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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Bruno Bucciarati.


Bucciarati, age 7, with his parents

Bruno Bucciarati was born on September 27, 1980, to a humble fisherman in a coastal town where he spent most of his happy childhood with two loving parents. The anime mentions that it was in a suburb of Naples.

When Bucciarati was seven years old, his parents decided to divorce. His father Paolo Bucciarati wanted to remain in the fishing village where they lived while his mother wanted to move to the city. The two decided Bucciarati should choose who he wanted to live with. Bucciarati's mother tried to convince him to come with her to the city and receive an education, but in the end, Bucciarati said he would rather live with his father. Both parents were shocked, but Bucciarati's mother understood the reasoning behind Bucciarati's decision. Bucciarati knew, even at his young age, that once his mother reached the city she would forget the village, even if she was crying and sad at the moment. However, his father would remain alone and slowly grow old and die and that he needed someone there with him. This kindness was a part of Bucciarati's personality, though his mother hoped that this kindness wouldn't change his life for the worse.[1]

As the years went on, Bucciarati's father worked very hard in the hope the Bucciarati would one day move to the city and receive an education. One day, two men pretending to be fishermen presented themselves and asked to be brought to an island. The fishermen seemed strange, one even forgetting to take his fishing rod. Bucciarati's father took the fishing rod and went to go look for the fishermen but upon finding them, he saw that they were in fact gangsters involved with the drug trade with multiple other men.
Bucciarati, age 12, kills the gangsters that had come to kill his father

Bucciarati's father was shot seven times but a nearby coast guard ship passed by, forcing the gangsters to flee. The crew found him and he was rushed to the hospital. However, while Bucciarati's father was unconscious, the same two gangsters sneaked into his room, intending to finish him off. While one stood guard, the other moved in to kill Bucciarati's father, when suddenly he found a knife pointed at him by twelve-year-old Bucciarati, who had been hiding under the bed to protect his father knowing the people who tried to kill him would come back.[1] Bucciarati killed both gangsters but knew that the police couldn't protect him or his family from retaliation. He thus joined Passione in exchange for the protection it could give him against the two gangsters' friends who might be seeking revenge.

Working for Passione

Bucciarati discovers drugs in Passione's possession

For a few years, Bucciarati worked under Polpo, not thinking too much of the gang's actions, though this was about the time the gang started dealing drugs within the city. Five years later, Bucciarati's father died of complications during his surgery, but Bucciarati knew the gang was involved with the operation and that they were trying to separate him and his father.[1] Ultimately, Bucciarati's trust was betrayed when he inevitably found out about Passione's drug deals, but he could do nothing about the situation regardless. Bucciarati worked steadily, earning Polpo's trust enough to be tasked with hiding his treasure in a toilet of Capri.

At the same time, Bucciarati worked to build a team of trustworthy individuals, recruiting four teens and men at the nadir of their lives: Pannacotta Fugo, Leone Abbacchio, Narancia Ghirga and Guido Mista.

Bucciarati begins recruiting trustworthy people

In the anime adaptation, Bucciarati met Pannacotta Fugo one evening as a then disowned and homeless Fugo was caught trying to dine and dash by a server, but Fugo explained that there was a case law that would allow him to get away scot-free. The server asked Bucciarati to help him. However, Bucciarati was more impressed by Fugo's keen mind and recruited him. The anime adaptation also showed Bucciarati approach Leone Abbacchio, who was a fallen policeman and a drunk bum at this point. Bucciarati convinced him to join the gang and put his talents to work.

One day, Fugo brought Narancia Ghirga to his restaurant and asked if he could feed Narancia, who then lived on the streets as a homeless teen. Bucciarati immediately gave Narancia his plate and paid for his eye treatment. Narancia would later ask to join Bucciarati's gang, but Bucciarati angrily refused and told Narancia to get an education instead. Nonetheless, Narancia applied for Polpo's test and succeeded.

At one point, Bucciarati also heard of Guido Mista's case, accused of shooting three men in cold blood. Fearing that Mista would die soon in prison and probably also kill a prison thug or gay man, Bucciarati pulled strings to free Mista.[2] The anime adaptation also featured Bucciarati and Mista having a conversation before Mista could be convinced to join the team.

A Fate Sealed

A florist asking Bucciarati and the rest of Team Bucciarati to investigate his daughters death.

One day, Bucciarati learned about Leaky-Eye Leaky-Eye Luca's death and was tasked to investigate the matter. Bucciarati also received a request from a flower shop owner who explained that his daughter had mysteriously jumped from atop a building to kill herself and asked Bucciarati to take revenge on his daughter's boyfriend whom he thought was the culprit behind this incident. Willing to give the man closure but being against simple murder, Bucciarati thus sent Mista to interrogate the boyfriend while Fugo convinced him to be sent instead.

