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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Josuke Higashikata.


A 4-years-old young Josuke gravely ill from DIO's presence

Josuke Higashikata was born in 1983, to Tomoko Higashikata and his absentee father, Joseph Joestar. Joseph was not around for Josuke's childhood, so he was raised mostly by Tomoko and his grandfather, Ryohei Higashikata.

Josuke at some point developed his Stand off-screen in the events of Stardust Crusaders, when Jotaro Kujo and company traveled to Egypt to kill DIO.

As a result of DIO being pierced by the Stand-creating Arrow, Josuke, possessing the Joestar Bloodline that runs in Jonathan's body, develops a Stand, but suffers a fever, not unlike that of his half-sister Holy.

He is then saved by an unknown high school student with a pompadour, who throws his coat under Josuke's mother's car in order to allow their car to plow safely through the snow. Despite never meeting him again, the student becomes Josuke's role model. Josuke imitates his pompadour hairstyle in admiration.

Diamond is Unbreakable

Meeting Jotaro Kujo

Josuke apologizing for causing the Joestars unnecessary trouble

At the start of the highschool year on an April morning in the year of 1999, Josuke prepares to start his year and sees a turtle. To combat his fear of turtles, Josuke tries to approach it and is bullied by a group of delinquents. Although he accepts the bullying, one of the seniors make the mistake of deriding Josuke's hairstyle. He summons his Stand which punches the delinquent in the face. The thug's face is deformed, which frightens the group and makes them run away. Josuke is then confronted by Jotaro, the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders. The man then reveals himself to be Josuke's nephew. Josuke was, in fact, the product of an illegitimate affair between Joseph Joestar and the Japanese woman Tomoko Higashikata. Josuke did not seem surprised by the news; he informed Jotaro that he had long since accepted the circumstances of his birth. Nevertheless, he apologized to Jotaro for his birth causing trouble between Joseph and Suzi Q.

However, Jotaro makes the unfortunate mistake of insulting Josuke's hairstyle, causing him to attack Jotaro in a fit of rage. Jotaro takes note of his Stand Crazy Diamond, which possesses speed and power enough to match that of Star Platinum. He proceeds to tell Josuke about the second reason he had come to Morioh: an evil killer named Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri is on the loose, and he possesses a Stand, to make things worse. Jotaro warns Josuke (and Koichi Hirose, who happens to be nearby) to watch out for any signs of the man. He then goes to Budogaoka where he joins the first year class 1-B along with Koichi.

Battle Against Anjuro Katagiri

You can say that the human species destroy as they live.. but your power is kinder than anything else in this world.
—Jotaro Kujo, Chapter 270: Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo, Part 2
Josuke tries in vain to revive his deceased grandfather

On his way home, Josuke witnesses a supermarket robbery. At first, Josuke is satisfied with watching the incident from afar, but the hostage taker notices a car near Josuke and yells at the teenager to stand aside, also insulting his pompadour. Furious, Josuke confronts the hostage taker. He punches through the hostage and the robber, but his power spares both, although the robber's knife is now trapped inside of his skin. It turns out the robber was under the influence of Angelo and his water-based Stand Aqua Necklace. Angered at Josuke's interference, Angelo swears to find Josuke's home and kill his family.

The next morning, Josuke prepares himself in the bathroom while calling Jotaro. He sees Aqua Necklace slipping inside of his mother Tomoko's mouth and acts. Summoning Crazy Diamond, Josuke has it punch through Tomoko, crush a bottle, then fix both to trap the enemy Stand in the bottle. Jotaro tells Jotaro and awaits his coming. When Ryohei his grandfather comes back, the policeman pranks his son with a fake gun. Josuke is distracted by the sound of a car and leaves to greet Jotaro, but Angelo craftily changes his Stand to mimic a bottle of brandy and tricks Josuke's grandfather Ryohei Higashikata into taking a drink. Ryohei dies, and even the abilities of Crazy Diamond could not revive him. Josuke decides to protect Morioh in his grandfather's place.

He and Jotaro set up camp within the Higashikata household, drinking and eating only bottled water and canned food for three days. When it begins to rain, Angelo carries his Stand in on the raindrops. Aqua Necklace infiltrates the Higashikata's house, opens the faucets and boils water to expose the heroes to as much water as possible. Josuke is ambushed by Aqua Necklace turned into a steam cloud, and cannot be caught. Despite everything, Josuke is confident. When they are cornered by the steam, Crazy Diamond punches through a wall to go to the living room and repairs the wall to block the steam. However, Josuke is ambushed by a humidifier that blows in Josuke's face. Aqua Necklace enter Josuke's body. Then, Josuke reveals that he's swallowed a shredded rubber glove earlier. He repairs the glove and spit it out, trapping the enemy Stand again.

Josuke delivers a beatdown to Angelo, sealing him inside of a rock

Anjuro is uncovered and the two JoJos confront him. Katagiri tries to dissuade Josuke from killing him, claiming that it would bring him down to his level. Instead, Josuke pummel Anjuro against a nearby rock and fuses his body with the rock, trapping him forever. Jotaro uses the occasion to interrogate Anjuro about the origin of his powers. Anjuro reveals that he was shot with a Bow and Arrow by a mysterious man. When Anjuro takes a boy hostage, Josuke pummels Anjuro again, completely fusing him with the rock. The Angelo rock becomes a landmark in Morioh.

Pursuing the Arrow

Battle Against the Nijimura Brothers

Okuyasu appears

One day, Josuke and Koichi notice a suspicious house on their way to school, seemingly wrecked and abandoned. When Koichi tries to peek through the door, a thug slams it shut on Koichi and a second hidden man shoots him with an Arrow. The house turns out to be the residence of the brothers Okuyasu and Keicho Nijimura, two Stand users.

Okuyasu summons his Stand, The Hand. However, Crazy Diamond is faster and Josuke uses a distraction to punch Okuyasu out of the way to reach and heal Koichi. Okuyasu charges back, with The Hand's palm ready. Apprehensive, Josuke opts to grab The Hand's arm. It knees Crazy Diamond's stomach, forcing Josuke to stand aside as The Hand swipes the air. Josuke notices that the gates in The Hand's trajectory has been partially erased and he realizes the power of The Hand. Although Okuyasu teleports Josuke into his range, Josuke simply lets a couple of flower pots fly toward Okuyasu and hit him.

Josuke notices that Koichi has been dragged inside the house. He enters the house and confronts Keicho Nijimura. Despite Josuke's protestation, Keicho tears off the Arrow from Koichi, which spurs Josuke into running towards Keicho. Okuyasu suddenly comes in and tells Keicho to call off his attack as he wants to continue the fight. Warned, Josuke avoids an incoming attack and Okuyasu bears the brunt of it, his face pierced with dozens of hole. Keicho attacks again, forcing Josuke to break out with Okuyasu. Although he fails to obtain the nature of Keicho's Stand from Okuyasu, Josuke still heals him, stupefying the delinquent with his benevolence. As Josuke goes to the first floor, Okuyasu continues to interrogate him and, impressed by Josuke, decides to help him once. The Hand teleports Koichi from the middle of a trap to Josuke, allowing him to heal. Okuyasu then steps out of the fight.

Josuke fights Keicho Nijimura

Josuke is worried about this unknown enemy Stand. Soon, he and Koichi discover that Keicho's Stand is Bad Company, a battalion of miniature soldiers that fire in unison. Josuke and Koichi retreat to another room where they discover mini-helicopters and tanks. Josuke avoids an attack when Koichi, having become a Stand user, warns him about a tank shot. The pair is cornered by Keicho's Bad Company. Josuke throws a nail at Keicho, but Bad Company shoots it down in unison. Keicho is more interested in Koichi and decides to spare him for the moment while he disposes of Josuke. Bad Company attacks Josuke, cornering him in another room. Keicho announces his plan to bring down Josuke, and when Josuke begins to run toward it, Keicho enacts it. An onslaught of bullets blinds Josuke as he advances and a land mine damages his leg. Keicho orders his helicopters to shoot their missiles. While Crazy Diamond deflects a couple of them, the others hit its arm, disabling Josuke. Josuke finds himself surrounded and Keicho orders his Stand to shoot. However, Crazy Diamond has repaired the missiles it deflects, making them fly at Keicho. Since Bad Company is busy firing at Josuke, Keicho is hit with the missiles. Keicho is defeated and the attack is dissipated before Josuke is hit.

