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I get it now... This is just rayuela! Los niños in Antigua are always playing this on the stone tiles. You’re safe as long as you hop through the shapes without putting both feet in one shape, right?

Hopscotch (ホップスコッチ, Hoppusukotchi) is the Stand of Izahela Mena-Mena, featured in the light novel rey infinito.

The Stand draws shapes on the ground using chalk, creating pitfall traps if its rules are broken.


Hopscotch is a Stand that appears as a chalk. It instantly appears in Izahela's hand, and can also move on its own to draw lines on the ground.[1] The Stand's form is not visible to non-Stand users, but they can see the white limestone powder drawings on the ground.[2]


Hopscotch is a dangerous yet situational Stand, forcing its victims to follow the rules of the hopscotch playground game. Had Izahela been more cunning and persistent, its traps can be lethal. Combining the Stand's ability along with the User's allies throwing weapons at the opponents' legs makes it a difficult Stand to escape from.[2]

Chalk Drawing

Hopscotch is a magical chalk that never wears down with any use.[1] It draws any shape on the ground, such as circles, squares, triangles, and pentagons. The shapes can vary in size and intersect with each other. They can cover the ground in quick succession, generating complex patterns resembling a Tibetan mandala. Consequently, it is nearly impossible to navigate within the chalk's boundaries while on one foot.[2]

Hole Creation

If any person or object has more than one point of contact with the ground within the boundaries of a shape drawn in chalk by the Stand, they will fall into a deep pit. For example, they can only have one foot or hand on the ground within the chalk's lines. Since the Stand's rules affect objects as well, it can draw large shapes around vehicles like cars which have four points of contact on the ground, immediately creating a hole beneath them when the drawing of the shape is completed.

When a hole is generated, the ground rumbles loudly alongside whirling sand and rocks which fly into the air. The ground itself caves in with the sides collapsing like a landslide. Those who fall cannot communicate with people above them, as their voice is swallowed up by the hole. The hole's diameter is nearly 2 meters, and its depth is extreme, likened to a bottomless abyss. Not even a bomb dropped from above would be enough to make a crater as deep as the Stand's.

When the user is unconscious or the ability is deactivated, the holes in the ground vanish, making it seem as if there had never been any pits in the first place. The victims lay unconscious in a nearby thicket, but the physical injuries they had sustained from the fall do not vanish. The Speedwagon Foundation investigators who fell in the traps were all as severely injured as if they had fallen off a cliff, having broken bones in countless places, and two of them were unable to recover and never woke up.[2]


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