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SPOILER WARNING: Part 5 spoiler details may follow.
The character featured in this article may also be referred to as "Bruno Buccellati".
To complete my mission and protect my men. Having to do both at once is what makes being a capo so tough. Are you ready for this? I know I am. (任務は遂行する 部下も守る両方やらなくっちゃあならないってのが幹部のつられところだな。覚悟はいいか?オレはできてる。, Ninmu wa suikō suru Buka mo mamoru. Ryōhō yaranakutchā nara naitte no ga kanbu no tsurare tokoro da na. Kakugo wa ī ka? Ore wa deki teru.)
—Bucciarati to Prosciutto, Chapter 493: The Grateful Dead, Part 6

Bruno Bucciarati (ブローノ・ブチャラティ, Burōno Bucharati) is a primary ally featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo.

Bucciarati is a Mafioso and the leader of his own squad within the powerful Neapolitan gang, Passione. Sent out to find Leaky-Eye Luca's killer and debuting as Giorno Giovanna's opponent, Bucciarati becomes the first to lend meaningful support to Giorno in his ascension in Passione's ranks.

Bucciarati is also a Stand user who wields the zipper-creating Sticky Fingers in battle.



Bucciarati is a man of above-average height with a slim build. He has black chin-length hair with straight-cut bangs covering his forehead. His hair is adorned with a braid going along the top of his head and a hair clip surmounted on each side of his bangs.

His attire is composed of an all-white suit covered in small black spoon-like symbols, with an open chest similar to Giorno, and zippers in random places alluding to his Stand, Sticky Fingers. Underneath his jacket is a lace top, which is seemingly portrayed as a tattoo in the TV anime.

His appearance seems to have stayed consistent since childhood with no particular differences outside his height and clothing.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Hair(Black with blue highlights)
(White suit with black dots, gold zippers, and vermillion shoes)
Hair(Black with blue-gray highlights)
Eyes(Sky Blue)
(White suit with black dots, gold zippers, and dark gray shoes)
Hair(Black with beige highlights)
Eyes(Midnight Blue)
(Off-white suit with periwinkle lapel, black dots, gold zippers, and light brown shoes)
Hair(Black with cyan highlights)
(Baby Blue suit with white lapel, black dots, magenta zippers, and dark gray shoes)
Hair(Black with blue highlights)
(Blue suit with yellow lapel, black dots, gold zippers, and brown shoes)

Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI

Bucciarati makes a small appearance in the one-shot wearing a blue two-buttoned jacket plus a matching pull-over and dotted shirt underneath it, with gray pants and brown shoes.

His black hair is consistently portrayed with a red tint, as opposed to his usual blue.


Even in this rotten world, I still want to walk down a path I believe in!
—Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 523: The Mystery of King Crimson, Part 6

Bruno Bucciarati, first introduced as a sly gangster, is quickly revealed to be a righteous and extremely determined, if brutal, individual.

During his introductory arc, Bucciarati acts like a seemingly affable gangster toward Giorno Giovanna, starting chitchat on various subjects during which Bucciarati reveals his more violent side.[5][6] This behavior is later shown to be an act he puts up with unfamiliar people outside of Passione, and he would later conduct himself in the same manner with two airport security guards.[7]

Bucciarati is compassionate to those around him

Bucciarati's most important character traits are his righteousness and his natural kindness. Bucciarati is dedicated to taking the most honorable course of action, even if he puts his life at risk. For instance, at the age of seven, Bucciarati chose to stay with his father when his parents divorced as he thought he should support the one parent who suffered from this separation. Moreover, Bucciarati overtly rebelled against Diavolo when the Boss clearly wanted to kill his daughter, Trish Una, resulting in his premature death. Bucciarati is loyal to the civilians of his territory, being considerate with them accepting their requests for help, and is generally nice to the people he meets.[8][9]

Bucciarati respects and upholds several values such as having resolve, commending Giorno's resolve in their fight, selflessness as he is prepared to sacrifice himself for his beliefs and his duties, and family loyalty, being outraged that Diavolo would dare hurt his own child. Like his team, Bucciarati believes that resolve involves risking one's own life for a just cause, a standard he constantly holds up to by putting himself in danger and betting on the enemy's lesser resolve to prevail, until his climactic self-sacrifice against Diavolo. During their first fight, Diavolo even praised how Bucciarati kept his consciousness and tried to counterattack despite an open chest wound. He also readily admires this same resolve whenever it shows up in an opponent, noting that Giorno and Pesci (temporarily) have such resolve. According to Giorno, Bucciarati believes in individual freedoms, and that people are free to die however they wish.[10]

