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JOJOVELLER mini (ジョジョベラーミニ, JoJoberā mini) is an artbooklet included with the April 2014 issue of Ultra Jump. It acts as a mini version of the main JOJOVELLER artbook. The booklet is recommended for people who are unsure if they should buy an artbook.[2]


The booklet primarily features several pieces of artwork present in the main JOJOVELLER artbook. Near the end of the booklet is a Stand guide section called Stands Plus+. It has pages on Nut King Call and Paper Moon King, as both were introduced in the manga shortly before the publication of JOJOVELLER. The end of the booklet features an advertisement for the standard edition of JOJOVELLER on a page spread from chapter 20 of JoJolion with edited dialogue from the three thugs.

A separate leaflet was also included with the Ultra Jump issue, which was the Stands Plus+ section by itself so that it can be inserted into JOJOVELLER's Stands book as an addition.[3][a]



  • Before the release of JOJOVELLER mini, Tsurugi's Stand was called "Paper Moon" (ペーパー・ムーン, Pēpā Mūn) in the Ultra Jump release of JJL Chapter 26. In the Stands Plus+ section, the Stand was given the name "Paper Moon King" (ペーパー・ムーン・キング, Pēpā Mūn Kingu).


  1. Stated in the note on the back of the leaflet.


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