Red Hot Chili Pepper steals the Arrow

Josuke and Koichi then explore the house to get the Arrow. They discover Father Nijimura in the attic, now a dumb monster, which Keicho reveals is seeking to kill in order to end his suffering. However, Josuke repairs an old family photo that the father clings and reacts to, proving that the father still has sentience in him and that there may be a cure for his condition. Josuke and Okuyasu try to convince Keicho to stand down but Keicho refuses as he considers he's gone too far. However, another Stand appear, it is Red Hot Chili Pepper, a Stand of electricity. It steals the Arrow and Keicho is killed taking a blow for Okuyasu. Red Hot Chili Pepper then escapes with the Stand Bow and Arrow.

Koichi Hirose (Echoes)

Josuke meets Tamami

One day, Josuke and Okuyasu see Koichi being hustled by another man, named Tamami Kobayashi. When Okuyasu and Koichi fall victim to Tamami's Stand, The Lock, he saves them by revealing the cat Koichi ran over was a toy and heals Tamami's tooth. Shocked, Tamami flees. Even then, he gives Koichi a fake wallet with only a the corners of Koichi's bank notes.

Battle Against Surface

Surface copies Josuke's appearance

Hearing information from Tamami Kobayashi, Josuke and Koichi investigate a third year student from their high school, Toshikazu Hazamada who may be a Stand user. When Josuke breaks into Hazamada's locker, Hazamada's Stand Surface takes on the appearance of Josuke. Surface is smart enough to keep away from Crazy Diamond's range and is fast enough to catch projectiles. What more, Surface makes eye contact with Josuke and is now in control of his movements. Josuke is forced to violently elbow Koichi and then seemingly burst his eye with a mechanical pencil. Satisfied with Josuke collapses, Hazamada leaves to attack Jotaro. However, Koichi was healed the instant he was elbowed, allowing him to use Echoes and make the sound of an eye being gouged to trick Hazamada.

Josuke almost has to kill Jotaro

They try to call Jotaro but the line is occupied by Surface, who tells Jotaro to go to the main square. Josuke and Koichi eventually find Hazamada. Crazy Diamond throws a glass shard that Surface catches, but Josuke then repairs the glass shard, cutting off Surface's wooden hand and putting it in a bottle. Josuke and Koichi disappear. They trick Hazamada into taking a detour by mimicking the sound of a train alarm and find Jotaro first. However, Surface then takes control of Josuke from behind a window of the mall. Josuke almost stabs Jotaro in the neck but a couple of bikers that Hazamada has antagonized earlier find Hazamada and beat him up, interrupting the attack. To alleviate his frustration, Josuke also destroys the wooden body Surface was using.

In the aftermath of the battle, Josuke and Jotaro visit Hazamada to interrogate him about Red Hot Chili Pepper. Hazamada has no information but warns them that Stand users are drawn to each other.

Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love

One day, Josuke and Okuyasu surprise Koichi on a date with a girl named Yukako Yamagishi. Naturally, they spy on Koichi, and eventually see that Yukako is unstable and that her love for Koichi is not a good news. Seeing Yukako's strangely lively hair, Josuke remembers that Stand users are drawn to each other.

Okuyasu and Josuke slander Koichi to save him from Yukako

The next day, Okuyasu saves a classmate from Yukako's wrath, who she mistook for another pretender. Josuke is now convinced that Yukako is dangerous. The trio meet next to the school's swimming pool and discuss how to best deal with Yukako. They opt to slander Koichi's reputation so that she loses interest; later that day Josuke and Okuyasu openly discuss within hearing distance of Yukako about Koichi's "crimes". However, this backfires as Yukako decides to kidnap Koichi and turn him into her ideal man.

The next morning, Josuke begins to search for Koichi. He receives a call from a payphone that Yukako stops but he manages to hear the ocean and pinpoints the location of Yukako's hideout. However, by the time they arrive, Koichi has grown and defeated Yukako on his own.

Trouble in Tonio's Restaurant

Being forced to clean Tonio's kitchen as payment for contaminating it

One afternoon, Okuyasu and Josuke discover a new restaurant. Upon Okuyasu's insistence, the two head inside. The head chef and waiter Tonio Trussardi greets them, promising a very special Italian course to cure Okuyasu's sleep deprivation and other ailments. Josuke's suspicions grow as Okuyasu dish cause various strange phenomena on his body, and storms into the kitchen to confront Tonio.

However, Tonio is revealed to be harmless and only crosses with Josuke for entering the kitchen without washing his hands. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Josuke and Okuyasu introduce themselves to Tonio as fellow Stand users. Though, Josuke is forced to clean Tonio's entire kitchen from top to bottom because he broke in without respecting proper hygiene.

Battle Against Akira Otoishi

Josuke encounters Red Hot Chili Pepper

One evening, the Stand Red Hot Chili Pepper appears from Josuke's television set, looking for a fight. Red Hot Chili Pepper wishes to test how strong it has become and smugly dares Josuke to attack him. Although Crazy Diamond lands the first punch, Red Hot Chili Pepper manages to send Crazy Diamond flying with a punch and retreats to gather even more energy.

The next day, Josuke, Koichi, Okuyasu and Jotaro meet in the middle of an empty field to prevent Red Hot Chili Pepper from spying on them. Josuke thus learns that his father, Joseph Joestar, will be coming to Morioh and help root out the user. However, Red Hot Chili Pepper was hiding inside of Okuyasu's motorcycle. It learns everything and drives away on the motorcycle; Okuyasu intervenes and almost defeats the enemy Stand but is tricked into exposing a power line. Okuyasu is dragged inside the power line but Josuke saves him by restoring his body to his cut off arm.

At the harbor, while Jotaro and Okuyasu go meet Joseph on his boat to bodyguard him, Josuke encounters Red Hot Chili Pepper's user Akira Otoishi. Akira declares that he'll only need a pinky to defeat Josuke, only for Josuke to break it to shut him up. After listening to Akira's angry guitar solo, Josuke leaps to attack but suddenly finds himself facing the sea. In fact, Red Hot Chili Pepper is hiding in the gutters and has turned Josuke around. Red Hot Chili Pepper holds a momentary advantage by being able to ambush Josuke from all sides but Josuke turns the pavement into tar, allowing him to see it bubbling and landing a hit on Red Hot Chili Pepper. Akira decides to go all out and drains the town's electricity to overpower Crazy Diamond; Josuke is punched in the air and crashes against a forklift. Josuke traps Red Hot Chili Pepper inside of a tyre, isolating from its power source, and when it punches its way out, the flowing air makes the tyre fly into the ocean. Red Hot Chili Pepper is depowered and rusts, and Akira loses consciousness.

Josuke meets his father, Joseph Joestar, for the first time

As the boat approaches, Josuke and Koichi realize too late that Akira has infiltrated the boat. Thankfully, Okuyasu neutralizes him. When Joseph disembarks, he trips but Josuke catches him. Embarrassed, Josuke tells his father to hold his hand as they walk away.

We Picked Up Something Crazy!

Trying to find Shizuka amidst a forest

Although the town is safe, Josuke and Joseph's relationship is still awkward. Josuke tells his father that for Tomoko's sake, he will only be able to watch her from afar and should leave town immediately. Besides, Josuke tells him that he will only call him "Mr. Joestar", which saddens the old man. Lost in his thoughts, Josuke realizes that Joseph has boarded a bus to Sapporo and must run after it to get Joseph. Exhausted and angry, Josuke dismisses Joseph's warnings about a presence nearby but eventually sees that there is an invisible baby.

When the baby poops on Joseph's hands, the pair is forced to buy baby gear. However, Josuke doesn't want to be seen in such a place to prevent the spread of rumors and thus lends Joseph his credit card. Josuke ends up spending more than 100,000 yen in baby gear. Later, Josuke and Joseph properly cover the baby. However, she is startled and turns herself and things around her invisible. Joseph puts the baby inside of a crib and accidentally knocks it down a hill into a pond. Josuke's resentment and contempts for his father are at their maximum as he hopelessly looks for the baby in the clear water. However, Joseph slits his wrist to add color to the water, allowing Crazy Diamond to save her. Josuke is impressed by his father's spirit.

He was upset when he found out about all the money Joseph spent on baby supplies, but was eventually reimbursed.

Trouble With Rohan Kishibe

Josuke angry after his hair is insulted by Rohan Kishibe

One day, Josuke and Okuyasu spot Koichi entering the house of a famous mangaka named Rohan Kishibe. Suspicious because Koichi is wounded, both break into the house but Rohan's Heaven's Door allows him to transform anyone who sees his artwork into a powerless book. Okuyasu and Koichi are turned into books, only leaving Josuke. To prevent Josuke from leaving, Rohan commands Okuyasu to burn himself if Josuke leaves.

