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Chapter 10: H.G. Wells (第十章・HGウェルズ, Daijisshō HG Weruzu) is the tenth chapter of JORGE JOESTAR, a light novel based on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.


Aboard the H.G. Wells Spaceship, Jorge and Narancia are caught and tied to a bed by Captain Funnier Valentine and his team of astronauts. Enrico Pucci introduces himself and asks for their names. Since Narancia couldn't speak English, Jorge answers for him. Pucci sees the mark of Passione on Narancia's knife and moves onto other questions. The crew is surprised to learn that they somehow appeared there from Morioh and Nero Nero Island. Jorge recalls that he read about Pucci in the news. Pucci had started out at a seminary school, then served as the priest at a prison before suddenly becoming an astronaut. Narancia starts kicking Jorge, thinking Jorge's Stand brought them here. The astronauts report to Houston about Narancia and Jorge's sudden appearance, their discovery of Mars's third moon, and whether there may be any connection to the two islands moving back on Earth. Jorge looks out the window and notices that the third moon looked nothing like the other two moons. It is smooth with no craters and is made of rock. It is also inside the atmosphere of Mars, staying put there.

As Jorge assumes the moon must be the reason for him being brought there, he suddenly hears a dull chime echoing inside his stomach with the reverb spreading through his body. Narancia had put his Stand inside Jorge and warns Jorge not to move his head to the left if he doesn't want to die. A torpedo bursts through Jorge's skin as he screams in pain, covered in blood. The astronauts are about to see what happened, but they stop, suspicious of it being a trap. Angry that they didn't fall for it, Narancia fires four cruise missiles out of Jorge toward the astronauts, leading Jorge to learn that Narancia's Stand is an attack submarine hiding inside his body. However, Goyathlay Soundman summons a sand monster in front of the astronauts to swallow up the missiles. Narancia fires another missile which hits Jorge's wrist, freeing his hands from the zip tie. He then suddenly punches Jorge, knocking off a tooth with a spurt of blood. As Jorge's tooth flies toward the Native American astronaut Soundman, he spots a submarine hiding behind it. Although Soundman's sand monster knocks the tooth away, Narancia smirks. Drops of Jorge's blood had landed on Soundman's face from the tooth, and Narancia's U-Boat surfaces on top of the blood splatter. Jorge deduces that U-Boat is a fleet of submarines that could move freely through the human body and bodily fluids, capable of transferring to other hosts if the host touches someone else. Narancia is about to attack Soundman but a hand holding a gun toward Narancia's forehead suddenly emerges from his own mouth. Funnier Valentine threatens to kill Narancia before his missiles explode unless he holds his fire. Narancia had U-Boat within his own body as well, and fires a missile toward the arm sticking out of his mouth. However, Funnier's Stand dodges and Narancia ends up exploding his own teeth off. Despite his injuries, Narancia remains conscious and fires several missiles at Soundman. The sand monster contains all of the explosions so Narancia starts firing missiles from within Soundman's body, exploding the man's back. Funnier's Stand appears again and fires bullets from behind Narancia, but all of the bullets explode before they could reach his head. Narancia had been deflecting each bullet with U-Boat's missiles.

Jorge asks Narancia whether he really wants to die here, mentioning that he'll never see his friends again. Narancia hesitates and then bursts into tears, realizing that he'll die. Suddenly, Jorge sees Narancia's face and entire body start melting as if it was rotting away. Jorge turns around and sees Pucci's Stand but all the other astronauts had gone back to their normal duties. When Jorge wonders why Soundman looked fine, Pucci explains that Soundman's body is almost entirely composed of sand. One day his body and the sand from his land absorbed each other, which happens sometimes to humans who fully accept the land they live in. Soundman and Pucci named this ability Bound. Pucci uses his Stand to pull out two DISCs from Narancia's head and one DISC from Jorge's head. Pucci reads their memories before putting Jorge's DISC back in, and then informs Jorge that he still doesn't understand what Tsukumojuku told him yet.

Pocoloco Tripleseven points out that someone is coming towards them, about to destroy their spaceship. Soundman confirms that his sand is also trapped by something. They follow the path of Soundman's sand and see a black string wrapped around the mass of sand, pulling it towards the small new moon. Soundman could no longer move his sand as it is too far away, but Narancia's U-Boat is still swirling around in the sand vortex. Pocoloco tells Pucci to wake Narancia up to see if he could move his submarine. Pucci inserts Narancia's DISCs back in and tells him that God has forgiven his sins already. Narancia is extremely confused when he wakes up, as he had been seeing an illusion that he killed all of the astronauts already. Pucci manipulates him by saying Narancia has no reason to kill them as they are his friends. Narancia doesn't argue back and Jorge is terrified of Pucci's manipulative capabilities, certain that Pucci must be evil. Narancia explains that he can't move his submarine because it can only move inside living things or other Stands, but Soundman's Dune had gone too far and became ordinary sand again. Narancia enthusiastically suggests blowing up the third moon, causing Pucci to take his DISC out again.

Houston declares through the speakers to prepare for an attack. The ship shakes from a large impact and everyone is flung around. Houston tells them to temporarily pull away from Mars and shows an image on their screen, which they discovered while examining the string towing the sand. The string branches into countless other threads, appearing like a plant or bacteria. The moon had a large quantity of "tentacles" surrounding it, and it would have grabbed onto the spaceship too had they gotten closer. Houston then transmits another shot displaying a long-haired half-naked man with horns on his head. He had some sort of rope in his hand connecting to the third moon. He had kept the moon hidden behind Mars the whole time by running with it like it was a balloon, meaning he was running at superhuman speeds. Soundman's sand reaches the moon, and Narancia's U-Boat suddenly starts moving again. Narancia uses his Stand's periscope and questions whether moons are alive. After Pocoloco suddenly screams, they all see that the "moon" is actually a giant eyeball and its lid just opened. Its tentacles grab the spaceship but Narancia tries firing at it with dozens of submarines. The "moon" then opens its mouth and swallows up all of the submarines.

