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Las extrañas aventuras de JOJO: El Aleph (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 無限の王, JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Mugen no Ō, lit. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Infinity King) is a light novel written by Junjo Shindo for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's 35th Anniversary. It was originally titled La Extraña Aventura de JOJO: rey infinito when published in JOJO magazine.

The series was announced in the February 2022 issue of Ultra Jump and was published in the Spring 2022 issue of JOJO magazine,[1] and later continued with additional chapters in the Winter 2022 issue.[2] The final arc released in the Winter 2023 issue on December 19, 2023.[3] A hardcover novel of the story compiling the three arcs released on April 18, 2024. It includes a limited giveaway of acrylic keychains for 500 people using the illustration of Lisa Lisa on the cover.[4]

Set between the events of Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders in 1973 to 1986, a research group from the Speedwagon Foundation is sent to Antigua, Guatemala under Lisa Lisa's orders to investigate the identity of a serial killer with an unknown power. Their investigation leads them to Fernando Alhorn, a gang leader who has been using the Arrow to amass his own private army.

Plot Summary


A document from the Speedwagon Foundation Heritage Committee describes a supernatural power referred to as the "Nueva Maravillas" or simply "la Maravilla" spreading throughout Latin America. It claims that the 1970s is the end of the age of myths and is the transitional period of when power and authority shifted from "gods" to "kings". Throughout history, there were people who attempted to become gods. One of them sunk to the bottom of the sea whereas the other was banished to space. Although there are thousands of holy scriptures, more people started becoming aware of the gods being silent. Kings of countries took this as an opportunity to do whatever they wanted. They acted as tyrants, destroyed civilizations, changed laws, and took land for themselves. Concerning events play out all over the world even in the present, referring to situations such as John F. Kennedy's assassination, the Vietnam War, diasporas, and airline hijackings. It's no longer an era of individuals imitating God, but rather individual "kings" vying for supremacy. Society is in the midst of the Third World War, with wars waged by individuals against individuals. Nonetheless, the document doesn't want to get into conspiracies. It aims to record the true story of events that occurred in Central and South America involving Elizabeth Joestar, also known as Lisa Lisa, for the purpose of protecting the heritage of humanity and helping their future descendants live in a new era.

The Monster of Antigua and the Orphans of the Storm in Guatemala 1973

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The Lord of the Flies

In around November 1972, Lisa Lisa, now the head of the Paranormal Phenomena Section of the Speedwagon Foundation after being a special advisor for many years, dispatches a group of investigators to Antigua, Guatemala, to capture a serial killer with supernatural powers. After five months of investigation, the representative of the group, J.D. Hernández, sends a detailed report back to the Foundation's headquarters. All of the 27 victims were devout Christians who were shot in locked rooms with no evidence left behind. From the unusual circumstances surrounding the victims, J.D. theorizes that the serial killer has "invisible bullets", an ability that may be connected to the Ripple. They realize that the killer will most likely strike again during Semana Santa, Antigua's biggest parade of the year in April where the streets will be filled with holy iconography. J.D. enlists the help of two teenage locals, Octavio Luna Kan, and Joaquín Ruiz-Jorruda, to help him find the killer. Utilizing their network of informants on the streets, they successfully track down the serial killer, an indigenous man named Fabio Ubuh.

Octavio pins down Fabio in the plaza but the killer summons a massive swarm of flies, shooting Octavio in the shoulder and back. Lisa Lisa reveals herself, taking off her disguise as a homeless lady, and creates a massive electrified dome using the Ripple on leaves, flowers, and dyed sawdust from rugs. Dubbed "Thousand-Color Overdrive", the technique manages to stop all of the flies. Fabio attempts to summon another horde of flies from his throat but Lisa Lisa redirects them using her muffler. She grabs Fabio by the throat and fills his body with the Ripple, rendering him unconscious. She confirms that Fabio's ability is not the Ripple, but something else.

The Duo's Challenge

They eventually learn that Fabio has named his power "El Señor de las Moscas". Meanwhile, Octavio and Joaquín request Lisa Lisa to employ them as official members of the SPW Foundation. She denies at first, but gives them a challenge consisting of two tasks. After they pass the challenge using their multitude of skills, Lisa Lisa hires them. From both Fabio's testimony and the duo's investigation, a group of human traffickers seem to be connected with Fabio's newfound power.

A Game of Hopscotch

Accompanied by Lisa Lisa, Octavio, and Joaquín, the research group led by J. D. arrive at a small settlement where the human traffickers are rumored to be. A mysterious paranormal occurrence later recorded in the SPW Foundation's files as "Hopscotch" attacks them again, this time by a 13-year-old orphan named Izahela Mena-Mena, assisted by other children. After being placed under the protection of the SPW Foundation alongside the other children, Izahela reveals that a group of human traffickers led by an individual called Alhorn are indiscriminately shooting emigrants from Guatemala attempting to cross the border to Mexico with Arrows, exploiting the surviving victims for their new abilities.

In the briefing room for the research group later, Lisa Lisa recounts the magnitude 8.1 earthquake causing widespread crustal movement in the mountain ranges of Peru. Strangely the research body which attempted to conduct a geographical survey of this area were infected by an unidentified illness causing mostly death, but survivors exhibited unnatural bodily changes such as spontaneous combustion and electric discharge. Presumably, a pathogen which was hitherto confined underground was released. This virus derived from minerals may not be limited to just Peru; it may exist inside an earth-wide stratum. Moreover, the virus most likely encroaches the intrinsic soul and consciousness of humans to overwrite its very foundations. Lisa Lisa reveals she had been investigating this subject for many years, and alongside informed circles and researchers, have hypothesized that somebody who wished for the power of a perfect god had become aware of the existence of these minerals, and processed the ore into the shape of an arrow as a source of a transcendent virus metamorphosing human existence, awakening an ability of extraordinary power surpassing human understanding.

From the inherent nature of the Arrows, they have traversed the world and must have emerged even in battlefields and conflicts. Lisa Lisa states that it is now their duty to retrieve every Arrow in circulation under the SPW Foundation's administration. For the present, they will focus on capturing the subordinates of Alhorn and recover the Arrows they possess in Latin America.

Evil Spirit of San Juan de Lurigancho in Peru 1974

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Dark Experimentation

Fernando Alhorn, born to a wealthy Peruvian oil and mining family, opted for the military over inheritance. He served in the Ecuadorian border conflict with the Agrupamiento del Norte's 33rd infantry brigade. Facing diseases like malaria and witnessing deaths, he traveled post-conflict, working various jobs from day laborer to geological survey assistant. Feeling hollow, he believed he heard an inner scream, which he later identified as his "alma gritando" when he turned 49.

