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posted 537 days ago

Why did the ability of Gold Experience Requiem became shortcut?

posted 553 days ago

Can we separate The Passion stand page and Jonathan's Stand page because they have different ability and different appearance?

posted 733 days ago

Very poggers

posted 733 days ago

Alright. I've been studying Japanese a little less than four years, and read the raw manga twice. I haven't been able to take my N1 test due to covid, though, so I can't prove my level with tests outside of JCAT tests.

I don't have very much history in actual translation, but I want to get into it more, and someone on reddit linked this page as needing one, hence the edit.

If you don't mind me asking, what was wrong with the previous version of the page? I do have confidence in my Japanese skills, but I'm still new to formatting, so my formatting doesn't look nearly as pretty.

Let me know if you need anything else.

posted 733 days ago

Do you want to like pick a paragraph and have me explain it or something like that?

posted 1116 days ago

Hi,How do you create redirects?

posted 1284 days ago

Hello, can you please help me delete this picture? I accidentally uploaded duplicate image. Thank you!

posted 1298 days ago

Hi, I just joined this wiki as i was out of the loop for a while. Is it possible to link my contributions imported from the old place to this new account?