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Vowing unswerving loyalty to Giorno is the right choice.
—Gianluca Pericolo, Purple Haze Feedback Chapter 5: mi votu e mi rivotu

Gianluca Pericolo (ジャンルッカ・ペリーコロ, Janrukka Perīkoro) is a tertiary ally featured in the light novel, Purple Haze Feedback. He is the son of Nunzio Pericolo.


Gianluca is deeply marked by the way his father sacrificed himself for him as a child.[2] When Gianluca became ill, his father gave his life for Passione as payment for a treatment.

After his father's death, Gianluca chose to succeed his father and fulfill his work in his place. He has no pride in his work, as he merely thinks of it as a duty. He is loyal to Giorno Giovanna, the boss of Passione.



Gianluca contracted a fatal illness in childhood, and even doctors abandoned him as a lost cause. When Passione saved his life, he and his father joined the gang. Although he has no Stand power, Gianluca is unflinchingly loyal to Passione. He accepts even his father's death as a natural result of their devotion to the syndicate. When Giorno reveals himself as the boss, Gianluca negotiates, unarmed and unaided, with the dissatisfied high-ranking members of the syndicate in order to preserve the stability of Passione. His conduct catches Giorno's attention, and he succeeds his father's position directly under Passione's underboss Guido Mista.

Purple Haze Feedback

Gianluca appears as Cannolo Murolo's informant on the status of Sezione Droghe during their mission to take down the remaining members of the team. In a library at Naples, Gianluca finds Giorno at the art history section reading Politicita di Michelangelo and reports to him about Vladimir Kocaqi's death as according to Murolo. Giorno does not give any further instructions, not even to send reinforcements to aid Murolo and the others, which prompts Gianluca to ask if Giorno trusts Fugo. He wonders why the boss assigned him to the find the Sezione Droghe members even though Fugo abandoned his mission to save his life before - the same mission that his father had given his life for. Again, Giorno says nothing other than he understands Gianluca's predicament. When Gianluca suggests letting the Sicilian police look for Volpe, Giorno only replies that the Sezione Droghe team themselves will be the ones to tell where they are located.


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