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Oh! Almost forgot! Gotta get it on video... Won't take long to kill you, though...
—Secco, Chapter 559

Secco (セッコ Sekko) is a minor antagonist featured in the 5th part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Vento Aureo, specifically the "Green Day and Oasis" story arc.

As a member of Passione and the Boss' Unità Speciale, Secco is dispatched along with his master Cioccolata near Rome in order to kill Team Bucciarati. He subsequently battles Bruno Bucciarati personally in the streets of Rome. Secco is a Stand User and wears his Oasis as a suit to fight in person.


Secco anime.png

Little is known of Secco's appearance as he constantly wears his Stand Oasis over him, only revealing his athletic build and crooked teeth. Secco appears to be a smaller than average (170 cm in the anime[4]) and lanky individual. His Stand takes the form of a wearable suit similar to that of Ghiaccio's. He wears a constant eccentric looking expression. Small patches of skin can be seen on the suit held together by what appears to be thread.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin (Fair)
Eyes (Teal)

Skin (Fair)
Eyes (Slate Gray)

Skin (Fair)
Eyes (Purple)


Secco is a human "attack dog" for Cioccolata

Very little is known about Secco, as not even the boss was able to find concrete information regarding his past. Apparently, he was once a patient of Cioccolata, but sharing Cioccolata's warped mind and thoughts of spreading suffering, they formed a partnership. Secco obeys him as if he were a pet. When he was first introduced, Secco made various noises and gestures to communicate rather than words, indicating nonverbal tendencies or unintelligence. Cioccolata sends him to film people's expressions as they die while he tortures them with his Green Day and occasionally rubs Secco's head for doing a good job, and rewards him with sugar cubes.

However, Secco's actual personality appears to be far from that of a loyal dog. He completely changes when he hears about Cioccolata's death, claiming that the only reason he listened to Cioccolata was that he was smart, gave him candy, had money and because Secco believed he was strong. Secco goes on to claim that he no longer needs Cioccolata, calling him weak and spitting on the camera he originally used to film Cioccolata's victims. Subsequently, he demonstrates a higher intellect and understanding, showing a very curious and malevolent attitude as well as an ability to speak at length and analyze.

He's also prideful of his abilities, being insulted by Bucciarati's rough imitation of them while they were racing towards Jean Pierre Polnareff's location in Rome.



Main article: Oasis

Oasis is a suit-like Stand granting him physical strength beyond human limits and the ability to liquefy objects he touches.

Oasis (オアシス)Link to this section


Spitting: Secco has an uncanny precision when he spits objects, to the point he can deflect bullets by spitting rocks at them. His spitting ability is also more powerful than average, as he is shown liquefying a large amount of rock to spit them upward, turning them into spikes that bombard a large area around him.

Hearing: Due to his habit of swimming underground, Secco developed a keen sense of hearing in order to locate his targets while underground. With this, he's able to determine the general location of a person from afar, and his precision increases the closer he is to his target.



Secco as Cioccolata's assistant

Secco was once one of Cioccolata's 'patients', used to satiate the latter's morbid desire to see others die slowly and painfully. He is somehow spared and becomes the mad doctor's loyal sidekick. Eventually, they were recruited into Passione, and both received Stands.

The anime also subtly inserts him into Squadra Esecuzioni's backstory by implying that he participated in the execution of Sorbet and Gelato, filming the whole ordeal.

Vento Aureo

At the coastal Village

Secco and Cioccolata were deployed by the Boss as a last resort to intercept Team Bucciarati and eliminate them.

Cioccolata sends in Secco

The pair positions themselves in a coastal village to intercept Team Bucciarati and Cioccolata spreads Green Day's mold in the village, decimating its population. When Team Bucciarati arrives, they fall victim to the mold but quickly work out how it works and escape its initial trigger. Perched above their prey, Cioccolata is surprised by their resourcefulness and asks if Secco has filmed everything. Secco shows the footage of Narancia's desperate face, greatly pleasing his master, who pets him for a good ten seconds. Secco asks for four sugar cubes and Cioccolata obliges. When Cioccolata mistakenly throws a sugar cube out of reach, Secco expertly spits a cube to redirect both near him and catches them. This earns him another praise from his master. Their play time done, Cioccolata sics Secco at Team Bucciarati.