However, Bucciarati also particularly despises the drug trade, which caused his father's death[8] and is hurting the population on a large scale, especially children, thus any mention of it unnerves him. Because of his allegiance to Passione which is selling drugs in the street, Bucciarati is conflicted between his code and his duty as a gang member. Giorno notes that Bucciarati was at odds with himself when he used Sticky Fingers to hide inside the body of a teenager who was addicted to drugs.[10] Due to this, he decided to quietly support Giorno Giovanna's infiltration of the gang while still working for the organization.[11] Shown to be against Narancia joining the gang, telling him to live a normal life, Bucciarati doesn't hold the gangster life in high regard.[12] Bucciarati also looks down on spiteful violence, going back on his praise of Pesci when he saw that Pesci wanted to kill Bucciarati's team out of spite rather than tactical insight.

Bucciarati violently killing a gangster, at the age of 12

In contrast to his righteousness, Bucciarati has a violent and ruthless side. At the age of twelve, Bucciarati murdered his father's would-be aggressors in cold blood,[8] and as a gangster, kept his tendency toward violence. Upon their first meeting, Bucciarati violently beat down Giorno and referred to his interrogation as a torture session[6] and didn't stop the team from beating and torturing Mario Zucchero. Having worked for a gang for years, Bucciarati is an experienced fighter, being able to discern whenever killing intent is genuine, is unfazed by empty threats, and is able to keep calm even during a desperate looking fight. Likewise, Bucciarati will often use lethal force against his enemies as demonstrated against Prosciutto and Pesci whom he caused to be run over by a train and dismembered, as well as against Secco whom he deafened with a popped car tire.

During a fight, Bucciarati is both brave and cautious. While he is ready to sacrifice himself in order to win,[13] Bucciarati will try tactical retreats and sneak attacks regularly, as seen when he tried to ambush Diavolo. The versatile Sticky Fingers notably allows him to perform unpredictable tricks such as giving himself a greater range or suddenly disappear and maneuver out of trouble. Even when pitted against a physically weaker Stand, Bucciarati takes precautions and thus he can be seen performing a strategic retreat against Gold Experience;[14] even more so against a stronger Stand such as Oasis.[15] Nonetheless, when push comes to shove, Bucciarati will recklessly risk his life if it enables him to win following his philosophy of resolve.

Bucciarati pulls Prosciutto out of a speeding train

Bucciarati is consistently shown to be serious, even as a young child, and usually keeps a serious and unflinching demeanor throughout the story. Moreover, Bucciarati takes his responsibility as a team leader seriously, considering that a lieutenant has the double duties to accomplish the mission but also to ensure that his subordinates live.[16] That makes Bucciarati extremely determined in a fight if the lives of his teammates are in stakes, and Bucciarati routinely takes reckless actions to ensure their safety, for instance dragging Prosciutto out of a speeding train to take him out and prevent him from aging the team to death. During most of the story, Bucciarati always acts with a given objective in mind (take Polpo's treasure or bodyguarding Trish for instance), and always pays mind to it. As a result, Bucciarati can be seen reining in his less disciplined subordinates[17] in regard to focusing on their goal. For the sake of his teammates, Bucciarati keeps a stern facade of determination, ordering his team to carry on despite the recent loss of Abbacchio even though he too was internally distressed by Abbacchio's sudden death.[18]

Bucciarati keeps a strong relationship with his team, being severe but fair and giving them praise whenever he thinks it is earned. His habit of looking for misfits and treating them humanely and often with kindness has indeed secured their loyalty, allowing the majority of the group to stay united under him even when they rebel against the Boss of Passione.[19] Furthermore, each member of Bucciarati's team looks up to his abilities and believe that under his leadership that they can achieve greatness. For instance, Guido Mista was let out of prison thanks to Bucciarati,[20] and Narancia was struck by Bucciarati's stern but humane behavior toward him,[12] both ultimately trusting him to win against Passione. Bucciarati is shown to have a paternal side with Narancia, whom he sheltered and counseled to stay away from the life of a gangster,[12] as well as with Trish whose worries about being the daughter of a mob boss he tries to comfort the best he can.[17] In the brutal world of gangsters, Bucciarati nonetheless holds no illusion that they are constantly risking their lives.



