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This is a list of unnamed characters found in one-shots related to the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, such as Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan. These characters played minor but varying roles throughout the storyline.

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

Corn Market WorkersLink to this section
TSKR16 Corn Market Workers.png
TSKR16 Corn Market Workers OVA.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 16: At a Confessional
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 16 (OVA): At a Confessional
Voice Actor: Shō Okumura
Roberto Palermo and Matteo De Mojana (Italian dub)
Two men working at a corn market. They suddenly find an Asian man collapsed underneath a sack of corn. They realize he's actually dead. One yells for someone to call a doctor, while another yells to call the police.
Confessor's WifeLink to this section
Confessor’s Wife Oneshot.jpeg
Confessor’s Wife.jpeg
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 16: At a Confessional
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 16 (OVA): At a Confessional

A supermodel who marries The Confessor. They have a child and an assumedly happy life.

Confessor's DaughterLink to this section
Confessional daughter oneshot.jpg
Confessional Daughter.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 16: At a Confessional
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 16 (OVA): At a Confessional
Voice Actor: Hina Kino (Japanese), Skyler Davenport (English)
Geneviève Doang (French dub)
Camilla Villani (Italian dub)

The man at the confessional's daughter. She becomes possessed by the spirit of the Asian vagrant. Its face appears on her tongue and gives her abnormal strength. The ghost leaves her body after killing her dad's servant.

Minoru's WifeLink to this section
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 2 (OVA): Mutsu-kabe Hill (Mentioned only)
Not much is known about her except that she is married to Minoru Kaigamori and has no children.
Inhabitants of Millionaire VillageLink to this section
The inhabitants of the Millionaire Village. None of them came from wealth, but they all purchased a villa there at the age of 25, and all became rich. They were also blessed with beautiful wives and families.
Millionaire no.1Link to this section
Millionaire 01.jpeg
Millionaire 01 ova.png
He is the owner of a ship building company.
Millionaire no.2Link to this section
Millionaire 02.jpeg
Millionaire 02 ova.png
He is the CEO of a drug manufacturer.
Millionaire no.3Link to this section
Millionaire 03.jpeg
Millionaire 03 ova.png
He owns a family printing company.
Millionaire no.4Link to this section
Millionaire 04.jpeg
Millionaire 04 ova.png
He made a cosmetic company successful.
Millionaire no.5Link to this section
Millionaire 05.jpeg
Millionaire 05 ova.png
His activity is unknown.
Millionaire no.11Link to this section
Millionaire 11.jpeg
This man used to live in Tokyo and work as a simple driver for a delivery service. 23 years ago in 1989, at the age of 25, he bought the eleventh villa. Since then, he's become the CEO of an airline company with 30 billion yen in assets.
Kyoka's Mother and FiancéLink to this section
Kyoka's Mom & Fiance.gif
Kyoka's Mom & Fiance OVA.gif
Kyoka Izumi's mother and her boyfriend, whom she was going to marry next year, were driving together when, after Kyoka broke three rules of the test of the gods of the mountains and asked if she could retry, her mother was struck with a heart attack while driving, and the car accident killed both of them, as told to Kyoka on the phone. They were chosen as two of the three precious things to be lost to allow Kyoka to try the test again. When Rohan Kishibe defeated Ikkyu, they were brought back after Rohan asked for the return of the things Kyoka lost.

During the additional ending scene at the cafe in the OVA, Koichi asks Rohan what happened to them. He clarified they were fine and how her relatives panicked and mistakenly thought they had died in the crash.

In the TV Drama, their roles in the story are replaced by Maron and Taro Hirai.

