
A3 トレーディングカードの袋の中身を透視してくれるスタンド。
A4 花京院は色々苦労したかいあって、おもしろ技がそろってますので、ぜひ使ってやって下さい。

A1 COMルーチン全般とゲームまわりの企画をいくつか。
A2 緒けで負けてロケテスト前に3日間断食した。一瞬やせたがすぐ戻った。
A3 寝なくても疲れないスタンド。食べても太らないスタンド。
A4 COM戦で腕を磨いた後は、対戦で己を語け!

A1 各キャラクターイラスト。元絵を使用してのデザイン)タイトルロゴ、本誌の表紙。
A2 どのポーズを使う?かっこいいポーズはどれや?どれや…あっ!と気がつくと読んでいることが。(笑)
A3 やはり何でも言うコト聞いてくれる、都合のいいヤツでしょうか。
A4 指からケムリが出るほどに、そしてあなたの背後にスタンドの幻影を見るまで?やり込んで下さい。

A1 ゲーム企画。技のアイデアなどは特に苦労しましたねえ〜。あと全キャラの調整をするのはたいへん!
A2 技名はほとんど「いきおい」で決めてしまいました!
A3 空を飛べるスタンド。それで充分ですね!単純かな?
A4 スタンドの性能には多くの秘密、可能性を入れてます。じっくり楽しんでかわいがってください!

A1 ステージの背景と火と水とのと女と顔の黒い人のプログラム。
A2 大阪のロケテストで何度も乱入して、その度ズタボロにされた事。
A3 朝、起こしてくれるスタンド。
A4 どのキャラもそれぞれ味が全然違っていて、おもしろいのでみんなで遊んで下さい。

A1 飛行機、田舎町、カイロ市街。(師匠)
A2 井○洋介名人も波紋使いなんだよね。(師匠)
A3 くつ屋の小人で決まりでしょう。(師匠)
A4 あの会社じゃないよ。カプコンが作ったのさ。(師匠)

A1 シークレットファイルの3ベージ目のレイアウト。
A2 何度戦しても、ンドゥールには勝てませんでした。
A3 会社までワープで送ってくれるスタンド。
A4 ぜひ遊んでね。

A1 (中):ステージ6つとデモ関係。
A2 (中):修羅場中、切れてあばれた。
A3 (中):キラークイーン。自分以外全員死亡。
A4 (森):パールジャム。おいしくて肩こりもとれるから。

BALL BOY(代表にて)
A1 ジョセフ、水使い、死神13番、デビル(少々)、ミドラー(少々)、ヴァニラ(少々)、影の吸血鬼少々)他。
A2 某水使いキャラは、最初プレーヤーキャラだったので、通常技や必殺技が作られてありました。
A3 有名猫形ロボットのひみつ道具、ど○でOドアのような能力を持つスタンドがあったらいいですね。
A4 「次にお前は○○と言う」と挑発されたときは、自分もスタートボタンを押して挑発し返してあげて下さい。

Link to this section Baoh comments
漫画家 寺沢 武一









○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

作家 夢枕 獏




Link to this section JOJOVELLER Stand translations
King Crimson is a powerful close-range Stand that has the ability to erase time from the world. It can erase time for up to ten seconds, during which only it can move freely. However, its weakness lies in its short range and brief duration. Because of this, fearing that others might reveal his true identity, Diavolo prefers to use it to fight one-on-one rather than against groups of opponents.

As Diavolo is the only one aware of the erased time, the process of any action appears to vanish, and only the results remain. In the world of erased time, any action aside from using King Crimson becomes meaningless; even if Diavolo is attacked at close range or caught by some strange technique, erasing time will render the opponent's actions powerless.

King Crimson's second face on its forehead, Epitaph, allows it to see tens of seconds into the future. These precognitions appear as images, similar to watching TV. With this, Diavolo can see beyond the erased time, and anything that appears in the precognition cannot be changed. By seeing the trajectory of his opponent's actions, Diavolo is able to avoid all incoming attacks. However, because he can't anticipate what kind of future he'll see, Diavolo is often surprised by his own precognitions. It's impossible to change the future, so if Diavolo sees precognition that ends up bad for him, all he can do is prepare for it.

The Ultimate Stand That Nullfies All! After vanquishing Polnareff's Requiem, Giorno takes hold of the arrow and manifests his own using Gold Experience. It can nullify the actions and will of whoever opposes it. Furthermore, its attack power far exceeds any Stand thus far, making it the "Ultimate Stand." Those beaten by Requiem also have their deaths nullified, causing them to die over and over again. It's because of this that Diavolo--who trusted his precognition and attacked--was forced to suffer a perpetual death.

In the presence of Requiem, the will of any opponent is rendered powerless. The results of their actions will never come to be. Upon being pierced by the arrow, Gold Experience's abilities were greatly enhanced, increasing its power and speed. The devastating power of its attacks was even enough to wound King Crimson. Enhanced by the arrow, the abilities of Requiem cannot be measured in comparison to any existing Stand. The ability to nullify all is a power that not even its user, Giorno, is fully aware of.

Out of all the Stands DIO witnessed, this one is said to be the weakest. However, Pucci thought it might come in use, so he took it from him. When someone is angered, weak electrical signals travel through the nervous system into the ground. That electricity is then turned into a Stand. Those exposed to this electricity have their fighting instincts activated, which causes them to become "enraged". Those who are enraged will continue to fight and kill each other until they themselves are killed.

An automatic tracking Stand that, once ordered by the user, uses saliva to dissolve parts of the target. This ranges from using mosquitoes as carriers to dispersing the saliva using static electricity. However, as long as more than one person is observing it, the Stand acts like a loyal servant following every command. Despite being an automatic tracking Stand, it has a very distinguished personality. 

A Stand designed to "lock" anyone who tries to touch the bars or walls beyond the visiting room in an attempt to escape the prison. A person who is locked can only remember three things, and if they remember a fourth, they immediately forget the first. This means that if they were shot at by more than four bullets, they would not be able to evade them all. However, all the memories prior to being locked remain.

Made in Heaven is the perfected form of Pucci's ability, which can accelerate time. By utilizing gravitational forces, it can gradually speed up the flow of time for everything in the universe⁠—except for living things, which can't go at the same speed. The only ones who can move freely in the accelerated world are it and the user.

When time reaches a point where it can no longer accelerate, the universe will loop back on itself, and a new history will begin. Only those living can make it through the loop into the new world. While attempting to sever his fate, Pucci was able to stop the acceleration just before reaching the point where it began.
Link to this section Yoshihiro Togashi’s Exhibition
Araki Yusuke YYH.jpg
In my way of thinking, a hero is usually drawn as a far-off, idealistic figure. On the other hand, the heroes that Togashi-sensei draws are truly like friends right by your side. Or like a big brother who’s close to you, it’s realistic. I thought, “These are the best characters that I’ve read.” I’m filled with great pride that we were able to write within Shonen Jump during the same period.

“EXHIBITION TOGASHI YOSHIHIRO -PUZZLE-”, I celebrate you from the bottom of my heart. Congratulations.

--Hirohiko Araki, October 28, 2022 


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