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The Diamond is Unbreakable Drama CD Collection (ダイヤモンドは砕けない ドラマCD Daiyamondo wa Kudakenai Dorama CD) is a set of two original stories adapted from Diamond is Unbreakable that were released by David Production from 2016 to 2017 enclosed within the 7th and 11th volumes of the limited edition Blu-Ray. One having Josuke, Okuyasu and Koichi investigating a ghost story and the other one with Josuke and Koichi trying to help Okuyasu about a waitress he fell in love with.


Drama CD Vol. 1: A Ghost Story from Budogaoka High (ドラマCD vol. 1 ぶどうヶ丘高校の怪談)
Release Date: November 23, 2016

Drama CD Vol. 2: After-school Talk: At Café Deux Magots (ドラマCD vol. 2 放課後トーク カフェ ドゥ・メゴにて)
Release Date: April 26, 2017


A Ghost Story from Budogaoka High

Voice Actors:
Yūko Iida (as Surface)

After-school Talk: At Café Deux Magots


A Ghost Story from Budogaoka High

Taking place a few days after Rohan Kishibe's Adventure, Okuyasu begins by telling a ghost story to Josuke and Koichi. The story tells that years ago at Budogaoka High School, there was a young girl that loved to play the piano and was exceptionally skilled at it. However, one day she was in a car accident and while she survived, her hands were damaged beyond repair and she could never play the piano again. Not long afterwards on a rainy night, the girl committed suicide by jumping from the music room's window on the fourth floor of the school.

Josuke tells Okuyasu to knock it off with his random ghost stories while Koichi genuinely believes the tale. Okuyasu goes on to say that the story is indeed real, and that a student named Owada encountered the spirit while retrieving supplies the other night. Josuke and Koichi decide that after Reimi's revelation of a serial killer being loose in Morioh, they should investigate anything suspicious; even if it is just a ghost story. The following night, the gang meets up at the high school to investigate. Josuke asks Okuyasu for the flashlights, which Okuyasu mistakes at first for a banana, as he brought snacks in case they become hungry. Okuyasu suggests using only one flashlight, as using all three would cause the school to loose its spooky atmosphere.

As they navigate throughout the school, Josuke discovers a large puddle of water and thinks it might be from the ghost. Okuyasu suggests smelling the water, as it might be leaking from the restrooms nearby. Okuyasu proceeds to comment about Josuke's new shoes, which he states he bought using his father's money after his old ones were ruined helping Jotaro hunt rats. Okuyasu then complains that he wishes he had the kind of money Josuke has, which prompts Josuke to jokingly tell Okuyasu to enter the lottery. Koichi reveals that he spotted a silhouette behind Josuke while he was talking. The gang begins to act nervous as they move their way through the school. Okuyasu comes across an anatomical model, stating that there always has to be one included in a haunted house. The gang begin to hear footsteps coming from above them, which prompts Koichi to remember Yukako from earlier. Josuke mentions he spotted Yukako spying on Koichi the other day, which causes Koichi to defend her, stating that she isn't the same anymore and that she doesn't have any other friends.

As the footsteps become more prominent, they begin to hear piano music. The trio move up to the fourth floor to investigate the music room, only to hear a girl fall from the window. They discover that there aren't any bodies below the window, causing them to relax. Koichi then states that this could very well be the ghost after all. Josuke hears the ghost going back down the stairs to the entrance of the school. Annoyed at being made a fool of, Josuke punches his way through several walls and floors to use as shortcuts on the way down. He manages to catch up to the ghost, barely punching it with Crazy Diamond before the ghost escapes. Josuke slips on the puddle from earlier and catches his breath, while Okuyasu and Koichi catch up.

Meanwhile, it's revealed that the ghost isn't actually a ghost after all, but Surface disguised as Junko. Toshikazu Hazamada has been tricking the trio the entire time to get back at Josuke for defeating him and landing him in the hospital. Surface remarks that the entire plan seems pretty unfair towards Josuke's friends, who had nothing to do with their defeat, and especially Koichi; whom Hazamada regards as a friend. Hazamada disregards Surface's words, saying that Koichi and him just share a bond due to their interest in Rohan Kishibe's manga, and nothing more. Hazamada instructs Surface to continue the ghostly charade, calling Josuke on the phone and talking as if he was the ghost girl. He then sees three flashlights in the distance and picks up the phone on standby to prepare to prank Josuke; but he begins to hear dripping and sloshing from the receiver.

