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It has a very aggressive sound, like a scorpion readying its tail when it senses an invasion of its territory, injecting neurotoxins from its stingers.
El Aleph Chapter 8

Écue-Yamba-Ó (エクエ・ヤンバ・O, Ekue Yanba O, lit. Praised Be God) is the Stand of an unknown user working for Fernando Alhorn, featured in the light novel El Aleph.

It acts as an automatic security system, tilting walls and having sharp spines to throw off intruders who touch the walls of a building. Joaquín Ruiz-Jorruda names it based on the noise it makes.


It is unknown whether the Stand has a physical appearance aside from the net it creates around buildings.


Écue-Yamba-Ó is an automatic Stand that detects intruders and then successively generates various traps and obstacles once it's activated.[1]

Building Security System

Sticky Net

Écue-Yamba-Ó creates a transparent net made of a sticky substance that stretches all around the walls of a building, such as Fernando Alhorn's fortress in San Juan de Lurigancho. The net is visible to non-Stand Users. It's thicker than threads that insects make but much thinner than pipes, and its sticky substance appears like melted rubber. Its ability automatically activates when the net is touched. Whoever it traps will have difficulty pulling their hands off the net. Moreover, the net and anybody's limb that touches the net will glow in a faint yellow-green color, similar to fluorescent paint.


After the net is activated, the Stand repeatedly produces an ominous warning noise that sounds like "Écue-Yamba-Ó". Although the noise sounds somewhat natural as if it's a tribe chanting, it also has an artificial quality to it such as the sound of an alarm announcing to evacuate.

Wall Manipulation

The net then vibrates like a living creature and tilts the walls of the building to shake off intruders. It can rotate the walls to position them in various angles.


Écue-Yamba-Ó can also create sharp thorns on the net so that the intruder has nowhere to grab onto, tearing through their skin.


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