Josuke enters Rohan's office with his eyes shut and runs in his general direction. Despite receiving pen nibs in the face, Josuke doesn't open his eyes. Rohan then abundantly insults his pompadour to get at him and make him open his eyes. However, Josuke becomes literally blind with rage and is immune to Rohan's power. Crazy Diamond pummels Rohan and Josuke personally finishes the beating, sending Rohan to the hospital for a month.

The origin of Josuke's hairstyle is revealed. One day when he was ill, he had to be taken to the hospital but his mother's car was blocked in the middle of nowhere. A teenager with a pompadour helped push the car with his jacket under the wheel for better traction and saved Josuke, and to this day, Josuke takes after his savior's hairstyle.

Battle Against Rats

After the Speedwagon Foundation interrogates Akira Otoishi, Jotaro learns that Akira has also turned a rat into a Stand user. Josuke is enlisted on a rat hunt. Jotaro opts to use ball bearings that their powerful close-range Stands can flick at the rat. Testing the flicking, Josuke hits one can but misses the other, and Jotaro reminds him that with a cunning animal they will only have one shot and must land it, putting pressure on Josuke.

Jotaro puts pressure on Josuke

Josuke thus tags along as Jotaro tracks the rat, sets up traps in front of its nest, and follows its trail. They enter a suspiciously quiet farmhouse. Jotaro advances further inside the house, but Josuke spots the rat in the kitchen, eating at the melted inhabitants. The rat spots Josuke as he slowly advances for a better firing angle. When Josuke crosses the limit of the rat's safe space, Crazy Diamond shoots but only hits the elbow. The rodent summons its Stand Ratt. The rat hides under a table Crazy Diamond flips over, pushing it to hide behind a chair. The rat attacks and Ratt reveals itself as a a gun-turret that fires a dart at Josuke. Knowing its effects, Josuke has Crazy Diamond deflect it with a pan while it shoots a second ball bearing. The rat is dead and Josuke is safe. However, Jotaro comes back with a melted hand and tells Josuke that there is second rat that has escaped.

Josuke and Jotaro confirm with the Speedwagon Foundation that there is only a second one that Akira omitted and thus follow the rat that they dub Bug-Eaten. They follow its trail, noting that it was smart enough to ignore the rat traps Jotaro had set up. Jotaro decides to use rifle bullets that will have a greater range. Josuke expresses his lack of confidence but when Jotaro coldly says he was expecting to do the work himself, Josuke feel slighted and reminds Jotaro of his accomplishment. Jotaro thus gives him two bullets. When Josuke and Jotaro must cross a pond, Josuke tries to hold his prized shoes and socks in his hand to preserve them. However, he is startled when Jotaro announces the presence of leeches, making Josuke drop his shoes in the water.

Josuke lives up to expectations

Josuke and Jotaro end up in the middle of a small valley and realize that they've been led into a trap. Josuke is distracted when a rat trap shuts on his hand and is hit with a dart. Thankfully, Jotaro cuts off the infected part by stopping time. Jotaro decides to slowly advance toward the general direction of Bug-Eaten to lure it out while Josuke has the arduous task of spotting and shooting it. Bug-Eaten shoots a first burst of darts which Jotaro avoids by stopping time, but Josuke loses its track. Bug-Eaten shoots a second time and this time uses rebounds to hit Jotaro even if he stops time, downing him. Josuke spots the rat but its body is protected by a rock. He shoots a first time, only to hit the rock, but this is all part of his plan. The noise makes the rat instinctively turn towards Josuke, who has now a clear shot. Crazy Diamond shoots the bullet, which pierces the rat and kills it.

A Killer in Town

After Rohan Kishibe and Koichi encounter the ghost of Reimi Sugimoto and learn about a serial-killer operating in town, Josuke is warned about this killer. Josuke asks if the killer is a Stand user and Koichi answers that he's not sure, thus Josuke claims that this case is not urgent. Besides, it would be improbable for them to stumble upon the killer. Incidentally, Koichi is almost run over when he crosses the street without looking. They apologize to the driver, who happens to be the serial-killer Yoshikage Kira, having with him the hand of his latest victim.

Conflict With Shigekiyo Yangu

An invincible trio is born

One day, Josuke notices that his bank account is nearly empty because he spent his money frivolously. Incidentally, he notices a small insectoid Stand that has retrieved a coin from under a machine and follows it. Another similar tiny Stand appears and soon Josuke finds himself following a whole group of them along with Okuyasu. The duo then see that this swarm of Stands belongs to a harmless middle schooler named Shigekiyo Yangu. Shigekiyo or "Shigechi" is using his Harvest to gather coins. Bonding with Shigechi over their shared Stand abilities, Josuke refuses the money Shigechi hands him, but devises an even more profitable plan.

Josuke and Okuyasu Nijimura become super excited over winning the lottery

Josuke tells Shigechi to look for stamps and other coupons that shops give away, notably from the Kameyu Market. Soon enough, this invincible trio gathers enough of these stamps to earn 61,000 yen. However, Shigechi then gets greedy and claims most of the money because his Harvest did all the work. Okuyasu loses his cool but Josuke reins him in because keeping their friendship with Shigechi is more profitable. When Okuyasu decides to look for discarded winning lottery tickets, Josuke and Shigechi dismiss the idea and Shigechi promises to give half of anything they could earn this way. Okuyasu then actually finds a winning lottery ticket and Josuke is overjoyed that they may win 5,000,000 yen.

The group immediately submit their tickets to a prize claim center, but the banker working here is suspicious. The banker immediately isolates them in a room under the watch of a security guard and proceeds to interrogate them. He pries the trio on the circumstances of this ticket's purchase. Josuke tries to weave his lies as best he can, pretending that his memory is hazy, but the banker reveal that the real buyer has written his name and telephone number on the back, shocking the trio. When the banker calls the buyer, Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to change the name and telephone number, creating a misunderstanding. The banker has no choice but to give away a money order to the trio until they can exchange it for cash.

Once again, Shigechi's greed takes over and he claims the money order, giving away 10,000 as a "token of friendship". Taken by anger, Okuyasu punches and insults Shigechi, and takes the paycheck. However, a truly angered Shigechi summons Harvest to snatch the order. Threatening to kill them if they pursue him, Shigechi flees. Josuke and Okuyasu give chase. When Shigechi has Harvest carry him to the top of a building, Josuke and Okuyasu cooperate and use their Stands to lift each other to the top. When they try to cross pipes to another building, Harvest takes away the nuts and bolts keeping these together, but Josuke counters it by repairing the pipe with Crazy Diamond.

Josuke beats some sense into Shigechi

Josuke and Okuyasu seemingly corner Shigechi, but they notice too late that Harvest is injecting alcohol directly in their bloodstream, making them sick. Swarmed by Harvest, the duo is at a disadvantage. However, Okuyasu then pretends to give him money to earn his mercy. Shigechi is fooled and approaches Okuyasu enough for The Hand to teleport the money order to him. Josuke proceeds to tear it apart and scatter its pieces to the wind, causing a distressed Shigechi to send Harvest away to reclaim his money. However, that leaves him defenseless against Josuke and Okuyasu. Shigechi is knocked down and the two manage to talk sense to him. Thus the trio are friends again and fairly share the prize into thirds.

It is revealed in the I'm an Alien story arc that Tomoko then froze Josuke's bank account so that the money would be saved for his university fees.

Pursuing the Killer

The Killer Makes Himself Known

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A seemingly ordinary lunch

One day, Josuke and Okuyasu decide to buy themselves a lunch outside instead of using the school's canteen. They meet Shigechi and asks him for cash, which Shigechi reluctantly agrees to lend 1,000 yen. Going to St. Gentleman's bakery, they are disappointed to see that their prized sandwiches have been sold out already. Meeting Shigechi outside, they discuss about going to another store named Hokaben but a bento plus drink each would be over their budget. Shigechi mentions that he's eating at a storage room where a teacher is storing his tea and coffee, but Josuke initially refuses to steal from a teacher. The group go on their separate ways and Josuke seems to be heading to the canteen with Okuyasu. Unbeknownst to them, Yoshikage Kira is following Shigechi to retrieve his sandwich bag, in which the severed hand of his latest victim is stored. Kira risks being exposed if the police analyzes this and tries to retrieve the bag stealthily.