In 1974, Alhorn visits Santa Rosa, staying at a house owned by Dos Santos. They stay for days, drinking and discussing the nature of war, murder, and the awakening of the "alma gritando". However, the house conceals a dark secret: the dead bodies of Dos Santos's pregnant sister and her husband. Alhorn had cruelly killed them with an Arrow, in a bid to awaken their powers. When Dos Santos finds them and also the corpses of his parents, Alhorn reveals that he is testing the link between bloodline or environment and the awakening of powers, since Dos Santos possesses a unique power. Having used the Arrow on numerous individuals, with a success rate below 20%, Alhorn crafted a selection criteria for potential subjects. As they leave the house, they're confronted by Santa Rosa police. Alhorn accuses Dos Santos of betraying him and is ordered to dispatch the police using his "Fantasma", displaying the might of his power.[6]

Tracking Down Alhorn

Octavio recounts his traumatic childhood, marked by the loss of his family, leading to his stay in an orphanage where he met Joaquín, a mute boy. Their bond was deep, with Joaquín being the only colorful memory in Octavio's otherwise monochromatic past. The two are now working undercover in San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru, as salvage dealers while actually gathering information for the Speedwagon Foundation. Octavio grumbles about the job, whereas Joaquín is more adaptable. They are not there for profit but rather intel.

The Speedwagon Foundation, known for its rigorous investigator training, had unique expectations for Octavio and Joaquín. Joaquín was the diligent one, thoroughly familiarizing himself with the Foundation's history and teachings. Octavio, less academically inclined, was more interested in learning the Ripple power, which was employed frequently by Lisa Lisa. The Foundation's research division, led by Welmer Domingo, gives a briefing on their investigation of the superpowered individuals they'd encountered in Guatemala. These individuals, when using their abilities, experienced distinct visions. Fabio saw an insectoid noble figure, while Izahela could summon magical chalk. The Arrow was identified as the catalyst for these powers.

The main suspect, Fernando Alhorn, had a criminal history and was now using the Arrow, potentially to create a paramilitary group. Aki Marcela de la Vega, an archaeologist, explains Alhorn's history and plays a recorded interrogation of Alhorn, where he describes a shadowy figure or "Fantasma" that he believed emanated from within him. Alhorn's cryptic words suggested he was aware of the Arrow's effects and might be experimenting on live subjects. Lisa Lisa reveals that two special Ripple-trained investigators, critical to the Foundation's future and her safety, had been near Alhorn but lost contact. Their last known location was in a "barriada," a dangerous, lawless area. Lisa Lisa stresses the need to locate them, asserting their crucial importance to the Foundation and the Ripple's legacy.[7]

Octavio and Joaquín venture into the barriada under the guise of salvage dealers. While there, they notice unusually aggressive behavior among the local cats. Octavio is ambushed by about ten thugs while Joaquín is away. Despite being initially overpowered, Octavio retaliates and subdues the attackers with precise strikes. A police officer arrives, but it becomes evident he's not there to help; he's involved with the ambush. When Octavio mentions the Arrow and Alhorn, the officer becomes tense, drawing his gun on Octavio.[8]

Negotiation Attempt

Using clever negotiation tactics, Octavio reveals information about Fabio and Izahela's powers, intriguing the officer enough not to shoot. Instead, the officer decides to take Octavio to, presumably, Alhorn. Unbeknownst to the officer, Joaquín had been observing everything from a concealed spot. Concerned for Octavio's safety, Joaquín pursues the departing patrol car on foot.[8]

Octavio is taken to a secretive, sprawling compound atop San Juan de Lurigancho by the corrupt policeman. The building seems to be Alhorn's hideout, an old factory turned maze-like fortress. Octavio almost betrays Lisa Lisa and J.D. by attempting to convince Alhorn to shoot him with the Arrow so he can gain powers in exchange for information. When Octavio hints that Alhorn could be a good archer, Alhorn declares how he plans to make war into a sport as privatized conflicts between mercenaries. Octavio tries to negotiate and gain insight into Alhorn's interest in the Arrow but is met with a terrifying display. Alhorn tortures prisoners, believing extreme pain and fear can awaken powers once hit by the Arrow. The three tortured men are revealed to be part of Mexican militia groups who had targeted Alhorn.

Alhorn demands details about Octavio's affiliations and threatens that he'll be next in line for the torture session. Before Octavio could try to flee, Alhorn's guards tackle him and he is imprisoned. In his cell, Octavio admits to himself that the situation is his own fault, but reveals that he stole the jailer's key before he was captured. He escapes, disguising himself in a soldier's uniform he finds in the compound's laundry room and navigating the fortress undetected. Discovering a high-security prison block, Octavio believes Alhorn's intended Arrow victims might be inside, including the two special agents of Lisa Lisa.

Out the window, Octavio spots a figure in the distance, which he believes to be Joaquín. He uses a glass shard to send a light signal in Morse code indicating the prisoners' location. Joaquín acknowledges with a flashlight response, confirming his presence and understanding of the message.[9]

Prison Infiltration and Escape

Joaquín attempts to infiltrate the southern building of the complex. Despite the building's intimidating height, Joaquín, confident in his climbing skills, begins to scale its exterior. However, he unexpectedly encounters a sticky, glowing substance on the wall, which activates when touched, turning the building into a trap. As the wall tilts perilously toward a deadly cliff drop, a haunting chant "Écue-Yamba-Ó" surrounds him. Struggling against the adhesive and barbed net on the wall, Joaquín uses his unique ability to heighten his senses in stressful situations, allowing him to maneuver with remarkable precision in the face of danger. He successfully manages to enter the building via a vent before the building fully tilts over.