At the same time, Mista had been spotting Rolling Stones stalking Bucciarati but his confusion worried Bucciarati, who decided to follow Mista. Bucciarati was almost touched by Rolling Stones but was saved by Mista grabbing it and jumping from the seventh' floor to destroy the stone, surviving the fall by landing on Fugo's car. Mista had learned that Rolling Stones showed that Bucciarati was fated to die and sought to prevent this fate by destroying the stone. Seeing both Mista and Fugo injured, Bucciarati ultimately decided to investigate Luca's death.

After finding Luca's corpse, Bucciarati takes some body parts with him for later use.

Vento Aureo

Battle Against Giorno Giovanna

Bucciarati confronts Giorno Giovanna

Bucciarati encounters Giorno Giovanna on a funicular and interrogates him about the murder of Leaky-Eye Luca. Using a veneer of civility before revealing that he comes in the name of his Boss, Bucciarati asks Giorno if he's met Luca at the airport. Giorno answers that he hasn't even heard of him. To make him sweat, Bucciarati slips Luca's eye in Giorno's closed fist and pretends to leave, only to surprise an unnverved Giorno and lick his cheek. Bucciarati thus learns that Giorno was lying;

To get the truth, Bucciarati beats up Giorno and slips more of Luca's body parts in Giorno with Sticky Fingers. Giorno soon retaliates and reveals his Stand, Gold Experience. Gold Experience punches Bucciarati in the chest. When he stands up, Bucciarati sees that he's become strong enough to bend a metal bar and can even outpace Giorno's Stand. However, he soon realizes that it is merely his mind going haywire while his body is defenseless. Gold Experience punches Bucciarati and the latter takes the full brunt of the pain in his slowed time perception.

Bruno fights Giorno, but eventually makes peace with him

Bucciarati is sent flying to the bottom of the funicular and is forced to fully reveal Sticky Fingers to block another attack. Realizing that a direct confrontation might be dangerous against Gold Experience's power, Bucciarati decides to flee and recuperate, but Giorno gives chase, refusing to let him escape. Finding a crowd of people, Bucciarati uses his Stand hide inside the body of a thirteen-year-old but is quickly discovered by Giorno using Gold Experience's power and his own missing tooth. Bucciarati decides to directly fight Giorno and tricks him into attacking the arm of a bystander he's attached on himself and almost cuts Giorno down with his zippers. However, Giorno detaches his own arm to punch Bucciarati again. Defeated, Bucciarati is taken aback when Giorno spares him. He learns that Giorno's decision was based on his hesitation at the sight of the arm belonging to the teenager he hid inside of; it had been injected with drugs. Bucciarati has only been spared because Giorno has seen that he is a good person.

Following the conclusion of their fight, Giorno declares his intention to infiltrate Passione and considers Bucciarati an ally. Convinced by Giorno's resolve, Bucciarati accepts to help him infiltrate his gang, Passione, although the gangster is quick to inform him that if either his ambitions to take control of the gang or his involvement as Luca's killer are discovered, he will not offer assistance to him as he claims that no one would help a traitor. After Giorno is initiated into Passione through one of Polpo's trials, Bucciarati explains to him that the most efficient way to overthrow the Boss is to be in his good graces and proceeds to introduce Giorno to his group.

Recovering Polpo's Treasure

Mario Zucchero's Ambush

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After Polpo is murdered by Giorno, staged to look like a suicide as he had used Gold Experience to disguise a gun as a banana, Bucciarati takes his gang to the island of Capri in order to seize four billion lire worth of hidden treasure that once belonged to Polpo, with Bucciarati having helped him hide it in the past.

Abbacchio and Bruno tracking an enemy

As he finishes his briefing to the team, Narancia is pulled out of sight and disappears. Soon, Mista and Fugo are also taken away. An enemy is hiding in the ship but all possible hiding spots have been checked. Giorno turns Narancia's shoe into a fly and proves that he's still alive but Abbacchio refuses to reveal Moody Blues in front of the new guy. Giorno thus purposefully lets himself get attacked and disappears. Abbacchio thus summons Moody Blues and investigates the attack on Narancia. Thanks to Abbacchio, it is revealed that the enemy Stand can pierce and deflate people like a balloon. However, Abbacchio sends Moody Blue inside of the pipe in which Narancia was pulled to follow the place and is attacked, deflated and pulled out of sight. Bucciarati is alone and the enemy, a fellow Passione gangster named Mario Zucchero, interrogates him about the treasure. However, Bucciarati has realized the enemy's trick when he saw that Abbacchio's blood didn't reach the interior of the boat. Faking attacking everywhere out of anger, Bucciarati purposefully opens a hole in the hull to sink the boat and force Zucchero to reveal the second boat he's covered their yacht with. Zucchero appears, holding Abbacchio hostage. However, Bucciarati unzips Sticky Fingers's arm to zip out his body from afar.