Main article: Sticky Fingers

Bucciarati's Stand Sticky Fingers allows him to create zippers on any solid object or surface, including his own body parts, which he can zip open and close at his leisure. Sticky Fingers also demonstrates exceptional strength and defense in combat.

Sticky Fingers (スティッキィ・フィンガーズ)Link to this section


Bucciarati impales his hand on a broken nail, but does not notice or bleed.

During the events at San Giorgio Maggiore island, Bucciarati was given a lethal blow by the boss and was subsequently healed by Giorno's Gold Experience. Bucciarati eventually reveals that his life had ended at that time, however, his body continued to move only through the "life energy" that Giorno had given him.[22] As a living corpse[23] (生ける屍, Ikeru Shikabane), Bucciarati lacks bodily functions such as breathing, a heartbeat, or the ability to feel pain. However, it also allowed him to be immune to the effects of Green Day, and although the decay of his body gradually made him functionally blind and deaf, he could still converse with others through the ability to observe and feel what individual souls thought.



Bucciarati fully reveals his Stand, Sticky Fingers.

Bucciarati is a remarkable fighter in a Stand fight; having mastered the versatile power of Sticky Fingers, he can easily use the environment to his advantage, restrain his enemies, swiftly evade incoming attacks, and attack from blind spots. His natural selflessness means that survival is not among his priorities, thus his actions will easily surprise his opponents.

Bucciarati is also a perceptive fighter, having been able to quickly deduce the weaknesses of King Crimson despite being fatally injured and proceed to take advantage of them. He is able to analyze his opponents' fighting styles and perceive their strengths and weaknesses.
"This is the taste of a liar, Giorno Giovanna!"

Lie Detection

Bucciarati is able to know if someone is lying simply by looking at them, claiming that when a person lies their skin glistens due to sweating. He can also taste a person's sweat to distinguish them as a liar, claiming that the sweat of a liar tastes sweeter than normal.


Team Bucciarati

As a valorous man and a capable leader, Bruno Bucciarati is respected and obeyed by every member of his team. While Bucciarati is severe with his subordinates, he is also protective of them and trusts them all, due to recognizing their own valor.

  • Giorno Giovanna: Even though Bucciarati and Giorno met as enemies, Bucciarati acknowledged Giorno's resolve while Giorno saw that Bucciarati was at heart a decent man. They stopped fighting each other and began to cooperate in order to stop Passione's drug trade. The two trusted each other, and Bucciarati only acknowledged that he became an undead in front of Giorno. When Bucciarati expired, he saluted Giorno one last time, telling him that he allowed him to be at peace and trusting the young boy with finishing Diavolo off.
  • Leone Abbacchio: While Abbacchio is Bucciarati's subordinate, Bucciarati and Leone act more as equals as Bucciarati also sees Abbacchio as an elder. Abbacchio is the most prone to question Bucciarati's orders, but at the same time is ready to defend Bucciarati's authority. When Bucciarati rebelled, Abbacchio berated his foolish move but was the second one to join him, stating that he made him feel at peace.
  • Guido Mista: Bucciarati first heard of Mista when he was being prosecuted. Seeing that Mista had the necessary willpower and honor, Bucciarati pulled some strings to have him freed from prison and admitted into Passione. Now Bucciarati trusts Mista as a valuable fighter, while Mista respects Bucciarati's ability as a team leader.
  • Narancia Ghirga: Bucciarati met Narancia when he was a sick street urchin. He then had him treated and brought back to school, at the same time being outraged that the young Narancia asked to be made a gangster. The paternal severity of Bucciarati's scolding made Narancia realize that Bucciarati was worth following and he still entered Passione. As a member of Bucciarati's team, Bucciarati trusts Narancia's ability while Narancia is nearly devoted to him. However, when a terrified Narancia asked Bucciarati, who at this point rebelled against Passione, to order him to go with the rest of the team, Bucciarati told Narancia to decide by himself, showing that Bucciarati expected Narancia to one day be mature enough to be independent.
  • Pannacotta Fugo: Not much is shown of the relationship between Fugo and Bucciarati, but Bucciarati respects Fugo's intelligence, and Fugo is functionally his right-hand man. After Fugo was thrown out of the university, Bucciarati brought him into Passione, and Fugo felt indebted to him. However, that respect was not enough for Fugo to follow Bucciarati into what Fugo thought as a suicidal rebellion against Passione.
  • Trish Una: At first, Bucciarati simply saw Trish as a way to get closer to the Boss while Trish tried to act disagreeably toward everyone. However, as Trish was distressed from being the daughter of a gang boss and the target of assassins, Bucciarati tried to reassure her, such as offering her a securing hand in the elevator ride towards the Boss. Bucciarati saved Trish from her father and thus Trish began to greatly trust him. Bucciarati somehow seems to admire the girl's growing resolve and determination to fight against a predestined fate. While referring to Bucciarati as cold and distant, Trish implicitly wishes that he showed a more openly caring attitude towards her. When Doppio feigns to be Trish, subsequently fooling Bucciarati, the latter offers Trish a small estate in the suburbs of Neapolis and utters that she has a right to peace and happiness.


