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posted 10 days ago

I noticed that in the unnamed character page, some characters lack their anime image which are: Nazi Doctors, Santana's Nazi Victims, Wamuu's Nazi Victims, Puppy Saved by Kars, Drunk Drivers, Luxury Cat, Caesar's Distant Relative, Italian Hoodlum, SPW Special Technology Fighting Team, Stroheim's Ultraviolet Army, Kars' Squirrel, Pillar Men Clan, Funeral Directors, and Japanese Tourist. Also I'm could of sworn Kars' Nazi Victims, Kars' Vampires, and Vampire Horses were also in the anime.

posted 25 days ago

Ah ok thank you for clearing that up. I'll use the term "the warriors of Morioh" instead.

posted 25 days ago

Here's the differences between the manga line and the anime line;

Manga: File:Jotaro - Tomoko attended university.png Anime: File:Jotaro - Tomoko went to college.png

My reason for putting university instead of college is because it's what Jotaro says in the manga. I thought this site mostly went by the manga's information rather than the anime. I understand that this is such a minor thing and story wise, it doesn't matter if Tomoko attended college or uni, but I'd just like to clear this up.

posted 25 days ago

Also, in the digital colour version of Part 4, Jotaro says that that Tomoko attended university. I'm pretty sure Jotaro only mentions Tomoko going to college in the anime, but I could be mistaken.

posted 25 days ago

It's a commonly used term to describe the Part 4 Joestar Group. I first heard the quote from JoJo Youtuber "Kaleb I.A.", although it's also used often on the JoJo subreddit and elsewhere.

I say Morioh Warriors here because it sounds better than simply saying "Part 4 Joestar Group". Their entire goal is literally to protect the town so it makes sense.

posted 31 days ago

Ah ok, I can understand why you'd think that.

posted 33 days ago

Do you think a category for Neutral Characters would be good? So this would include those who are not antagonists or allies, such as Dario Brando and George Joestar II. Thought I'd ask your permission before making a new category.

posted 60 days ago

Hey, I've noticed some character pages have some minor spelling errors in the quotes. I'll go through the characters and correct any incorrect spellings in the quotes if I see them.

posted 64 days ago

The removal of some of the categories was because some of them said "Part __ Characters", and I don't consider groups as characters. But I don't want to ever go back to how I was a year ago on the old wiki, that will *not* happen again. I'll take a break from the Wiki for now.

posted 69 days ago

We have a problem with Tomoko's gallery (film tab) and I have no idea how I could fix it.

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