Josuke and Okuyasu eventually change their mind. They buy bentos at Hakoben and join Shigechi in the storage room. Kira, who has been following Shigechi, must hide under a vaulting box. The serial-killer tries to retrieve the bag without being noticed and though he manages to take it, he's cornered inside of the box when Shigechi notices its disappearance and summons Harvest to retrieve it. However, a teacher enters the room, forcing the trio to flee.

Josuke and Shigechi's killer cross paths

Later, Josuke sees a disintegrating Harvest giving him a jacket button, unaware that Shigechi had a run-in with Kira and was killed. The ghost Reimi Sugimoto confirms that the mysterious killer who has been preying on the women of Morioh is responsible for Shigekiyo's death. Now that it is clear the serial-killer is a Stand user, the local Stand user population agree to be vigilant and investigate the matter if they can.

During the Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella story arc, Josuke and Joseph meet a depressive Yukako in the streets. Although Josuke warns her not to do anything to Koichi, Joseph advises her to go see the local beautician Aya Tsuji. Later, they meet Koichi and Yukako along with a number of acquaintance that unknowingly get in the way of Yukako and Koichi's love. However, the flash of Rohan's camera startles Shizuka. Josuke and Joseph run away to calm her and bump into Koichi, who falls in Yukako's arms. Later, Koichi announces that he's kissed Yukako, which shocks Josuke so much he almost falls down the window. Koichi is worried about Yukako's then recent absence but Josuke has no reason to intervene in this personal matter.

Josuke and Okuyasu question Yoshikage Kira about his suspicious condition

Jotaro investigates the button Shigechi left and actually finds Kira's jacket in repair in a shoe store along with Koichi. However, Kira unleashes Killer Queen's Sheer Heart Attack. During the fight, Koichi manages to call Josuke for help and the teen rushes to the site of the battle. When he arrives, Koichi and Jotaro are grievously wounded but Josuke manages to heal them in time. Another man is present: Yoshikage Kira, who was downed by Jotaro. Kira tries to pretend to merely be a civilian caught in the battle, but Josuke notices that he's asking him to heal him, and deduces that he's the enemy Stand user. Desperate, Kira cuts off his hand and unleashes Sheer Heart Attack again. Josuke decides to restore the hand to Kira, using it as a tracker. They end up in Aya Tsuji's shop and realize that Kira has switched his face with that of one of the many commuters of Morioh. Aya is disintegrated by an explosion before she can reveal anything and in the confusion, the heroes also lose the hand. Kira has escaped.

Battle With Yoshihiro Kira

The heroes then search Kira's house to look for a clue. In here, Josuke and Jotaro encounter the ghost of Yoshikage's father, Yoshihiro Kira. Yoshihiro traps them inside of a photography with his power Atom Heart Father and threatens to kill them. Josuke tries to rip of the photo but this only damage Jotaro and he is forced to restore it. Moreover, Koichi and Okuyasu are isolated from the photographed space. Thankfully, Jotaro neutralizes Yoshihiro by using his camera again and traps Yoshihiro into a close-up, then nails him to a column. The heroes resume their search and Josuke finds a second Arrow. However, Yoshihiro has tricked Okuyasu into releasing him and the old man steals the Arrow before flying away, tied to a crow.

A Game Against Rohan

Josuke informs Mikitaka of his scheme to cheat Rohan out of money

One day, Josuke and Okuyasu see a crop circle in a field on their way to school. In here, they meet the self-proclaimed alien Nu Mikitakazo Nshi. However, Nu Mikitakazo is reluctant to show proof of his origin other than his words and the duo think that Mikitaka is joking or is simply crazy, especially after he eats tissues that Josuke offers him. Disturbed, they decide to leave but are followed by Mikitaka, who then amazes them when he takes out fresh ice cream cones out of his bag. Annoyed, Okuyasu confronts Mikitaka but their dispute is interrupted when Mikitaka hears the sirens of a fire truck. Mikitaka becomes covered in blisters, turns red, and cannot bear the sound. To escape, Mikitaka suddenly shapeshifts into a pair of sneakers that make Josuke rapidly bounce up to the high school, leaving Okuyasu behind. Arriving at the roof of the building, Josuke summons Crazy Diamond to attack what he assumes to be an enemy Stand user but stops when Mikitaka clearly doesn't see his Stand. Josuke becomes convinced that he's dealing with an alien.

Mikitaka feels grateful to have been carried away from the sirens and offers Josuke a favor. Wanting money to spend, Josuke thus mischievously teaches him how to turn into dice. Later, Josuke visits Rohan Kishibe, explains him that he needs money and begs him to play cee-lo with him. Rohan agrees in order to ruin Josuke, at the condition that they play with his dice; unbeknownst to him, Josuke has already switched Rohan's dice with Mikitaka. After Rohan sets up the rules, Josuke repeats the rules so that Mikitaka understands, intriguing the mangaka. Josuke wins the first roll and Rohan flicks a die to Josuke. Mikitaka makes a noise, forcing Josuke to pretend he said something.

Mikitaka makes it obvious Josuke is cheating

Josuke rolls and obtains a shocking triple 6 and obtains 6 times his wager. Josuke almost lets out that the dice are sentient but quickly weaves another lie. But then, Rohan rolls the worst possible result and has to pay double his wager. Josuke realizes that Mikitaka has no notion of subtlety and it risks exposing him. Suspicious, Rohan goes inside to take a magnifying glass and decides to examine the dice. Josuke must pretend he didn't wash his hands after going to the toilets and sneezes in Rohan's direction to dissuade the mangaka from biting into the dice and mask Mikitaka's sweat. Rohan decides to let Josuke play again, but he rolls another triple 6. Humiliated, Rohan cuts off his own pinky finger as a punishment, which shocks Josuke. Rohan declares that he will see through Josuke's trick by the next round: if he doesn't, Josuke obtains 2,000,000 yen but if Rohan uncovers the truth then he'll get Josuke's finger as payment. Worse, Tamami Kobayashi arrives. Rohan has called him to act as a debt collector and Tamami sets up The Lock on Josuke to force him to cheat. Josuke has no choice but to play.

Rohan rolls a reasonable result with the dice and Josuke is relieved to see that Mikitaka is progressing. But, when he takes the dice, Josuke notices that Mikitaka is vomiting. Worse, Josuke hears incoming sirens. He stalls his play as much as he can but must roll eventually as Mikitaka loses control. Rohan looks at the dice and almost sees their true nature, but Tamami then warns Rohan that his house is on fire, hence the sirens from the fire truck approaching. Rohan is distracted for a split second, but it allows Josuke to take the dice and hide Mikitaka while Crazy Diamond heals Rohan. Josuke doesn't lose any money but Rohan's enmity against him has tripled.

The next day, Josuke sees Mikitaka with his mother, but while Mikitata insists he's hypnotized her, the mother also mentions that Mikitaka believes he's an alien, confusing Josuke.

Highway Star's Pursuit

One day, Josuke meets Rohan on the bus. Rohan still has a grudge and their time together is extremely awkward due to Rohan's passive aggressive attitude. Josuke prefers to stare right in front of him and ignore Rohan. In a tunnel, Rohan suddenly sees a room in the wall, with a vision of the killer inside. He tries to warn Josuke, but the teen is more focused on Rohan's grip than the window and misses the room. Out of the tunnel, Josuke doesn't believe Rohan's claims and assume he's just messing with him. Thus Rohan must explore the tunnel alone.

Josuke rides away on Rohan's motorcycle from Highway Star

Josuke does come back to the tunnel and witnesses Rohan's motorcycle crashing outside without its rider. Josuke thus apprehensively enters the tunnel and sees the room with Rohan in it. Rohan warns Josuke about an enemy Stand thus Josuke steps inside to fight it. The enemy Stand Highway Star appears to suck his lifeforce but Rohan saves Josuke by making him fly at 70 kmph out of the tunnel and advises him to find the user. Josuke takes Rohan's motorcycle and must both flee from Highway Star while tracking its user.

After driving for some time, Josuke deems that he's gained enough distance to use a payphone and call Koichi for help, but Highway Star suddenly teleports behind him and forces him to leave. During the chase, he manages to safely pass above a mother and her baby by breaking his motorcycle and repair it midair. Josuke then snatches a mobile phone to call Koichi's home. Koichi answers the call and during their discussion they manage to deduce that the user is probably a biker who had a recent accident in the tunnel. Josuke suddenly notices that he's at the harbor and that the way is blocked by the ocean. Forced to stop, Josuke creates a wall with the pavement to stall Highway Star and eventually finds a way back toward the city in the drainage pipes. When the motorcycle's fuel tank empties, Josuke manages to trap Highway Star in a car while he extracts the gas from the car tank and heads towards the hospital.