Afterwards, the team tries to torture Zucchero but it is futile as Zucchero is still a hardened gangster. Abbacchio discovers that Zucchero has contacted his partner in Capri and the team wonders what to do. Giorno suggests that they send some men to dispose of the partner beforehand and thus he and Mista are sent to Capri and Mista eventually defeats Sale.

Promotion to Capo

Bucciarati is promoted to capo

Bucciarati goes to the hiding spot and welcomes the capo Pericolo. He then reveals that the treasure was hidden in the walls of a public toilet. After a quick examination, Pericolo accepts the treasure and promotes Bucciarati to the rank of capo, giving him control of the hotels and casino of Naples. However, Pericolo assigns to him Polpo's last mission: to protect the Boss's estranged daughter, Trish Una, from a rogue assassin team who seeks to kidnap and use her to expose the Boss's identity.

Protecting Trish Una

La Squadra Esecuzioni

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Bruno thus brings his team and Trish to a house in the vineyards of the countryside. Narancia is sent to buy supplies but is found out by the assassin Formaggio. Narancia has to set fire to a whole street to defeat Formaggio and thus the gang's hideout is sure to be found out soon. Thankfully, the Boss quickly gives new orders to the team. A key must be retrieved in Pompeii and Bucciarati sends Giorno, Fugo and Abbacchio to do the task. They retrieve the key despite having to fight the assassin.

Express Train to Florence

On the key are engraved further instructions. Team Bucciarati thus goes to Naples train station to board the first train to Venice and find something that will help them. On the platform, Bucciarati is initially stuck and cannot find any lock that fits the key. Meanwhile a duo of assassins, Prosciutto and Pesci, close in on them. Bucciarati finally finds Coco Jumbo, a turtle with a key-shaped cavity on its shell. Bucciarati quickly takes it and activates its ability Mr.President. The whole team and Trish are able to go inside of a room inside the turtle, and hide in the driver's cabin.

Battle Against Prosciutto and Pesci

Prosciutto's The Grateful Dead ages everyone in the train

Pesci and Prosciutto stay on the train and try to search it. Pesci almost finds the turtle, but Prosciutto then deploys his The Grateful Dead. Suddenly, everyone in the train grows old at an alarming rate. Mista hastily wants to get out and fight, but an old Giorno points out that not everyone is aging at the same rate. Bruno, Mista and Trish are relatively young. Giorno deduces that they have stayed younger thanks to their body temperature and thus touching an ice cube will help. Mista is sent outside to fight. Although Mista corners Pesci, he is ambushed by Prosciutto and is taken down. Thankfully, Sex Pistols no.6 warns Bucciarati about the incoming enemy.

Bucciarati must drag Prosciutto out of the train

Bruno hides in the ceiling with no.6 while Prosciutto and Pesci search the driver's cabin. When they find the turtle, Bruno comes out and attacks only to be blocked by Prosciutto's The Grateful Dead. The assassin has sensed the wind and protected himself. A short close-quarters fight ensues. While Sticky Fingers keeps The Grateful Dead and Prosciutto busy, Bucciarati comes down and violently kicks Pesci against the glass, taking him out. Bucciarati concentrates on Prosciutto to cancel his aging power. When The Grateful Dead attacks Bruno on the ground, he quickly zips his head in half to evade the punch and has Sticky Fingers punch Prosciutto in the guts. The assassin is wounded but Bucciarati has exerted himself, heating his body and canceling the effect of the ice cube. Aged, Bucciarati's Stand is slower. Determined to safeguard his subordinates, Bucciarati opens a hole in the hull of the train and throws himself out along with Prosciutto.

Bucciarati and Prosciutto are thrown out of the speeding train. Pesci wakes up and manages to hook Prosciutto with his Beach Boy. Taken by surprise by the snapback, Bucciarati almost drops Prosciutto and only hangs by his shoes. Complimenting the capo on his spirit, Prosciutto still tries to kick Bucciarati out. Bucciarati tries a punch which Prosciutto avoids since it is slower. Then, Bucciarati drops his grip on the hitman to throw a second punch that is deflected by The Grateful Dead. This is what Bucciarati wanted as he aimed for Pesci's line. Warned about its power by no.6, Bucciarati attacks the line to transfer the damage to Prosciutto, who is dropped out of the hook while Bucciarati grabs it. Bucciarati climbs to the roof of the train and tries to detach the hook by zipping his hand, but soon notices that the aging effect has started again. Against all odds, Prosciutto has stuck himself in the machinery of the train. Wounded beyond hope, the hitman keeps his Stand active. This action inspire Pesci to become a cold-blooded and focus assassin as well.

