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In the name of the Lightning Knight! (稲妻の騎士の名にかけて!, Inazuma no kishi no na ni kakete!)

Eijkman the Lightning Knight (イナズマの騎士アイクマン, Inazuma no Kishi Aikuman) is a tertiary character featured in the first part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Phantom Blood. He is one of the only five knights to survive and win the trial of the 77 Rings. He is omitted in the anime adaptation, but appears as a playable character in the Phantom Blood PlayStation 2 game with an original design.


Eijkman among other knights

In the video game, Eijkman appears as a man with an athletic build and blue lipstick. He has blue neck-length hair with bangs. He wears a wide-collar turtleneck sweater cut above the navel, a chestplate, and shoulderplates.

In the manga, it is unknown which knight is specifically Eijkman. However, it is possible that he is the large knight drawn in the front due to the character wielding a halberd.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, blue lipstick)
(Blue chestplate, white shirt and pants, gray shoulderplates)


His personality in the manga is unknown, as he was only mentioned. In the video game, he is particularly loyal to Dio Brando, who revived him. He has voice clips stating that everything is for his lord Dio's sake. Eijkman is described in the game's Profile Mode as a knight who, true to his name, is known for his shining spears and quick movements.[2]


Superhuman StrengthLink to this section
Being the second knight out of five to complete the 77 Rings challenge, Eijkman is extremely durable and capable of withstanding the weight of more than a hundred kilograms on his body. Despite having a handicap by wearing several weighted rings, Eijkman manages to defeat all of his opponents and cross a 10km mountain range.[3]

The information below derives from the Phantom Blood PS2 game which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

Superhuman AgilityLink to this section
As his name implies, Eijkman is a knight with swift movements. While attacking, he notes that his enemy is too slow and also asks where they're looking.
Electrified HalberdLink to this section
Eijkman utilizes a halberd which can generate electricity to paralyze his opponents. His thrusts have enough force to shoot out gusts of wind.
After being revived as a zombie by Dio Brando in the video game, Eijkman's strength is multiplied at the cost of making him weak to sunlight and the Ripple.

Concludes non-canon section.



In 1389, Eijkman is the second knight to survive and successfully complete the challenge of the 77 Rings. He goes down in history as a legendary knight alongside Winzaleo, Caineghis, Bruford, and Tarkus.[3]

The information below derives from the Phantom Blood PS2 game which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.


Fighting Jonathan

Five hundred years later, Eijkman is revived by Dio Brando along with the other winners of the 77 Rings challenge. Following Dio's orders, Winzaleo, Eijkman, Caineghis, and Wang Chan sneak aboard a ship headed to America. After Dio takes over Father Styx's body, he summons the three zombie knights to defeat Jonathan Joestar for him.

In the end, Jonathan defeats him along with the other knights.

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Creation and Development

According to Yusuke Sasaki, a producer from Bandai Namco Games, Eijkman was initially designed by their staff. They asked Hirohiko Araki to take a look at him, who then made corrections.[4]

The three knights were added in the final battle of the game because the game producer thought Wang Chan wouldn't be a good final boss if he remained completely accurate to the story. However, he didn't want to completely stray away from JoJo's story, so Araki gave him various ideas.[4]

Video Games

Phantom Blood (PS2)

Eijkman is playable for one Extra Battle in the Phantom Blood PS2 game where he has to defeat Winzaleo, Caineghis, Bruford, and Tarkus at the same time. He also appears as an enemy in the alternate final chapter and 77 Rings Knights Mode.

Eijkman Infobox PS2.png
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Square.png
Normal Combo
PS Triangle.png
Whirlwind Thrust
PS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
Lightning Thrust
PS Square.pngPS Square.pngPS Triangle.png
Lightning Strike Thrust
Running PS Square.png
Gale Thrust
Running PS Triangle.png
Gale Thrust
PS Circle.png
Evasive Roll
PS Circle.png during damage
Mega Crush
PS R1.png (LV0-3)
Lightning Shock Thrust

Available Stages: Extra Battle 29



  • Ironically, Caineghis, Eijkman, and Winzaleo are not playable in the PS2 game's 77 Rings Knights Mode, as they appear in the mode as the 33rd, 55th, and 77th enemies respectively.


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