InterpreterLink to this section
The interpreter is a beautiful woman hired by Rohan Kishibe on his trip to Italy to visit a Gucci factory and fix the Gucci Bag Stand. Even though he counted on her, she spent most of the time changing clothes at the boutique and claiming that Rohan was rude, his impoliteness not shared by her. Rohan often scolded her because of that, saying there wouldn't be any problem if she did her job. After fixing the Gucci Bag Stand, she got Rohan drunk and stole his money and passport.
Leather Goods ArtisanLink to this section
Gucci Artisan.png
He is one of the leather goods artisans of the Gucci brand and also one of Gucci's "skilled workers." He holds great respect for Frida Giannini and Gucci's traditions. He informs Rohan and his interpreter about Frida and the Gucci Bag Stand, warning Rohan about how he doesn't seem to know the bag's true purpose. The mangaka, however, doesn't seem to care about all his "maniacal information" and just wants the bag to be "fixed".
Genius ArtisanLink to this section
Manga Debut: Kishibe Rohan Meets Gucci (Mentioned only)
They are a genius artisan and one of Gucci's "skilled workers." They are also a Stand user with an ability relating to "Equivalent Exchange." They specially made three unique Gucci bags, which they bound with this ability. However, it's possible they can grant this ability to an unlimited amount of bags if they choose to.
Hotel ReceptionistLink to this section
Hotel Receptionist.jpg
He is the receptionist of the hotel Rohan goes to after being robbed by his interpreter. The receptionist apologizes to Rohan and states their smallest room is 60 euros a night, and they can't allow him to stay if he has no cash or credit card with ID. After Rohan manages to pay for the night, the receptionist suggests that for an additional 50 euros, he could enjoy dinner at the hotel's roof restaurant.
Hotel GuestsLink to this section
Hotel Guests.jpg
Two guests of the hotel Rohan goes to after being robbed by his interpreter. After Rohan is denied a stay if he cannot pay 60 euros for a room, the male guest offers to buy Rohan's Gucci umbrella for 60 euros since he needs an umbrella to get home. At this moment, Rohan also understood the Gucci bag's "true purpose."
LandownerLink to this section
Manga Debut: Rohan au Louvre (Mentioned only)
In 1989, a landowner from Nanase Kishibe's hometown found the "Under the Moon" painting in the back of his barn. A Louvre curator later obtained the painting from them.
Louvre CuratorLink to this section
Manga Debut: Rohan au Louvre (Mentioned only)
In 1989, after a Japanese landowner found the "Under the Moon" painting, a curator from the Louvre acquired it and brought it back to Paris to be a part of the Louvre's collections. At some point, the painting killed them, and they still appear on a list of missing persons. In the film adaptation, this curator is replaced with Gaucher Bigot.
Rohan's FansLink to this section
Rohan's Fans.png
Manga Debut: Rohan au Louvre
Three men visiting the Louvre recognize Rohan Kishibe and ask for autographs. One of them asks what Rohan is doing in Paris and if it's for research for his next series. Another asks Rohan to sign something for his girlfriend. Rohan asks them if they like manga, to which they say yes. Rohan asks the trio if they've looked at what they are wearing, asserting that if they love manga, they should respect this place. Explaining that since they are admiring masterpieces, they should be dressing up better than how they are right now. As he is walking away from the trio, one man asks again for an autograph, to which Rohan replies to look closely. To their surprise, he already did the autographs with his special dripping technique.