President The Funniest Valentine appears on the loudspeaker and informs them that he is presently at the UN Headquarters in New York, attending an emergency meeting regarding the mysterious life form which they are calling The Eyed Balloon. The Funniest shows the astronauts seven images of The Eyed Balloon's interior, highlighting the Giotto probe floating in the back. The Giotto probe was launched into space in 1985, but somehow there are now seven Giotto probes which all have the same ID. Pucci wonders if this has something to do with the fourteen words. The Funniest shows them another picture from a Nazi base in Switzerland and explains the fate of Kars, who is the long-haired man that they saw earlier. Jorge is surprised to learn that his adoptive great-grandfather, Joseph Joestar, is the man who defeated Kars. The Funniest then gives them an ultimatum to escape The Eyed Balloon's tentacles in ten minutes or they will detonate the H.G. Wells spaceship remotely to prevent Kars from returning to Earth.

Funnier orders Pocoloco to think of a way to cut the tentacles off the ship as well as to find the ship's explosive device. From Soundman's suggestion, Narancia merges his whole U-Boat fleet into a giant submarine. Soundman and Pucci go with Narancia on the giant U-Boat toward Kars. Meanwhile, Pocoloco's Stand Right Stuff discovers how to escape from the tentacles and works on its plan. Funnier asks Jorge what he thinks about Pucci's goal of reaching heaven. He goes on to explain Pucci's backstory. When Pucci was seventeen, he had a habit of sleepwalking out of the house. His family moved to Cape Canaveral since it was easier to keep an eye on him there with the air force base, but Pucci still slips out one night and awakes at the church his father worked at. When he rushed back home, he found he no longer had a home, as it was crushed by a falling meteor. It wasn't a rock which killed his family, but rather a metal plate from the Giotto probe. Besides the ID, fourteen phrases written in Italian and English were scratched onto the metal plate along with an excerpt of how to reach heaven.

Pocoloco declares that the plan is ready, but Funnier ignores him and then suddenly assassinates Pocoloco with his Stand's gun. Funnier then shoots Narancia as well and insults Pucci for being a self-absorbed sinner. Funnier reveals that he has been negotiating with Kars for eleven years ever since he read the message on the metal plate that fell on Pucci's house. After Funnier shoots Pucci, Soundman manages to absorb all of Mars's sand, growing his body into a massive pillar of sand. Jorge grabs Narancia's knife and tries to stab Funnier but the astronaut dodges and disarms Jorge, stabbing Jorge in the shoulder instead. Funnier's Stand Rear Window shoots Soundman several times, but his Dune morphs the shape of his sand to absorb the bullets. Hidden within the sand covering his body, Soundman couldn't see or breathe and attacks wildly. When Jorge yells that Funnier is escaping in the pod, Soundman moves the sand from his face to take a breath, but is instantly shot between his eyes by Rear Window. As Funnier escapes, Narancia reveals that U-Boat caught the bullet in his forehead so he didn't actually die. He fires a cruise missile which collides with the escape pod, killing Funnier.

The giant U-Boat rams into the side of the H.G. Wells due to The Eyed Balloon's tentacles. Narancia and Jorge jump into the hole of the submarine and Narancia immediately pilots it away. The H.G. Wells spaceship explodes, but they are confronted by Kars who entered their submarine as well. Kars declares that he can finally go back home but with the three of them there, the oxygen in the submarine would only last four hours. Kars decides to build his own spaceship using The Eyed Balloon and the Giotto probes. He reveals that The Eyed Balloon was composed of 36 different Kars from each universe, each holding a Giotto probe within the sphere. The universe had already looped 36 times and in each iteration, Kars was defeated by Joseph and flung into space due to fate, where he met himself. Each Kars work together, assembling a futuristic spaceship using their own body parts and the parts from the Giotto probes. The remaining Kars melt themselves into fuel for the ship, as Narancia and Jorge watch in horror. Kars orders Narancia to shrink the submarine and then he carries it along with Narancia and Jorge into his new spaceship.

Kars reveals that he had previously tried going back to Earth on the Giotto probes, but failed twice. After calculating, he learned that he could finally go back in the 37th universe after gathering enough materials and fuel from the extra Kars. He met Funnier who helped him plan his method of reentry and they negotiated an agreement where Kars would be brought back to Earth in exchange for not eating any Americans. While Kars doesn't need to eat to survive, he declares his intention to eat Narancia and Jorge as a celebratory feast, since their lives will only last four hours anyways. Jorge wonders why Kars mentioned that there were three of them there since Kars does not need to breathe, but then notices Pucci on the ground after looking around. Pucci had been saved by Soundman's sand, so Funnier's bullet did not reach his head. Meanwhile, the pebble phone starts ringing and Narancia is excited to speak with Bucciarati again. Bucciarati reminds them that they have Morioh's citizens hostage, so he doesn't want them fooling around. Jorge states that despite speaking like a gentleman, he knows their group is full of murderers who kills civilians. However, Bucciarati responds that his group swore an oath not to kill innocent people. He thanks Jorge for telling him that Cioccolata, Secco, and others have betrayed them. As Bucciarati hangs up, Kars learns that Jorge is a Joestar.


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