The words "I'll kill you" should be left unsaid until the deed is already done. That's how it works in the gangsters' world we live in.
—Bucciarati echoing Prosciutto's words to Pesci, Chapter 498: The Grateful Dead, Part 11
  • Diavolo: Bucciarati first had an ambiguous relationship with his Boss, having a duty toward Passione for protecting him and his father but also despising Passione's drug trade. When Diavolo tried to kill his daughter Trish, Bucciarati was outraged that he would kill his own child and completely rejected him. However, that hate was not reciprocated by Diavolo who didn't understand why he rebelled but still respected his ability as a leader. During the final confrontation, Diavolo lets his anger explode and expresses his extreme disdain towards Bucciarati, referring to him as a weakling, the latter having virtually vanquished the boss's semi-invincible state by resolving the mystery behind Chariot Requiem's ability. 
  • Mario Zucchero: As the only one who knows about Polpo's fortune, Bucciarati immediately became Zucchero's target once the news was spread about Polpo's death. Once his team is picked off one by one while attempting to find Zucchero, Bucciarati is bargained by him for the treasure's location in exchange for his men's lives. Sinking the ship instead, Bucciarati forced Zucchero out of his hiding spot and quickly defeated him by beheading him with Sticky Fingers.
  • Prosciutto: Both met as enemies, Prosciutto trying to kill Team Bucciarati in order to capture Trish. Bucciarati didn't think much of Prosciutto, seeing him as an adversary but nothing more. On the other hand, Prosciutto went from dismissing Bucciarati as an incompetent lieutenant to commending his determination in a fight, which mirrored the assassin's motto.
  • Pesci: Bucciarati and Pesci met as enemies, Pesci trying to kill Team Bucciarati in order to capture Trish. When Prosciutto was defeated by Bucciarati, yet still maintained his Stand to help Pesci, the latter was moved and gained a determination which Bucciarati, upon seeing Pesci again, somewhat admired. However, Pesci's ruthlessness made Bucciarati change his mind and qualify Pesci as a "scumbag", killing him without ceremony.