Josuke after defeating Yuya Fungami

When Josuke arrives at the hospital, Koichi is here and tells him to find Yuya Fungami in room 525. Josuke crashes into an elevator, and manages to go up to the fifth floor thanks to Echoes weighting on some of Highway Star's parts. However, the enemy Stand catches him just as he enters Yuya's room. Josuke's lifeforce is drained, but he manages to steal some of Yuya's IV, to gain some strength. At close-range, Crazy Diamond proves that Highway Star is no match for its speed and strength. When Yuya pleads for mercy and argues that it would be despicable to attack a crippled man, Josuke heals him completely, just to make it a "fair fight", and pummels Yuya through the window. He later dissuades Yuya from misusing his Stand to heal himself.

Battle Against Toyohiro Kanedaichi

Josuke trapped in Super Fly

One day, Josuke, Okuyasu and Mikitaka discover a disconnected electric tower in which lives Toyohiro Kanedaichi, a man who lives inside the tower. Suspicious but impressed, Josuke and Okuyasu slowly approach the tower to have a closer look to Toyohiro's house. They discover how Toyohiro manages to be completely autonomous in his tower. However, Josuke sees a photography slip from Toyohiro's pocket. Curious, Josuke approaches the tower despite Toyohiro's warnings, and see that it is Yoshihiro Kira. Josuke enters the tower's boundaries at which point Toyohiro reveals that it was what he wanted from the beginning. As he pursues Yoshihiro, Josuke realizes that he's trapped inside of the tower. The tower is a Stand named Super Fly that traps one person at a time inside of it. Unfazed, Josuke and Okuyasu decide to topple the tower by pummeling one of its legs, but it resists the attack and even reflects it back at Josuke and Okuyasu. Okuyasu is wounded and cannot fight anymore.

Toyohiro defeated

Mikitaka decides to help. When Toyohiro decides to slide down one of the cables, Mikitaka merges with it and cuts it, swinging the two of them inside of the Super Fly's boundaries and allowing Josuke to exit. However, Toyohiro wounds Mikitaka and nails it into the tower's frame with screws. Josuke thus steps back in to help his friend and fight Toyohiro. However, Toyohiro is much more agile that Josuke and easily stays out of Crazy Diamond's range. Moreover, Toyohiro is able to damage the tower the way he needs to have the reflect energy target Josuke, even if Crazy Diamond deflects some of them. Hit from all sides, Josuke slips and up and only holds to the tower by one hand. However, the attacks Crazy Diamond had deflected were restored, meaning the energy is now flowing backward toward its original point. Toyohiro, who was leaning to better see Josuke's demise, is hit because he isn't in a safe spot anymore. Josuke's grip fails and he falls, but Toyohiro tells Josuke how to be hit back towards the frame of the tower.

Having changed his mind, Toyohiro apologizes to the heroes and decides to stay in his tower. He also informs them that another Stand user has attacked Koichi.

Battle Against Terunosuke Miyamoto

Josuke enlists Yuya

Josuke enlists the help of Yuya in order to investigate how Koichi disappeared. Yuya is reluctant at first but when Josuke easily accepts his refusal to help, Yuya reveals that he actually wants to be healed. Josuke reveals that he actually did it already, pleasing Yuya who incidentally sees his fangirls visiting him and deduces what they were up to thanks to his sense of smell. Josuke himself is impressed.

Yuya leads Josuke to Koichi's bag in a square, where Yuya warns him about the enemy, Terunosuke Miyamoto. Josuke tries to grab Miyamoto but he suddenly disappears and leaves in his place an unconscious Tomoko. Shocked to see his mother, Josuke nervously asks Yuya to indicate him where Miyamoto is hiding. Yuya smells something in Tomoko's pockets and Josuke finds a folded piece of paper which he opens, only for a gun to shoot at him. Thankfully Crazy Diamond catches the bullet but Josuke is unnerved by Miyamoto's ability, Enigma. However, Miyamoto wants Josuke to clearly show his fear tell (biting his lips) to seal him inside of a paper. He thus reveals himself and explains how ripping a paper will damage whatever or whoever is inside. When Miyamoto tosses a paper he claims to be Koichi on the path of a car. Josuke bites his lips and tries to save the paper, allowing Enigma to seal him in paper.

Josuke defeats Miyamoto

But, Josuke manages to temporarily drag himself out, declaring that he had to take the risk and be sure to save his friend, and that Miyamoto'd better kill him now or Josuke will do it instead. Josuke's words inspire Yuya to step in and fight to free Josuke, which he manages to. Koichi immobilizes Miyamoto when he tries to use Yuya, the turned into a paper, hostage. Then Josuke's Crazy Diamond pummels him into a shredder and turns the Stand user into a book. Josuke then donates the book to a library.

Battle Against Yoshikage Kira

Main article: Another One Bites the Dust (story arc)
Main article: Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable (story arc)
Josuke killed during a loop

Rohan manages to discover a serious lead after noticing the young Hayato Kawajiri suspiciously spying on his father Kosaku. The group organizes a meeting in order to interrogate Hayato together, but Josuke and Okuyasu arrive late. Unbeknownst to them, Yoshikage Kira's Killer Queen has developed a new ability called "Bites the Dust" that has turned Hayato into the carrier of a bomb aimed at anyone who will interrogate the boy about Kira and will loop time. During one of the time loops, Josuke is killed by Bites the Dust as Killer Queen enters his eyes and detonates him from the inside.

However, Hayato eventually calls his house to wake him up early and sets up events so that Kira will publicly say his name in front of Josuke. Josuke hears Kira and immediately attacks the man in front of him, as he can simply heal him afterwards if he's wrong. Kira is thus forced to recall Killer Queen to his side and cancel Bites the Dust.

Okuyasu is dead?

A fight ensues between Kira, Josuke and Okuyasu. A quick fistfight between Crazy Diamond and Killer Queen ends up in Josuke's favor and Kira is downed. Kira then does something suspicious, and Okuyasu teleports him in his direction with The Hand to protect Josuke. However, Okuyasu's side then explodes and it is revealed that Killer Queen has stored Stray Cat in its belly, allowing it to create deadly invisible air bombs. Josuke tries to protect himself by building walls with restored concrete but is wounded as Kira shows that his bombs do not automatically explode on contact. Even if Josuke cuts the bubbles as Crazy Diamond throws his blood like a high pressure blade, the bubbles are preserved. However, Josuke manages to run to Kira as he deduces that the air bombs have a minimal safety range. Kira steps aside, allowing Josuke to reach Okuyasu but Hayato warns him that Okuyasu may have been turned into a bomb. Kira tries to bluff Josuke into touching Okuyasu but Hayato does it instead, triggering the blast. Josuke is able to heal Hayato and Okuyasu but Okuyasu doesn't wake up. Refusing to believe Okuyasu is dead, Josuke still carries him as the heroes retreat inside of a house.

Inside, Josuke and Hayato prepare themselves for Kira's attack. However, Hayato notices that Kira is using air bombs that seem to automatically follow Josuke. Unsatisfied with fleeing, Josuke breaks a vase and throws a shard at Kira, which manages to hit Kira in the shoulder because of Crazy Diamond has restored the blood on the shard toward Josuke's blood on Kira's suit. At the same time, the air bomb explodes and Josuke is heavily wounded. Josuke then asks Hayato to drag him to the window where he sees Kira holding his mobile phone and understands his trick. When Kira sends another bomb, Josuke also throws a second glass heart. Josuke then uncovers Yoshihiro and takes his phone. By whispering, Josuke tricks Kira into eliminating his own father. Plus, his own projectile hits Kira.

Josuke and Kira's final stand off

Josuke gets out of the house and gains the advantage during the second Stand fistfight. However, Stray Cat conjures bubble that cushion Crazy Diamond's punches. Kira is able to send another air bomb at Josuke who is too weakened to move. Thankfully, Okuyasu appears and erases the air bomb with The Hand. Josuke is overjoyed to see his best friend back to life.

Kira is surrounded and wounded but still determined. When a doctor approaches him, Kira almost activates his time loop. Too weakened, Josuke can intervene. Thankfully Jotaro and Koichi work together and defeat him. Finally, because Jotaro sent him flying during the stopped time, Kira is accidentally run over by an ambulance, which kills the serial-killer.

