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I never trusted anyone, good or bad. I never felt guilty for betraying them. I never distinguished between right and wrong. I never understood the difference between God and the Devil. But as long as I feel ashamed, I will never do anything to disappoint him. No matter who else spits on me.
—Cannolo Murolo

Cannolo Murolo (カンノーロ・ムーロロ Kannōro Mūroro) is a character featured in the light novel Purple Haze Feedback.


Cannolo Murolo is a thin Italian man in unusually old-fashioned clothes. He wears a jacket decorated with aiguillettes attached to the chest, a plain pair of pants and a pair of old fashioned shoes. He also adorns a Borsalino hat.


Cannolo has a dour personality, constantly grumbling against something and thinking that his teammates owe him respect because of age, although he also generally respects his superiors.

Cannolo is also deeply paranoid because of his job. He considers anything out of the ordinary to be suspicious and often questions the motives of Fugo and Sheila.

Prior to the events of the story, Cannolo was self-described as a shallow man who had nothing to believe in and didn't have a care in the world, notably about the crimes he's done, and only acted for his benefit. However, his meeting with Giorno changed him. Cannolo looks up to Giorno and currently tries to uphold Giorno's code and is deeply loyal to him.



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All Along Watchtower is a deck of cards allowing Cannolo to seemingly divine information.

All Along Watchtower (オール・アロング・ウォッチタワー)Link to this section


Cannolo Murolo was born into the bottom of society, and lived a hopeless childhood. After joining Passione, his Stand makes him arrogant and he tries to sour relations between the assassination team and the boss for his own benefits. As a supervisor for Passione's data analysis team, Murolo helped La Squadra di Esecuzion restore the photo showing the hiding spot of a crucial disk, allowing Ghiaccio to attack Team Bucciarati.

When he meets Giorno, Murolo feels shame for the first time in his life, and eventually becomes loyal to him. Murolo is ordered to atone for this by helping take out the Sezione Droghe.

Purple Haze Feedback

In addition, he has another objective: To locate and destroy the stone mask the Nazis hid in Il Duomo on Syracusa island. Giorno ordered him to do so instead of going himself because the SPW Foundation and Jotaro may be monitoring Giorno. Because of this objective, Murolo can act with some degree of freedom even while he is on his mission.


Quote.png Quotes
Were you polite because you know deep down you can never match Mr. Murolo, and wished to show your respect? Or were you just making a nominal show of politeness to someonewho you have no real opinion of? Be clear!
—Cannolo Murolo, Purple Haze Feedback
You're just like me. You have a void in your heart. You were born and raised at the bottom of society, treated like garbage, given no hope. You thought nothing of stealing or murder. You've never felt the pangs of conscience. It sounds good to say you have no fears, but what that really means is you've never had anything you valued enough to care about losing. You spent you life lashing out at anything that angered or irritated you. That's how I lead my life, too. Until I met him."


  • He bears somewhat of a resemblance to Alexander DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange due to the hairstyle and marking under his eye.


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