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Not only had he sold drugs in America, he'd even been involved in terrorist activity.

Dolcio Cioccolata (ドルチオ・チョコラータ, Doruchio Chokorāta) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. He is an incarnation of the original Cioccolata, living in the 37th universe.

Dolcio Cioccolata wields the Stand Blob and is a member of Passione who invades Morioh and attacks random civilians.


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Dolcio Cioccolata's Stand Blob appears similarly to Green Day, but according to NYPD Blue, it can create tornadoes that can vacuum up anything within its range.

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Dolcio Cioccolata is an internationally wanted criminal with the Italian police, Interpol, CIA, and FBI having records of him. Working for Passione, Cioccolata sold drugs in America and had been involved in terrorist activities. Like his original universe counterpart, he was formerly a doctor and made one of his victims, Secco Rottario (Universe 37), into his servant.[1]


In July 2012, Nero Nero Island, where the base of Passione is located, suddenly grows legs and starts moving through the ocean headed toward Morioh. Some ordinary citizens panic and attempt to escape at the harbor. Cioccolata, Secco, Prosciutto (Universe 37), Pesci (Universe 37), Ghiaccio (Universe 37), and Melone (Universe 37) ambush and murder them. Secco's Evil Dead conceals the harbor, making their actions invisible to those within the island, such as Bruno Bucciarati (Universe 37). One man manages to escape and tries waving desperately toward Morioh for help before he is killed as well. The Mafia members move the bodies out of sight by dropping the bodies in the water between the boats, or by tossing them into the tall grass by the side of the road to the harbor.

Passione members jumping into Morioh

Nero Nero Island suddenly crashes into the barrier surrounding Morioh and flips upward. Its propulsion causes it to tear through the barrier and lands into Morioh Harbor. Cioccolata and the others start firing bullets and rocket launchers at random civilians and houses in Morioh, attempting to shoot Jorge Joestar as well when he runs by underneath them. The mafia members then jump off the island and head to Budogaoka gymnasium with several weapons.

Following the orders of Giorno Giovanna (Universe ?), Cioccolata kidnaps Morioh's mayor Denta Shishimaru and the rest of the citizens gathered in the gym by vacuuming them up with his Stand. He brings them to Bucciarati at Budogaoka Academy Garden to try finding any Stand users who can help them get a lead on where their boss is hiding.[1]

Bucciarati later reveals that they swore an oath not to kill any civilians. He thanks Jorge for informing him of Cioccolata and Secco's secret betrayal and presumably deals with them afterwards.[2]


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