Rohan's GrandfatherLink to this section
Rohan's Grandfather.png
Manga Debut: Rohan au Louvre
The grandfather of Rohan Kishibe. He lived with Rohan's grandma, who owned an inn in the quarter of Morioh, S City. When he died in 1994, his wife closed the inn and rented out the rooms. He later appears as a "ghost" summoned by the "Under the Moon" painting at the Louvre. He gets recognized by his grandson, who is terrified by his presence as he died 12 years prior.
Nicolas's AncestorLink to this section
Nicolas's Ancestor.png
Manga Debut: Rohan au Louvre
He is a soldier who was an ancestor of Nicolas Thomas. At one point during a war, he had died on the battlefield from gunfire. He later appears as a "ghost" summoned by the "Under the Moon" painting at the Louvre. The firefighter recognizes him and asks how it's possible for him to be at the Louvre before begging him to get away from him. When close to him, numerous gunshot wounds appear on Nicolas's body. Rohan implies that he may have committed a war crime.
Mochizuki Family DogLink to this section
Mochizuki Family Dog.jpg
A dog that appears to be a Basset, owned by the Mochizuki family. It is first seen with the family inside the house as Noboru Mochizuki explains the moon viewing they will be doing. It later walks out with the family into the backyard as they set up for the viewing. It's last seen lying on the grass as the family awakens to a nearby crash they heard.
Aki's FiancéLink to this section
Aki's Fiancé.jpg
Aki Mochizuki's boyfriend. She had promised him they would go out, but she had to stay home moon viewing with her family. After her family fell asleep for the night, she talked with him on the phone, explaining why her plans had changed. He informs her that he's already behind her home. He convinces her to come out and see him quickly. When she meets with him, the Moon Rabbit is about to kill her with misfortune by not staying with her family. However, he pulls out a wedding ring and proposes to her, which she accepts. This saves her life as it forces the spirit to consider her no longer part of the Mochizuki family. He is last seen alongside Aki as the both of them walk to the backyard where the family resides.
MotorcyclistLink to this section
A random motorcyclist driving nearby the Mochizuki home. They drive by Aki Mochizuki and her now fiancé along the road. The Moon Rabbit decided the driver would be forced to even the balance of the misfortune originally intended for Aki. Hornets fly by the driver's helmet and cause them to crash into a building, killing them.
Obese ManLink to this section
Obese Man.png
A tall, obese man who is bald except for a clump of hair at the top of his head. Rohan Kishibe mentions that he is an ordinary salaryman who has two children and a chronic heart disease. Rohan also comments that he's a good man as he immediately tried to save Rohan when the latter falls on the train tracks. During the obese man's encounter with Rohan, he was continually knocked over by passersby because of strange insects named Coire electricus lorenzinia who were attracted to his diseased heart and then fed on the electrical impulses of his heart, killing him.
Yukako's MotherLink to this section
Not much is known about her except that she is Yukako's mother and a friend of Mai Katahira.
Model ScoutLink to this section
TSKR9 Model Scout.jpg
TSKR9 Yoma Manager.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 9: The Run
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 9 (OVA): The Run
Voice Actor: Saori Terai (Japanese), Faye Mata (English)
Daniela Trapelli (Italian Dub)