Pesci tries to assassinate Bucciarati

Pesci's tremendous mastery of Beach Boy allows him to always sink his hook in Bucciarati's body despite his every actions. Pesci proceeds to try and fling Bucciarati into the sign posts near the train tracks. Bucciarati is forced to go inside of the train and the hook is steadily approaching his heart. Bruno performs a desperate action. He attacks the line and splits his body into multiple parts to confuse Pesci, going as far as split his heart in two to keep it from beating and keep Pesci from hearing the heartbeat. Unable to breathe or even pump blood, Bucciarati waits for Pesci to retract his hook. After a while, Pesci does break and thinks that Bucciarati may be targeting Prosciutto; he recalls Beach Boy and stops the train. Although Bruno almost loses his life, the recoil of the stopping time thankfully pushes the pieces of his heart together and Bruno is able to recover.

Bruno bidding Pesci "Arrivederci".

Bruno and Pesci meet beside the train and a short fight ensues. Pesci has the confidence to send Beach Boy's hook directly at Bucciarati's heart, but Sticky Fingers grabs the line, yanks it to put the line around Pesci's neck and snap it. Pesci is pretty much defeated but decides to let Trish out of the turtle and smash it against the rocks. Bucciarati tries to intercept him but Pesci reveals his real plan to go directly in Coco Jumbo and kill Bruno's team. However, Sticky Fingers detach its arm to grab Pesci from afar and pull him out, and then proceeds to pummel him. Pesci is cut into pieces and thrown into the river. Suddenly, Trish demands explanation about the strange fights happening around her. Seeing a paw print on the ground, Bucciarati realizes that Trish is a Stand user. The team has survived the attack but the train is stopped and other hitmen are sure to come soon.

The Road to Venice

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At first, the team tries to hide inside of a truck but the driver discovers the turtle and Mista must knock him out. The team walks on the Via Appia for a while until Giorno suggest to steal a car.

Baby Face attacks the team but Giorno defeats it

Near a parking lot, the rest of the team works on stealing a car while Bucciarati guards Trish inside the turtle. When she demands to go in the toilet, Bucciarati opens a hole inside the turtle so that she can relieve herself. Distracted when Giorno reports to him, Bucciarati then notices that Trish has disappeared and that there is something wrong with the room. It is revealed that an enemy Stand has "cubified" Trish into a cupboard and it then attacks Bucciarati, taking him out. The enemy Stand, Baby Face, is thankfully defeated by Giorno. Giorno also sends a snake after Melone to get rid of him.

The team is instructed to use Moody Blues and they discover Pericolo who tells them to retrieve a disc containing further instructions for Trish's final delivery. Giorno and Mista are sent after it and battle with the traitorous hitman Ghiaccio, while Bucciarati and the others arrive later by boat. The hitman is defeated and the team subsequently finds the disc, learn about the instructions and reach San Giorgio Maggiore, the final destination of their mission.

Delivering Trish Una to the Boss

Bucciarati tells Trish that her father loves her
The team reaches the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, where one man should accompany Trish to the top of the belfry while the rest wait in the boat. As the leader, Bucciarati volunteers to escort Trish to the top of the church's belfry to meet her father. Knowing that Giorno has a unique opportunity, he asks for his "lucky brooch", in reality a brooch given life that will act as a bug.

Trish, having never met her father, shies away from the elevator to the top. Bucciarati responds by reassuring her that her father loves her and that she'll soon be given a new identity so that she could live her life in peace. To further comfort her, Bucciarati lets her hold his hand during the elevator ride up. It is then that after noticing the elevator ride felt somewhat shorter than expected, Bucciarati turns around to see that he's actually holding Trish's severed hand. He immediately realizes that the Boss only wanted Trish brought to him so that he could kill her himself and erase any potential leads to him and his identity. Revolted by the evilness of the Boss, Bucciarati decides to openly rebel and pursue him.