  • Father: As a child, Bucciarati loved his father deeply. When his parents divorced, he chose to stay by his father, knowing that he suffered the most from the separation. In return, Bucciarati's father tried to work hard to pay for Bucciarati's studies. When Bucciarati's father was nearly killed by drug dealers, Bucciarati went as far as to murder the dealers to protect him. Bucciarati dedicated his time to trying to right the wrongs of Passione after his father passed away. It is stated that his inherent kindness and devotion are a legacy from his father.
  • Mother: Bucciarati and his mother had a loving relationship prior to his parents' divorce. When she divorced his father, she tried to influence Bucciarati into coming with her, but Bucciarati refused. Moved by Bucciarati's kindness, his mother was both sad and proud of her son. Being separated by great distances, Bucciarati and his mother eventually stopped seeing each other by the time he turned 12, only occasionally visiting her on Christmas.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • This taste... is the taste of a liar! Giorno Giovanna! (この味は… ウソをついてる『味』だぜ!ジョルノ・ジョバァーナ!, Kono aji wa… Uso o tsuiteru “aji” daze! Joruno Jobāna!)
  • My name is Bruno Bucciarati. Answer me. This interrogation has already become a torture session!
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 444: Bucciarati Is Coming, Part 2
  • Get away? You don't have to worry about me getting away. The only thing you should worry about... is what will happen once you're pulled apart and left on the ground by my zippers.
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 447: Bucciarati Is Coming, Part 5
  • For that honorable determination that you showed when you injured your own arm and for your dream which is worth its weight in gold... I'll take my chances on you, Giorno Giovanna.
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 448: Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall, Part 1
  • First, we have to get a certain level of power! Power that'll allow us to get closer to The Boss!
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 456: 5 Plus 1
  • His nails, flesh and even bones have become as limp and flexible as a condom...
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 460: Moody Blues Strikes Back, Part 1
  • You should know better than anyone else that none of us got where we are by pissing ourselves every time someone gave us an empty threat. If you stop, I'll let this slide. But the moment you stab Abbacchio, I take your life.
    —Bruno Bucciarati to Zucchero, Chapter 461: Moody Blues Strikes Back, Part 2
  • To complete my mission and protect my men. Having to do both at once is what makes being a capo so tough. Are you ready for this? I know I am.
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 493: The Grateful Dead, Part 6
  • There's only the way to beat him. I'll just have to show him... just which one of us has the greater resolve! I'll show him! It's do or die!
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 496: The Grateful Dead, Part 9
  • To lie here, absolutely motionless... that... is my resolve!
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 497: The Grateful Dead, Part 10
  • It was a road more trying than any other. One I couldn't have traversed without some luck... the road leading to you, that is...
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 498: The Grateful Dead, Part 11
  • The words "I'll kill you" shouldn't be left unsaid until the deed is already done. That's how it works in the gangsters' world we live in.
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 498: The Grateful Dead, Part 11
  • You can't pull a fast one on me, scumbag. ARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARI! Arrivederci!
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 499: The Grateful Dead, Part 12
  • You must pay! You have betrayed my heart once again! I was only planning to uncover your identity... but there has been a change of plans! I'm going to kill you instead! Right now!
    —Bruno Bucciarati about the Boss, Chapter 517: Bruno Bucciarati's Childhood
  • You will never understand how I feel!
    —Bruno Bucciarati to the Boss, Chapter 518: The Mystery of King Crimson, Part 1
  • My mission has ended, you say? You're dead wrong. It's not over just yet! I've given myself a mission to protect Trish!
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 520: The Mystery of King Crimson, Part 3
  • I only did what I thought was right. I have no regrets. Even in this rotten world, I still want to walk down a path I can believe in!
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 523: The Mystery of King Crimson, Part 6
  • No. No orders! Not this time! You decide. You have to be the one to decide the path you'll take.
    —Bruno Bucciarati to Narancia, Chapter 523: The Mystery of King Crimson, Part 6
  • Are you busy right now? Sorry but could you answer a quick question? The airport's too big and I don't really know where things are. I'd like to steal an airplane. Do you know where I might find one?
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 532: No Flightcode! Headed for Sardinia
  • An underground guy and the Stand with the man-eating mold. Each one of them utilizes the other's Stand ability to their utmost limits! They're just too compatible with each other! More so than any other team we've ever seen before!
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 555: "Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 2
  • It's enigmatic... I've accepted this as my fate. The heavens just happened to smile on me a little bit. It seems that when you healed my wounds in Venezia, the life energy you gave me alloved me to move for just a bit longer.
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 557: "Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 4
  • Your predictions, Boss... do they only show you the paths of the Arrow and the bullets? I seems you couldn't predict what I'd do.
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 584: Diavolo Surfaces, Part 5
  • Giorno... you brought me back to life. When I met you in my hometown of Naples... when we betrayed the gang. My heart had been dying a slow death. And it came back to life, all thanks to you. This is what happiness is. I'm fine with this. Don't worry about it... give everyone my best... Don't worry about it. Things are just going back... to they way they should be... Just going back... to normal...
    —Bruno Bucciarati's last words, Chapter 584: Diavolo Surfaces, Part 5
  • Giorno... the fact that we made it here... is a complete victory. This is good... everything will be fine... Fate is a sleeping slave... we have to set it free... that is victory...
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 589: Gold Experience Requiem, Part 4
  • Do you do your duty to your country and pay all your taxes as an honest citizen should? Although I do not know what you wished to speak to me about, this is no place for a civilian like you. If you've beein paying your taxes, then you should take your matters to the police or a court of law. The moment you begin speaking to me, you will owe a debt to the gang, one greater than you can imagine.
    —Bruno Bucciarati, Chapter 590: Epilogue: "Sleeping Slaves"

