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Joseph's Walkman (ジョセフのウォークマン, Josefu no Wōkuman) is a recurring device that is featured at the end of every part where Joseph Joestar is present. The Walkman is a portable cassette player allowing Joseph to listen to music.


Joseph's Walkman is initially a Sony WM-701C at the end of Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders. It is black with a slim, sleek design and a compact rectangular shape. It has an integrated remote control and headphone socket. The top has buttons for opening, locking, and stopping the music, whereas the side has a volume slider and buttons to change tracks. Compared to its real-life equivalent, the headphone socket and buttons on the side are reversed.

In Diamond is Unbreakable, Joseph uses a Sony MD Walkman MZ-E3 instead.


Joseph's WM-701C Walkman

During Battle Tendency's epilogue, Joseph is seen walking through the John F. Kennedy Airport on his way to visit Holy Kujo in Japan. After briefly assaulting a Japanese man for bumping into him, he announces his disdain for the "Japanese" due to Holy marrying Sadao. Joseph then proceeds to listen to a cassette by The Beatles with his cassette player, which he admits to liking despite being a Japanese product.[1][2]

Joseph's MZ-E3 Walkman

At the conclusion of Stardust Crusaders, Joseph and Jotaro Kujo are shown saying their goodbyes to Jean Pierre Polnareff before he boards the plane to France. As they head their separate ways, Joseph once again puts on his headphones and inserts a cassette of "Get Back" by The Beatles into his Walkman.[3][4] In the 1993 OVA, Joseph is shown listening to the Gipsy Kings instead.

At the conclusion of Diamond is Unbreakable, Joseph and Jotaro discuss Morioh's future as they depart the town via boat. Josuke Higashikata arrives to see them off before using Crazy Diamond to steal Joseph's wallet. Joseph is angry at first, but eventually pulls out his Walkman and inserts a MiniDisc into it.[5] In the anime adaptation, the device is omitted entirely.

El Aleph

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Around 1987-1988, Joseph has a long conversation with Lisa Lisa. While heading to the airport to drop Suzi Q back home, he listens to a cassette of Ben E. King's songs, which he had recently grown fond of listening to. It is implied to have the song "Stand by Me", as Joseph comes up with the name "Stand" for the ability afterward.[6]

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In the original Weekly Shonen Jump publication of Chapter 113, Joseph mentions that he is listening to "Get Back" by The Beatles on his Walkman. The name of the song is omitted in the volume release as well as the TV Anime, but is still present on his cassette at the end of Stardust Crusaders.[7]

Joseph's Walkman was drawn by Hirohisa Onikubo in the last chapter of Battle Tendency. Hirohiko Araki purchased the same Walkman model for Reki Taki as a bonus at the end of 1988, which Onikubo referenced for his drawings. The earphones and cassette tape inside the Walkman also have the same appearance as what Taki was using at the time, although Taki wasn't listening to The Beatles.[8]

Video Games

Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS)

Joseph's Walkman appears with Joseph in a commemorative SSR unit in the mobile game Stardust Shooters. When the unit is equipped, the background music will be changed at the beginning of the round.

Joseph Joestar
Unit Coin SSR.png
Unit Joseph Joestar (Commemorative).png
Unit Frame SSR Green.png
SS Rarity SSR.png
SS Class Green.png
"It's been 20 years since my beloved daughter married a Japanese man." Joseph is on his way to Japan to see his daughter, listening to his favorite music.
How to Obtain
  • Finish "Battle Tendency" in Easy difficulty in Story Mode
Unit Ability Green.png
The Generation Alternates
At the beginning of the round, the background music will be changed if any unit has this ability attached!
Cost: 0
Unit Icon SP.png



  • Joseph's Walkman makes a cameo appearance in the Stone Ocean anime's first opening, "STONE OCEAN". The director Kenichi Suzuki suggested that Kamikaze Douga could include motifs from the past parts during the scene where a pen falls on a piano. Kamikaze Douga's director, Junpei Mizusaki, searched for iconic items he could reference from the previous parts and included Joseph's Walkman falling on the piano as a result.[9]
  • During the release of the Stardust Crusaders anime in April 2015, the manufacturer VOXPOP released Sony Walkman cases featuring the Joestar Group.


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