Betraying the Boss

Battle Against the Boss

Bucciarati fatally injured by The Boss's King Crimson

Bucciarati sees the Boss exiting the elevator shaft and manage to pin the bug to his jacket by dropping it. Following the Boss's trail, he deduces that the Boss is heading to the crypt and decides to overtake him and wait in ambush behind a column. His plan to assassinate him and save Trish is thrown into disarray when the Boss somehow notices his presence and orders him to leave or die. The moment Bucciarati attacks, the Boss vanishes and a Stand grabs Sticky Fingers's arm from behind a pillar, threatening to break it. Bruno destroys the pillar but the Boss isn't here. From the shadows, the Boss asks him why he would betray the gang despite a mission accomplished. Yelling out that Trish never had a father in the Boss and that he will never understand how he feels, Bucciarati pulls out a mobile phone to contact Giorno. Given directions from his ally, he attacks the Boss through a nearby column, only to hit what he soon realizes is himself, left confused as his conscience switches over to the other him. The Boss and his Stand, King Crimson reappear behind Bucciarati. Explaining its ability to erase time, King Crimson punch clean through his torso.

Miraculously, Bucciarati comes back to life

Though grievously injured, Bucciarati zips up the wound to trap King Crimson's hand and retaliates. The Boss proceeds to activate King Crimson's ability once more: the ability to erase time and see into the future. Effortlessly avoiding being hit, the Boss positions him behind Bucciarati and delivers a fatal chop that cleaves through much of his torso. Dying and helpless to save Trish, Bucciarati screams out and almost witnesses her being killed by her own father before the Boss is suddenly sucked into a turtle; Giorno has used his Gold Experience to turn the ladybug brooch-turned-tracking device back into a clone of Coco Jumbo which forces the Boss into the turtle. Noting how the boy always fills him with courage, Bucciarati musters the strength to take Trish and escape from the Boss by coming up with a plan involving the limited amount of time King Crimson can see into the future. Bruno carries the unconscious Trish up to the stairs but realizes that the Boss has already gotten out of the turtle to block his path. Bruno seemingly ambushes the Boss from behind by detaching Sticky Fingers's arm, and misses, but reveals that he did everything to occupy the Boss while he aimed at the pillar, creating a zipper. Bruno uses the zipper to go up the ceiling with Trish and crawls into the chancel of the church. When Giorno reaches Bucciarati, the capo appears to perish on the spot, before awakening and ordering him to attract the team inside. Giorno does so, unwittingly dissuading the Boss from revealing himself to the group. The Boss decides to retreat, temporarily.

Explaining the situation to his crew

On the pier, Bucciarati tells his team about his betrayal and asks the team to come with him. However, he refuses to use his authority as the team leader and asks them to join him out of personal choice. Except for Giorno who planned to become a traitor, the whole team is terrified and Fugo calls him out on doing such a thoughtless act. However, Abbacchio and Mista board the boat: Abbacchio admits that he feels most at peace when he's with Bucciarati and Mista merely wants to get at the Boss's fortune, knowing Bucciarati would never fight a battle he couldn't win. Narancia begs Bucciarati for an order to follow him but is told to decide for himself. Fugo and Narancia are left behind, though in the end Narancia ultimately swims after the boat, which gladdens Bucciarati. Giorno notices that Bucciarati does not feel pain nor bleed, and after helping him up from faintness, he is cold to the touch.

Squalo and Tizzano's Attack

Tizzano and Squalo attack the team

Still in Venice, Team Bucciarati have lunch at a restaurant and debate on their next course of action. Bucciarati reveals the power of King Crimson to his team and decides to investigate the Boss's past to acquire information and ambush him. However, there seems to be no way of even knowing where he comes from. Trish gets out of the turtle and reveals that her mother Donatella met the Boss in Sardinia. Thus, the team's destination is set.

However, Narancia sees an enemy Stand in his soup. Narancia's tongue is torn off but quickly replaced by Giorno. In reality, the team is attacked by the duo of Squalo and Tizzano. Tizzano's Talking Head forces Narancia to lie about the enemy and Bucciarati is misled. Tizzano lures the team to the kitchen and manipulates them to create an explosion. Clash uses the opportunity to wound them. Thankfully, Narancia manages to find and kill the enemy Stand users. Team Bucciarati thus leaves Venice and heads to the airport.

Notorious B.I.G's Attack

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The team is attacked by the invincible Notorious B.I.G

In the airport, Bucciarati neutralizes two guards and his team proceed to hijack a private plane. During their preparation, Passione operative Carne approaches the plane, only to be shot down by Mista. Soon after the plane takes off, Giorno and Mista discover Carne's fingers in the fridge and Bucciarati zips it out of the plane. However, the posthumous Stand, Notorious B.I.G., appears. Bucciarati has to see Mista and Narancia get heavily wounded and Giorno loses both hands in an attempt to get Notorious B.I.G. off the plane. Desperate as three of his teammates including their healer Giorno are severely wounded. He takes his men to the cockpit to apply first aid, unaware that meanwhile, Trish is having her own battle against Notorious B.I.G. He only notices it when he returns to the cabin, by which point Notorious B.I.G has grown to half of the plane's size. Trish takes the initiative and makes the plane crash whereas the cockpit is softened and turned into a makeshift parachute. Most of Notorious B.I.G is destroyed but a last piece is stuck on Abbacchio. Bucciarati willingly offers his hand as a bait, which Trish's new Stand Spice Girl cuts off, as they have acquired a new hand Giorno has made for himself.