Creation and Development

So you're after us now? No matter. This sort of thing happens to us all the time...
—Bucciarati being betrayed by Fugo, All-Star Battle

Araki created Bucciarati's bob cut to give him a feminine silhouette that "exudes eroticism."[24] While designing Bucciarati, Araki was concerned that he had made his design too girlish, but considering the rest of Bucciarati's team were eccentric youths, he figured it wouldn't make sense if their leader was masculine or boss-like.[24] He also figured his design would work since the manga was set in Italy.[24]

While writing Part 5, Araki originally planned on having one of the members of Bucciarati's team, out of Mista, Narancia, Fugo and Abbacchio, be a spy working undercover for the Boss. This spy would then at some point betray Bucciarati and Giorno, similar to the story of Judas.[25][26] Araki initially settled on making Fugo the traitor, however, decided against it as he couldn't bear how Bucciarati would've felt being betrayed by a dear friend.[25] During the Weekly Shonen Jump publication of Part 5, Araki mentioned that if Fugo and Bucciarati were to fight, Bucciarati would win due to his Stand being fast enough to easily unzip Purple Haze's arms and neutralize its deadly virus attacks. In All-Star Battle, the game includes hypothetical pre-fight dialogue portraying Fugo as a traitor when he is pitted against Giorno, Bucciarati, Mista, or Diavolo.

Name Variants

Bruno Bucciarati (ブローノ・ブチャラティ)Link to this section
Official Usage:
Japan Japanese
United States of America English
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese
Denmark Danish
Netherlands Dutch
Spain European Spanish
France French
Germany German
Indonesia Indonesian
Italy Italian
Malaysia Malay
Poland Polish
Portugal Portuguese
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Norway Norwegian
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Used in Japan JOJOVELLER, United States of America VIZ Media, various Netflix subtitles, and various Crunchyroll subtitles.
Name Variants:
Language Name Usage

Japan Romanization
Burōno Bucharati
Japan Japanese
Blono Bucciarati
Used in promotional materials for the Bruno Super Action Statue figure.
United States of America English
Japan Japanese
Bruno Buccellati
Used in the official English translation of Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI and the first edition of JOJOVELLER.
Japan Japanese
France French
Blono Buccellati
Used in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure and the French release.
Japan Japanese
Bluno Bucciarati
Used in a collaboration with Japanese fashion company Karakuritama.
Malaysia Malay
Brono Bucarati
Used in the Malaysian release.
Vietnam Vietnamese
Bruno Bucarararati
Used in GW Episode 20 in Vietnamese Netflix subtitles.
Greece Greek
Μπρούνο Μπουτσαράτι (Bruno Bucciarati)
Used in Greek Netflix subtitles.
Russia Russian
Бруно Буччарати (Bruno Bucciarati)
Used in Russian Netflix subtitles.
Ukraine Ukrainian
Бруно Буччараті (Bruno Bucciarati)
Used in Ukrainian Netflix subtitles.
China Simplified Chinese
布鲁诺·布加拉提 (Bruno Bucciarati)
Used in Simplified Chinese Netflix subtitles.
China Traditional Chinese
布羅諾布加拉提 (Bruno Bucciarati)
Used in Traditional Chinese Netflix subtitles.
South Korea Korean
브루노 부차라티 (Bruno Bucciarati)
Used in Korean Netflix subtitles.
Flag of the Arab League Arabic
برونو بوشيارتي (Bruno Bucciarati)
Used in Arabic Netflix subtitles.
Israel Hebrew
ברונו בוצ'רטי (Bruno Bucciarati)
Used in Hebrew Netflix subtitles.
Flag of Thailand Thai
บรูโน่ บูจาราตี้ (Bruno Bucciarati)
Used in Thai Netflix subtitles.



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