Inside, he finds a room resembling a quarantine ward holding around 15 prisoners. Among them is Sasha Loggins, who identifies herself as a close associate of Lisa Lisa and a Ripple user. She communicates to Joaquín using pen and paper, revealing that many prisoners, including herself, were shot with Alhorn's Arrow to observe its effects. Many succumbed, including her partner Gustave Shaulo Messina. Sasha also mentions the presence of multiple evil spirits, suggesting Alhorn's intent to create an army of power wielders. Committed to updating Lisa Lisa on the situation and seeking escape, Sasha offers to assist Joaquín by acting as his "radar" using her ability to detect these spirits. Before they proceed, Sasha pays tribute to Gustave, vowing to return for his body.[10]

Sasha, using a cord made from the same material as Lisa Lisa's scarf, employs her Ripple Overdrive to neutralize guards in their path. As they assist able-bodied prisoners to evacuate, they unexpectedly run into Octavio. Dressed in camouflage, Octavio startles them with a loud greeting. He introduces a new complication by admitting he started a fire as a distraction, hoping to force Alhorn to flee with the Arrow. This action inadvertently turns the facility into a potential inferno when the flames reach a gas cylinder, causing an explosion. Amidst their escape, Sasha chastises Octavio for his thoughtless plan that endangered hostages. As they near the exit, they're ambushed by more guards. Octavio demonstrates his combat prowess by swiftly disabling the soldiers and seizing a machete. Sasha, using her whip and Ripple abilities, also efficiently takes down the adversaries.[11]

The Green House

Their escape route is obstructed by an army of soldiers and the formidable Dos Santos, known to Sasha as Alhorn's right-hand man and her captor. Upon confronting them, Dos Santos uses his ability, La Casa Verde, to turn their environment into a dense forest by accelerating the growth of underground plants. While Dos Santos can manipulate this vegetation, the main body of his power, the "Fantasma", is concealed deep within the woods. The group faces aggressive aerial roots that ensnare them. Although Octavio gets trapped, Joaquín aids in his release. As the vegetation onslaught persists, Octavio, despite possessing a talent to detect enemies' vulnerabilities, feels overwhelmed and discouraged.

Joaquín discerns that the forest has various root types, each serving a distinct purpose. He concludes that by targeting the respiratory roots, they might disrupt Dos Santos's dominion over the forest. Yet, conveying this to the team amid the chaotic environment proves tough. As Sasha tries to shield a child, both get trapped by the roots. Sasha loses hope and feels useless for being unable to protect her partner before and now the child. Suddenly, baby birds unexpectedly hatch from Sasha's hat. This peculiar event distracts Dos Santos, leading him to wonder if these birds are Sasha's power awakening. Concurrently, Octavio discerns that some roots are dormant and uses this insight to navigate through the forest, positioning himself to challenge Dos Santos directly.[11]

As day breaks, several cars led by Lisa Lisa arrive at the vine-covered citadel. The Speedwagon Foundation agents had been tracking Octavio and Joaquín, locating them through signals left by Joaquín. From a vantage point, Lisa Lisa and J.D. spot Sasha, Octavio, and Dos Santos enmeshed in the forest battle. Octavio grapples with Dos Santos, trying to choke him, but is impeded by the forest's roots. Simultaneously, Joaquín maneuvers the forest to help Octavio. Sasha spots Lisa Lisa below her and yells out about her new power letting her hatch unique birds. Lisa Lisa advises Sasha to use the Ripple on Dos Santos, but he is too far for her braided cord to reach. However, her birds manage to fly and attach the braid from Sasha to Octavio and Lisa Lisa. Despite the challenges faced by the birds, especially a determined toucan-like one, the connection is eventually established. With this link, Lisa Lisa and Sasha channel the Ripple into Octavio, which bypasses through him and then surges into Dos Santos, disabling him and halting the forest's aggressive growth. Octavio falls unconscious from exhaustion and is carried by Joaquín.

While heading back down to Lisa Lisa, Joaquín suddenly experiences intense pain. He turns around to see Alhorn at a distance in a truck, holding a crossbow. Both Joaquín and Octavio have been shot by the Arrow, changing their fates. Taunting them, Alhorn departs, hinting at seeing them again in the future. As Lisa Lisa, J.D., and Sasha hasten towards the duo, pain and the looming uncertainty of their transformed destinies cause Joaquín's world to fade to black.[12]

Eternal Night

Joaquín, in a semi-conscious state, continuously awakens to night. He's in the Foundation's infirmary, recovering from being shot by the Arrow. Joaquín senses a change in the staff's attitude towards him, feeling isolated and missing Octavio. Sasha assures Joaquín that he doesn't seem to exhibit any Fantasma like the one Dos Santos had. Lisa Lisa visits, sharing stories of her worldly humanitarian endeavors and expressing her ambition for future generations inheriting her legacy. Joaquín feels that he and Octavio are now intertwined with her narrative. However, Lisa Lisa reveals Octavio suffered an infection from the Arrow, leading to gangrene and a leg amputation in order to save his life. Visiting Octavio, Joaquín finds him changed, full of despair and envious about why the Arrow selected Joaquín instead of him.

Joaquín discovers his power from the Arrow: perpetual night when he's awake, which affects everyone near him, making them lethargic. His ability was even affecting those uninvolved with the Foundation, causing a drowsy driver to crash their tanker into nursery children on a sidewalk outside the Foundation. Recognizing this uncontrollable curse, Joaquín decides to leave the Foundation so that he doesn't harm Lisa Lisa or the others. Octavio, despite his condition, insists on joining him. Both embark on a journey, avoiding human settlements due to Joaquín's power that darkens the environment and saps life. Octavio grapples with his lost limb, and they eventually paddle up the Amazon river in a rowboat, searching for isolation. In later years, the Speedwagon Foundation would dub Joaquín's ability as "El Aleph".[13]

The Final Journey in Brazil 1986

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Jungle Warfare

In 1986, a commander and his Guardia Civil soldiers from Peru undertake an unsanctioned operation to penetrate the Amazon rainforest near the Peru-Brazil border, targeting the Selva Cartel. The soldiers, equipped with rifles, grenades, and night vision gear, expect bonuses and promotions for disrupting the cartel's operations. They navigate by patrol boat, arriving at a cartel commune with extensive cocaine production facilities.

The Selva Cartel, comprised of various indigenous and mestizo members, senses their arrival using natural jungle alarms. Armed with invisible beings, they ambush the soldiers, who suffer bizarre, fatal attacks. Unable to retaliate or retreat, some soldiers are manipulated into attacking their comrades. Amidst the chaos, a soldier tries to flee but is assaulted by a lobster-like creature. A bandanaed cartel member taunts the dying soldier about how they don't even know what happened to them since they can't see these abilities. The soldier longs to see the sunrise before dying, but is told it will never come. The area around the commune experiences a constant night-like state, resembling a nuclear winter, which has altered the local ecosystem.[14]

Mansion Investigation

Sasha Loggins visits a neglected mansion in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The mansion is one of the last known bases of the elusive Fernando Alhorn, which is now in disrepair with graffiti and overgrown gardens. Alhorn has been inciting civil wars and disguising himself in various personas since the Foundation exposed his base in Peru. However, he disappeared in the early 1980s, so Sasha is continuing her search for him. Sasha employs her unique ability to control a flock of birds to search the mansion. These abilities have various names: "Monstruo" in Guatemala, "Fantasma" in Peru, and "Astral" by the Foundation. These birds, which she calls "El Obsceno Pájaro de la Noche," can interact with the environment and are even audible to non-ability users. She promises them a special treat if they can find clues quietly.

