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If only... I hadn't left you alone! If only I hadn't gone back to the car to get my stuff, leaving you beside the lake!

Pierre (ピエール Piēru) is a minor character featured in the one-shot Rohan at the Louvre.

He is the son of Noguchi who drowns in a lake when she momentarily leaves him by himself.


Pierre is a young child with a dark bowl cut hairstyle. He wears a long sleeve shirt and shorts, along with pants underneath the shorts.



One day Noguchi left Pierre alone for a moment close to a lake in a park to take her things out of the car. In the meantime he had fallen in the pond and drowned. When she came back to see his body she put all the blame of his death on herself.

Rohan at the Louvre

Pierre's "ghost" (actually a recreation created by Nizaemon Yamamura's painting "Under the Moon" using Noguchi's memory) is brought back. It confronts Noguchi, who breaks down and apologizes to her son, emotionally unstable. Rohan's pleas for her to get away from the ghosts are in vain, as Pierre inflates her body with water, drowning her. Even in her last moments, she is grateful to see her loved son for one last time.[1]



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