A woman working at a model production agency who scouts Yoma Hashimoto while he is at Harajuku. She admires his features and becomes his manager after he accepts her offer. She convinces him that he needs to train his body, as beautiful poses matter more than talent.

Fitness TrainerLink to this section
TSKR9 Trainer.jpg
TSKR9 Fitness Trainer.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 9: The Run
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 9 (OVA): The Run
Voice Actor: Ryota Takeuchi (Japanese), Kane Junbluth-Murry (English)
Maxime Hoareau (French dub)
Matteo De Mojana (Italian Dub)

A fitness trainer at Yoma Hashimoto and Rohan Kishibe's gym. He has an odd training style where he lies about the number of reps left while his clients are training. He can say they have three reps left but then end up counting below zero onto negative numbers. However, he praises his clients' progress and Yoma looks to him for advice.

Gym PatronLink to this section
TSKR9 The Rock.jpg
TSKR9 The Rock OVA.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 9: The Run
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 9 (OVA): The Run
Voice Actor: Roberto Palermo (Italian Dub)
A gym patron who goes to the same gym as Yoma Hashimoto. He makes a reservation with the fitness trainer one day. Yoma asks the trainer for advice that day, but the trainer says he has to focus on his current client because of his reservation. The man continues doing sit-ups after Yoma's interruption, which angers Yoma. Yoma later kills him on October 20 because he interfered with Yoma's training by reserving the trainer for himself. Yoma puts him in a chokehold from behind and beats him against the wall until he dies. The man's body is hidden in the shower room ceiling, encased in cement.
Shunichi Ishimoto states that this character changed the most while adapting the one-shot chapter into an OVA. Araki told him to make the man as macho as Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), even though that wouldn't look anything like the original character. Ishimoto thought Araki was joking, but he seemed to be serious.[1]
Mutsu-kabe Shrine PriestsLink to this section
Mutsu-kabe Shrine Priests.png
Mutsu-kabe Shrine Priests Drama.png
Manga Debut: TSKR Episode 10
Live Action Actor: Yoshi Sakou, Keisuke Yamamoto
Mutsu-kabe Shrine has two Shinto priests working there. One is an elderly man, the chief priest, and the other is his middle-aged son. The two tend to repeat what each other is saying. They inform Rohan Kishibe about Yabubako-Hoshi and how he can get things back to normal by undoing the creature's actions. Their ancestors have worked at the shrine for centuries. 50 years ago, the chief priest mentioned wanting to cut down the yew tree where Yabubako-Hoshi resides, but he decided not to.
Mitsuki's LoverLink to this section
Manga Debut: TSKR Episode 11 (Voice only)
Mitsuki Murase's lover with whom she is having affairs with in secret from her husband. He is seemingly oblivious to the fact that Mitsuki has a husband. One day, as Mitsuki leaves in a rush, the man confesses his love to her and offers to give her a ride, but she declines.
Mitsuki's HusbandLink to this section
Manga Debut: TSKR Episode 11 (Voice only)
Mitsuki Murase's husband and Emma's father. He is oblivious to his wife cheating on him with another man. One day, Emma is left crying outside of the closed kindergarten, and the husband calls Mitsuki to pick her up because Mitsuki is driving the family's only car. Eventually, he decides to walk over to pick Emma up himself.

Short Story/OVA/TV Drama

Jugo's EditorLink to this section
Editor Infobox Drama.png
Novel Debut: Kushagara
Debut: Kushagara (TV Drama)
Live Action Actor: Ryo Yoshida
An editor at Shueisha and Jugo Shishi's previous editor. He used to get along well with Jugo thanks to their shared tastes in potato chips, films and the like. In the Home Alone series, his favorite movie is Home Alone 3. He is a fan of traditional Japanese music and also likes the band Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. In the original short story, he is replaced by a new editor after getting promoted.

In the TV Drama, the editor nearly falls victim to "kushagara". He was affected by the word but couldn't find its meaning. To relieve himself of his nagging curiosity, he passed on the word to Jugo in a list of forbidden words and then secluded himself from the world in a warehouse near where he lived, telling his parents not to tell anyone. However, Kyoka Izumi finds him. Although he's not overtaken by "kushagara", he's become somewhat unstable in his efforts to forget the word.

Jugo's Mysterious EditorLink to this section
Novel Debut: Kushagara
A mysterious man who poses as the new editor of Jugo Shishi after the previous editor's promotion. He and Jugo don't get along too well since he is much more serious than Jugo's previous editor. He sends Jugo a list of prohibited words in manga, including the word "kushagara". When Jugo asks about the meaning of the word, he says that since the use of the word is forbidden, knowing its meaning isn't necessary. After a month of obsessively trying to find the meaning of the word, Jugo has his memories erased by Rohan Kishibe, who then contacts the editoral department; he is told that Jugo hasn't even met his actual new editor. The identity of the mysterious "editor" remains unknown.
Used Bookstore ShopkeeperLink to this section
Bookseller Infobox Drama.png
Novel Debut: Kushagara
Debut: Kushagara (TV Drama)
Live Action Actor: Taro Suwa
A bookseller who specializes in selling old books. Jugo Shishi comes to him to seek old encyclopedias because the manga artist wants to discover the meaning of "kushagara". Jugo starts manhandling him, forcing Rohan Kishibe to intervene. The bookseller is eventually overtaken by "kushagara"'s influence and begins to seek the meaning of the word until Rohan brainwashes him into forgetting what had happened.
Jugo's New EditorLink to this section
Novel Debut: Kushagara
A new editor who is assigned to Jugo Shishi after the previous editor's promotion. He is impersonated by an unknown person who later exposes Jugo to the word "kushagara". After a month of obsessively trying to find the meaning of the word, Jugo has his memories erased by Rohan Kishibe, who then contacts the editorial department; he is told that Jugo hasn't even met his actual new editor.
Gym ManagerLink to this section
TSKR9 Gym Manager.png
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 9 (OVA): The Run
Voice Actor: Satoru Murakami (Japanese), Andrew Russel (English)
Pino Pirovano (Italian Dub)
The manager of the gym that Yoma Hashimoto and Rohan Kishibe visit. He only appears in the OVA. The fitness trainer asks him what they should do because his personal client hasn't come to the gym for two weeks. The manager asks whether he was able to get in contact with him.
BurglarsLink to this section
Burglars Infobox TV Drama.png