Sasha finds frescoes depicting brutal punishments and a puzzling alteration to a Biblical text, suggesting a denial of light's existence. The mansion's damage seems more like the aftermath of an animal rampage than mere neglect, leading Sasha to suspect Alhorn's mysterious ability might be involved. A bird leads Sasha to a hidden basement entrance behind a bookshelf. The basement, filled with a foul air and destruction worse than the upper floors, appears to have been a factory of unknown purpose. Amidst the chaos, she discovers human skeletons in various poses, including one with a severed neck bone and missing skull, suggesting violent events took place here.[15]

Blood Festival at Lake Titicaca

Lisa Lisa, now in her late nineties, awakens on a train journey through the Andes, reflecting on her past travels and numerous surnames. She has been known as Elizabeth Straizo, Joestar, and Greenberg. Greenberg was the surname of her second late husband, a Hollywood screenwriter. Lisa Lisa took care of him when he fell ill and needed chemotherapy, until he eventually passed away when Lisa Lisa was in her mid-seventies. She prefers to use the name "Lisa Lisa" out of all of them, since that is how she has been known for most of her journey. Lisa Lisa has aged a lot herself and feels weaker, fearing she will stop breathing soon.

At the train station, she is met by J.D. Hernández and other Foundation members, who are there to ensure her safety at the request of her son, Joseph Joestar. Hernández is concerned that Lisa Lisa still involves herself with the Foundation despite retiring, as she still secretly reads their reports. Nonetheless, he discusses the Selva Cartel with her to get her opinion on the situation. The organization is known for their night-time operations, drug trafficking, and influence in Brazil and Peru. The cartel is suspected to be led by Alhorn, as their group employs various powerful individuals, including Devo the Cursed and a foreigner with two right hands. So far, the Foundation has had limited success in capturing Alhorn, who has managed to escape from them three times while causing casualties. Lisa Lisa is haunted by the disappearance of two Foundation members, Octavio and Joaquín, and feels determined to continue her involvement in spite of her age to tie up that loose end.

The group travels to Lake Titicaca to meet a man named Pisco, who is living in isolation. Pisco is a young man who was one of Alhorn's prisoners they saved from his base in Peru. He is suffering from a painful ability called Yawar Fiesta, which creates clones of objects underneath his skin that have made contact with his skin or blood in the past. He cannot control it, so his body is now deformed from all the internal objects inside him. Suddenly, Yawar Fiesta possesses Pisco and warns Lisa Lisa that "El Aleph" will kill her. Pisco tells Lisa Lisa to leave, believing the Foundation can't help him. However, Lisa Lisa uses the Ripple which helps to alleviate Pisco's suffering. She encourages him to control his ability by explaining how the power is an extension of his soul. Thus, he succeeds in transforming his capabilities, expelling stones, a needle, and fish from his body. Before leaving, Lisa Lisa requests for him to recreate the Arrow that shot him in the past. Hernández and Pisco try convincing her not to, but Lisa Lisa refuses to run away without trying this as a last resort. She doesn't care if the Arrow kills her as she is near death regardless, so she is determined to do whatever they can try without sacrificing anyone else. Grateful to her, Pisco agrees to try creating it. He is successful and the miracle Lisa Lisa wished for comes true.[16]

Journey into the Amazon

Lisa Lisa, Sasha, Hernández, and the Speedwagon Foundation's team embark on a mission into the Amazon rainforest where it is eternally night. The environment was transformed by the absence of sunlight into a bizarre, dangerous jungle. As they ascend the Amazon River, the team, including archaeologists and geologists, speculates about the cause of the darkness, such as ash or mass hypnosis, but cannot conclude using conventional logic. In the jungle, they manage health and sleep vigilantly, with Lisa Lisa and Sasha maintaining their well-beings through the Ripple. The team includes the Rueda Squad, a modern combat unit trained in anticipation of battling against ability users. The group encounters challenges like altitude sickness and a worsening miasma. Lisa Lisa is monitored closely for her health but remains determined to keep up. Sasha calls back a bird who went scouting, and they follow it toward the commune.

Upon encountering the Selva Cartel's guards, Lisa Lisa tries to negotiate, asking to meet their boss. However, the guards are hostile and summon various Astrals, including humanoid, animal-like, machine-like, and unclassifiable figures, for an imminent battle. Despite the Foundation soldiers' training, they struggle against these Astrals. Sasha counterattacks with her flock of birds, forming a giant bird entity to protect the team and attack the guards.

As the battle intensifies, Lisa Lisa could not bear to see Sasha get hurt any longer. Since her Ripple is ineffective against the Astrals, she considers summoning her own Astral. However, the confrontation is halted by the arrival of Joaquín, revealed to be a high-ranking member of the cartel. Lisa Lisa and her team don't immediately recognize him as his features changed. He is now skinnier, has braided hair, has dark bags under his eyes, and a black mark resembling a dragon tattoo is coiled around his wrist. He sends out a chilling black wave at them. Although it drains their energy, it leaves Lisa Lisa and her group mostly unharmed. Lisa Lisa understands that Joaquín was demonstrating that the endless night is actually his power.[17]

The Cartel's Origination

Twelve years ago, Joaquín and Octavio embarked on a journey in a world of endless darkness, losing their sense of time. Joaquín struggled with circadian rhythm disorders and felt less human, relying on Octavio's voice to maintain his sense of self. They traveled through various landscapes, burdened by Octavio's phantom leg pain and Joaquín's guilt for being chosen by the Arrow instead of Octavio. Without a home, they headed east into the jungle, contemplating their past and seeking revenge against Alhorn. Living almost animalistically, they settled briefly in different places, including north of the Rio Branco as hunter-gatherers, and later near the Marañón River with a dying tribe. Their peculiar condition where night would follow them led to local legends portraying them as supernatural beings, devils, and vampires.

They eventually met a revolutionary from Ayacucho, who saw their eternal night ability as an asset for political upheaval. Despite initial reluctance, they joined him, drawn by shared indigenous identity and stories of conflict and suffering in South America. They became guardians of a coca leaf commune, using Joaquín's night power for protection. After the commune's owner died, they established the Selva Cartel. Joaquín and Octavio, now deeply entrenched in their roles, adapted to their new reality. Octavio used their earnings for a titanium prosthetic leg. Joaquín, consumed by darkness, embraced instinct and violence, accepting their fate in the unending night.[18]

Bittersweet Reunion

In the commune of the Selva Cartel, Lisa Lisa reflects on what she could do now considering the Selva Cartel's impact and her mission to neutralize the threat of the Arrow. Joaquín's appearance has also complicated the situation as she was hoping to just have to fight their leader and retrieve the Arrow. Lisa Lisa, Sasha, and Hernández have their arms bound and are under heavy guard, led by Joaquín deeper into the commune. They see that the residents in the commune have adapted to the perpetual night and it resembles a religious settlement. They are taken to a temple-like building and into a chamber where they meet the cartel boss.