Bucciarati and Narancia lured away from Abbacchio

In Sardinia, the team investigates a stela near which the Boss supposedly took a picture of Trish's mother. Abbacchio's Moody Blues proceeds to rewind to fifteen years ago. However, a bunch of scalpels are thrown toward their direction. Although Sticky Fingers grabs the scalpels, and enemy is here. Narancia seemingly kills the only man in the vicinity but Bucciarati wants to investigate it for himself. Unbeknownst to them, the mysterious Vinegar Doppio has been fighting Risotto Nero and prevailed. Weakened, the Boss's host tries to crawl away and hide. Bucciarati and Narancia arrive at the site of the battle and see Risotto's corpse. However, Bucciarati notices that a feet has been cut clean off, meaning there was someone else who wounded Risotto and Bucciarati tells Narancia to detect any life form that seems to be purposefully going away from their position. Narancia finds something and the pair surround this unknown person. However, Bucciarati discovers that it is a boy, tied up. Meanwhile the Boss is able to approach Abbacchio and kill him.

A Mysterious Ally

Abbacchio dies but leaves a clue to his team

The team is shocked by Abbacchio's sudden death. As a silver lining, Abbacchio has managed to uncover the face of the Boss with his Moody Blues in his final moments and pass on his discovery to the team. The team proceed to search available databases to investigate the Boss and Bucciarati receives contact from a third party that confirms the identity of the Boss as that of man named Diavolo, and is told to go to the Colosseum in Rome so that the mysterious contact can give them the Arrow which can unlock a power great enough to trump Diavolo's King Crimson. Bucciarati accepts to go to Rome via boat.

Cioccolata and Secco's Attack

Cioccolata and Secco attack the group

The team is ambushed on a coastal village near Rome by the Guard Squad members Secco and his Oasis and the sadistic Cioccolata and his Green Day. Green Day's mold spreads in the village and Narancia hastily jumps down the boat. The mold invades his body and Bucciarati orders him to toss the turtle to Mista but Mista manages to shoot their boat's engine, making it explode and propelling Narancia and his turtle upward. Thanks to Giorno's knowledge, the team is aware that the mold will spread if they ever go down. Bucciarati thus replaces Narancia as a guard. When Bucciarati and Mista go up some stairs, they discover Secco whose Oasis makes the ground soft. They only manage to reach the streets by a hair's breadth, followed by Secco. Mista tries to stop Secco, without success. Bucciarati decides to jump down the concrete platform to lead Secco out of it and ambushes him. Sticky Fingers pummels Secco and drives him away, buying the team enough time to take a car to Rome.

Bucciarati reveals his undead status to Giorno

The team is subsequently able to drive to Rome, during which Bucciarati tells a dumbfounded Giorno that he is a dead soul piloting his own decaying corpse and that this state is nothing short of a miracle allowing him to see through his mission. Their conversation is cut short when Cioccolata and Secco toss a mold-ridden corpse on their windshield. Indeed, they are on an helicopter. Secco dives into the ground and Giorno and Mista manage to seemingly imprison the helicopter at the top of the tower. The team splits up and Bucciarati takes care of Secco. However, Secco reveals that he is considerably stronger and faster than Sticky Fingers, especially when he uses the softened ground to bounce his elbows against them and power up his punches. Bucciarati is forced to retreat. Eventually, Giorno kills Cioccolata which stops the mold from spreading, but that makes Secco only more determined to get whatever is in the Colosseum.

Battle Against Secco

Bucciarati fights Secco

After a short close-quarters fight, Bucciarati is bested again. He decides to zip into the ground and runs towards the Colosseum. Secco follows him and ineluctably closes on him thanks to his great sense of hearing. Even if Bucciarati tries to make decoys by breaking a water pipe, Secco is good enough to keep track of Bucciarati. When Bucciarati decides to stay still, Secco munches on concrete and spits it in the air, creating a deadly rain of hardened spikes. Bucciarati resumes his run and tries confuse Secco by zipping a lamppost into pieces that sink into the softened ground. Still, Secco is on his trail. Worse, Bucciarati's body begins to be affect and a softened finger breaks, tipping off Secco. Secco makes a powerful punch that softens the ground over a large area and even makes cars sink. As Secco closes in on Bucciarati, he decides to sacrifice his lost eardrums and pops a car tyre. The noise also deafens Secco who loses his advantage. Secco must resurface and takes a teenager hostage. However, Bucciarati manages to finish Secco off, sending him walking clumsily into a garbage truck as the Passione member desperately tries fiddling with the zipper that was placed on his body, never to be seen again.