Josuke is present to see Reimi ascend to heaven, wishing her to take care despite her status.

Farewell to the Golden Heart

Josuke lives a peaceful summer in Morioh

Now that Morioh is safe from evil Stand users, Jotaro and Joseph depart from the town, and Josuke sees them off, saluting them on last time. Josuke, however, manages to steal Joseph's wallet as his allowance for all these years.

(The information below derives from the TV Anime. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.)

He is last seen talking with Okuyasu and Koichi about a rumor the former heard and decided to go investigate that rumor.


Rohan au Louvre

Josuke makes a nonspeaking cameo in this one-shot. He heard Rohan's story about Nanase Kishibe with Koichi and Okuyasu before the mangaka decided to investigate Nizaemon Yamamura's painting "Under the Moon".

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan (OVA)

Josuke makes a cameo appearance in the ending when Rohan talks to Koichi and Okuyasu. Only the back of his head and torso are visible in the shot, however.

Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Possessed Driver Incident

Josuke summons Crazy Diamond

One day in March 1999, a possessed driver runs over several people on the sidewalk. The car is about to kill another man when Josuke intervenes. Josuke summons Crazy Diamond and it manages to punch the car into a building. However, Josuke has seen the man summon a gun in his hand. Deeming it suspicious, Josuke asks this unknown Stand user who he is.[1]

Josuke mocks the man's fashion, wondering if he's a cowboy. The man retorts by asking if Josuke is the kind of person to pick his style based on what other people think, adding that Josuke doesn't seem like the type considering his hairstyle. This remark enrages Josuke, so the cowboy quickly raises his guard. Suddenly, the driver from the car Josuke punched almost collides into the cowboy from behind. Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to punch the driver in the face and then grabs him by his tie. Josuke has a feeling he'll regret doing so, but heals the driver with his Stand, not wanting anyone to die during this accident. Josuke also heals all of the pedestrians who were hit by the car, although he didn't return everyone exactly to how they were before, such as the driver's nose now being wider.

Complaining that the driver puked all over his Bally shoes, Josuke starts rubbing his shoe with the man's suit. The crowd of pedestrians nearby assumes Josuke and Hol Horse caused the car to crash because of how they look, asking for someone to call the police. Annoyed, Josuke claims that this happens to him every time he tries helping people. He punches the ground with Crazy Diamond to scare the onlookers away, exclaiming afterwards that he isn't ashamed of who he is and if they have something to say to him then they should tell him directly. Josuke then turns around to get Hol Horse to agree with him only to find that the cowboy is nowhere to be seen.

Allying with Hol Horse

Josuke prevents Hol Horse from fleeing

While Hol Horse is fleeing the scene and thinking to himself, he is suddenly interrupted by Josuke. Shocked, Hol Horse asks why Josuke followed him but Josuke just wanted to get away before his relative could show up at the accident scene. Hol Horse desperately tries running away and assumes Josuke is still following him until Josuke reveals that he simply hasn't moved at all because Josuke reverted the asphalt under Hol Horse's feet back into liquid. While Hol Horse grieves over his boots, Josuke brings up Hol Horse's remark before about if Josuke is the kind of guy that bases his style on what other people thinks. That comment combined with how Hol Horse himself is dressed resonated with Josuke. The two introduce themselves to each other, much to Hol Horse's dismay as Josuke places his arm around Hol Horse's shoulder.

A new "friendship"

Hol Horse and Josuke continue walking together when they overhear a thug insult a young woman's hair. The woman then smirks and asks if the thug was talking to the boy behind her, pointing out Josuke. Instantly, Josuke rapidly punches away the thug's car with Crazy Diamond. He then reshapes the roof of their car into a cage, as they're shocked as to what just happened. Josuke constantly kicks the thug's car, provoked from his hair being insulted.[2]

Conflict with Ryoko

Josuke calls out to the young woman, angry that she indirectly insulted his hair as well. In response, Ryoko asks Josuke if he based his hair on the Nexus-6 model replicant lady from Blade Runner since it doesn't look like a standard pompadour. Josuke doesn't understand and asks her to clarify whether that's an insult or compliment. However, Hol Horse interferes and says Josuke should cherish ladies instead of threatening them. He brings Josuke close toward him and whispers that he can tell how powerful Josuke's Stand is and that he shouldn't just summon it every time he gets angry, as Hol Horse doesn't want to keep getting caught up in Josuke's fights. Josuke calms down, excited to learn the term "Stand".

Josuke explains to Ryoko how Hol Horse got separated from someone he came to Japan with. Hol Horse describes how Boingo is short and carried a comic book, asking if Ryoko saw him anywhere. She tells Hol Horse that he should ask at the kōban (neighborhood police station). Josuke doesn't like that suggestion and hides behind a vending machine, causing Hol Horse to wonder if he's hiding from the cops.

After Hol Horse leaves, Josuke grabs Ryoko's hand and yells at her since he doesn't want his grandpa to see them. He asks why she's still following them and tells her to leave. Amused, Ryoko asks Josuke whether he's trying to avoid his grandpa while he's on police duty. Josuke doesn't like her tone and calls her a highschooler, causing Ryoko to explain how she just graduated from high school in spring and is only wearing her uniform because she got back from visiting a grave. She calls Josuke a hypocrite for wearing his uniform already when he won't even be in high school until next month. Josuke rants about how Ryoko talks like she's above everyone else and asks which actor Ryoko copied her hairstyle from. Ryoko ends up slapping Josuke for insulting her cousin but Josuke smiles in response. He thinks this attitude fits her much better and asks Ryoko if she feels relieved now.[3]

Pet Sounds's First Attack

Josuke asks why Ryoko doesn't go to "Noriaki" for help if something's troubling her and then awkwardly apologizes when Ryoko reveals that he passed away. Just then, Josuke hears a gunshot nearby. Josuke gets out of the alley to watch was is going on. A woman wielding a knife suddenly charges Josuke from behind, but Ryoko kicks Josuke out of harm's way.

Josuke sees Hol Horse on the ground and the cowboy warns him that the women are being controlled. Trying to go as easy as he can, Josuke summons Crazy Diamond and rapidly punches all of the women at the same time. Josuke then pretends that the whole thing was all a live performance, asking a creeped out nearby girl what she thought of it. He's also healed the possessed chefs and they all return to their work, confused.

Josuke quickly runs to Hol Horse and heals him. When Josuke asks what happened to him, Hol Horse reveals the parrot from Egypt is a Stand user that was trained under the orders of a man named DIO. A police officer asks Ryoko what just happened there but Ryoko claims she didn't see anything. Hol Horse assumes that DIO found the bird's recording ability useful as he couldn't go out himself during the day. Josuke feels dumb realizing that even a bird could have a Stand. He had been sensitive about it because he thought he was the only one with it, as if it was some kind of sickness. Hol Horse also reveals that their problem isn't the parrot's Stand itself but the person who is hiding somewhere and manipulating the parrot. Since Hol Horse doesn't want to kill the bird and let its owner down, he asks Josuke for his help. Josuke agrees, feeling that it's nice to be relied on.[4]

Pet Sounds's Second Attack

Later, Josuke and Hol Horse stay in a tunnel to restrict the enemy's movements if he attacks again. Hol Horse summarizes what they know about the parrot's Stand ability so far. He and Josuke wonder how they can do something about the bird before it attacks them first. They think they might be safe since they're in the subway and the bird probably won't come flying there. Josuke asks whether they should go look for Boingo but Hol Horse thinks having Boingo with them would weigh them down and just be putting him in danger since he can't fight. Josuke suggests that one of them should try acting as a decoy when they fight the parrot, when suddenly, a helicopter starts whirring behind them. Hol Horse starts trembling and wonders if he was that worried about hearing DIO's voice again. However, Josuke reveals that he also feels terrified all of a sudden and that something doesn't feel right. Just as the duo realize they're already under attack, they turn around and see each other's eyes are affected by Pet Sounds's Stand. They hadn't heard any voices, but they realize that it was the sound of the helicopter which triggered the ability.

Several civilians start running away from the illusionary helicopter. Josuke and Hol Horse witness a man getting shot by several bullets, but when they go up to him, they notice his wounds are all gone. Although the helicopter isn't actually there in the subway with them, everyone being controlled by the Stand is forced to reenact the scenario that the Stand is replaying from the parrot's memories. Hol Horse realizes that the scenario they're reenacting must be that they are citizens or rioters being shot down by a dictator's army in Egypt.

