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Who in the absolute [email protected]$&*# is Morgan?

Hello, I'm Morgan. I started reading JoJo in 2014 after All-Star Battle and the Stardust Crusaders TV anime were announced. Before that I was a fan of the arcade fighting game, and the OVA series. I got caught up with the series in 2016 during the Milagro Man story arc and have been waiting for each new chapter since.

I joined the wiki in May 2017 because I wanted to document and archive obscure JoJo-related media. I've been a moderator/admin on the site since October 7, 2017. My favourite part is Stone Ocean and my favourite characters are Mariah and Bruno Bucciarati. Besides JoJo, I'm also a fan of Berserk, Gantz, Baki and Shin Megami Tensei.[1]

I currently have 15,709 edits on the wiki.

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  • Day 0 of waiting for JoJo fans to spread misinformation.
  • Day 2,184 of waiting for another JoJo game on consoles.
  • Day 2,358 waiting for the Gorgeous Irene doll to be released.
  • Day 5,409 of waiting for the Phantom Blood movie to come out on home video.
  • Day 7,958 of waiting for Araki-sensei to draw Mariah again...
  • Day 1,095 of waiting for SPOILER to die.

To-do List

  • Find the rest of the Adventure Battle Card Tarot cards!
    • Translate the rest of the Crusade cards.
  • Add chapter comments from Weekly Shonen Jump and Ultra Jump. (Parts 1-2, 8: DONE)
    • Eventually translate and add them to chapter pages...
  • Add digital release dates to volume pages.
  • Add magazine covers to chapter galleries. (DONE)
  • Destroy Chinese scanlation watermarks! (DONE)
  • Add quotes to Character and Stand pages. (DONE)
  • Fact check Stone Ocean translations. (DONE)

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