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Who in the absolute [email protected]$&*# is Morgan?

Hello, I'm Morgan. I started reading the series in 2014 after All-Star Battle and the Stardust Crusaders TV anime were announced. Before that I was a moderate fan of the arcade fighting game, Heritage for the Future, and the original 1993 OVA series. Eventually I caught up with the series in 2016 during the Milagro Man story arc and have been diligently waiting for each new release since.

I joined the wiki in May 2017 because I wanted to help document and archive old JoJo-related media, and I've been a moderator on the site since October 7, 2017. My favourite part is Stone Ocean and my favourite characters are the femme fatale, Mariah, and the Passione leader, Bruno Bucciarati. Besides JoJo, I'm also a fan of Berserk, Gantz and Shin Megami Tensei.[1]

I currently have 13,654 edits on the wiki.

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  • Day 0 of waiting for JoJo fans to fabricate evidence.
  • Day 1,062 of waiting for Tooru to die.
  • Day 1,977 of waiting for another JoJo game on consoles.
  • Day 2,151 waiting for the Gorgeous Irene doll to be released.
  • Day 5,202 of waiting for the Phantom Blood movie to come out on home video.
  • Day 7,751 of waiting for Araki-sensei to draw Mariah again...

To-do List

  • Find the rest of the Adventure Battle Card Tarot cards!
    • Translate the rest of the Crusade cards.
  • Add chapter comments from Weekly Shonen Jump and Ultra Jump. (Parts 1-2, 8: DONE)
    • Eventually translate and add them to chapter pages...
  • Add digital release dates to volume pages.
  • Add magazine covers to chapter galleries. (DONE)
  • Destroy Chinese scanlation watermarks! (DONE)
  • Add quotes to Character and Stand pages. (DONE)
  • Fact check Stone Ocean translations. (DONE)

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