Final Confrontation Against the Boss

Entrance to the Colosseum

The Boss disguises his soul as Trish's soul

The battle with Secco takes its toll on Bucciarati himself, as his undead body shuts down. Bucciarati loses his sight and hearing. Incidentally, Doppio and Diavolo trick him into leading them to the meeting point with the mysterious party, revealed as Jean Pierre Polnareff. Bucciarati is then deceived into thinking that the teenager is actually Trish, once Doppio is informed by Diavolo through a call that Bucciarati can only sense people by their souls due to being undead - Diavolo disguises his soul as that of Trish's own. Inside of the Colosseum, Polnareff calls them out from the second story and Bucciarati truthfully answers his question. Incidentally, he does inform Polnareff that "Trish" is a Stand user and thus the Frenchman asks to see their Stands.

This forces Diavolo to ditch Bucciarati and reveal himself to Polnareff. Following a quick fight, Polnareff is killed by King Crimson but Silver Chariot is pricked by the Arrow, turning into Chariot Requiem. Everyone in Rome is forced to sleep.

Chariot Requiem Unleashed

Bucciarati in Diavolo's body

Once Silver Chariot is pierced by the Arrow in Polnareff's possession after its user is effectively killed by Diavolo and King Crimson and transforms into Chariot Requiem, Bucciarati then goes into Diavolo's body. Revealing himself, Bucciarati attacks Chariot Requiem and takes off the arm that holds the Arrow. He finds his team in the same predicament, as well as Jean Pierre Polnareff in the body of Coco Jumbo. However, when tries to take the arrow, he discovers that Chariot can control Sticky Fingers and any other Stand to protect the Arrow. Chariot reattaches his arm and departs. To stop whoever is in his body, Bucciarati orders his body to be shot. However, Narancia is gruesomely killed. The team only has a short time to mourn the dead Narancia. Somehow, Diavolo is lurking around and Polnareff theorizes that Diavolo was sharing his body with another soul, meaning someone else is possessed by the Boss.

The Battle For the Arrow

Diavolo almost obtains the Arrow

In the streets, the team tries to retrieve the Arrow without success. Suddenly, Mista's gun breaks and Giorno pretends that Diavolo may be hiding inside of one of the heroes' bodies. To calm Mista who refuses to have anyone approach him, Bucciarati tells Giorno to test him first but it is revealed that Diavolo is hiding within the body of Mista "behind" the soul of Trish who also inhabits the body and Diavolo takes control. Bucciarati, Giorno, Mista runs after Diavolo, who avoids all attacks with King Crimson's power. Bucciarati sees Diavolo attacking something behind his head, which causes Chariot to burst and allows him to take the Arrow. Despite a back-and-forth, Diavolo ends up punching through his own body to fly and take the Arrow.

Bruno Bucciarati's Fate

Bucciarati ascending to heaven

Fortunately, Bucciarati also deduces the weakness of Chariot Requiem and destroys the soul light behind his head to save Trish, robs Diavolo of the Arrow and return everyone to their original bodies. This, in turn, allows Bucciarati's soul to finally transcend to the afterlife. As a spirit, he says his goodbyes to Giorno, thanking him for having brought him back to life, not just literally but by restoring the dying faith in his soul. Ascending to heaven, guided by angels, Bucciarati shows his appreciation for having met Giorno in Naples by leaving the Arrow in his hands, allowing him access to greater power.

Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI

This story heavily deviates from the main plotline and shouldn't be considered canon.

In the one-shot Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI, Bucciarati appears as a government agent alongside Abbacchio. They work for Polpo, who poses as a normal citizen. In an airport, the three of them were tasked with transporting a special Unicorn, but they lose it. During their search, they meet Jolyne, who was standing nearby.

Bucciarati says that the animal is very important to the government and asks to search Jolyne. When she refuses, Bucciarati looks at surveillance footage where Jolyne is seen with the pet, shown to be the unicorn she saw earlier. The unicorn is bleeding, and Bucciarati warns Polpo about the consequences of potentially harming it. Then, Jolyne is seen kneeling down in front of the camera. When she gets up, the unicorn has disappeared.