Contrary to their expectations, the boss is revealed to be Octavio, not Alhorn. Octavio, now with long hair and a beard, casually dismisses concerns about his inhumane acts, justifying them as necessary for the survival of his community. He confronts the group with hostility, flaunting his prosthetic leg and asking if they came to apologize for chopping his leg off without permission. He reveals that he organized his army using the Arrow, leading to questions about how he acquired it from Alhorn.

Octavio then shocks them by showing the severed head of Alhorn, kept in a birdcage. He expresses a twisted gratitude towards the Foundation, admitting he allowed them to see him only because it was them. He appreciates that Hernández taught him and Joaquín a lot, and always thought Lisa Lisa was cool despite how old she was. However, he demands they leave his business alone. He also reveals that Alhorn had named Joaquín's night ability El Aleph, which surprises Lisa Lisa due to the prophecy she heard from Yawar Fiesta. The head of Alhorn is still somehow semi-conscious but decaying. He greets Lisa Lisa and tells Octavio to ask Lisa Lisa to put him out of his misery. Octavio uses Alhorn's state to demonstrate his control over the former gang boss. Alhorn still claims to be a king, but Octavio dismisses his assertions. Octavio then encourages Alhorn to narrate their past encounter, with Alhorn agreeing as it's all he can do in his current state.[19]

Heart of Darkness

Alhorn narrates his past encounter with Octavio and Joaquín. He was running an illegal firearms factory in Salvador, selling to guerrillas, when Octavio and Joaquín approached under the guise of a business deal. However, Alhorn quickly realized their true intent was revenge. Alhorn killed several of Octavio's guards using his guns to prove that they work, provoking them to summon their Fantasmas. He thought they didn't do anything, but it suddenly got dark outside. Alhorn then summoned his own Fantasma, El Corazón de las Tinieblas, a muscular Inca warrior-like figure.

El Corazón attacked Joaquín, who seemed to communicate non-verbally with Octavio and defend himself with dark spots on his body, hinting at his own Fantasma. Alhorn then targeted Octavio, grotesquely transforming his body due to El Corazón's ability to swap parts of objects and organisms. Octavio's body parts were rearranged in a horrific manner; his blood vessels were swapped with his body hair, and his hand and finger bones were swapped with his teeth. He continued grotesquely deforming Octavio to torment him, swapping his right ear with his left toe, his left collarbone with his kneecap, his left leg with his right arm, and his right eighth rib with his left sternocleidomastoid muscle.

Alhorn then chased Joaquín through the mansion with El Corazón attempting to trap him by swapping walls around to create a labyrinth. Suddenly, Octavio, despite his injuries, managed to stab Alhorn using his prosthetic leg. Octavio thanked Alhorn for making it easier to stab him since his prosthetic leg was now his arm. Alhorn realized the duo were telepathically communicating somehow. He tried to recall El Corazón, but it was attacked by a dark beast summoned by Joaquín. As Alhorn's head was severed, he used El Corazón's power to swap his heart with his cheekbone, keeping him alive as a disembodied head. The effects on Octavio ceased, and El Corazón disappeared, leading Alhorn to believe it was due to the loss of his body. Octavio then confronted Alhorn, demanding the location of the Arrow.[20]

The Aleph

Sasha accuses Octavio of essentially becoming Alhorn's successor by creating an army with the Arrow's power. Octavio views the Arrow as essential for survival in a world where individual superpowers can rival armies. Lisa Lisa sees parallels between Octavio's path and others who succumbed to evil, including her foster father, Straizo. Octavio commands Joaquín to use his power, El Aleph, against the group. Joaquín refuses at first but succumbs to pressure and reluctantly releases a dark orb. A coccoon falls from it, which spawns numerous nightmarish, blind creatures that attack indiscriminately, causing chaos in the temple.

Sasha discovers these creatures are vulnerable to the Ripple after getting her blood drained from one creature, and she and Hernández manage to escape with her birds' help. Alhorn is ecstatic in the chaos, hoping the creatures will eat him. Meanwhile, Lisa Lisa confronts Octavio and Joaquín on the half-destroyed rooftop of the temple. Considering El Aleph's creatures are devouring most of his guards, Octavio knows that he'll have to rebuild the organization again. He suggests to Joaquín that they leave the jungle and hold a siege in the city. Despite Lisa Lisa's attempts to connect with them, Octavio remains focused on his power and authority.

Lisa Lisa challenges them to a match with her Astral, The House of Earth. It is a powerful close-range ability, which surprises Octavio considering Lisa Lisa's age. However, Lisa Lisa declares that it is the strength of her soul. Several creatures swarm from below the rooftop, piling up on top of each other and lifting the ground up to form an arena. Sasha and Hernández arrive while carried by the birds. Sasha reveals to Lisa Lisa that the creatures are weak to the Ripple. Grateful for that weakness, Lisa Lisa uses The House of Earth to generate a solar wind that she infuses with the Ripple to wipe out most of the creatures, though they constantly multiply. Her technique is the culmination of the Ripple technique, and she sees the faces of past warriors flashing in the wind like her memories flashing before her eyes.

While Octavio roars upon seeing his creatures being destroyed, Lisa Lisa reveals that Joaquín is actually Octavio's Astral, created unconsciously to be a friend. Joaquín is shocked by this revelation, realizing his existence is tied to Octavio's desires. He thinks back to when he first became Octavio's friend, understanding he was just manifested in the darkness at the Hill of the Cross near Octavio's orphanage. Lisa Lisa believes that Octavio must have learned the fact at some point, even if he didn't know when he was younger. Joaquín feels angry toward Octavio for forcing him to commit evil deeds and for not telling him about his true identity earlier if he knew. Despite his newfound self-awareness, he continues to protect Octavio.

Octavio dismisses Lisa Lisa's words, clinging to his aspirations. Lisa Lisa wishes that her final moments will be graced with the smiles of her loved ones, including Octavio and Joaquín. Yet, she acknowledges this as just a fantasy, unlikely to become reality. A giant crane-fly like creature attacks the ground, causing both her and Octavio to nearly fall off a cliff. Joaquín saves Lisa Lisa, while Octavio narrowly avoids falling. When Octavio tries to kick Lisa Lisa off the cliff again, Joaquín intervenes, protecting her. Octavio is shocked that Joaquín is betraying him, but their bond is still unbreakable. The House of Earth pauses its wind and attacks Octavio with a barrage of punches, but Joaquín shields his user, taking the blows. The punches cause them to fall into the abyss where El Aleph's creatures lurk, leaving their fate uncertain.