Bucciarati ambushes Secco

Approaching Mista and Bucciarati from underground, Secco makes the staircase they ascend sink into the ground to trigger the growth of the mold. He also makes the staircase soften and sinks in Bucciarati. When he attempts to grab him, Mista shoots at a signpost and breaks the pole, allowing the duo to cling to it as the staircase disappears. Secco goes under the streets and continues his pursuits. Secco catches up to Mista, who uses this moment to shoot him. However, Secco spits rocks to deflect the first bullets at Mista and dives before the bullets ridden by Sex Pistols can touch him. Having wounded Mista, Secco now focuses on Bucciarati. Secco follows Bucciarati's trace but suddenly exits the concrete, having been led out of the concrete by Bucciarati as the capo has run towards the beach and jumped down. Sticky Fingers pummels Secco. Taken by surprise, Secco crushes the concrete and obliges Bucciarati to counter the debris while he retreats undeground. Shocked that Bucciarati wasn't infected by the mold, Secco immediately calls Cioccolata to confirm if Green Day works on an already dead thing and explains that Bucciarati felt like a moving corpse, confusing Cioccolata. For their part, Team Bucciarati have already driven far away to Rome.

In Rome

Secco fights Bucciarati again

Secco and Cioccolata board an helicopter, kill its pilot and eventually catch up to Team Bucciarati's car in Rome. They throw the pilot's mold-ridden corpse, causing a crash. Cioccolata then keeps spreading the mold. When Mista shoots the helicopter, Secco comes out of the vessel to punch the bullets away and dives into the streets. He focuses his attention on Bucciarati. Still angry for having been tricked back at the coastal village, Secco threatens and insults Bucciarati, who has to correct him on the exact terms of the insult. Secco suddenly remembers he has to prop up his camera, prompting Bucciarati to attack with Sticky Fingers; however, Secco outpaces Sticky Fingers and kicks Bucciarati in the chin. Realizing that Secco is faster and stronger than even Sticky Fingers, Bucciarati cuts up a large piece of the concrete and escapes to the streets below before he's overwhelmed. As the mold has no effect on Bucciarati, Secco decides to simply beat him into a pulp with the power of Oasis.

Secco reveals that he didn't like Cioccolata

Secco pursues Bucciarati further into Rome. While hiding underground, Secco receives a message on his phone; Cioccolata first reports that he will soon take care of the two enemies coming for him, promises more treats to his pet and declares that he will surpass the Boss shortly. Greatly motivated by this news, Secco reemerges to confront Bucciarati, already exhausted from the battle. As Secco emerges from the ground, ready to ambush Bucciarati, both Stand Users notice that the effect of the mold has dissipated. Anxious, Secco opens his second voicemail and learns that Cioccolata has encountered unexpected trouble. Whispering on the phone after taking a bullet to the head, Cioccolata informs his pet that he's learned from Sex Pistols that the group is meeting someone at the Colosseum. Just in case he dies, Cioccolata finally commands Secco to head to the monument and obtain the secret Team Bucciarati is after. Secco realizes that Cioccolata has died... and proceeds to sneer at his former master. He destroys his phone and camera, calling Cioccolata weak and revealing that he only followed him because he gave him money and treats. However, Secco is more than happy to take for himself what Bucciarati is after.

Secco has the advantage over Bucciarati

Realising that Secco is headed for the Colosseum now, Bucciarati throws a zipped post into a stela near Secco, threatening to close it on him like a jawed trap. Secco nonchalantly kicks the stela and turns Bucciarati's trap against him; Bucciarati is almost decapitated but Sticky Fingers then breaks it to cancel the trap. Secco suddenly leaps forward to chop off Bucciarati's legs, but the latter uses the pole to get out of the muddy ground then tries to kick him. Secco avoids the blow only for Bucciarati to cut his pole in two to impale Secco with it. Nonetheless, Secco swiftly deflects the pole and kicks Bucciarati into a building, breaking the window of a cafe. As Secco approaches Bucciarati, both Stand Users see a faint glint coming from the Colosseum, confirming that someone is hiding in there. It is the mysterious ally, a wheelchair-bound man with binoculars who quickly retreats to the shadows. Happy to see his goal in front of him, Secco rushes to finish off Bucciarati once and for all, but then Bucciarati hides behind a large shard of smoked glass and disappears just in time to avoid Secco's punch.