A pair of burglars who break into Rohan Kishibe's house, unaware that it is his house. The younger burglar is actually a fan of Pink Dark Boy. He used to faithfully buy the first issue of Shonen Jumbo every week to read Rohan's manga, but when it was confiscated, the young boy became frustrated with studying, failed his exams, became a dropout and turned to crime. Rohan had actually baited them inside his house to get a look at their lives and quickly neutralized them by turning them into books and writing his "safety lock" on them, making them placid and peaceful. He then sends them to the police. The younger burglar gets to enjoy Pink Dark Boy in jail as Rohan sends him volumes of the manga.

University Night GuardLink to this section
Night Guard Infobox Drama.png
Debut: Kushagara (TV Drama)
Live Action Actor: Roncha Takeguchi
A night guard who was patrolling a university. He hears shouting in one of the rooms and discovers with horror the corpse of the university professor above.
Taro's NurseLink to this section
Nurse Infobox Drama.png
A nurse who takes care of Taro Hirai at the hospital.
RealtorsLink to this section
Realtors Infobox TV Drama.png
A pair of realtors who enter Rohan Kishibe's house, though one of them is unaware of Rohan's name and calls him "Gohan Kishida" instead. The boss assumes that Rohan is naive about how the world works and wants to drag Rohan to their own place so they can scam him. The boss profusely apologizes after realizing he got Rohan's name wrong, while his co-worker claims that he knew who Rohan was. They tell Rohan that while it's possible to buy the land for the range he desired, a resort development company is pestering the landowner into making a deal, so they were concerned that Rohan would resell the land for profit after the sale. Rohan gets annoyed by their claims and uses Heaven's Door on them before they can leave. He writes a command that the boss will make an honest deal with Rohan. Afterward, Rohan sees a page of the man's deepest secret which he won't even tell his family and tears the page out of him so Rohan can keep it.
Men at the GymLink to this section
Men at the Gym TV Drama.png
Debut: The Run (TV Drama)
Live Action Actor: Komizu Taiga, Shogo Hama
Two men who frequent the same gym as Rohan Kishibe and Yoma Hashimoto. They bother Yoma by taking his treadmill, though their game of trying to run the treadmills together inspires Yoma's own game with Rohan. Yoma kills them, but their death is registered as heart attacks.
Deliveryman (The Run)Link to this section
Delivery Man Infobox Drama.png
Debut: The Run (TV Drama)
Live Action Actor: Sei Haruki
A nameless deliveryman who bothers Yoma Hashimoto for repeatedly ringing at his door during a training session, causing Yoma to kill him. The character is the TV Drama equivalent of Sawaki from the one-shot.
Clinging YokaiLink to this section
Clinging Yokai Infobox Drama.png

This yokai is the main antagonist of the fifth episode of the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Drama. The character is heavily inspired by the Stand Cheap Trick from Diamond is Unbreakable in that it's invisible to all but its current victim, clings to one victim's back, and kills the victim as soon as someone sees their back and then latches onto whoever saw the back. Unlike in the original manga, the yokai takes on the appearance of its previous victim with altered features such as hair color and extra accessories (like an extra tie in Masazo Kinoto's case).