Lisa Lisa uses all of her remaining Ripple energy with The House of Earth's solar wind to wipe out the remaining creatures on the cliff, including the giant crane-fly creature. However, she reaches her physical and mental limits and collapses. Before losing consciousness, she urges Sasha and Hernández to save Octavio and Joaquín. As the night caused by El Aleph fades, the sky is highlighted by a colorful aurora caused by the effects of The House of Earth's solar wind. Morning finally arrives in the jungle, marking the end of the endless night.[21]


After returning from the Amazon, Lisa Lisa's story concludes in the Speedwagon Foundation's records. She survived a bout with malaria, which had her teetering between life and death. Choosing to live in an elderly care facility, she enjoys solitude, nature, and memories of her past. The Selva Cartel's operations are shut down by the Guardia Civil. The fate of Octavio and Joaquín remains officially unrecorded, but their memory persists among those involved. Moreover, Sasha and Hernández secured Octavio's arrow and stored it in a concealed location.

Joseph and Lisa Lisa's daughter-in-law, Suzi Q, visit her a few months after she moved into the elderly care facility, bringing a brief resurgence of her spirit. Suzi Q notes Lisa Lisa's deteriorating physical condition, while Joseph reassures her, believing in his mother's resilience despite her weakened state. Lisa Lisa claims that Octavio and Joaquín have visited her a couple of times, though Joseph doesn't know if she means in dreams or not. She and Joseph discuss the emergence of extraordinary powers worldwide, including his own abilities. His thorny vines and spirit photography have revealed DIO's revival. He also talks with his mother about the Star Birthmark and all sorts of topics. Lisa Lisa believes there is nothing she can do about DIO in her current state.

Joseph contemplates the terminology for these powers, considering a new term since 'las Maravillas' and 'Astral' doesn't resonate with him. Lisa Lisa suggests 'Friends', inspired by Octavio and Joaquín, though Joseph finds it too mellow. The mother and son have an emotional parting, with Joseph preparing to travel to Japan. He hugs his mother tightly, reluctant to say goodbye, and she reassures him that it's okay.

In her solitude, Lisa Lisa reflects on the world's transition to a new era led by younger generations, including her descendants. While Joseph heads to the airport, he listens to a Ben E. King song on his Walkman. He would later name the power a "Stand", inspired by his mother's story. Lisa Lisa falls into a peaceful sleep, unaware of the challenges and adventures that await Joseph.[22]

Characters and Stands

Characters and Stands
Octavio Luna Kan
Main Antagonist (Former Ally)
Joaquín Ruiz-Jorruda
Neutral (Former Ally)
Unknown Stand User
Antagonist (Stand Only)
Unknown Stand User

