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Jump Multi World (ジャンプマルチワールド, Janpu Maruchi Wārudo) was a special event held for the 25th anniversary of the Weekly Shonen Jump.


Being held from July 28, 1993, to August 15, 1993, visitors could see an exhibition of original drawings by manga artists with works serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump at the time of the event. The event also showcased anime, games, and merchandise exhibits.[2] The event acts as the predecessor to the now annual Jump Festa event. It cost 700 yen in total for the admission to the event and the special pamphlet that was handed out to visitors.[1]

The content of the pamphlet includes the history of Weekly Shonen Jump and records broken by the magazine's publication. The notable section of the pamphlet is its "JUMP MUSEUM" section, which includes information on various Weekly Shonen Jump series and its creators. Alongside a comment from the artist, they also made original illustrations with some of them also including an original 4-Koma comic strip. Examples of the series being presented include KochiKame, Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragon Quest, Slam Dunk, Saint Seiya, Captain Tsubasa, YuYu Hakusho, Bastard!!, Keiji, City Hunter, and many others. Additionally, the pamphlet comes with posters showcasing the main characters of the serialized manga at that time.



On the JUMP MUSEUM page about Hirohiko Araki and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, during the serialization of Diamond is Unbreakable, Araki made an original 4-Koma comic strip based on Diamond is Unbreakable as part of the original illustrations created for the pamphlet.

Two students are seen ending their friendship. The green-haired student states that he and the other student are through as friends; the blue-haired student asserts that he hopes to never see the other again. Josuke Higashikata sees the two of them and recognizes the sound of a friendship breaking apart. Josuke exclaims that he can fix that broken friendship with Crazy Diamond, summoning his Stand to perform a punching barrage. Josuke then suddenly stops his attack, having remembered that not even Crazy Diamond can heal people's hearts. He remarks that Crazy Diamond cannot bring back the dead either, as the bloodied bodies of the two students are shown lying on the ground. Josuke walks away from the scene, calmly lamenting that his kindness had worked against him at this moment and bidding goodbye.

A note at the bottom of the comic clarifies that the Josuke Higashikata depicted within is not the same character as the one in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and that the former will never be seen again.

Author's Comment

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Happy birthday to Mr. Weekly Shonen Jump. I’ve known you since you were born. I’ve received a reply to my fan letter from Ikezawa Satoshi-sensei,[a] and won a bicycle and baseball bat as a prize too. One time a teacher found my reading during class and I cried as he cruelly incinerated you. You are my life. My pleasure from here on out.



  1. Ikezawa Satoshi is the author of Beat Shot!! (ビートショット).


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