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GYGYGYGYYYYY (ゲイゲイゲイゲイイイイイ)
—Hair Clip, JoJolion Chapter 71: The Qing Dynasty Hair Clip

An unnamed Hair Clip (髪留め, Kamidome) that appears as a tertiary antagonist featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion.

It is a Rock Organism that disguises as a traditional hair clip and attacks Yasuho Hirose when she is thirteen years old.


The creature is pink and disguises as a hair clip with a large crystal in the middle. Surrounding the crystal are five petals of various sizes, making the hair clip resemble a flower. One petal has a flower imprinted on it while the other longer petal displays the Chinese character for Double Happiness (囍), which is a common decoration on traditional ornaments. The three petals on the other side of the crystal are smaller with a carinate-shaped outline on them.

Its actual form reveals that the crystal in the middle of the hair clip is the creature's head with one eye in the center. It has an extended mouth with an outstretched tongue which grows thinner. Its joints are mechanical and it has two large feet with three claws on each. The smaller petals on its back are actually the creature's wings, and the larger petals form its legs.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Main Form
(Body with various shades of pink and magenta, yellow "eye")
Clip Form
(Various shades of pink, bright pink crystal, gray clasp)


It imitates jewelry in order to get closer to the heads of humans. It enjoys fooling and manipulating those with weak hearts and licks their skin dandruff.[2] The creature makes a "GYGYGYGYYYYY" sound whenever it feels victorious.[1]


Generating excess dandruff

Jewelry Disguise

The Rock Organism can disguise itself as jewelry by folding its limbs inward.

Dandruff Manipulation

The creature licks its victim's dandruff and can generate more with its tongue. By piercing its victim's scalp, they will begin producing a severe, abnormal amount of dandruff from their hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. It affects the rest of their skin as well, as Yasuho's elbow becomes really itchy and starts shedding a lot of skin cells. The effect only seems to last a day, as Yasuho seems to be healed when she wakes up the next day. However, she also took strong medicine and blew alkaline water on her skin as mist as a pharmacist recommended her to.[1]

Mental Hallucination

After generating more dandruff, the creature's victim will undergo severe visual and auditory hallucinations. The hallucinations are negative in nature, bringing out its victim's fears to cause emotional anguish and trauma.[1]



One Sunday in the autumn of 2005, Yasuho Hirose visits the flea market in Kotodai Park and thinks the hair clip is really pretty. According to the vendor, the hair clip was made in China during the era of Empress Dowager Cixi of Qing. There was later a war and a Taiwanese girl owned it. The man sells it to Yasuho for 7,800 yen, which she considers cheap as she believes the hair clip to be authentic.

The Rock Organism hides within Yasuho's hair and drills into her scalp with its long tongue. Its ability causes her skin to flake abnormally, giving her lots of dandruff, even from her eyebrows. It also causes her to have many hallucinations. First, she sees several false text messages from her friend Miko and other friends because she forgot to wish Miko a happy birthday. Later, she gets into a fight with her mom, thinking that Suzuyo threw away her hair clip. She passes out afterwards and has a vision of her father, who tells Yasuho that he will no longer be able to see her because he has a baby with a new lover, driving Yasuho into attempting suicide in the bathroom. The vision of her father then crumbles away into pieces as the creature laughs.

During Yasuho's recovery at TG University Hospital, Yoshikage Kira brings Yasuho the fragments of the broken hair clip, apologizing to her that he accidentally stepped on it. He also reveals to Yasuho that the hair clip was fake. The pink "crystal" was merely a rock that resembled a crystal. Kira drops it by Yasuho's bed as it crumbles.[1]

After it's destroyed, Yasuho keeps it inside a box on her bookcase.[3]


Six years later, Yasuho recalls the story to Rai Mamezuku. Then she realizes that it was a Rock Organism and goes back to her house to investigate it with her Stand Paisley Park.[3]


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