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You know nothing of courage. Nothing of the strength men find when they cast aside their ego, to live. Men without courage are like fleas, doomed to be slapped to death when they try to suck the blood of humans.
—Vladimir Kocaqi, Purple Haze Feedback Chapter IV

Vladimir Kocaqi (ヴラディミール・コカキ Vuradimīru Kokaki) is a character from the light novel Purple Haze Feedback.

Kocaqi is the leader of Passione's former narcotics division. He is a quiet elderly man who took part in gang activity prior to joining Passione.


Kocaqi appears as a rather short old man with worn down clothing, holding an umbrella.

Despite his age, he is described as fit, and his back is straight.


Despite his profession, Vladimir Kocaqi is a gentle and wise old man, who cares for his team. Cannolo describes him as a quiet man until someone crossed him. On the other hand, he despises immoral men like Cannolo who only act for themselves. Voodoo Child demonstrates that because of his personality, he feels no guilt for anything he's done. He also seems to have a sense of mercy, despite being a man working for a cruel organization, chose not to kill Shelia and Fugo during their battle, and doesn't use hostility when fighting. Even after death, Giorno Giovanna felt that his death was a waste, despite being the one to put a hit on him.

As a Silician, he tends to favor his countrymen's way of thinking. He explains that life is inherently unfair and that people have to accept it, explaining to Vladimir that lashing out in frustration is a pitiful answer to life's hardships. Moreover, trying to only count on one's will is also useless. He says that he favors silence.



Main article: Rainy Day Dream Away

Rainy Day Dream Away allows Vladimir to lock any person's emotional state. This deceptively redoubtable power made him so dangerous that the Boss himself didn't want to antagonize him.

Rainy Day Dream Away (レイニーデイ・ドリームアウェイ)Link to this section
Emotion Lock



During World War II, Kocaqi lost his sister while trying to escape the carnage of the Battle of Sicily, granting her everlasting peace with his Stand, Rainy Day Dream Away. Kocaqi joined Passione at one point and became leader of the Sezione Droghe. Thanks to his powerful Stand, not even the Boss dared to cross the team.

Purple Haze Feedback

After Diavolo is defeated and his team is removed from Passione by Giorno Giovanna, he and the other members take refuge in Taormina, Sicily. He confronts Fugo, Sheila E, and Cannolo Murolo in an ancient theater on the eastern end of Taormina.

During the battle, Kocaqi locks the sensation of stumbling onto Fugo, causing him to uncontrollably move out of the theater. Sheila E attempts to subdue Kocaqi and uses Voodoo Child to bring out his darkest secret. However, Kocaqi is at peace with himself and only the voice of his sister comes out. For a brief moment the thought that she will not be able to win the fight crosses her mind, allowing Kocaqi to lock the thought in her head and cause all of her attacks to end up missing completely. Kocaqi then begins to ask Murolo questions pertaining to his involvement with Squadra Esecuzioni during their attempt to uncover Diavolo's identity. Before he is able to harm Murolo, Fugo falls from the sky, having used Purple Haze to propel him back towards the theater. Purple Haze slams his fist into Kocaqi's head and breaks his neck instantly. His body is then consumed by the virus.


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