Novel/Magazine Changes

The novelized version of the story has revisions and additional text that wasn't present when it was published in JOJO magazine. In addition, some sentences or certain minor details were erased or altered.
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Chapter 1
  • Removed the specification of statues of figures such as Jesus and the Virgin of Guadalupe being among those destroyed in J.D. Hernández's report.
  • Octavio Luna Kan's voice in his first appearance is changed from being in a "hoarse voice" to a "voice too loud to be a whisper."
  • Octavio and Joaquín Ruiz-Jorruda are stated to be 19 years old rather than "18 or 19".
  • Octavio's eyes are described as a "forest beast" rather than a "herbivorous forest beast".
  • Altered Fabio Ubuh's description: removed the mention of him being "average height"; added "walnut-colored skin" and his face being covered in a "thick beard".
  • Removed the Spanish word for "silver" (plata) when describing Lisa Lisa's hair color.
Chapter 2
  • Removed the Spanish word for "whistle" (silbato).
  • After Octavio speaks rudely to Lisa Lisa, "J.D. and the others were anxious" is replaced with "J.D. Hernández was anxious".
  • Removed the Spanish word for "witch" (bruja).
  • Removed the Spanish word for "clouds" (nubes) and replaced it with "reefs or islets".
  • Removed the Spanish word for "passion" (pasión).
Chapter 3
  • Changed the mentions of "J.D." by itself to say his full name.
  • Changed Hernández having a hard time adjusting to seeing his local informants, Octavio and Joaquín, wearing the same suits as him. Instead, it says he has a hard time adjusting to seeing them nonchalantly ride in the same car as him as his coworkers.
  • Added that Octavio and Joaquín were fortunate to be in the same vehicle as Lisa Lisa.
  • Changed the whole paragraph of Octavio and Joaquín being educated before their departure. Instead of saying they were thoroughly educated about the Speedwagon Foundation's principles and that they wouldn't be issued firearms as trainee investigators, it says that the two knew nothing about the Foundation's principles and they asked if they wouldn't be issued firearms.
  • Removed the statement of Lisa Lisa being an exception to carrying weapons for self-defense, not needing any weapons other than herself.
  • Added a sentence of Hernández knowing he would have to drill Octavio and Joaquín in a Spartan manner, ensuring they understood the basic knowledge and principles before any field training.
  • Added dialogue of Lisa Lisa explaining that some researchers believe the ancient Mayans developed the concept of zero, before Octavio yawns and says "Zero, huh..."
  • Changed the Spanish word for "hole" (hoyo) to "agujero".
  • Changed the car being 10 meters away from Hernández to 20 meters.
  • Added more detail to how Octavio carried Hernández, saying he first put his head under Hernández's armpit to lift his entire body onto his shoulder, which was a method used to carry the injured in battlefields or during fires.
  • Changed the shockwave of the collapse leaving Joaquín unable to breathe to be J.D. Hernández instead.
  • Izahela Mena-Mena's age is changed from 15 years old to 13 years old.
  • Added Izahela asking if her ability isn't a good thing.
  • Added Izahela saying that the smugglers who shot her and her family with the Bow and Arrow do a lot of bad things.
  • Changed the count of the people who were taken away with Izahela to be 15 instead of 10.
  • Removed the Spanish word for "pain" (pena).
  • Added Octavio saying that what happened to Izahela is war.
  • Changed Lisa Lisa's dialogue from "Unlike Fabio Ubuh, Izahela has provided us with many insights into what we're pursuing" to "Izahela, even more than Fabio Ubuh, has provided us with many insights into what we're pursuing."
  • Changed the Foundation investigators in general not knowing where Lisa Lisa's speech would lead to be from the viewpoint of the newcomers to the team, Octavio and Joaquín.
  • Changed Lisa Lisa's question about who made the Arrow to be directed to all of the investigators instead of just Octavio and Joaquín.
Chapter 4
  • The introductory paragraphs are removed, with most of it moved to the prologue before chapter 1. Instead, it starts with a quote from Fernando Alhorn and introduces him as one of the "kings" born in this age.
  • Added that Alhorn was the first one to use "Fantasma" as the term for the physical forms of their powers.
  • Changed Alhorn's age from 50 to 49.
  • Added the word "finally" in the part referring to when Alhorn discovered the true nature of his soul.
  • Slightly changed the wording from "huge bucket" to "large bucket" when comparing the waves of the ocean.
Chapter 5
  • Removed table salt from Octavio and Joaquín's shop menu.
  • Changed "wig" in Octavio and Joaquín's shop menu to "a popular cantente's wig".
Chapter 6
  • Changed the Spanish word for "hole" (hoyo) to "agujero".
Chapter 7
  • Changed the Spanish word for "hole" (hoyo) to "agujero".
  • Removed the Spanish words for "red" (rojo) and "black" (negro).
  • Changed Alhorn's dialogue from "If you don't tell me, I have my ways to make you" to "One more word out of line, and I'll rip your tongue out and use it as a necktie."
  • Changed Octavio's dialogue to be slightly more assertive when asking for compensation, from "I deserve some compensation, right?" (見返りはあってしかるべきですよね) to "I deserve some compensation, don't I?" (見返りはあってしかるべきじゃあないですか).
  • Removed the Spanish words for "hunting" (caza) and "war" (guerra).
  • Slightly corrected Octavio's morse code by adding more dots, changing the decoded message in Spanish to be "HAY UN PRISONERO" instead of "HAY UN PRIONERO". However, it still has a typo as the Spanish word is "prisionero".
    • Old: .... .- -.-- ..- -. .--. .-. .. --- -. . .-. ---
    • New: .... .- -.-- ..- -. .--. .-. .. ... --- -. . .-. ---
Chapter 8
  • Changed "J.D. and the others" to just "J.D. Hernández" when Joaquín thinks he could regroup and plan a more coordinated rescue in case he fails to climb the building.
  • Removed Sasha Loggins being a Sephardic Jew and added that she is from Southern Europe.
  • Removed some of the Spanish words in Sasha and Joaquín's conversation: "No es eso" and "¿Qué?"
Chapter 9
  • Removed the Spanish word for "forest" (bosque) every time the word appears, aside from when it says "native forest" (bosque nativo) once.
Chapter 10
  • Changed Lisa Lisa's dialogue from "Is that man flying?" to "Does that man have wings growing out of his back?"
  • Changed Lisa Lisa's dialogue to be more disgusted about Dos Santos's appearance, from "Quite the unpleasant sight, isn't it? It reminds me of a crane fly" to "Oh, I hate it. It's like a long-legged spider."
  • Removed the Spanish word for "forest" (bosque) every time the word appears.
Chapter 11
  • Added details to the disasters and wars in other countries that Lisa Lisa mentions to Joaquín. She says that she watched the trial of the My Lai massacre on TV, and also mentions how Arabs and Israelis resumed their endless conflict.
  • Added Joaquín describing his power as a disease spreading lethargy.
  • Added a paragraph of more harmful effects that El Aleph caused outside of the Speedwagon Foundation, which leads to Joaquín deciding to leave from the investigation team. It describes the "night" gushing out endlessly like a broken faucet.
Chapter 12
  • Removed the Spanish word for "jungle" (selva).
  • Changed "Eight legs, or maybe more" to "Eight legs, nine legs, or maybe more" when the soldier sees the creature from El Aleph.
  • Added the Spanish word for "nuclear winter" (invierno nuclear).
Chapter 14
  • Changed how Hernández refers to Lisa Lisa from "Señora" to "Missus."
  • Changed Hernández's dialogue from "Yes, we also took a different train" to "Yes, we just arrived on a different train."
  • Changed "Hernandez had also brought along medical staff" to "J.D. Hernández had also brought along other investigators and medical staff."
  • Changed some other instances of "Hernández" to his full name, "J.D. Hernández", but not all of them.
  • Removed the Spanish word for "jungle" (selva), aside from when it's used for the Selva Cartel.
  • Omitted Hernández's name when Lisa Lisa says "I told you, didn't I? Even at this age, there are things I can still do."
  • Added "Don't forget" before mentioning that the "Ripple was originally a medical technique."
  • Slightly changed the start of this sentence from "Although it could be a lethal weapon against Pillar Men, vampires, and beings weak to sunlight" to "Although it could be a lethal weapon against beings weak to sunlight such as Pillar Men and vampires".
  • Added that Lisa Lisa gently lets go of Pisco's hand when she stops using the Ripple.
  • Added Lisa Lisa directly addressing Hernández by name when she says "I understand what you're saying."