Secco sees the zipper on the ground and understands that Bucciarati is going to the Colosseum from under the ground. Secco gets angry over Bucciarati copying his fighting style and then wastes precious seconds thinking that Bucciarati must resurface to inhale fresh air, only to realize that as a corpse, Bucciarati doesn't need to breathe either. Zipping the soil apart, Bucciarati has already gotten a comfortable advance on Secco, but the latter then dives in the ground, hell-bent on showing his mastery of underground battle. Secco liquefies the soil to better hear the noise Bucciarati is making while he swims faster than Bucciarati can actually move. Secco detects a sound source which is revealed to be a broken water pipe when he attacks it. However, Secco knows that Bucciarati is probably standing still near him and devises a cruel plan to root him out. Munching the stone to liquefy it, Secco then spits it with high force in the air so that the now hardened stone forms a rain of spikes that actually hit Bucciarati. The team leader's corpse is pierced in several spots and he realizes that he is trapped. Meanwhile, the man in the Colosseum is revealed to be none other than Jean Pierre Polnareff, who obtained his Arrow fourteen years ago, during his departure from Egypt after Jotaro Kujo's battle with DIO. Polnareff realizes that if Bucciarati doesn't arrive shortly, then he must destroy the Arrow; knowing about Team Bucciarati's history, Polnareff hopes for Bucciarati's victory and for the time being vows to protect the Arrow at all costs.

Secco corners Bucciarati

Meanwhile, Bucciarati is still harrassed by Secco's spikes. Feeling some approaching his head, he has no choice but to make Sticky Fingers deflect them, causing the sound Secco was waiting for. Bucciarati tries to escape but hears Secco approaching. Detecting several sources, Secco realizes that Bucciarati has cut a lamp post to slow him down but is supremely confident that Bucciarati is cornered. In fact, Bucciarati notices that his own body is beginning to turn into mush because of his proximity to Secco, and his finger snaps as he tries to put his hand on his face. Alerted by the sound, Secco then throws a powerful punch, causing a shockwave that sinks a section of the Colosseum and a car into the ground. Secco is now up close and tries to punch Bucciarati, who then punches the car's tire, making it burst. The noise created by the explosion of the tire reaches Bucciarati and Secco, but while Bucciarati doesn't mind to have his eardrums destroyed since he's a corpse, Secco loses his essential hearing.

Secco's final fate

Completely disoriented, Secco attempts a blind kick but resurfaces his leg which gets crushed by a passing car. Bucciarati also resurfaces to knock out a panicking Secco but the Passione operative then takes a random boy hostage, which is shown to be Doppio. Secco orders Doppio to call for a taxi so that he can leave but Bucciarati advances and, before Secco can liquefy Doppio, punches Secco through Doppio with Sticky Fingers and attaches his arm to his chest. Panicking, Secco then trips into the same garbage truck that Cioccolata was launched into, dooming them both to be incinerated at the local garbage-processing plant.

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Quote.png Quotes
Those tactics... won't work on me again! You'll pay for what you did! You nosy... no, I mean... naughty little... not that... dusty little cheat, no... earthy little cheat?
—Secco to Bucciarati, Chapter 559: "Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 6
Oh! Almost forgot! Gotta get this on video... won't take too long to kill you, though...
—Secco, Chapter 559: "Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 6
If we're going one on one, I don't even need to dive underground...
—Secco, Chapter 559: "Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 6
I'll just make it so you can't move anymore by beating your entire body into a pulp with my Oasis!
—Secco, Chapter 559: "Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 6
You're really smart, you toss sugar cubes for me, you're loaded, and also, you're really strong... or so... I thought... That's why I felt safe following your orders... this whole time... but you're weak as hell! You fuckin' lost! I don't need a piece of shit like you anymore! No one bit!
—Secco to Cioccolata, Chapter 563: "Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 10
This Colosseum... is a place where people go to die... ain't that right? Well, "Mr. Teacher"? Tell me before I kill you.
—Secco to Bucciarati, Chapter 563: "Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 10
You've dug your own grave, Bucciarati. Walls of earth surround you on all sides! Do you think you can block my fists like that!?
—Secco, Chapter 565: "Green Day" and "Oasis", Part 12

Video Games

GioGio's Bizarre Adventure (PS2)

Secco appears as the enemy faced in Chapters 17 and 19.

During Chapter 17, the player takes control of Mista and needs to reach the stage exit point. Mista must not stop moving at any given point during the chapter or will begin taking continuous damage from Green Day. Secco will appear at fixed points on the stage to attack the player with dive and sliding attacks, and though the player can temporarily stun him by hitting or shooting him, he cannot be defeated as he has no health bar, leaving the only method of winning being reaching the exit ramp. One of Secco's most powerful abilities involves him grabbing Mista and dragging him into the floor or wall he came out of, before throwing him out at certain points and setting him back.

