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Hirohiko Araki's Super-Favorites! Rules of Movies (荒木飛呂彦の超偏愛! 映画の掟, Araki Hirohiko no chō hen'ai! Eiga no okite) is a shinsho (Non-fiction book) published by Shueisha and written by Hirohiko Araki.


In Rules of Movies, Araki takes a closer look at multiple films of various genres; theorizing the conceptual framework behind each and recapturing them from a completely new perspective.


Table of Contents


  • Good Stories Have Suspense / What is enjoyable? / The Five Rules of Good Suspense / Stories Without Suspense / Facing Real World Concerns / Studying the Authors of Suspense

Chapter 1 - Best of the Best: Heat and Taken.

  • The First Half of Taken Making You Cry / Professionals Have a Reason / Fellow Pros Bringing the Heat / The Sorrows of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro / The Fluctuating Nature of a Man

Chapter 2 - A Masterpiece is to "Make a Grown Man Cry".

  • Michael Mann’s Trilogy of Men Crying / A Path You Must Take: The Day of the Jackal / The Various Lineages of Men Crying / The Prison Break in The Great Escape is a Sport / The Rule of Ocean Men / This is it: The Essence of Comraderie! / Midnight Run / Old Fashioned Masculine Pathos / Discovering Hope in the Sorrows of Characters

Chapter 3 - Masters of Suspense

  • The Two Great Film Directors/ The Eeriness of Something You Think You Can See, but Can’t / Jurassic Park / The Superb Cut Ratio / Action, change, movementmovementmovement/ Tightly Packing Everything in the Story/ Spielberg’s Kleptomania/ Pushing the Audience Off: Dressed to Kill and Psycho/Brilliant Long Takes/ Watch Through De Palma’s Works Twice!/Filled to the Brim with Suspense: Are You Getting on or Not?/ The Story is no More Than One Thing

Chapter 4 - Love Affair - Erotic Suspense

  • Erotic Suspense: The Miraculous Meeting/A Sad Future Awaits the Couple: Unfaithful / Fatal Attraction’s Sensation of Urban Legend / Being Able to Feel the Eroticism of the Era / Wicked Women in Action / The Super Powerful Wicked Woman Energy of L'Ennui / The Miraculous Coolness of Bound / It’s still too early to Keep it in the Dark / Wanting to Pile Up The Genre Called “Love Affair Suspense” / The Suspense Hodgepodge of Shining Through / The Excitement of Eloping! THE YEARNING! The Danger of Love Stories

Chapter 5 - Eastwood is a Genre

  • At First, I Don’t Think I Really Want to Watch It / Hero Led by Fate / Grief for the Aging Firefox / The Reality of Unforgiven/Mystic River is a Film I Can’t Get Enough of / The Manly Aesthetics Protruding from Society / Who’s Eastwood’s Successor? / Hirohiko Araki Meeting Eastwood

Chapter 6 - Do Not Underestimate this Film

  • Don’t Underestimate Serialized Movies! / Jason Bourne and the Lineage of Men Crying / The Fascination of Another Woman's Life / Challenging the Rules of Fairytale with Shrek / The Will to Overcome Disney/Subtle Beauty / Even in the Mainstream, Good Things are Good! / Slightly-Better-Than-a-B-Movie Entertainment Empathetic Homicide: Dexter / Getting Energy from a Murderer who Lives Positively / King of Soap Opera

Chapter 7 - A Classic Urban Legend is Necessary

  • The Seduction of a Different World / An Empty, Parallel Universe: Fargo / Difficulty Analyzing a World in Eyes Wide Shut / Urban Legend is the Strongest Piece of Suspense / Prison Breaks are a Treasure Trove of Masterpieces / The Darkness of Modern Day Suburban American: Little Children / Roman Polanski’s Expression of His Dark History / Ghost Writer’s Tranquil Flavor

Araki's Best 20 Suspense Films

Araki Top 20 Suspense.png
  1. Heat (ヒート, Hīto)
  2. The Great Escape (大脱走, Dai Dassō)
  3. Taken (96時間, 96 Jikan)
  4. Mystic River (ミスティック・リバー, Misutikku Ribā)
  5. Unforgiven (許されざる者, Yurusa Rezaru Mono)
  6. Psycho (サイコ, Saiko)
  7. Heaven Can Wait (天国から来たチャンピオン, Tengoku kara kita Chanpion)
  8. Shrek (シュレック, Shurekku)
  9. Fargo (ファーゴ, Fāgo)
  10. Dirty Harry (ダーティハリー, Dāti Harī)
  11. The Bourne Identity (ボーン・アイデンティティー, Bōn Aidentitī)
  12. City of God (シティ・オブ・ゴッド, Shiti Obu oddo)
  13. Duel (激突 ! , Gekitotsu!)
  14. Eyes Wide Shut (アイズ・ワイドシャット, Aizu Waido Shatto)
  15. The Butterfly Effect (バタフライ・エフェクト, Batafurai Efekuto)
  16. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (マスター・アンド・コマンダー, Masutā Ando Komandā)
  17. Unfaithful (運命の女, Unmei no Onna)
  18. Frost/Nixon (フロスト×ニクソン, Furosuto × Nikuson)
  19. Bound (バウンド, Baundo)
  20. Witness (刑事ジョン・ブック 目撃者, Keiji Jon Bukku Mokugekisha)
  21. Reservoir Dogs (Runner-Up) (レザボア・ドッグス, Rezaboa Doggusu)


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