To make matters worse, a kid in front of them is shot by an arrow from a crossbow all of a sudden. Josuke realizes that it's a real arrow and not an illusion. He uses Crazy Diamond to heal the boy but then Josuke is also shot in the back. After Crazy Diamond takes out the arrow, Josuke furiously runs toward the mysterious enemy, planning to take him down.[5]

Enraged, Josuke dashes toward the enemy who shot at him with a crossbow. The enemy shoots another arrow at Josuke but Josuke easily deflects it with his Stand, surprising the shooter. As he wonders who Josuke is, he continues shooting more civilians in the back. Suddenly, it appears as if Josuke is shot in the forehead, but Crazy Diamond had actually managed to grab the arrow in time before it completely pierced Josuke.

Regaining control of himself, Hol Horse fires two bullets with Emperor. The bullets phase through the illusionary helicopter and zoom past Josuke, blowing off the enemy's ear and a fragment of his crossbow. Pet Sounds starts flying away, momentarily distracting Hol Horse and Josuke which allows the enemy to run away. Josuke uses his Stand to punch the fragment that fell off the crossbow. He thanks Hol Horse for leaving some evidence behind which would allow him to track the enemy down and tells Hol Horse to go after the parrot.

Josuke follows the scope of the crossbow until he corners the man, who had been waiting in ambush. Before the enemy could react, Josuke pummels him with punches using his Stand. Josuke grabs the man's wallet thinking he could use the money to fix up his uniform, but might actually need it to go to the hospital to treat his arrow wounds. He examines the man's ID, revealing that his name is Koji Kiyohara and that he's a university student. Using the string from the crossbow, Josuke ties up the man to a tree. Just then, Ryohei arrives, exclaiming that he's been looking for Josuke everywhere. Relieved, Josuke tells his grandpa to arrest the man he caught. Acting like a police officer, Josuke charges Koji with "assault with a deadly arrow".[6]

The True Enemy

Later, Josuke meets up with Ryohei, Hol Horse, and Boingo about what happened. Ryohei investigated Kiyohara's home and found videos of him shooting animals to death, so they are planning to do a psychological evaluation on him. Furthermore, some victims still haven't regained consciousness from the incident, possibly due to shock. Hol Horse thanks Ryohei for the information and figures they should go look for Boingo's comic book next. He tells Boingo to stay in his hotel room until everything is resolved. After they leave, Ryohei suggests that Boingo should try looking for the book on his own, since it's something he treasures. Boingo appreciates his advice. Josuke is curious as to why Boingo is so desperate to get his manga back instead of just buying another one. He looks at a drawing of the book and suddenly realizes where he might have seen it before. Josuke tells Hol Horse that he'll meet up with him at the hotel later and leaves on his own.

Josuke finds Ryoko and confronts her about Tohth. She attempts to run away from Josuke but is trapped by a dead end. Josuke grabs her hand and pulls out Boingo's book from her bag. He mentions that he caught a glimpse of it when she slapped him earlier but wasn't actually sure if it was the same book. Josuke assumes that Ryoko must have some reason for having it since she doesn't seem like the type to steal. Ryoko pulls her hand away and exclaims she can't give the book back yet. She thus tells Josuke about the time she and Noriaki met DIO ten years ago in Egypt and tells how DIO managed to brainwash Noriaki into becoming his servant.[7]

Josuke asks what Ryoko's motivation has to do with needing the manga. Before she could show him, Hol Horse appears and reveals that he followed Josuke since he thought Josuke was acting strange. He apologizes but asks Ryoko to give him back the book. Josuke asks if he could just listen to Ryoko since she has her reasons but Hol Horse refuses since Boingo needs it back. Since he doesn't want to cooperate, Josuke destroys a dumpster behind Hol Horse using Crazy Diamond and then restores the pieces to trap Hol Horse inside it. He tells Hol Horse that it will just be for a little while and then runs away with Ryoko. She asks Josuke why he helped her since she thought he would be on Hol Horse's side. Josuke replies that Ryoko has looked angry about something ever since they met and he didn't want to leave her like that. His response confuses Ryoko; she asks him what he thinks she's angry about, but Josuke tells her that only she would know. Subsequently, Ryoko runs away from Josuke.[8]

Josuke runs around looking for Ryoko and eventually enters a tower. Going up some stairs, he suddenly hears DIO's voice and sees feathers falling down, surprised that Pet Sounds is attacking him since he thought that Hol Horse already killed the parrot. He sees Ryoko lying on the ground but wonders if she's bait to lure him and Hol Horse into a trap. Instead of getting close to her, Josuke uses his Stand to tie a rope around her and grabs her into his arms. However, Josuke looks at her and sees that he is actually carrying Boingo wearing Ryoko's clothes.

Pet Sounds activates its Stand and puts Josuke and Boingo under its control. Suddenly, they appear to be in Egypt. Josuke is surprised because he thought his first overseas trip would be somewhere like Guam or Hawaii. He also points out that the parrot's ability to replay its experiences keeps getting more realistic and might be stronger because Pet Sounds is closer to them than before. Josuke continues hearing DIO's voice and is creeped out. When Josuke and Boingo turn around, they see DIO with Pet Sounds on his shoulder. Pet Sounds is replaying the memory of when its original owner was murdered; DIO commanded Pet Shop to kill his owner for trying to run away. Just like the memory, Pet Shop fires ice spikes at Josuke. The ice phases through Crazy Diamond's hand and pierces Josuke through the chest. Although it's an illusion, Josuke still feels the pain of the man who was attacked.[9] Josuke checks where Boingo was hit by the icicle and regrets that his Stand cannot heal injuries that aren't real. Suddenly, Josuke and Boingo are soaked in gasoline. Pet Shop flies behind them and drops a lit match. As soon as it hits the ground, Josuke and Boingo are covered in flames. Pet Shop then fires a barrage of icicles to put out some of the fire, saving them. Boingo wonders why he helped them but Josuke understands that the bird is just playing with its prey. It's cold enough for their bodies and the gasoline to freeze but as soon as the ice thaws, they would be burned to death. There's also no way for them to escape since a circle of fire surrounds them. Boingo starts crying and blames himself for getting Josuke involved, but Josuke cheers him up and comes up with a plan. He ignores the attack and lets the fire burn them, while Boingo worries that they're going to die. Although it seems as if their bodies were burned, they suddenly wake up coughing on the ground. Josuke reveals that he used his Stand to make Boingo's rope wrap around both of their necks just before they were killed in the illusion. The lack of blood flow to their brains shocked them back into reality, canceling the illusion's effects.[10]

Josuke and Boingo search for Ryoko but stumble upon Hol Horse instead. When it looks like Pet Sounds is flying down the staircase and Ryoko is running towards the roof, Josuke pursues Ryoko. However, when he ends up on the roof, he realizes that he must have seen a memory of Ryoko running up the stairs replayed by the parrot because she still had her uniform on whereas Boingo is wearing it. Suddenly, Josuke falls victim to another attack from Pet Sounds. Josuke is put into the role of Daniel J. D'Arby, who is challenged to a poker game by DIO. Josuke has to relive D'Arby terror in front of DIO as the Vampire makes D'Arby powerless in front of his mysterious ability and his spirit almost crumbles. Meanwhile, Karaiya creeps up behind him with a cutting torch.[11]

Josuke attempts to get D'Arby to snap out of his panicked state. When D'Arby says that DIO pulled off his trick right in front of him, Josuke realizes that the solution to breaking free from the illusion is also in front of him. He summons his Stand and punches toward the chair where DIO used to be sitting during the poker match. He actually hits Pet Sounds, who was just in front of Josuke to create the most powerful illusion possible. Karaiya changes his plan and greets Josuke, asking if he's all right. He introduces himself as Ryohei's colleague, saying they got reports of strange noises in the factory. While Josuke's turned around, Karaiya attempts to attack him with the cutting torch but is immediately punched in the face by Josuke's Stand. He's baffled as to how Josuke saw that attack coming. Josuke claims that he isn't the kind of person to trust someone just because they're dressed as a police officer, especially since any normal officer would have stayed away and called for backup if they saw a delinquent like Josuke in an area that's off-limits.[12] He asks what Karaiya's goal is for sending Pet Sounds after them, but Karaiya merely mumbles before suddenly laughing. He reveals that he has managed to lure Josuke toward him and activates Pet Sounds's Stand to make Josuke hear the "most powerful sound". Pet Sounds gets back up and screeches out The World's Stand cry as it is about to punch Josuke multiple times in rapid succession. Karaiya mentions that the rule of Stands not working when the user cannot fight anymore does not apply in the situation because he and Pet Sounds are separate beings and Josuke has not finished off the parrot yet.