Secco is not faced again until Chapter 19, with the player taking control of Bucciarati, the fight is set in front of the Colosseum in Rome. For much of the fight, Secco will be partially submerged underground, either flinging 'mud' or diving at Bucciarati to deal damage, punching him when he gets too close. Secco can also leave liquefied concrete on the ground to trap the player, hitting Bucciarati if caught. He also uses his own form of an attacking barrage or Stand Shoot, where he dives through the ground with a sliding kick and starts to rapidly punch the player when they're in the air if they get caught not unlike a power-type Stand, dealing massive damage. Secco also spits mud into the air, which then rains back down as solid spikes in an area-of-effect attack that can deal anywhere between small to very large amounts of damage to Bucciarati, depending on where he is within range.

Secret Factors

Chapter 17
  1. Mista must Stand Shoot Secco. (Value of 4)
  2. Mista must shoot the two boxes at the base of the garbage pile near the beginning of the stage. This will open up a shortcut ramp. This Secret Factor can be lost if Secco destroys the boxes first, either by hitting them directly or by knocking Mista into them. (Value of 2)
  3. Mista must shoot the billboard in front of the set of stairs to open up another shortcut through the level. This Secret Factor can be lost if Secco destroys the billboard first, either by hitting it directly or knocking Mista into it. (Value of 2)
  4. Mista must shoot the broken railing across a gap from midway up a set of stairs, opening up a third shortcut. If the route provided by the billboard shortcut has already been traveled, the railing can be hit with melee. This Secret Factor can be lost if Secco destroys the railing first, either by hitting it directly or knocking Mista into it. (Value of 2)
Chapter 19
  1. Bucciarati must stand still when Secco dives into the ground. Doing so will confuse him and force him to come up and look for Bucciarati, leaving him vulnerable. Bucciarati must then Stand Shoot Secco. (Value of 3)
  2. Bucciarati must attack one of the three cars until one of their tires pop. Doing so will make the screen adopt a radial blur for an instant. (Value of 2)
  3. Bucciarati must pop another tire while Secco is underground. This will activate a cutscene of Secco writhing in pain from his eardrums bursting. (Value of 5)

All Star Battle (PS3)

Secco appears as a stage hazard in the Colosseum Stage. If one of the players is thrown into the hazard activation area, Secco will dive from Cioccolata's helicopter and liquefy five different spots on the map. Any fighter caught in the bubbling mud spots will take damage in short intervals, stunlocking them and leaving them vulnerable to their opponent until they've taken enough damage.

JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop! (Android/iOS)

Ground-Liquefying Ability ver.
Rarity: PPPSR.png
Max Power: 1198

SeccoPPP.png SeccoStandPPP.png

Skill: Oasis
Enhances Block panels
If the number of Block panels is less than the maximum number of Block panels he can enhance, he enhances as many Secco panels as possible
Skill Lv 1
# of Enhanced Panels: 6
Cooldown: 85
Skill Lv 2
# of Enhanced Panels: 8
Cooldown: 85
Skill Lv 3
# of Enhanced Panels: 8
Cooldown: 80
Skill Lv 4
# of Enhanced Panels: 12
Cooldown: 80
Skill Lv 5
# of Enhanced Panels: 12
Cooldown: 75


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

In the light novel JORGE JOESTAR, an iteration of Secco lives in the 37th universe, named Secco Rottario (セッコ・ロッターリオ Sekko Rottārio). Like his original universe counterpart, Secco Rottario was a former patient of Dolcio Cioccolata37 before becoming his servant. His hospital records only state his doctor's name without showing any psychological or physical conditions he has.

Secco Rottario has a Stand named Evil Dead, which can make a specific location invisible to those who are in another location.

Evil Dead (イーヴルデッド)Link to this section
JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 10: H.G. Wells
Location Concealment
Secco Rottario & Evil Dead

Nero Nero Island, where the base of Passione is located, suddenly grows legs and starts moving through the ocean headed toward Morioh. Some ordinary citizens panic and attempt to escape at the harbor. However, they are ambushed and murdered by Secco, Cioccolata, Prosciutto37, Pesci37, Ghiaccio37, and Melone37. Secco's Evil Dead conceals the harbor, making their actions invisible to those within the island, such as Bruno Bucciarati37. One man manages to escape and tries waving desperately toward Morioh for help before he is killed as well. The Mafia members move the bodies out of sight by dropping the bodies in the water between the boats, or by tossing them into the tall grass by the side of the road to the harbor.[5]

Bucciarati later reveals that they swore an oath not to kill any civilians. He thanks Jorge for informing him of Cioccolata and Secco's secret betrayal and presumably deals with them afterwards.[6]



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