It shares the same fate as its inspiration, being taken away from Rohan by malicious spirits.

Deliveryman (From Behind)Link to this section
Deliveryman (From Behind) Infobox Drama.png
Debut: From Behind (TV Drama)
Live Action Actor: Shô Watanabe
A deliveryman who has come to deliver a package to Rohan Kishibe. He knocks at Rohan's door and enters because the door is not locked, which actually puts Rohan in danger because the clinging Yokai on Rohan's back may kill him if anyone sees his back. Rohan is forced to do the crab to avoid showing his back to the deliveryman.
AgentsLink to this section
Agents Infobox Drama.png
A pair of commercial agents who try to sell a VR headset to Rohan. However, he isn't interested and turns them into books to read their bios.

Other One-Shots

Masago's FriendLink to this section
Young Woman.PNG
A beautiful young woman whom Masago Ayashi agreed to bring to his yacht on a boating trip. She is only seen in her swimsuit. She dies when the yacht crashes onto a rock. Masago mentions once that he purposely drowned the woman to eat her corpse later.

Dolce stands on her corpse in the beginning of the manga, but is disturbed by the flies buzzing around her. Masago claims to himself that it wasn't his fault that the woman drowned and blames her for making him crash his yacht by taking off her clothes and distracting him. He uses her purse to make an outfit for Dolce. Later, a cannibalistic Masago plans to eat her corpse but realizes there are sharks lurking nearby when he sees only her foot on deck.

Wanted ManLink to this section
Child Murderer.jpg
Manga Debut: Deadman's Questions
This man was a child murderer and master of disguises, having been wanted for 15 years. He was a paranoiac, startled by the most minimal sound and constantly told himself not to worry because nobody could catch up with him. He eventually started to live with Yamaoka, one of his acquaintances. Yoshikage Kira was assigned to kill him but had a time limit to do so because this man's crime expired at midnight. Kira invaded his house and confronted the dog Rocky while picking up a knife. Kira made a pigeon out of the newspaper with his picture to startle the man, who shouted out of his window, "pigeons or police or whatever! Try to get me if you can!". Now that Kira had his permission, he entered his room and stabbed the man in his back. Kira left the man bleeding on the floor and called the woman living with him, telling her to call the police.
Shueisha EditorLink to this section
A Shueisha employee who met Boingo in Egypt while on vacation. The employee received the Tohth book and later photographed its pages when it only had the predictions shown during Stardust Crusaders (indicating it happened shortly after the end of Part 3).
UnicornLink to this section
A small unicorn who had escaped from the government and runs into Jolyne. The unicorn is entirely blue and has large robotic yellow eyes. The unicorn was found by Polpo and then thrown into a cage for experimentation by the government. It is implied Polpo mistreated it. The unicorn escaped its cage at an airport and meets Jolyne. It somehow fused with her scarf and then suddenly became an adult unicorn. It also has absorbed the flower motif of Jolyne's scarf. It ran away successfully, leaving Jolyne with hope.
Fujiko's ClientLink to this section
Fujiko Client.jpg
A female inmate at Green Dolphin Street Prison who appears and begs Fujiko Fujiyama for her commission; she is so addicted to Fujiko's art that she can't sleep and has started pulling her hair out of impatience. She also is desperate enough to pay Fujiko extra to get her fix of porn. She's commissioned a Spider-Man x Deadpool pairing.
Yoga Session GuardLink to this section
A guard from Green Dolphin Street Prison who is seen overseeing and conducting a yoga session for female prisoners. When prisoner FE040536 starts to act strangely during one session, the guard beats her with her stick but it only excites the prisoner.


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