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Elsa Nakamichi (仲道 える沙, Nakamichi Erusa) is a Singaporean director and video artist who is currently affiliated with Kamikaze Douga. She is credited as director for the Stone Ocean Ultra Jump commercials.[1]

Nakamichi is notable for directing several of Kamikaze Douga's projects, such as Sturgill Simpson's Sound & Fury and the openings to Tales of Luminaria and Gatchaman Crowds Insight. She has also supervised several of the Idolish7 music videos like DiSCOVER THE FUTURE, RESTART POiNTER, and Trigger's DIAMOND FUSION.


Nakamichi with Junpei Mizusaki (Sound & Fury)

Nakamichi entered HAL Tokyo University in April 2010 to become a CG animator. After studying 3D computer graphics and 2D composition for four years, Nakamichi joined Kamikaze Douga in 2014. As one of the lead directors and designers, she is in charge of storyboarding, art creation, textures and compositing.[2][3] In 2016, she participated in a CEDEC panel as a representative of the studio to discuss the future of Cel shaded 3D animation with members of Sanzigen, Arc System Works, and CyberConnect2.[4]




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