Hazamada then to becomes scared, only for Josuke to surprise him from behind. Josuke reveals that when he kicked the ghost from earlier with Crazy Diamond, a small splinter came off; revealing the ghost as Surface. Josuke "healed" the splinter and followed it back to Hazamada's position. Koichi appears and reveals that he used Echoes to place the "drip drip" noises on the phone which Hazamada heard. Confused, Hazamada asks who was carrying the flashlights, to which Josuke reveals it was Okuyasu, The Hand and the anatomical model from earlier. Later on, Okuyasu scolds Hazamada for his prank while Koichi lets him off the hook, saying that the antics weren't harmful in any way. Josuke begins to hear actual dripping behind them before a creepy feminine voice asks if she can play the piano. This causes everyone to flee from the high school in fear as they all agree never to visit the place again at night.

After-school Talk: At Café Deux Magots

Josuke and Koichi are walking home from school when they spot Okuyasu sitting at Café Deux Magots, seemingly writing something. Out of curiosity, they approach their friend who is taken by surprise and starts swallowing the letter he was writing. However, Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to make him puke the pieces he had eaten and starts reading it, realizing that it was a love letter.

Okuyasu admits that he's got a crush on the woman that works there. One time when Okuyasu was sitting by himself at the café, it began to rain so the waitress brought him an umbrella, and he fell in love due to this act of kindness. Touched by his burning feelings, Josuke and Koichi decide to help him. They suddenly stop talking when the waitress asks them what they wish to drink; Josuke asks for a Cola, Koichi orders a black tea, and Okuyasu a milk tea.

While discussing how to approach the girl in question, Okuyasu notes that Josuke is quite the hit with the girls at school, though Josuke hadn't realized this. Following that line of logic, Okuyasu proposes that they act out how to talk naturally with a girl, so they start acting out a scene.

Koichi acts as the waitress, who’s running late to work, while Josuke plays a student who offers to accompany her through a shortcut by the station. Josuke's natural charisma allows him to say charming lines. Okuyasu becomes moved by the scene, but concludes that he can't match Josuke's speech. He decides to make a second roleplay, but with Koichi as the man and with the more romantic scenario of the man saving the girl from danger, just as the waitress arrives with their drinks. After she leaves, they start acting out the second scene. The trio offhandedly notes that a lot of students are starting to sit at the shop.

This time Koichi is the student that saves Josuke (now posing as the woman from the café) from a fake truck that’s about to hit her, and hurting his leg while doing so. At that moment, Okuyasu says that it begins to rain, so Koichi proposes to take shelter somewhere. Okuyasu gets carried away with their acting and says that a lightning bolt almost strikes them, then that a plane suddenly falls down upon them, and then that gunfire hurts Koichi when protecting the lady. Josuke stops the scene due to them going too far with the roleplay and points out that they're making a scene since Echoes was also producing sounds to make it more realistic. The other clients also begin to leave.

Okuyasu decides to go inside the shop and convey his feelings, but he bumps into the waitress and she drops her tray. Okuyasu quickly uses The Hand to get it back and manages to start a genuine conversation with her and says that he's been coming to Café Deux Magots for a reason. Josuke and Koichi eagerly observe Okuyasu's confession. But when he is about to confess, he ends up saying “I really love... milk tea”. The conversation ends awkwardly as the waitress goes back to the counter, thinking that Okuyasu wants another milk tea.

Depressed that he couldn't tell her how he feels, Okuyasu sits and starts crying with his friends, asking them not to say a thing and lamenting that he acted so weird with her. He wishes he could peek into her heart and know what she thinks of him. Incidentally, Rohan Kishibe makes himself known. He has overheard everything, and in order to finally work on his manga in silence, he accepts to use Heaven's Door on the waitress.

Rohan reads the waitress' bio. Her name is Rika Tachikawa, 20 years old, a college student from downtown. Rohan reads on but doesn't find anything about Okuyasu so he changes her back to normal and asks them not to bother him further. Rika awakes not remembering what just transpired and happily attends to Rohan, who asks for a coffee and gives her a sign.

The group is shocked after watching how she treats him, seemingly having feelings for Rohan. Even worse, Rika doesn't mind that Rohan ignores her for his work, to which Okuyasu starts crying once again. By the end, Josuke and Koichi try to cheer him up by inviting him to Tonio Trussardi's restaurant, which consoles Okuyasu a bit.

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