Karaiya believes he is victorious, but Josuke is mostly unharmed, aside from complaining about his ears ringing from the noise. Karaiya is shocked as to how Josuke is fine after experiencing the most powerful Stand rush in Pet Sounds's memories and Josuke reveals that when he was stuck in the previous illusion he broke the parrot's beak when he punched in front of himself. Josuke realized then that the secret to Pet Sounds's ability is parroting back the exact noises it hears. Since its beak was broken, it was off-key, and thus only produced random squawking instead of an actual attack. Josuke also figured out that Pet Sounds ate a part of Karaiya's body, so he uses Crazy Diamond to reattach the piece of Karaiya's ear that was in Pet Sounds's stomach. Finally, since Karaiya mentioned wanting to stand above all humans to look down on them, Josuke decides to give him exactly what he asks for. His Stand does a barrage of punches, tangles the cutting torch around Karaiya's body and fuses it with his skin, and also fuses his arms to a curtain behind him. As Karaiya flies off the building, the curtain floats above him like a parachute, and the cutting torch attached to his cheek shoots up fire, turning Karaiya into a hot air balloon drifting over the skies of Morioh.[13]

With the enemy neutralized, Josuke takes Pet Sounds with him and meets up with Boingo, Hol Horse and Ryoko.[14]


Josuke drinks coffee with Hol Horse at Café Deux Magots. He informs Hol Horse that his grandfather and his coworkers found Karaiya's gun at the construction site, as well as Karaiya himself strung up in a nearby tree. However, they couldn't question him with the mental state he was in. Hol Horse regrets that they'll never find out how Karaiya managed to capture Pet Sounds, but Josuke thinks it's fine since Hol Horse has the bird now anyways. Hol Horse tells him to stay cautious since other Stand users could be lurking in town, but Josuke doesn't want to be caught up in things like that since he's just starting high school. Josuke asks if Hol Horse still has other things to take care of in Egypt. After Hol Horse comments that he's stuck having to deal with gangs trying to collect money from Oingo, Josuke spots Ryoko on the street. Wanting to catch up to Ryoko, Josuke quickly takes his leave, thanking Hol Horse for the coffee and believing they'll meet again someday. The two part ways.

At the bus stop, Josuke catches up with Ryoko, calling her cold for leaving without saying goodbye. Ryoko asks what he wants, since she already apologized and said thanks to him. She starts lamenting about the misconceptions she had, but Josuke doesn't think it's a bad thing to hold onto your heroes. When she responds that she can't cling to Noriaki forever, Josuke decides to slice her bang off using his Stand. He asks if she feels relieved now, but she angrily slaps him. Using his ability, Josuke then restores her bang back to normal and smiles. Ryoko understands what he was trying to prove to her and starts crying. Josuke cheers her up and offers to be her boyfriend, but she instantly rejects him because he lives too far away and is younger than her. Josuke's reaction makes her start laughing a lot. She thanks him and Josuke wishes her good luck in Kyoto. As they say their goodbyes, Ryoko praises Josuke's hair by calling it cool, to which Josuke agrees.[15]

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

The story begins as an ordinary day for Josuke. Okuyasu has called in sick and thus Josuke and Koichi are heading towards his residence. Josuke is convinced Okuyasu is just pretending to have a cold and wants to teach him a lesson while Koichi is actually worried about his health. It is then that Josuke spots a young man who looks exactly like Jotaro but is way too young to be him and has a school uniform. In fact, it is the Jotaro from 1989 who has travelled through space and time in order to find allies and the pieces of a Saint's Corpse. The three are suddenly attacked by Okuyasu and Rohan Kishibe who are inexplicably hostile.

After their defeat, Jotaro uses Star Platinum's time stop to prevent Rohan from escaping and successfully restores him. Okuyasu escapes, despite Josuke's best efforts to give chase. The group later converges at Boyoyoing Cape, where Josuke glimpses a group of Harvest's units and attempts to gather the rest, remembering the death of their user [[Shigekiyo Yangu[Shigechi]] at the hands of Yoshikage Kira. One group escapes and returns to Shigechi, who confronts Josuke and Jotaro alongside Akira Otoishi. After being defeated, both enemies escape. Jotaro finally forces Joseph to explain his relation to a confused Josuke inside Mr.President. Rohan and Koichi join Jotaro, but Yukako Yamagishi attacks the two, only to be defeated and disappear like the other enemies. Jotaro is suddenly confronted by Enya the Hag, who sends a group of corpses under her control to attack the group. Though the puppeteered corpses are defeated, Enya extols "his" virtues and "his" power to "overwrite" his enemies before disappearing. With the coast clear, Jotaro finds the Corpse's left arm and entrusts Josuke with it. Joseph then emerges from the turtle, revealing a camera he found inside. Via Joseph's Hermit Purple, the group finally glimpses their true enemy: the photo reveals none other than DIO himself, despite his certain death at Jotaro's hands.

From that point on, Josuke is part of the group of heroes who travel through space and time.

As the group returns to Morioh, they suddenly find themselves unable to cross more light rifts. Only Jonathan Joestar and Josuke are allowed to pass, according to their respective Corpse parts. Thus, Josuke crosses the light rift.

Josuke is sent to the Higashikata House in the alternate universe's Morioh of the year 2011. In the distance, Josuke overhears an argument between Joshu Higashikata and an amnesiac also named Josuke Higashikata. Josuke 8 suddenly sees an abnormal purple energy swirling behind Joshu, and the energy soon engulfs him. Recognizing the phenomena, Josuke 4 springs into action and attempts to explain the situation to Josuke 8. Joshu stands up, the corruption only fueling his resentment, but the two Josukes quickly defeat him despite their mutual lack of familiarity with Joshu's Nut King Call. Josuke 4 restores Joshu with his Saint's Corpse Part, but knocks him down again when he becomes confrontational, excusing his actions to the other Josuke by claiming that the restoration hadn't taken effect yet. Josuke 8 recognizes the Corpse part, which aids Josuke 4 in his explanation. Josuke 8 agrees to lend his help, but Josuke 4 feels as though the two are being watched. Their "pursuers" reveal themselves as two versions of the original timeline's Yoshikage Kira, the latter impersonating Kosaku Kawajiri. The two Kiras reveal that they had come on their own seeking peaceful lives, resenting Josuke's sudden reappearance. The Josukes fight and triumph over the Kiras, who disappear in disappointment. After they leave, Joshu wakes up, unable to remember what happened. Josuke 4 finds the Corpse's heart nearby and gives it to Josuke 8. Before the two Josukes return to Morioh, Joshu decides that he also wants to tag along.

When all the Joestars reunite with eight of the Corpse Parts in Morioh, they are suddenly ambushed by Heaven-Attained DIO. DIO has attained a greater power with his Stand The World Over Heaven who can rewrite reality and as such easily shrugs off attacks from Johnny Joestar's Tusk ACT4, Giorno Giovanna's Gold Experience Requiem and even Jotaro's Star Platinum. Thankfully, a group of light rifts appear and allow the heroes to escape.

The group has to regather the corpse parts and travel back to the Rocky Mountain Village of Johnny's universe. In there, they are attacked by Okuyasu and Rudol von Stroheim. Josuke and Joseph partner up to beat them, and Jotaro restores them to their right mind.

Although the group regathers the corpse parts they had, DIO springs a trap and is able to absorbs the 36 souls of the party members. Fortunately, Jotaro manages to defeat DIO once and for all and alters fate for the better.

Josuke is last seen during the ending credits. A photo shows that in his altered timeline, he is enjoying tea with his friends, including Shiegechi who is now alive and well, although it seems Kira has still changed his identity to that of Kosaku Kawajiri.


The Book ~jojo's bizarre adventure 4th another day~

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Josuke helps the stand users of Morioh to find the killer of Hanae Orikasa. During the investigation, Josuke's mother is injured, leading Josuke to confront Takuma Hasumi, the killer. Takuma finds out that Josuke was saved by a student with a pompadour in his past and tries to use it against him, but this just upsets Josuke more. Even retaining serious injuries from The Book, Josuke manages to defeat Takuma, who ends up falling from the roof of the library against Josuke's will.


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Josuke is mentioned in the Author's Note, and is said to have collaborated with the translator to restore DIO's Diary for the Speedwagon Foundation in an attempt to locate a means by which to awaken Jotaro from his coma during the events of Stone Ocean.


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