Bucciarati corners Jolyne, telling her to hand it over or be arrested. Jolyne, confused and in tears, still refuses, saying that it would be all alone in a strange country. When Bucciarati goes to apprehend her, he notices the unicorn on her scarf.

Passing out of view under Bucciarati's tablet computer, the unicorn emerges in the appearance of a white, adult unicorn. Jolyne concludes that she is dreaming, but that the dream is a message of hope, and that it is "power".

GioGio's Bizarre Adventure II: Golden Heart, Golden Ring

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

The story takes place in Venice, after the group betrays the Boss (circa Chapter 523).

During their stay, news of an accident involving the mass death of several people in a hotel catch the eyes of Bucciarati's gang and they immediately suspect it of Fugo's doing. Believing that Fugo had an accomplice who detonated the hotel's energy generator, the gang decides to look for Seppia, the member of Passione responsible for the explosives trafficking in Venice. They reach for Seppia's house, but the old man is nowhere to be found. Leone Abbacchio resolves to activate his Stand to find Seppia's whereabouts. Apparently, the old man was kidnapped by other Passione members and taken to a boat.

Team Bucciarati follow various leads but fall into a trap: Seppia was no other than the alter ego of Sogliola Lopez, a Stand user who was given the task to kill them by the Boss himself. Thanks to his Stand Joy Division, Sogliola forces the gang to follow a particular route through Venice's canals, attracting them towards Piazza San Marco. There, at the top of the bell tower of St. Mark's Basilica, a hitman is waiting for them. The hitman's name is Rigatoni, a killer specialized in murdering Stand users and Mista's former partner. Using his Public Image Limited, Rigatoni severely injures Narancia and Abbacchio, but avoids killing them because he wants Mista to be his first victim. However, thanks to a clever combination between their Stands, Giorno and Mista manage to defeat and kill Rigatoni. Unfortunately Mista is injured as well, so Bucciarati and Giorno are left alone to enter St. Mark's Basilica and kill Sogliola.

Inside the Basilica, Sogliola's true plan to kill the gang once and for all is finally revealed. After having sucked Purple Haze's virus from so many victims, The Cure has grown in size, completely losing control. It is now a huge powerful rabbit carrying the virus, the perfect weapon to wipe out the traitors of the organization. Bucciarati tries fighting, but he is incapacitated by the virus. Giorno's Gold Experience tries to kill the beast, but since The Cure is capable of absorbing even its own pain, it only ends up making it stronger.

The situation seems hopeless, but Coniglio recovers and manages to tame her Stand, which dissolves all the absorbed pain in a cloud of smoke, reversing to its true form. Believing he has finished his mission Sogliola prepares to leave Venice but is stopped by Giorno and Bucciarati. They comment on how Fugo never revealed Giorno's immunity to Purple Haze's virus explaining that Fugo betrayed neither his orders nor his former friends, only Sogliola. Realizing he's cornered, Sogliola uses Joy Division to get away from the two and attempts to escape the building, only to be stopped by Mista, who's at the exit. Before Sogliola can use his stand a hole opens on the floor below him, created by Bucciarati's Sticky Fingers. Sogliola tries to escape by grabbing onto a nearby rope only for the rope to be revealed as a vine which Gold Experience created which traps Sogliola. Sogliola reaches out to use Joy Division on Bucciarati but is stopped by Sticky Fingers, who barrages him with punches.

In the last chapter, the gang watches as Fugo slowly disappears in the distance with his boat. Sogliola's plan failed because Fugo didn't reveal Giorno's immunity to Purple Haze's virus. He has no regrets since he has managed to get Sogliola killed without disobeying the orders nor betraying his former friends.

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

When Heaven-Attained DIO starts to rewrite reality, Bucciarati is among the people who are resurrected and turned into DIO's servants.

Bucciarati thus attacks the heroes at the Colosseum. He captures Guido Mista and Trish Una then attacks Giorno Giovanna. However, Jotaro Kujo has travelled to the Colosseum of this era from the year 1989, and helps Giorno fend off Bucciarati. He disappears then.

Jotaro and Giorno trail Bucciarati to Naples Train Station where Bucciarati keeps Mista and Trish. Bucciarati and Vanilla Ice, who also has been resurrected, attack the heroes but are defeated again and they flee.

Later, the heroes confront Bucciarati again and manage to defeat him and restore him to his right mind. From that point on, Bucciarati accompanies the party. DIO springs a trap and Bucciarati is among the 36 souls that DIO absorbs to attain ever greater power. Thankfully, Jotaro manages to defeat him once and for all, altering fate for the better.

Bucciarati is seen during the ending credits in a photo alongside the rest of his Team Bucciarati and Trish at the Colosseum.


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