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Joseph's Walkman (ジョセフのウォークマン Josefu no Wōkuman) is a reoccurring device that is featured at the end of every part where Joseph Joestar is present.

Joseph is first seen with the Sony Walkman while boarding a plane to Tokyo at the end of Battle Tendency, listening to something by The Beatles.[1][2] In Stardust Crusaders, he inserts a Get Back cassette into the player,[3][4] and in Diamond is Unbreakable, he upgrades to a MiniDisc Walkman.[5]


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Left: Volume 12
Right: WSJ 1989 No.15
  • In the original Weekly Shonen Jump publication of Chapter 113, Joseph mentions that he is listening to Get Back by The Beatles on his Walkman. The name of the song is omitted in the volume release (as well as the TV Anime), but is still present on his cassette at the end of Stardust Crusaders.[6]
  • In the TV Anime for Part 2, BLOODY STREAM plays when Joseph hits the play button on his walkman.
    • The Walkman is not present at the end of the Part 4 anime adaptation.
  • In the Stardust Crusaders OVA, Joseph is shown listening to the Gipsy Kings instead of the Beatles.
  • The Walkman in Battle Tendency is a Sony wm-701c.
  • The Mini Disc player in Diamond is Unbreakable is a Sony MD Walkman MZ-E3.


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