Purple Haze Feedback Chapter 5

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Ⅴ.mi votu e mi rivotu (眠れずにあがいて Nemurezu ni agaite, lit. I turn and turn again (Italian) / I'm struggling to sleep (Japanese)) is the fifth chapter of Purple Haze Feedback, a light novel based on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.


After learning of Kocaqi's death, the Sezione Droghe decides to go retrieve a Stone Mask in an old Nazi bunker to power Volpe up. Meanwhile, Fugo, Sheila, and Murolo track them up to Ortygia, Syracuse. On the way, their helicopter is attacked by Angelica Attanasio's Nightbird Flying, which incapacitates the pilot, Murolo, Sheila, and Fugo, sending their helicopter into the sea.

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Gianluca Pericolo
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Vladimir Kocaqi
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Guido Mista
Bruno Bucciarati
Leone Abbacchio
Narancia Ghirga
Trish Una
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