  • Added Hernández calling Lisa Lisa "Missus" when he asks "Do you know how old you are?"
  • Added "the first" before Loggins's name when Lisa Lisa recounts all of the people she's lost.
  • Added "cartel in the jungle" rather than just "jungle" when Lisa Lisa says they don't have enough power to confront it.
  • Changed Lisa Lisa's dialogue from "If we are to face that uncharted darkness, we must do everything possible" to "If we are to face that boundless darkness, we must bring all the light we can."
  • Removed Hernández saying "Does one reach such a state of mind after living a hundred years?" and Lisa Lisa replying with "Well, I can't speak for others...".
  • Added more detail to Pisco being pressured, specifying that he is pressured from the interaction between Lisa Lisa and Hernández.
  • Added the specification that Pisco wants to repay Lisa Lisa for her kindness.
Chapter 15
  • Removed the Spanish word for "jungle" (selva).
  • Removed the Spanish words for "field research" (trabajo de campo).
  • Removed Sasha saying Lisa Lisa's name when being surprised about her level of activity despite her age.
  • Changed Sasha's dialogue from "The usual cartel bodyguards are gathering" to "Several men, the usual bodyguards, are guarding the perimeter."
  • Specified that Sasha isn't able to judge whether the bodyguards are ability users from a bird's-eye view.
  • Removed Sasha saying that the guards sensed their intrusion.
  • Changed instances of "Hernández" to his full name, "J.D. Hernández".
  • Added "scouting bird" instead of just "bird" when they follow it to the commune.
  • Removed the sentence of the bodyguards exchanging hushed whispers to each other upon seeing Lisa Lisa and the others.
  • Changed "A voice called out, slightly easing the tension" to "A condescending voice called out, and soon insults and taunts started flying nonstop."
  • Removed one of the Stands of the Selva Cartel, described as "an odd person covered in scrap metal."
  • Changed the mercenary clad in Astral armor to be a giant clad in Astral armor.
  • Removed the sentence of the Stand with afterimages trailing behind it attacking.
  • Changed a Stand hitting a tree to incapacitate a Rueda Squad member to the Stand hitting the member directly.
  • Changed Lisa Lisa's dialogue from "It's you, isn't it, Joaquín? So this is where you were" to "So this is where you were, Joaquín."
Chapter 16
  • Changed Joaquín's dialogue to Octavio from "That's true. But it means you're not meant to die yet" to "Don't say things like that. You've been kept alive by God."
  • Changed Joaquín's dialogue from "Right, what should we do?" to "I haven't decided that yet. Where should we go?", with Octavio having a slightly more frustrated tone in response.
  • Changed Joaquín's dialogue from "It's not like that" to "Should we decide with pito, pito, gorgorito (eeny, meeny, miny, moe)?"
  • Removed the Spanish word for "jungle" (selva).
  • Changed the following conversation between Octavio and Joaquín:
    • Octavio: "We should probably go to the east then, huh?" → "Which direction are we headed to now?"
    • Joaquín: "Yeah, maybe so." → "Uh, east, I think."
    • Octavio: "The east is better, right?" → "What's in the east?"
    • Joaquín: "There aren't many people there." → "In the east... uh, there's a jungle."
    • Octavio: "The selva would be fine, right?" → "The jungle might be fine."
    • Joaquín: "Yeah, let's go to the selva." → "Yeah, there might not be many people."
    • Octavio: "In the selva, day or night..." → "Whether it's day or night there..."
    • Joaquín: "Doesn't really matter, I guess." → "Yeah, I think it definitely wouldn't matter."
  • Changed the Ayacucho revolutionary's dialogue to Octavio from "If you're also an indigenous person, you've seen enough, right?" to "You said you're K'iche, right? As an indigenous person, you've seen enough."
Chapter 17
  • Changed the "government" to the "national police (Guardia Civil)" when Lisa Lisa thinks about whose job it is to stop the Selva Cartel.
  • Changed "Incan ruins" to "Mayan or Incan ruins" when comparing how the temple in the commune looks.
  • Changed instances of "Hernández" in narration to his full name, "J.D. Hernández".
  • Added an extra "Oc...?" in the "O...? Octavi...? Octavio!"
  • Added Octavio scoffing at Sasha snapping back at him.
  • Changed Octavio's dialogue from "Honestly, I thought your Foundation would contact us sooner" to "Honestly, I thought you guys would contact us sooner."
  • Changed Alhorn's dialogue from "Can't you ask the Madam to hurry up and kill me?" to "Can't you ask the Madam over there to hurry up and kill me?"
Chapter 18
  • Changed "It was as if they could communicate without words" to "These two seemed to communicate without words like a pair of animals."
  • Added Alhorn saying "He's a speedy little thing when it comes to scampering" about Joaquín.
  • Removed the Spanish word for "rules" (reglas).
Chapter 19
  • Corrected the chapter being labeled as Chapter 17 (XVII) again by changing it to Chapter 19 (XIX).
  • Changed instances of "Hernández" in narration to his full name, "J.D. Hernández".
  • Changed "Relying on their old ties, Hernández looked pleadingly at Octavio and Joaquín in turn" to "Relying on their old ties, J.D. Hernández looked pleadingly at the two people there in turn."
  • Changed "In others words, I could own this world" to "In other words, this power could own this world."
  • Changed Octavio's dialogue from "You're going to abandon me here? You're really going to betray me in this situation...?" to "Are you chickening out here? You're really going to turn tail in this situation...?"
  • Changed Sasha's dialogue from "There are an infinite number of them... if you unleash these things, even your own forces will be wiped out..." to "There are an infinite number of them... if you unleash these things, we'll all be wiped out...".
  • Changed "The only option was to capture the user to stop them" to "The only option was to capture Joaquín to stop him."
  • Removed the Spanish word for "jungle" (selva).
  • Changed the Spanish word "brutos" (brutes) to "monstruo" (monsters) when Octavio mentions that Joaquín unleashed them.
  • Changed Octavio's dialogue from "lay siege to the city" to "lay siege to the city with our monsters."
  • Changed Joaquín's thoughts from "Have you also awakened to a strange power?" to "Have you perhaps also been struck by the Arrow and awakened to your abilities?"
  • Added a more detailed description when Lisa Lisa realizes the truth about Joaquín. Changed "Now, she could see various things more clearly. From her current standpoint, she began to discern the contours of hidden truths" to "Finally, the truth dawned within her, opening her eyes from within. She could see various colors. Fear. Sorrow. Anger. Confusion. The white light of misunderstanding refracted, reaching a horizon where a rainbow of seven colors emerged. The hidden truth took shape."
  • Added an additional "Shut up" when Octavio says "Shut up señora!".
  • Changed "la Maravilla" to "awakened superpower" when talking about Joaquín, Sasha, and Lisa Lisa's abilities.
  • Changed "Joaquín, with tears in his eyes, was astonished" to "Joaquin was stunned. His mouth moved wordlessly, and his lips twisted like a car hit in a reckless driving accident. For him, it might have been like being confronted with a question he couldn’t answer, twisted into an unrecognizable form."
  • Added Lisa Lisa thinking "As I thought, he was unaware, at least Joaquín was...".
  • Changed Joaquín's thoughts from "That's where I was born" to "I was born on that Cerro de la Cruz."
  • Changed Joaquín's screaming and collapsing to his knees, adding a lot more detail: "The false frosted glass shrouding the world was removed, and Joaquín's lips trembled, his brows and cheeks collapsing toward each other, his face paling as he sentenced himself. Joaquín tried to utter a soundless cry, but it collapsed under its weight before it could be voiced. Finally, he bent his body, kneeling."
  • Added "as if he lost his bones" after "His head thrown back, he swayed unsteadily" when Joaquín's black marks cover his entire body.
  • Changed "Lisa Lisa shouted at the top of her lungs" to "Lisa Lisa screamed as if her throat would tear."
  • Removed "the Foundation" in Lisa Lisa's dialogue: "the spirit that grew within you can be the guiding light for the Foundation, and the world that our descendants will face!"
  • Changed "Joaquín instantly reached out and grabbed Lisa Lisa's arm" to "Joaquín instantly reached out—not for Octavio, but for Lisa Lisa's arm."
  • Changed "care facility" to "elderly care facility".




  1. Combined page count of the Guatemala (30 pages), Peru (35 pages) and Final (38 pages) arcs.


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